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Page added on July 11, 2018

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Behind Nord Stream 2: The Russia-to-Germany gas pipeline that fueled Trump’s anger at NATO

Germany is 'totally controlled' by Russia, Trump says from CNBC.

President Donald Trump may have just made Nord Stream 2 a household name.

Ahead of a NATO meeting, the president blasted the German government on Wednesday for backing the new natural gas pipeline link from Russia to Germany.

The president’s point is that the United States is shouldering much of the budget for NATO, which was designed to counter the former Soviet Union and still acts as a bulwark against Russian aggression. In that light, Trump said Germany’s support for the $11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline is “inappropriate.”

He took his complaint to his Twitter account on Wednesday.

In launching the fresh attack against Germany, Trump waded into a long-running debate about energy security that has split the European Union. Here’s a primer on the controversial Nord Stream 2 project.

What is Nord Stream 2?

Nord Stream 2 is a pipeline project slated to transport natural gas from eastern Russia to northern Germany, where it would link up with infrastructure that carries fuel to Western Europe. It would run 1,200 kilometers, mostly under the Baltic Sea along the existing Nord Stream pipeline — hence the name Nord Stream 2.

bThe second line would double the system’s capacity to 110 billion cubic meters.

Russian gas giant Gazprom is building Nord Stream 2. Five European companies, including Royal Dutch Shell and Wintershall, are shouldering half the cost of financing the project.

Why is Nord Stream 2 controversial?

Some European countries oppose Nord Stream 2, arguing that it increases Europe’s dependence on Russia and poses threats to their national security. The opposition comes primarily from the Baltic states and former Soviet satellite nations, including Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

They argue Europe should not be filling Moscow’s coffers after Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 and in light of its broader efforts to destabilize the European Union.

Nord Stream 2 also reduces Europe’s reliance on Russian gas that runs through Ukraine’s pipeline system, opponents say. That makes it easier for the Kremlin to punish its Eastern European neighbors by cutting off gas supplies while minimizing damage to its lucrative markets in the broader EU.

Where does the United States stand?

President Barack Obama opposed Nord Stream 2 and President George W. Bush came out against the original Nord Stream prior to its completion in 2011. Like the central and eastern European countries, they worried it increased Russian influence over the Continent.

That policy has carried over into the Trump administration. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan summed up the U.S. position during a trip to Kiev earlier this year:

We advocate for a strong, independent, self-sufficient energy future for Ukraine. One that is not dependent on Russia and subject to being an instrument of Russian aggression. We are against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for that very reason, which would for the European continent undermine our goals of energy diversification and energy independence but at least as significantly it would undermine Ukraine.

In May, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy Sandra Oudkirk told reporters the United States could sanction Nord Stream 2, using a law passed in 2017 that targets Russian energy projects around the world.

Does Germany need the supplies via Nord Stream?

Germany is Europe’s biggest natural gas consumer, and its demand is expected to rise by about 1 percent over the next five years as it phases out its fleet of nuclear power plants by 2022, according to the International Energy Agency.

Germany is heavily reliant on Russia for natural gas. Russia provided between 50 percent and 75 percent of Germany’s gas imports in 2017, according to Eurostat, the European Commission’s statistics arm. Germany turned to Russia for roughly half of its oil imports last year.

Earlier this year, Ukraine’s Naftogaz claimed Gazprom could utilize spare capacity in the Ukrainian transit system to supply the 55 billion cubic meters of gas to Germany that it plans to ship through Nord Stream 2.

In the longer term, Germany is trying to generate most of its power from renewable energy. It’s uncertain how large a role natural gas will play past 2050.


34 Comments on "Behind Nord Stream 2: The Russia-to-Germany gas pipeline that fueled Trump’s anger at NATO"

  1. Makati1 on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 8:14 pm 

    “Prima facie, he (Trump) makes a simplistic point about the incongruence of the US supposedly “defending” Germany from Russia while Berlin pays billions to Moscow for energy, but there’s a lot more to his statement than initially meets the eye because the end game behind it is to deepen American control over Germany while supporting Poland’s regional leadership aspirations.”

    “The word “dilemma” has been bandied around so many times by pundits that it’s come close to losing its true meaning, but it needs to be objectively recognized that Germany’s present strategic situation is the very definition of this concept. Lacking the will and leadership to make a decisive choice between the unipolar and multipolar blocs, partially influenced by the unprecedented political uncertainty at home, Merkel is like a deer in headlights, utterly paralyzed by the shock of “The Kraken” taking her by surprise and upsetting the continental leadership plans that she’s spent her entire career pursuing.”

    Nuff said.

