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Page added on May 24, 2010

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British Columbia Energy Minister acknowledges peak oil

Public Policy

Peak oil is the point when global oil production will start going down because of diminishing global supplies.

Lekstrom replied that staff are following the peak oil debate.

“There are people that think we have plateaued or peaked, and there are others that don’t,” he said, according to Hansard. “So it’s an ongoing debate, and our staff do follow that.”

It’s the first time the B.C. government has publicly acknowledged the possibility of global oil production peaking.

Horgan then asked Lekstron if he’s prepared to table any documents or briefing materials produced by his ministry on peak oil for the public to review.

“I will point out that we do have a PowerPoint that we will ensure that we get to the member,” Lekstrom said. “As well, I would offer, if the member would want, a briefing to the member on the issue of peak oil, through our ministry.”

One Comment on "British Columbia Energy Minister acknowledges peak oil"

  1. Rick Munroe on Mon, 24th May 2010 11:44 pm 

    This headline is incorrect.
    Blair Lekstrom is the energy minister for the province of British Columbia.

    Canada’s energy minister (ie. Minster of Natural Resources) is Christian Paradis, and it is highly unlikely that he will acknowledge peak oil….

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