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Page added on January 31, 2017

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End of tax-free living in Saudi Arabia as oil revenues dry up

End of tax-free living in Saudi Arabia as oil revenues dry up thumbnail

Saudi Arabia has introduced a value-added tax (VAT) with the approval of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), indicating the end of life without VAT across the Gulf.

The decision was taken on Monday and implies a five percent levy on some goods across the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council, which unites Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Other Gulf countries are also expected to follow and introduce the VAT system by the beginning of 2018.

The move has IMF backing, which recommended the Gulf States impose revenue raising measures. The countries have already introduced taxes on tobacco and fizzy drinks.

“A Royal Decree has been prepared,” the official Saudi Press Agency said.

The tax on tobacco, now at 50 percent, will be increased to 100 percent, the same level as those for energy drinks and sodas.

Residents of the region had enjoyed the tax-free period before the oil prices more than halved. The price of a barrel of crude oil fell from over $114 in 2014 to just over $55 currently.

Last year, the world’s largest crude exporter announced some austerity measures. Saudi Arabia froze major infrastructure projects, slashed ministers’ salaries and imposed a wage freeze on civil servants. Riyadh managed to reduce the budget deficit from a record $98 billion in 2015 to $79 billion last year.

The country also made unprecedented cuts to fuel and utility subsidies, as it seeks to diversify its revenues to balance the budget by 2020.


43 Comments on "End of tax-free living in Saudi Arabia as oil revenues dry up"

  1. Apneaman on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 2:55 pm 


  2. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 3:12 pm 

    Looks like the Titanic just hit the iceberg.

    Right now they saying everything ok,
    go back to your cabins.

    But the bow is already down a couple feet.

  3. Dooma on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 3:14 pm 

    Is there a word for tax in Arabic? Surely there is one for uprising.

  4. Cloggie on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 3:15 pm 

    My father rode a camel. I drive a car. My son flies a jet airplane. His son will ride a camel.

    Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum (1982)

  5. Davy on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 3:23 pm 

    The camels will all be eaten before they ever get a chance to be ridden. That’s what happens when you have 33MIL in the desert with the onset of abrupt climate change combine with PO.

  6. Apneaman on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 3:58 pm 

    It’s the Saudis, Stupid!

    “Trump just banned entry to migrants from a list of “terrorist” countries that had been concocted by the Obama administration. Missing from that list is terrorist country number one: Saudi Arabia. It would be too much to hope that Trump will amend Obama’s list, however; no matter who happens to be president, the US and the Saudis are pretty much joined at the hip.”

  7. IanC on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 4:06 pm 

    This is really the biggest news story of the day (oil depletion in Saudi Arabia in general). Everything we do comes back to this, but we are too busy the Orange One to pay proper attention.

  8. Midnight Oil on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 4:11 pm 

    What is the old saying “Death and Taxes”….
    Next is the death part….we are a little backwards..

  9. Anonymous on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 4:39 pm 

    So, ‘saudi’ Arabia requires the IMF’s permission to impose a VAT tax? Of course it does! ‘saudi’ Arabia is an amerikan colony, and the ‘IMF’ (which would could more accurately called the AMF), tells the ‘sauds’ how to manage their ‘own’ internal finances. Surprised no one picked up on the ‘sauds’ apparent lack of sovereignty in this matter. Well, not surprising resident retards the exceptionalist and clogger missed that. The exceptionalist likely got distracted wondering what it be like to ‘mount’ a camel before the sauds eat them all.

    As for the ‘sauds’ taxing tobacco and soft drinks, the royal family better hope the sauds drink a lot of pop and smoke non-stop, because they still have 79 billion to go before.

  10. brent on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 7:42 pm 

    The shit is really starting to hit the fan wow! This will go back on Iran.

  11. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 7:51 pm 

    When the oil runs out, does this mean
    the 33 million people will have to unplug
    their air conditioners?

  12. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 31st Jan 2017 7:53 pm 

    I got the popcorn popper going like crazy.
    This movie is great. Trump, protesters,
    Oil depletion, angry old white men,
    and angry Muslims.