  2. jawagord on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 8:36 pm 

    Maybe they should have named it Nord Stream XL

  3. jawagord on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 8:37 pm 

    Maybe they should have named it Nord Stream XL?

  4. MASTERMIND on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 8:56 pm 

    Who gives a fucking shit about Trump or Russia..All of this shit is a fucking distraction..The world is going to start running out of oil in a few years and collapse..and everyone will fucking die..The end..

  5. GregT on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 9:40 pm 

    “Who gives a fucking shit about Trump or Russia..”

    You obviously do, or you wouldn’t be talking about them all of the time.

  6. GregT on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 9:44 pm 

    “The world is going to start running out of oil in a few years and collapse..and everyone will fucking die..The end..”

    The world is not going to collapse, and everybody is not going to ‘fucking die’.

    Either off yourself and put yourself out of your misery, or go and speak with a mental healthcare professional.

    And stop doing drugs. You obviously can’t handle them.

  7. Makati1 on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 9:57 pm 

    MM, oil took about 150 years to get to the top. Climate change is going to kill off the human race before all of the oil is gone.

    What peak oil really means is peak waste. When it get to $500/bbl, there will still be oil but it will not be used to drive an obese shopper in an SUV to WalMart for junk food and a few DVDs. It will be used to move necessities. Mine resources. For real needs. Things will cost more, that’s all.

    It is the financial crash caused by debt that is going to destroy BAU. The reset is coming. Move down the ladder now when you can do it voluntary instead of being on the top and having it pulled out from under you. SPLAT!

  8. joe on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 11:27 pm 

    NATOs true mission statement.
    1. Keep the Russians out
    2. Keep the Americans in
    3. Keep the Germans down


  9. MASTERMIND on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 11:53 pm 

    Oil shortage > Collapse of civilization > Anarchy 2030

    Looking Back on the Limits of Growth – Smithsonian

  10. MASTERMIND on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 11:55 pm 


    Prepping is futile

    Myth: Well-prepared individuals, groups, and communities will survive our impending collapse and maintain healthy, fulfilling, and productive lives in its aftermath.

    Reality: Those who survive our collapse will be those who can obtain sufficient life sustaining essentials—especially clean water and food—on a continuous basis, both during and after collapse. Those who store large quantities of these essentials and those who attempt to produce food, either individually or in communities, will be easy targets for the vast majority who have neither the foresight to store nor the skills to produce. No matter how remote or secluded your sanctuary, somebody will know about it; and they will come to call when they become desperate; and they will be well armed and devoid of compassion. You can prepare for a last stand, but you cannot prepare for post-collapse survival. Post-collapse Life Will Be Preferable to Our Industrial Lifestyle Paradigm

    Myth: Industrialization has brought nothing but misery and degradation to the human race; our quality of life (and spiritual wellbeing) will improve substantially in a post-collapse world.

    Reality: The post-collapse lifestyle awaiting the few who survive will, under the best of circumstances, share many attributes with pre-Columbian America. Unfortunately, the realities associated with subsistence level existence bear little semblance to the Hollywood accounts. Those who anxiously await our post-collapse world will be disappointed, assuming they live to experience it. The fact that nobody is opting to jettison the amenities afforded by an industrialized way of life in favor of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle today should be sufficient proof that our future way of life is not something to be anticipated. Industrialism is not inherently “evil” or immoral; it is simply physically impossible going forward.

  11. MASTERMIND on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:08 am 

    Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio while performing, her attorney says

  12. Cloggie on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:15 am 

    NATOs true mission statement.
    1. Keep the Russians out
    2. Keep the Americans in
    3. Keep the Germans down


    Mission statement #OperationEnduringEuropeanness:

    1. Put the British out of Europe, at least half
    2. Populist right-wing victory in continental Europe
    3. Get the Russians in (PBM)
    4. Split the US up (CW2), get rid of US-centric globalist institutions
    5. Have an agreement with the Chinese about the security architecture of a multi-polar world, with China and Greater Europe carrying most of the load


    We’re almost there, at least everything is moving in that direction.

  13. MASTERMIND on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:20 am 


    We are gong to have a global oil shortage in a few years, and Europe’s economy is going to collapse within a decade..Face it pal..Its over..Your plan is never going to happen..Especially with a right wing nut job leaders..

  14. MASTERMIND on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:25 am 


    Do you want me to cite the World Bank Data that proves Europe will collapse within a decade?

  15. Cloggie on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:43 am 

    The election campaign meme “getting along with Russia” is dead. We have a buffoon here who tries to ram his expensive fracked gas through our throats and declare Russia the enemy, where the US is the only real destabilizing factor on this planet for decades.

