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Page added on January 3, 2020

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CFR President Says “The World Will be the Battlefield” After Iran Escalatio

CFR President Says “The World Will be the Battlefield” After Iran Escalatio thumbnail

The President of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard N. Haass says that “the world will be the battlefield” following a dramatic escalation in tensions between the United States and Iran.

Fears of a wider war are rising after Iran’s Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani was killed during an airstrike near Baghdad’s airport.

Haass warned that those who thought any war with Iran would look similar to previous military campaigns were being incredibly naive.

“Make no mistake: any war with Iran will not look like the 1990 Gulf war or the 2003 Iraq wars. It will be fought throughout the region w a wide range of tools vs a wide range of civilian, economic, & military targets. The region (and possibly the world) will be the battlefield,” tweeted Haass.

He went on to assert that developments would lead to Iraqi authorities exerting great pressure on the U.S. to leave their country.

“One sure result of the US strike is that the era of US-Iraq cooperation is over. The US diplomatic & mil presence will end b/c Iraq asks us to depart or our presence is just a target or both. The result will be greater Iranian influence, terrorism, and Iraqi infighting,” said Haas.

Meanwhile, a source described as being in “close contact” with senior security officials in the Trump Administration said that Iran could respond to the killing of Soleimani by launching a massive cyberattack.

A cyberattack inside the U.S. is “the most likely way that Iran could retaliate stateside,” according to Axios.



119 Comments on "CFR President Says “The World Will be the Battlefield” After Iran Escalatio"

  1. JuanP on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 12:18 pm 

    Someday I want to be as smart as Davy. Right now I just pretend I am Davy.

  2. REAL Green on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 12:27 pm 

    Dont kid yerself JuanP. Davys not smart. I should no.

  3. Davy on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 12:36 pm 

    “IRGC Commander Confirms Iranian Missile Strikes Targeted “Military Apparatus”, Not Troops” zero hedge

    “Offering some insight into Tehran’s thinking, Hajizadeh appeared to confirm the suspicions of many military experts by saying Iran’s missile attack was precisely targeted to avoid killing combatants and instead target the base’s ability to operate.”

    “”Iran attack on U.S. bases was the beginning of a larger operation that will carry on across region.””

  4. JuanP on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 1:00 pm 

    He is smarter than I am. I am a high school drop out fascinated with France. I lurned where Paris is from GED classes. I guess I obsessively follow Davy and Real Green because I have learned so much. I recommend to everyone.

  5. Davy on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 1:37 pm 

    “PLEASE do not feed the Davy troll.”

    Does this prohibition apply to:

    Yummy, yummy, yummy, I got JuanP’s cum in my tummy.

    Just askin’

  6. REAL Green on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 1:48 pm 

    We all no that JuanP is us Davy. Were not trickin anyone. Were just makin ourselfs look even stupider.

  7. JuanP on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 1:53 pm 

    I am a short guy with an inferiority complex. I am also very mentally ill. I don’t give a Shit. I also hate people especially AmeriKans.

  8. REAL Green on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:01 pm 

    REAL Smart folk don’t spend all there time on lame unmoderated international internet forums like we do Davy, trying to tell everyone else how smart they think they are.

    Only REAL Stupid folk do that.

  9. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:08 pm 

    1913 — US: Beloved & Respected Comrade Leader President “The Trickster” Richard Milhous Nixon, America’s best-known used car salesman & “First Quitter”, lives.

  10. JuanP on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:17 pm 

    Smart people don’t troll and stalk people for 3 years with mindless low IQ shit. I think I screwed up thinking I could run Davy off this forum. He kicks my ass whenever I try to debate him so I do ID theft and hostile socks. I do believe in REAL Green. Learn about green prepping at

  11. REAL Green on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:21 pm 

    JuanP. We need to see the docter. REAL Bad like.

  12. Davy ID Theft on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:32 pm 

    JuanP on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:17 pm

    He kicks my ass whenever I try to debate him so I do ID theft….

  13. JuanP on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:45 pm 

    I am going REAL Green. Join me at

  14. REAL Green on Thu, 9th Jan 2020 2:56 pm 

    Have fun JuanP. You won’t be missed.

    The rest of y’all our welcomed to join me n Davy over at

  15. Davy on Mon, 13th Jan 2020 6:49 am 

    “”He Sells Troops” – Amash Blasts Trump’s Boast That Saudis Paying $1BN For Protection” zero hedge

    “Independent firebrand Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.), a longtime critic of the president, has charged Trump with using the US military as private mercenaries. “He sells troops,””

    “Saudi Arabia is paying us for [our troops]. We have a very good relationship with Saudi Arabia,” Trump said. “I said, listen, you’re a very rich country. You want more troops? I’m going to send them to you, but you’ve got to pay us. They’re paying us. They’ve already deposited $1 billion in the bank.”

    “Other outlandish moments from the interview included the president again boasting on Syria that, “I took the oil.”

    “Interestingly, he was attempting to deflect widespread criticism that he’s turned hawk after on the campaign trail winning over his base by promises of getting out of the Middle East and “bringing the troops home”.”