  13. joe on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 12:29 am 

    The illusion that there will be anything for Arabia ex oil is farcical. Arab exceptionalism/chauvinism has gone unchallanged and unchecked since oil was found in Saudi. Iran (the shia pagans) are routinely denigrated and humiliated, Operation Ajax but one single example. Saudi Arabia gets a pass for everything, from women’s rights to terrorism because we can’t survive without their oil. Simple as that. Now things are getting messed up, their easy oil is peaking, so their value to us is peaking. We should be worried about the world left over now after Saudi collapses. When it does the whole muslim world will implode and internalise all its problems. The US will do well to maintain and expand its muslim ban, because it’s not worth getting involved in that future problem. Isis is nothing compared to what will emerge when Saudis oil costs rise too high.

  14. BobInget on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 10:11 am 

    Instead of treating their resources tenderly a New King decided to weaponize crude.
    The result has been disastrous.
    Saudi oil will go the same direction as Saudi water. Over produced.

    Thank you ‘Joe’ for your accurate (IMO) analysis.

    Since now President T introduced us to “The Post Truth Era” I propose posters with controversial
    views use actual names.

    Why not add your last names to your posts?
    What’s the worst that can happen? Concentration camp ? Extra judicial killings ?

  15. Davy on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 10:26 am 

    Let me do this to you bob. “Bob, LMFAO! HO-LEE-FUCK have you ever gone off the deep end”. Just cause it sounded good courtesy of that beacon of reason from asshole Vancouver. You are so clueless and lost in your DELLSUIONAL framing of the world. “Post Truth Era”, WTF is that Bob. You act like Obama and Hillary and their entire corrupt and manipulating establishment was not part of that “post truth world”? Where have you been? Must be that stuck up west coast’er attitude like the ape carries on his chin. You know you guys are better than the rest of the world combined. Screw your “actual names”, why, what does that prove? Who the frig are you anyway? Let’s hear your life story. Why not show some balls? I had more fear for Obama and his NSA supported and enhanced legacy then I now do with Trump. Where the frig has your head been for 8 years? There are some real wing-dingers here on this board that live in a fantasy world of “Its not my fault it all them” BS.

  16. BobInget on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 11:34 am 

    Davy ‘Whatever’, You’re attacking me, not an anonymous poster concept born from days of CB Radio. Tossing out a challenge for ‘owning up to one’s words’ seems to have hit a sore spot with at least one troll. I’ll bet D W would be far more introspective (polite) using his actual name.

    If one attacks posts on Investor Village, you
    do so BECAUSE my name was familiar.
    On reading DW’s mind clutter on these pages,
    I find it an honor to be subjected to his abuse.

    I give anyone permission to repost any of my
    words here dating back 18 years.
    Oh btw, for the last twelve years I’ve used my real monicker, before that, on Yahoo, AOL, my screen name was ‘BerryBob’.

    My advice to anyone who might agree on owning words.
    Never Respond to Tolls.

  17. BobInget on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 11:44 am 

    Simmons “went off the Deep-End when a decade
    ago he predicted Saudi Arabia peaked.
    Shortly after Mat Simmons mysteriously drowned.

    Killing messengers only delays knowledge of the inevitable.

    The fact remains, Saudis abused finite resources, water and oil for short term (human lifetime) gain.

  18. Davy on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 12:02 pm 

    “Trolls” is a poorly used word by people who don’t like people becuase they don’t say what they want to hear. Use the correct word bob. You can call me asshole but not troll. I show more skin then most here if you have been here long enough and you care to read what I say. I don’t hide like other idiots here. People know about me and where I live. I am honest and open. When I say something it’s real. So whatever bob. Bitch about trolling all you like or contribte useful intelligence that stands on its own merit.

  19. Hubert on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 3:42 pm 

    I’m afraid 99.9% of idiots around the world has never heard of peak oil. Not that it really matters. In the end, life has always been about “survival of the fittest.”

    I have learned that in the end, the only thing you can care about is your own self preservation. It’s just the way life operates.

