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Page added on June 20, 2019

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Downing of US drone a ‘clear message’ to Washington — Iran’s IRGC commander

Downing of US drone a ‘clear message’ to Washington — Iran’s IRGC commander thumbnail
The head of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards says the downing of a US drone over its territory was a “clear message” to Washington, proving Tehran will react strongly to any military aggression.

Just hours earlier, Iran claimed to have shot down a US RQ-4 spy drone over Hormozgan Province. This “was a clear message to America,” the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander-in-chief, Hossein Salami, told local media.

He added that any intrusion across the country’s borders would be seen as a “red line” and would be met with strong resistance.

Iran is not seeking war with any country, but we are fully prepared to defend Iran.

Tehran said later that the drone had taken off from a US airbase in the region and had its tracking equipment turned off during the flight, contravening aviation laws.

A US Central Command (CENTCOM) statement confirmed that a Navy RQ-4 Global Hawk UAV had been indeed shot down by Iranian surface-to-air missiles on Wednesday night. However, it said Tehran’s claim that the drone had invaded Iran’s airspace was “false” and that it was downed over international waters.

Meanwhile, Salami’s comments were reiterated by Iran’s Foreign Ministry which said that any “violations of Iran’s borders” would be responded to.

We warn of the consequences of such illegal and provocative measures.

It is the latest incident adding to heightening tensions between the US and Iran in recent months. Earlier, Washington blamed Iran for attacking two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman.

However, these claims somehow contradict a statement by the company operating one of the ill-fated tankers. The ‘Kokuka Courageous’ owner – one of the vessels hit in the assault – said its sailors had seen “flying objects” in the sky before they were attacked.

The incident comes amid a heavy build-up of US military might in the Gulf. On June 17, the Pentagon announced it was sending 1,000 additional troops to the Middle East theater. Washington has also used the so-called threat of Iran to justify sending an aircraft carrier strike group, a Patriot air defense battery and nuclear-capable bomber aircraft to the region.


17 Comments on "Downing of US drone a ‘clear message’ to Washington — Iran’s IRGC commander"

  1. Robert Inget on Thu, 20th Jun 2019 7:27 pm 

    If ya want to send a message, use email.

  2. makati1 on Thu, 20th Jun 2019 7:38 pm 

    Robert, the US is too stupid to understand anything but force. We could very well be watching the lead-up to WW3, and this war WILL come to Amerikan shores big time. Be patient.

  3. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 20th Jun 2019 8:07 pm 

    More detail, and some good graphics.
    The US media on this one is great fiction.

  4. Theedrich on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 3:50 am 

    D.C. will use any lie to justify its aggression.  From the Mexican-American War through Fort Sumter, the Sinking of the Maine, the Sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, the Tonkin Gulf “incident,” Iraq’s presumed ownership of weapons of mass destruction, and now the agitprop of an American spy drone downed by evil Iranians while just minding its own business over the Strait of Hormuz — to mention a few examples — the list is a long history of cruelty, corruption and massacres.  All for the sake of Jesus.

    At the same time, Yankeeland has always pretended to be holier than thou.  Today’s popular practice of virtue signaling is an extenuation of this sanctimony.  It is impossible to admit the reality of Negroes having the lowest IQs of all mankind without being destroyed professionally and economically.  Or to admit that Jews control the entertainment and news media and pervert White culture.  Or to observe that the so-called “refugees” from outhouse countries are laying waste to our once decent society.

    Because fraud is the name of the game.

    But that game may soon be coming to an end.  There are many signs that our vaunted economy is in serious danger due to the unstoppable corruption endemic to the system.  High tech weapons and cyber are now cheaper and more effective than ever before — never mind the transnational criminal organizations which are taking over our society.  But the warlords in and around D.C. seem too interested in domestic politics and graft to notice.  They sermonize about patriotism and “being part of something bigger than oneself,” but that is just to exploit the gullible and suck in naive youths for cannon fodder.  Their aim is to complete the project of White genosuicide, which is more important to them than anything else.

    But when Whites are gone, only the jungle will remain.

  5. Anonymouse on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 4:40 am 

    Things are changing though Theed. In times past, here is how these things usually went down.

    1) Jewnited snakes stages false flag.

    2) Media pys-ops go into full swing, uS claims high moral ground, and many tears are shed about advancing ‘demockracy’ and ‘human rights’.

    3) Everyone, more or less, falls into line, accepts uS narratives, and waggs their fingers at the target in unison and pledges their support for uS aggression in whatever capacity they are assigned or inclined to provide.

    4) >Attack is On.

    5) Spoils to be divided later.

    In the past, the uS could usually count on sailing through all 5 stages without anyone really questioning, much less opposing the uS’s goals or motives. Today? Things are not so cut and dried as the good old days. Plenty of people, nations, and groups, even ones that are supposed to be ‘on-board’, are starting to question dubious uS claims even as early as stage #2. This angers and frustrates the uS to no end, as their vaunted and polished perception management machine is not quite paving the way for uS aggression the way it used to.