    “And then they say ‘he left troops in Syria’, you know what I did? I left troops to take the oil. I took the oil. The only troops I have are taking the oil. They’re protecting the oil. I took over the oil,” Trump boasted”

  16. JuanP is a luntic on Mon, 13th Jan 2020 6:55 am 

    stupid I am happy at least you are trying to make real comments. It is a much better than your woke muzzie crap and or your sexual perversions bullshit.

    This is from lunatic juanPee:
    Davy said “”He Sells Troops” – Amash Blast…

    Davy said “Ron Paul: US Wants To “Own Iran” Like…

    Davy said “Atoms For Peace Vs Atoms For War: The Only Fix Fo…

  17. REAL Green on Mon, 13th Jan 2020 6:59 am 

    “Is It True That A Tesla Creates More Pollution Than A Conventional Car?” clean technica

    This is a good article on EV’s that is worth a read. The important REAL Green point with EV’s is they are not clean and especially when one considers how much infrastructure needs to be built out to go majority electricity in global transport. FAKE Greens whine about the extinction rebellion but all the green new deals spouted off as the cure will kill us too. Battery powered and even better electric powered transport is a no-brainer in many applications. We know the physics of electricity are more efficient. What is not talked about is the economics and the ecological destruction. What is not talked about is the real efficiency equation for many EV purchases is not so great when one looks at the total picture. I still think on balance if someone can go hybrid and EV it is a benefit if the vehicle is not a top of the line show off car. EV and hybrids are still bad but better than ICE in many applications.

    REAL Green is saying the car culture is the problem. If you want to go REAL Green then reduce your car use. This is a lifestyle strategy. Tech is secondary. If you can efficiently switch to an EV or better yet a hybrid do it. I am already working in that direction with a new shop by the house. I am putting up multiple panels that will be grid tied but with a throw switch so I can charge an electric vehicle too. It is my hope a small electric tractor is available in the 30HP range down the road so I can be off grid ready.

    EV’s have a vital place in the mitigation transformation of the modern world. If we want to get more resilient and sustainable, we need to increase electric in transport. The best thing is more direct electric transport but EV’s and hybrids will have to play a part because transport strategies are ridged. Life centers round paved roads in so many locations. The problem with FAKE Greens is they want a fake green world of transport on demand. They want to feel green instead of being greener. They want fancy EV’s with performance instead of low performance EV’s that are more ecological. Many want McMansions that can be powered by renewables with fancy EV’s in 4 car garages.

    The point of REAL Green is downsizing one’s foot print the best one can first with lifestyle strategies then the corresponding tech. This might mean ICE powered but a REAL Green will use ICE less. It is a relative position of choosing what works with the motivation to lower ones foot print both with lifestyle and with the equipment. Electricity is a cleaner avenue in many circumstances but not truly Green. TRUE Green is not using a vehicle at all. Stay local because the greenest thing you can do is not travel needlessly. If you do need to travel and it is economically significant then do it but try to combine tasks and always avoid discretionary leisurely travel.

  18. JuanP on Mon, 13th Jan 2020 7:00 am 

    Go smart Go REAL Green

  19. REAL Green on Mon, 13th Jan 2020 7:12 am 

    “Charcoal for the high heat needed in manufacturing after peak oil” energy skeptic

    “A large share of energy consumed worldwide is by heat. Cooking, space heating and water heating dominate domestic energy consumption. In the UK, these activities account for 85% of domestic energy use, in Europe for 89% and in the USA for 61%. Heat also dominates industrial energy consumption. In the UK, 76% of industrial energy consumption is heat. In Europe, this is 67%. Few things can be manufactured without heat. Although it is perfectly possible to convert electricity into heat, as in electric heaters or electric cookers, it is very inefficient to do so. It is often assumed that our energy problems are solved when renewables reach ‘grid parity’ – the point at which they can generate electricity for the same price as fossil fuels. But to truly compete with fossil fuels, renewables must also reach ‘thermal parity‘. It still remains significantly cheaper to produce heat with oil, gas or coal than with a wind turbine or a solar panel. In today’s solar thermal plants, solar energy is converted into steam (via a steam boiler), which is then converted into electricity (via a steam turbine that drives an electric generator). This process is just as inefficient as converting electricity into heat: two-thirds of energy gets lost when converted from steam to electricity. If we were to use solar thermal plants to generate heat instead of converting this heat into electricity, the technology could deliver energy 3 times cheaper than it does today.” The following industries need heat of up 1800 to 3275 F: Chemicals, Forest products, Iron and Steel, Plastics & Rubber, Fabricated metals, Transport Equipment, Computers, electronics & equipment, Aluminum, Cement, Glass, Machinery, Foundries. For nearly all of these products, there is no alternative electric process. The only industries that can get by without high heat are the food, beverage and textile industries. The problem with using concentrated solar power is that these power plants cost a billion dollars each, often generate very little power, are dependent on fossil fuels for every step of their life cycle, and it is inconceivable that all manufacturing in the northern latitudes would be relocated next to the most powerful solar collectors in southern deserts. So that leaves charcoal. According to wiki “Charcoal briquettes can burn up to approximately 1,260 °C (2,300 °F) with a forced air blower forge.” But oh dear, at what a cost to the planet. In the past, the massive production of charcoal, employing hundreds of thousands of workers was a major cause of deforestation”

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