  20. HARM on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 4:22 pm 

    I wonder if this will adversely affect the that famous taxi driver in Riyadh that had 11 kids and moonlighted as a “religious” studies” teacher?

  21. Cloggie on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 6:58 pm 

    When the oil runs out, does this mean the 33 million people will have to unplug their air conditioners?

    Not necessary, they will stop functioning all by themselves.

  22. Cloggie on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 7:01 pm 

    Buckle your chin strap

    I hopy you picked up that Africa has an obesitas problem?

  23. Apneaman on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 7:30 pm 

    Inequality Is Normal Unless…

    “What price do we pay for civilization?

    Good question!

    For Walter Scheidel, a professor of history and classics at Stanford, civilization has come at the cost of glaring economic inequality since the Stone Age.

    The sole exception, in his account, is widespread violence — wars, pandemics, civil unrest; only violent shocks like these have substantially reduced inequality over the millennia.

    “It is almost universally true that violence has been necessary to ensure the redistribution of wealth at any point in time,” said Scheidel, summarizing the thesis of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century, his newly published book.

    Surveying long stretches of human history, Scheidel said that “the big equalizing moments in history may not have always had the same cause, but they shared one common root: massive and violent disruptions of the established order.”

    What can be done? Not much!”

  24. Bob Inget on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 7:38 pm 

    One hour ago…

    Iran “Put on Notice” military action included.

    Trump’s National Security Adviser: Iran Officially Put on Notice After Missile Test
    In first public media appearance since taking office, Michael Flynn says ‘Iran is feeling emboldened’ as a result of the nuclear deal it signed with world powers in 2015.

    read more:

  25. makati1 on Wed, 1st Feb 2017 7:59 pm 

    BobInget, you are totally correct. Davy is a troll, no matter what he may say. He is pro-establishment just like his whole elite family. Once tagged, always tagged.

    Everyone here who has been paying attention knows where I live and who I am. I could use my regular name but there are hundreds in the US alone with the same name, so it would not help anyone identify me. I’m 72 years old, from a 14th generation American family (1734) and am part of a small farm family here. Not wealthy but comfortable.

    I say what I think and see about the world and especially the despicable/immoral/war mongering/self-destruction U$. I like to compare it to Asia when we finally get to survival mode. I prefer to live among self-sufficient, moral, hard working people here in the Philippines rather than the teat sucking/brainwashed/couch potatoes in the U$.

    Davy seems to not be able to understand that there are many places better than the U$ for now and the future.

  26. Davy on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 4:25 am 

    Makati, you and bob are old-timers with failed agendas. I still have bob’s prediction somewhere to show how stupid he was back a year ago predicting oil at $120 and shortages. If bob likes I can dig it out of my notes. Both of you have been predicting the demise of the US for years now. This is fine because the US may fail for many reasons. Where you two fail is your agenda of the US failing and others succeeding. Both of you fail to understand interconnectivity especially with oil and the economy in a global system. With you makati it is anything that might cause this demise which runs the gambit of possibilities with Bob it is mostly oil related. Messages have a place until they fail then it wastes space.

    If you wondered the other day why Ghung and I had a good go at it. The reason is I have a high opinion of him and still do in many areas. He used to contribute highly informative and helpful prep support. I respect him. I respect Ape for his occasional good references. There are many others here that are helpful but these two references are ones I go toe to toe with for various reasons. I still respect them. I don’t respect you or bob because your messages are failures and time has proven that.

    Makati you have two agendas and that is aggrandizement of makati and death to America. Some intellectually lazy people here like you for your populous message. Lots of asshole anti-Americans here. You used to talk about your fantasy farm but you are never there. You act like you are a master carpenter and farmer but all you do is hang out in the condo by the pool spreading hate and discontent. Troll is not the word for that. A good old fashion word is and that is FAILURE. You have some reason for hating the US. You are satisfying a personal vendetta instead of talking about the truth. Lately you have been much quieter probably because life has blown past you and your agenda. Increasingly you feel more irrelevant and for good reason.