    I think what we are going to see in the future though, is not an admission of defeat in these cases. It is my belief, the uS will finally realize their lies are not convincing anyone, other than the usual suspects and though they will continue to go through the motions, will simply ignore the fact that hardly anyone accepts their claims or justifications and will simply start attacking their ‘enemies’ anyhow as if they have some kind of moral mandate to do so, regardless.

    We can sort of see this happening right now. No one, outside the uS bubble, is buying the uS story(Iran, oil tankers), but the uS seems to be acting as if everyone does accept uS claims as valid. Moreover, they also seem to be signaling that even if everyone is indicating the uS is full of shit, that that hardly matters.

    That is how major wars start.

  6. Robert Inget on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 8:14 am 

    If Trump hadn’t pulled back we would be in WW3.

  7. joe on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 8:31 am 

    The real problem with dealing with Iran compared to Iraq was that Saddam was genuinely hated by both Shia and Sunnis except for his inner circle. In Iran the government is genuinely democratic in as much as any muslim country can be. It’s easy to topple a dictatorship, its much harder to push around an entire nation. The US learned this in Al Anbar province when the Sunnis untied against the US and the US was defeated in the ‘sunni triangle’. Just to invade Iran the US needs about a million men in fully armoured divisions and with full air superiority. Just simply taking out Irans nuclear facilities risks another fukushima for and the loss of all its international authority, indeed the world’s nations could unite against the US just to prevent ecological disaster that striking nuclear facilities will certainly bring. It makes more sense to leave Iran alone than to have more Chernoble incidents. Sadly Saudi Arabia, Turkey and North Korea have learned this lesson. The genie is out of the bottle….

  8. Sissyfuss on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 8:34 am 

    It is being reported that Trumpski ordered retaliation against Iran but then reversed it, no doubt after his sycophant advisors explained what that would do to gasoline prices so soon after his latest comedy routine announcing his reelection desires. As usual, his policies are all about him, whether it is making lucre off his businesses while president or having the deplorables applaud his buffoonery. What is most salient about this latest escalation is where the drone was shot down. In international waters or within Irans 12 mile limit, whether this was a legal response by Iran and a false flag by the empire or a act of aggression. Irregardless, Trumps modus operandi of shoot first, aim later has set the machinations of war in motion, especially with his primary raison d’être of destroying all things Obama such as tearing up the nuclear agreement that set all these ominous actions in motion.

  9. Robert Inget on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 8:35 am 

    1) The US has no Sec.of defense. (not even ‘acting’)
    2) A foreign policy ADVISOR, fully in charge.
    3) Former FOX news presenter as UN Ambassador
    (who also urged a military response)
    4) Five dollar a gallon gasoline kill Trump’s chance of reelection.
    5) Higher oil prices put entire economy into tailspin.
    6) Markets crash from record highs Thursday.

    IOW’s Trump backed himself into a corner but blames Obama for his problems.
    Never, never himself.

  10. joe on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 9:52 am 

    A war in Iran will send 4 million refugees to Europe. From Afghanistan to Mongolia, all of Chinas border countries will empty cause the cork will be out of the bottle, Erdogan will not make any deals this time.

  11. Cloggie on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 10:39 am 

    “A war in Iran will send 4 million refugees to Europe. From Afghanistan to Mongolia, all of Chinas border countries will empty cause the cork will be out of the bottle, Erdogan will not make any deals this time.”

    Voila the standard English wet dream: Europe ruined.

    Patiently wait until October, after which the real fun will begin. Poor joe, we’re living in an era where fleets, tanks, planes, drones, heck even missiles count for little.

    The old rules of warfare no longer apply. In the upcoming identitarian world order, your looks are your uniform.

  12. Cloggie on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 10:47 am 

    Completely new weapon in the European arsenal:

    “Russia boasts a ‘completely new, unprecedented type of weapon based on hypersonic and laser technology’ will soon be rolled out to its military ”

  13. Davy on Fri, 21st Jun 2019 12:27 pm 

    “The old rules of warfare no longer apply. In the upcoming identitarian world order, your looks are your uniform.”

    And why are you stuck in the 20th century constantly fantasizing over war?

  14. shortonoil on Sat, 22nd Jun 2019 5:16 pm 

    So far Trump’s policies are working perfectly:- shut off Iran’s oil production. Between Venezuela, and Iran the US has been able to pull about 5 mb/d off the market. 5 mb/d over a one year period (1.83 Gb) is more than the entire present US crude inventory (presently 1.32 Gb) less SPR. Without that 5 million missing barrels, WTI would now be about $10/ barrel. Then Trump really would have a problem.

  15. Davy on Sun, 23rd Jun 2019 1:32 am 

    OK. I got it now.

    You guys, including all of you anti-American Americans, want us to STOP waging war and murdering millions of people all over the world, with our tax dollars, in our names.

    Sorry for being such an obtuse fucking dumbass.

  16. Security Services on Wed, 21st Aug 2019 11:14 am 

    Thanks for sharing it’s really helpful for me.

  17. Richard Guenette on Wed, 21st Aug 2019 11:50 am 

    Trump is insane, not stupid.

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