    I am btw indeed for increased European defense spending. Not to organize our defenses against Russia, that composes zero threat to Europe, but against the US. And to have a force with which we can intervene in North-America if “diversity” goes terribly wrong there. We have 500 million (440 million after Brexit, if any?), the US has 200 million Europeans. We already defeated the US on world markets. We should have long achieved the upper hand in military affairs as well.

  16. Makati1 on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 4:38 am 

    MM, “data” proves nothing. Especially when it come from an arm of the Us propaganda machine. The Us runs the World Bank.

    “The World Bank was created at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference along with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The president of the World Bank is, traditionally, an American.[8] The World Bank and the IMF are both based in Washington, D.C., and work closely with each other.”

    Get educated, MM.

  17. deadly on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 5:04 am 

    For gosh sakes, let the Russians build a pipeline to move natural gas to Europe.

    Who in the hell does Donald Trump think he is?

    The unexamined life is not worth living. – some nut name Socrates

    What collapse will look like after oil:

    Circa 1630

    Life is described as solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.
    The average life expectancy is 25 years, 25% of children die before age one year.

    There was a great famine in India (1630-1631). Records indicate that cannibalism became so rampant that human flesh was sold on the open market.

    With no oil at all, the way it was in the seventeenth century, life is in collapse mode constantly.

    Death rules, living is a dreaded drudgery until the day you die.

    You could get burned at the stake for heresy, for being a witch, you could be a victim of the Plague, every single day is fraught with danger, living is a dangerous thing.

    You could have been captured into slavery and worked to death in less than seven years.

    In essence, life was more or less a miserable hell and if anything was worth living for, it was to get to heaven, avoid hell at all costs for everyone knew it was definitely hell on earth.

    With oil, you have running water, a means of transportation, electricity, food, decent digs, and a life worth living.

    Best to keep it that way, for without oil, you can’t expect much from life.

    Beer drinking time.

  18. Theedrich on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 6:42 am 

    Yes, the Russians are not nicey-nice.  Ask Bill Browder.  But they are not slaughtering thousands of Iraqis, Yemenis, Afghans, Libyans and Lord knows whom else.  Only the “democratic” U.S. is doing that.  “Regime-change” is a phrase made in America.  And using electronic means (“tradecraft”) and NGOs to undermine other countries is strictly a Yankee pastime.

    The aim of American foreign policy toward Russia is to crush it, plain and simple.  And thereafter to extinquish the White race as a subspecies of homo sapiens.  We can only hope that Putin’s new weaponry will put an end to that policy for once and for all.

  19. TurningPoint on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 9:14 am 

    The North Sea is in Terminal Decline. I doubt North Africa can make up the difference when supplies start going to low. Russia has the world’s largest proven reserves of natural gas in the world, and we barely produce enough natural gas to meet our own needs. Never mind that LNG is more expensive than Russian gas from a pipeline. It’s like the Washington Establishment and Trump are brain-dead. The Germans aren’t. One way or another, Nord Stream II will be built if they want to continue to grow their economy.

  20. Bob Jones on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 10:14 am 

    More race war as an answer to Peak Oil?

    Makes sense when you are a self-important, self-entitled, exceptionalist that thinks the world owes you the good life.

  21. MASTERMIND on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 10:26 am 


    The aim of American foreign policy toward Russia is to crush it, plain and simple. And thereafter to extinquish the White race as a subspecies of homo sapiens.

    You have a source for that? or is that just your paranoid schizophrenia talking?

  22. fmr-paultard on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 10:42 am 

    master race theedrich please kick the anti-american dog i made out of granite. the fact that tards constantly spewing problems blaming everything on “the other” is disturbing. this is the same way islam was designed. supertard bill warner said it’s “all” about non muslims.

    we have bony juan living in a boat but somehow it’s a problem with america. could it be something along the line of inability to comprehend supertards? i read and understand everything supertards say. can’t say that about boney juan

  23. Antius on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:19 pm 

    ” Theedrich
    The aim of American foreign policy toward Russia is to crush it, plain and simple. And thereafter to extinquish the White race as a subspecies of homo sapiens.

    You have a source for that? or is that just your paranoid schizophrenia talking?”

    This will come as a surprise only to those that haven’t been paying attention. Take a look at some of the most anti-Russian politicians in the US:

    What do they all have in common, aside from being democrats?

    Putin obviously knows who his enemies are and why:

    These people have always hated Russia and the Russian people, because they have been repeatedly thwarted in their attempts to gain control of it. They have also been the primary agents behind relaxation of immigration controls, anti-nationalist sentiment and the mass third-world colonisation of the western world. In the UK, they are responsible for hate speech laws that have transformed the country into an anti-democratic police state. They are a permanent fifth column. Millimind provides an insightful although unsophisticated, example of their thinking. If the Russians are enemies of these people, then they are probably friends to the western world.