  27. makati1 on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 5:24 am 

    Ah Davy, if you are lucky, you too may make it to our age, but I doubt it. The demise of the U$ is already happening and gaining speed. That it is not in the U$ news is deliberate. You don’t have real “news” in the U$ anymore. Just propaganda. I could give you a thousand articles in the last few years pointing to those negative events, but it would be a waste of my time as you are blind to reality as far as the U$ is concerned. And biased to everything else.

    You keep bringing up things like “inter-connectivity” as if it matters. All that will matter is survival when the SHTF. If you are not prepared to live without that “connectivity” you will be simply … dead. I’m ready. Are you?

    I live where “connectivity” is still practiced locally, not internationally. Where people still survive by their labor and their ability to live off the land. Where a bowl of rice and a bit of fish is still the norm for most. Of course, many of the city dwellers will have big problems, but most still have families in the countryside to go to when it gets bad. And, it is still a country of farmers in a climate where several crops per year are the norm. I am more concerned about the u$ starting a war here than I am about anything else.

    I do not relish the death of America, but I do see it happening even today. I cannot stop it, nor would I want to. It has been a plague on the world for way too long. Most of the world will be glad to see it go. What is a bit of loss of “inter-connectivity” when your country has been bombed, invaded, manipulated, pillaged, etc for decades or hundreds of years? Answer: Not important. Such things are only important to those who rely on them for riches of unearned wealth.

    I’m more relevant than ever. You just refuse to see it. I have other more interesting things going now that takes my time and I only drop in to P.O. occasionally to see what is going on. I’m still in very good health and expect to live another 10-20 years easily. I have a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. Do you?

  28. Davy on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:02 am 

    Makati, you live in a condo above an urban area of 20MIL stretching as far as the eye can see and your feet will take you. You are in an overpopulated and overconsuming Asia whose business model is exports and in a failing export dominated economic world. We are going local and all those factories producing junk and the people working in them are going to be cold and hungry and turn on themselves. You will be among the first to be killed being old and white in a foreign country where you don’t belong.

    You live your every waking moment trying to discredit America and diminish any effort by Americans to find a way forward in the coming decay and decline of globalism. Worry about yourself why don’t you? You are no longer here and out of touch. We don’t need your constant harassment. I will worry about myself and carry on the best I can. I did not desert my family for selfish reasons. I am staying here to protect them because they are not leaving. I don’t need to hear you daily telling me how screwed I am. You are screwed too and likely a lot more than me. You talk about a farm but you are never on it. I know this because there is no internet on the farm per your own bragging. Yet, you are always here. Farming is farming not talking. You live on a small social security stipend that is a tenuous existence considering how economically disrupted the world is. You need to be on here talking about your problems and what you are doing about them instead you are dedicated to telling me how screwed I am. Your whole issue is blame and complain for a personal vendetta of a failure of your US life. Is it you are gay and family couldn’t accept that? We know you have a boyfriend/partner. Your bile is also populous position with this an anti-American site. You are lonely and find friends here by trashing a people and a nation. You also find enemies because you are a very sick man that spends every day attacking a country and people unjustly and excessively. The US is a mess we all know it but you are off the friggen extreme meter of agenda.

    I know you are afraid of death because you are an old man in his mid-seventies always stressing how healthy you are and taking about 10-20 years more of life. You are one of those atheist that has torn down everything in life and talked yourself up as your own personal god. Now you are facing the end of your life. You are terrified and alone and you want to blame it on anyone but yourself. You are a failure makati and worse you want to make your failure others failure.

  29. Cloggie on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:22 am 

    I do not relish the death of America

    You should put more effort in convincing the rest of us that that is indeed the case.

    And since we are living on a planet where 1+1=2, there is some private little secret about you that you are not telling us (not that you should and it is nice to guess). But your lack of loyalty is breathtaking.

    Friday same story.

    That is indeed what I like about Davy (and disliked about makati), his loyalty to his people. Five years ago when I was Arthur, Davy was waging his pro-American crusade against vile foreigners like Greg, DC and me, denouncing America around the clock. Davy had at the time great trouble discerning between the American people and the US government (the greatest enemy the American people has ever had and we all know why). Today he no longer has that trouble.

