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Page added on April 20, 2020

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China imposes NEW coronavirus lockdown – fears grow for devastating second wave

China imposes NEW coronavirus lockdown – fears grow for devastating second wave thumbnail

A FRESH coronvirus outbreak in China’s Henan province has raised fears of a devastating second COVID-19 wave – despite the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s attempts to claim the country is winning the battle against the disease.

Coronavirus: Expert on China’s ‘fear of second wave’

A fresh cluster of cases has been reported among medical staff at Jia County People’s Hospital, where one of them had just spent 14 days in quarantine after returning from  in neighbouring Hubei province, where the disease first emerged at the end of last year. As a result, country authorities have imposed travel restrictions, with non-essential travel banned between villages and communities. Anyone coming in and out of residential compounds is required to wear a , have their  taken and produce a certificate to prove they are healthy, according to an official document leaked to Radio Free Asia.

Businesses are closed except for supermarkets and farmers’ markets, with 600,000 people effectively living under curfew, according to the country government’s Weibo account.

One resident said: “Everything’s locked down. It just started.

“All households are locked down. Nobody can go into town, or if you do, you won’t be able to leave again.”

Henan China coronavirus

A health worker fumigates a street in Henan province (Image: GETTY)


Commuters wearing face masks in Wuhan (Image: GETTY)

One member of staff at the hospital’s testing division said there strict rules about getting who was permitted to get tested.

They added: “Not just anyone can come; you have to be on a special list.

“You can only get it done with official approval from higher up, when we get notification from them


Zhong Nanshan

Doubt has been cast on Zhong Nanshan’s low estimates for asymptomatic cases (Image: GETTY)

“Nobody’s getting tested if they’re not on the list.”

The hospital is carrying out “several hundred” tests a day, the staff member said, adding that this was an estimate.

“We are all working overtime here in the testing division, anyway.”

Classroom Henan

A school is cleaned by health workers in Henan (Image: GETTY)

Worker China Xi Jinping

A worker walks past a giant video broadcast by President Xi Jinping (Image: GETTY)

Another resident said: “Many people believe that the epidemic has been brought under control due to government propaganda, which is false.

“Basically life has gone back to the way it used to be, just with some people still choosing to wear face masks on the streets.

“But some people stopped wearing masks too, so this news is a good thing, because it will keep people on the alert.”

Doubts have also been cast on official figures suggesting just 1,000 asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 have been recorded, specifically claims by epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, coronavirus epidemic adviser to the government, that the proportion of asymptomatic infections was very low.

Countries on lockdown compared

Countries on lockdown compared (Image: Daily Express)

Chen Bingzhong, the former director of the China Institute of Health Education under the ministry of health, said: “Zhong Nanshan believes that the proportion of asymptomatic people is very low. This is wrong, but how do we prove it?”

“The most reliable way to achieve early detection is a nucleic acid test, but are these tests 100 percent reliable?

“No, they’re not, but they’re the most reliable method we have right now.”

The government feared the more people who were confirmed were infected, the more these people would hold them to account, Mr Bingzhong said.

Wuhan China

A street in Wuhan, China (Image: GETTY)

4 Comments on "China imposes NEW coronavirus lockdown – fears grow for devastating second wave"

  1. Richard Guenette on Mon, 20th Apr 2020 1:30 pm 

    We have unknown carriers of the COVID-19- people who are showing no symptoms and could spread this virus.

  2. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 21st Apr 2020 9:24 am 

    Is corona really pneumonia?

    NYC doctor says not:

    2/3 of the people having ventilator treatment die:

    A tube with oxygen is often enough.

    Some say it is more like an “altitude sickness”. For them it is like sitting in a plane at 10,000 m where the air without pressurized cabin.

    People who come in the hospital with corona look like people who have been put on the Mount Everest without having the time to acclimatize. It is NOT like pneumonia.

    Conventional ventilator could even ruin the lungs.

    To make it worse, corona not only attacks the lungs (both at the same time, very much unlike pneumonia), it also can damage the heart and circulation:

    And it happens suddenly. People can collapse suddenly, where they were smiling one minute ago.

  3. Richard Guenette on Wed, 22nd Apr 2020 3:10 pm 

    Garlic can help boost the immune system.

  4. Richard Guenetter on Wed, 22nd Apr 2020 3:24 pm 

    Sorry cloggie for being a troll

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