  24. fmr-paultard on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:25 pm 

    master race theedrich and antiustard, please kick the anti american dog i made out of granite and dressed up to look nice.

    according to sueprtards state of tx we have maximum wind consistently amost correspond go peak load. do you train yourself to blow hot air? you did well at that

    see top/latest report for july and last graph

  25. joe on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:37 pm 

    Cloggie on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:15 am 
    That’s something you made up.
    But sadly not far off the mark, at least as far as economic integration goes. But you diverge with the elites who wish to include Africa and the middle east too. You see cloggie they believe that liberal values are all that matter, liberalism is about money and elitism. You are wrong, your ‘europeaness’ will be written in the great mosques of Al Europa. Europe will one day look more like the former Yugoslavia than a white paradise. The UK will probobly be same. Thats not racism, it from looking at the countries these people come from. The European elites are showing ignorance of history and they really don’t care about the world in 30 years or 90 years from now.

  26. Antius on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:39 pm 

    Cannot access Paultard’s link, nor do I understand what he is on about.

    Places with a high wind capacity factor will presumably experience fewer problems with rolling blackouts than those with cap factor of 20-30%.

  27. Bob Jones on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:40 pm 

    MasterMind is right about one thing.

    As the resources run dry, the worst will run amok… at least in certain places.

    When this collapses, the extremist nuts will come out of the woodwork with their “solutions” to WASTE/DESTROY/MURDER to maintain racial “purity” and for “defense” and “living” room. (a la “The Purge” movies)

    Didn’t someone invade a country for its oil and to maintain a superior race as a pretext for invasion and war?

    I wonder how that worked out for them?

  28. Antius on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 1:13 pm 

    “As the resources run dry, the worst will run amok… at least in certain places.

    When this collapses, the extremist nuts will come out of the woodwork with their “solutions” to WASTE/DESTROY/MURDER to maintain racial “purity” and for “defense” and “living” room. (a la “The Purge” movies”

    Millimind does occasionally make some pertinent points, but this is not one of them. He is a disillusioned, anti-western Jew, who hates the western world and wants to see it collapse, so he can smugly enjoy our suffering and have a go at raping our women, especially Taylor Swift. Most women would either shoot him or bust his balls, except the liberal ones that do not believe in guns and violence. The irony could hardly be more poignant.

    Lamenting against human nature and suppressing the tendency of human beings to display racial prejudices towards their own is the wrong way of dealing with it and will only make things worse. Instead, one must except human beings for what they are and avoid creating situations that cause the problem in the first place. That means avoiding immigration, much like the Japanese have, and undoing its effects (humanely, if possible) where it has occurred. Stop trying to pretend that you can make human beings, the products of millions of years of evolution, into something completely different. It is unethical to advocate a policy that can only end in conflict and bloodshed. It is not unethical to end it in a controlled way.

  29. TurningPoint on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 9:00 pm 

    Is this an nationalistic alt-right site now?

  30. MASTERMIND on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 9:10 pm 


    Linking wiki to three democrats isn’t prove they want to destroy the white race..

  31. MASTERMIND on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 9:12 pm 


    I guarantee once the oil starts to run out..The right will then argue for mass genocide of all minorities..They will say we must to save some for them..I mean they already hate all minorities, and now they will have a reason to commit ethnic cleansing..and then they will force young white woman to be their sex slaves for the elites..

  32. jmm on Fri, 13th Jul 2018 1:10 pm 

    trump wants to sell his own gas, for a lot of money. just like the 4% nato money all goes to America. so is not really just. in addition, he himself with poetin

  33. Theedrich on Sat, 14th Jul 2018 3:53 am 

    Schiff, Shumer, Feinstein:  3 “Democrats”?  MMjew: “Linking wiki to three democrats isn’t prove they want to destroy the white race..”

    Everyone knows what these Demonics, bankrolled by tribesman Sörös, are truly aiming at with their plans to extinguish all Whites:  global control by their own tribe.  They use Yid-Cretinity as their pious front to convince the mushroomed millions of the “ethicalness” of their desire to force the European race into genosuicide.  How much longer their manipulations can continue before they trigger World War III is known only to Fate.

  34. Makati1 on Sat, 14th Jul 2018 4:15 am 

    Unfortunately, Theedrich, I am of the opinion that WW3 is inevitable at this point for more reasons than you list. I never expected to live thru the first Cold War. Now I am faced with the Second. I don’t think “duck and cover” is going to save us. I hope I am wrong.

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