    What I like about makati is that he never had any illusions about the nature of the US globalist establishment, that is now with the back against the wall and hopefully will be dealt with once and for all. Go for it, Donald.

    Talking about Trump, the Left as always makes the most noises, but Trump’s quiet support is great:

  30. makati1 on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:44 am 

    Clogster, my family lives there. I also have a number of good friends there. But I also know that if the U$ is allowed to continue for much longer, there will be no world of humans anywhere. It needs to be taken down to the level of the rest of the world so that the other 7 billion can have some peace and security, and, maybe, a life.

  31. makati1 on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:47 am 

    BTW: Cloggie … loyalty? To another Nazi Germany like country? Loyalty is stupid if the person/country is not worthy of it. I would not die for America. I am not stupid. Perhaps you are.

  32. makati1 on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:49 am 

    Davy, I am not afraid of death like you are. There were at least 3 times in my life that I could have been killed, and yet, here I am. If I go tomorrow, it will not matter. I will just wink out like a burnt out bulb. There is no heaven or hell to be concerned about. No “after life”. Just nothing. How can you fear … nothing? LOL

  33. Davy on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:54 am 

    “Fascists Shut Down Milo Event at Berkeley”
    “Breitbart columnist, Milo Yiannopoulos, was supposed to give a speech at ultra left wing University at California Berkley — but was shut down by the AntiFA (anti-fascist) weirdos — who, rather ironically, act exactly like fascists by shutting down free speech of anyone they disagree with. It’s worth noting, AntiFA has been at the vanguard of the anti-Trump protests, making them — literally — anti-democratic.”

  34. Davy on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:57 am 

    Many of you here want to label me a Trump supporter. Some of you binary thinkers try to label me as binary. I like some of what Trump is doing. I look at life differently than many of you do from a decline and decay point of view. We are in a paradigm shift of paradoxes and catch 22’s. Google paradox and think hard about modern life to get a taste of my position. Trump is tearing down the status quo. He is doing this in a destructive and dangerous way but he is achieving needed change. He is doing this with some poor policy and with insiders that are very much part of the problem. He is gutting some good policy in the process. Whether his destructive change will on balance be destructive or constructive will not be known until years ahead. I am also saying the gauge of Trump value and negative value is not going to be found with the same thinking that got us to this point. I am speaking of the failed status quo. With Trump being of value you are going to have to think outside that box. He is not a Hitler either. Those of you calling him a Hitler are clearly intellectually challenged. Trump is a different animal and yes he is unpredictable so he could be the end of the world but the world is ending as we know it anyway so get a grip.

    This is macro change of nationalism fighting against globalism and the corrupt establishment. Many of you are too narrow minded and scared of change to even entertain what Trump is doing. Many Trump supporters in the general public are too stupid from being uneducated, blindly conservative, or just reactionary to understand these changes are destructive and going to lead to negative consequences especially concerning status quo growth. They think these changes will make America great again. These people are setting themselves up for a delusional tasting of reality type letdown. Many of these consequences will be unintended and return to bite these supporters in the ass.

    I can say with accuracy that economic production will go down because nothing can produce more than globalism. My point is we are at limits to growth and diminishing returns. We have to leave globalism before it leaves us in the dust heap of history. This is a gamble to embrace a system that will unintentionally lower world growth. Yet, will this decline and decay of this destructive path make us more resilient and sustainable over maintaining the failed current course of the status quo that is clearly leading us to a train wreck?

    Trump is clearly destroying many vestiges of the neocon/neoliberal American Empire and associated New World Order. He is seeking a multipolar position and less meddling with nation building that is really nation wrecking. Whether he ends up doing more of the same is yet unanswered. He is pointing in the direction of less conflict with Russia but more with Iran and China. Trump foreign policy is still up in the air. It is needed change nonetheless. Hillary was a path to WWIII and NUK war.

