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Page added on October 25, 2020

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Biden: “I would transition away from the oil industry”

Public Policy

In the final presidential debate, Joe Biden pledges to gradually transition the country from oil to renewable energy on a path to net-zero emissions by 2050. (Associated Press)

Democrat Joe Biden’s remark that he would “transition” away from oil in the U.S. in favor of renewable energy drew quick attention Thursday night from President Donald Trump, who saw it as a boon to his election chances in key states.

“I would transition away from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said in the presidential debate’s closing minutes under peppering from Trump. “The oil industry pollutes, significantly. … It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time.”

The Biden campaign’s climate plan calls for the U.S. to have net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. And he repeated his pledge to end federal subsidies for the oil and gas industry. However, Biden’s plan does not call for a ban on climate-damaging fossil fuels, focusing instead on technologies that can capture pollution from oil and other sources.

Still, Trump seemed surprised and pleased by Biden’s comment, declaring it a “big statement,” and suggesting it would come with political blowback in oil-producing states that stand to lose jobs.

“Basically what he is saying is he is going to destroy the oil industry,” Trump said. “Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?”

• Interviews and polling indicate Pennsylvania residents are not as infatuated with fracking as the presidential campaign’s attention would suggest, with the industry unpopular outside of drilling areas. (Daily Beast, Vox)
• Analysts say natural gas demand in the U.S. is reaching its peak sooner than anyone expected, and that the era of robust growth is likely over. (Bloomberg)
• North Dakota officials consider a plan to use $16 million in federal pandemic relief funds for hydraulic fracturing projects, which critics call “totally inappropriate.” (Bismarck Tribune)

• The new CEO of Orsted’s U.S. operations says he expects the company to employ 1,000 by the end of the decade. (Greentech Media)
• A coalition of free-market groups urges Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to end the federal wind production tax credit. (E&E News, subscription)

• A small Kansas town that rebuilt after a 2007 tornado with several clean energy projects provides a lesson for other communities. (Washington Post)
• An aggressive push to 100% renewable energy could save Americans as much as $321 billion in energy costs, according to a new report. (The Guardian)

TRANSPORTATION: A Vermont program to help low-income residents buy fuel-efficient vehicles is off to a slow start after it was delayed for months by the pandemic. (Energy News Network)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Tennessee builds on this week’s announcement of a General Motors plant conversion to claim the title of the leading state for making electric cars. (Knoxville News-Sentinel, subscription)

• Arch Resources, the nation’s second-largest coal company, outlines plans to divest from electricity-generating thermal coal. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
• Coal plants, often heavy consumers of water resources, are expected to face risks from rising water stress and thus more pressure to close. (S&P Global)

EMISSIONS: Most cities that have pledged to meet goals in line with the Paris climate agreement are falling short or haven’t started to track local progress, according to a Brookings Institution report. (E&E News, subscription)

CARBON: California has an opportunity to lead the development of carbon capture technologies if it takes the right policy actions, according to a new report. (S&P Global)

UTILITIES: A memo from a court-appointed monitor says PG&E’s wildfire prevention efforts prioritized work on the easiest stretches of power lines instead of those in the highest risk areas. (Courthouse News Service)

• A Pennsylvania appeals court rules that state regulators do not have to release calculations of a potential blast zone for the Mariner East pipeline, citing confidential security rules. (StateImpact Pennsylvania)
• A natural gas company that once owned the Mountain Valley Pipeline wants to sell off its capacity in the project, which is running two years behind and $2 billion over budget. (Charleston Gazette-Mail)

COMMENTARY: Environmental attorneys say it is “hard to overstate how transformative” New York’s 2019 climate law will be as some of its first benchmarks in creating its plan come due. (Bloomberg)



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    The delusional infamousdr thinks he can sit and watch.

    Americans have bought record 17m guns in year of unrest, analysis finds

    Sales surged in the spring amid coronavirus fears and climbed higher during protests for racial justice

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  5. Cloggie on Sun, 1st Nov 2020 2:21 am 

    More “transition away from the oil industry”:

    “Sunfire High-Efficiency & High-Temperature Electrolyzer”

    German electrolyzer pioneer Sunfire has successfully installed the world’s largest high-temperature electrolyzer “HyLink” at the steel company Flachstahl GmbH in Salzgitter, Germany.

    Conversion efficiency: 82%

    (the highest in the industry)

    May the best renewable energy storage technology win, to store 1 cent per kWh solar electricity from the desert (too cheap to meter).

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