    Only time will tell. The above referenced situation at Berkley is just such an example of failed politics of those who have no clue where life is going. All they want to do is protest and be violent for the sake of violence. A part of society has given them the green light to get violent because it is now acceptable along with multiple other moral hazards of the “means justifies the end”. Yet, these people have no ends it is only destruction and the satisfaction of destroying that is their ends. That is not an end as in a point it is only nihilism. It is clearly what happened in the French revolution near its end. We are destroying ourselves ever so slowly. Will Trump help or hurt us in this macro destructive trend of the status quo by unintentionally steering us in a better direction? That is a big and dangerous question that no one can know.

  35. Davy on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 7:04 am 

    Clog I like you too and enjoy heated debates with you because you are respectful unlike several here. I admire what Northern Europeans are doing and there are some amazing techno things happening. I am mostly playing a devil’s advocate. I think you understand that. My wife is Italian and my daughter Spanish so you know I have a soft place in my heart for Europe. I am German/Czech so my DNA is Europe.

  36. Cloggie on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 7:42 am 

    Clog I like you too and enjoy heated debates with you because you are respectful unlike several here. I admire what Northern Europeans are doing and there are some amazing techno things happening. I am mostly playing a devil’s advocate. I think you understand that. My wife is Italian and my daughter Spanish so you know I have a soft place in my heart for Europe. I am German/Czech so my DNA is Europe.

    Affinity won’t be destroyed by an occasional cafe brawl.

    But since this is not a gay bar, I want to hear your opinions, unsalted with the gloves

  37. Cloggie on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 4:42 pm 

    “Fascists Shut Down Milo Event at Berkeley”

    Sigh, please ZeroHedge, these folks are not fascists but communists.

    Fascists were European hardcore nationalists who prevented the take-over of their country by Moscow controlled communists in the twenties & thirties.

    But Americans (including the Alex Jones types) denounce everybody they don’t like as “fascists”, which is completely meaningless.

    But there is of course a reason for that dishonesty/historic inaccuracy: the US was the ally of the communist USSR against the fascist Europeans and would have been until today, if not comrade Stalin had quietly begun to remove a certain group from the top of the communist power structure, between 1938 and 1953…

    …the only reason why the US and USSR distanced themselves after the war from each other, after their alliance, de facto originating from 1933 with the commie Roosevelt government rising to power, had fulfilled its purpose: destroy Europe and divide the loot.

    So the stinking communist AntiFa rules Berkely. Is there anywhere a university left in the US that is not dominated by BLM/SJW/AntiFa?

    Do they still teach algebra at Berkely, or is every part of the curriculum now determined by “defense of looting” programs:

    Back in the US… back in the US… back in the USSR:

  38. Davy on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 5:25 pm 

    I find Trump disgusting. No need to elaborate because we know why. The conservatives that are around me are difficult to live with again we know why. Yet, nothing is worse than the disgusting and grotesque of the left in it many shades and colors. This is global also Hillary’s biggest foreign donners were from the corrupted Anglosphere. I can’t hardly stand to read the BBC. I was not political until this election. After all the slim was exposed I was sickened. At least trump wears his slime for everyone to see. The hypocritical fake left conspires with its slime. They talk high and mighty to your face and live like scum behind your back. Trump didn’t get a peace prize for lying about change. He immediately got the wrath of the grotesque and disgusting left. That’s good for him and will make him tough. This world is absolutely a mess and it deserves DLT!

  39. Apneaman on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:04 pm 

    I thought those Saudis were one of the biggest Clinton donors?

  40. Boat on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 6:43 pm 

    Settle down Davy, lol your getting a little to excited. Hell a week ago you were singing Trump praises. You have 4 years to live down your Trump support.

  41. Davy on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 7:09 pm 

    Boat, coming from you that is like a cheap billboard on a sorry ass highway. Why would I care about your routine spawning of mental nonsense.

  42. Apneaman on Thu, 2nd Feb 2017 8:01 pm 

    Boat, you old stick in the mud – where you been? I was worried you might have gone face down floating in Houston’s latest AGW jacked Rain Bomb. Thankfully you’re alright because you are needed around here to be yelled at due to your whacked out beliefs. Important part of the team and all that.

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