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Page added on January 5, 2019

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In just a few short days, China has proved that investors who have been underestimating the geopolitical risks stemming from the simmering tensions between the US and China over the latter’s territorial claims in the South China Sea and paranoia over the fate of Taiwan – a de facto independent state that President Xi Jinping is aggressively seeking to bring under the heel of Beijing – have done so at their own peril.

Earlier this week Xi Jinping, the Chinese emperor for life president provoked an angry rebuke from Taiwan’s pro-independence president when he demanded during a landmark speech earlier this week that Taiwan submit to “reunification” with Beijing.


And as if tensions between China and the international community weren’t already high enough amid a worsening economic slowdown that’s hurting global economic growth and a tenuous trade “truce” with the US,  in another speech delivered on Friday during a meeting of top officials from China’s Central Military Commission which he leads, Xi took his belligerent rhetoric one step further by issuing his first military command of 2019: that “all military units must correctly understand major national security and development trends, and strengthen their sense of unexpected hardship, crisis and battle.”

“The world is facing a period of major changes never seen in a century, and China is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development,” Xi said and added that China’s armed forces must “prepare for a comprehensive military struggle from a new starting point,” Xi said adding that “preparation for war and combat must be deepened to ensure an efficient response in times of emergency.”

Xi’s order prioritizes training with a focus on combat readiness, drills, troop inspections and resistance exercises.

It applies to all units of the PLA, including troops, academies and armed police, and is designed to “ensure new challenges are met and battles are won,” according to a copy of the guidelines seen during the television report.

In other words, Xi just ordered the Chinese military to prepare for war.

According to the South China Morning Post, the order “will kick-start a year of enhanced military training and exercises.” Which, of course, will build on the expansive military exercises carried out in 2018, where China flexed its military muscle in the South China Sea and Strait of Taiwan to show foreign powers that might support Taiwanese independence (i.e. the US) that China still takes the “One China” policy very, very seriously.


In addition to prioritizing training for military readiness, the CMC issued a separate set of guidelines intended to boost morale, affirming that military personnel would be promoted on the basis of merit while promising greater leniency and understanding for mistakes made during training.

As one Chinese “military expert” quoted by the SCMP pointed out, the order was probably intended as a warning to foreign powers who might try to interfere in its affairs.

Shanghai-based military expert Ni Lexiong said the recent “high-profile gestures” were probably intended as a warning to those who sought to obstruct the mainland’s plans for the reunification of Taiwan.

“[They] show how seriously Xi is taking China’s military training and its preparations for war, while also flexing its strength,” he said.

A former PLA officer was more explicit: a retired PLA colonel Yue Gang said that as well as the rising tensions between Beijing and Taipei, Xi’s rallying call to the military was a response to the growing uncertainty over the geopolitical struggle between China and the United States.

“China is increasing its military training so that it has the best solutions for the worst outcomes, either related to the US or across the [Taiwan] strait,” he said.

“Over the coming year, the US might use Taiwan and the South China Sea as bargaining chips to get what it wants from China with regards to the trade war,” he said.

“And there is always the possibility of increased independence calls from Taiwan.”

Meanwhile, China’s People’s Daily, the official publication of the Communist Party, reported Thursday that the PLA has begun an extensive “realistic training exercise” with live fire in Shandong, eastern China. The publication did not specify what the objective of this live-fire exercise was, nor did Chinese agencies report whether Xi mentioned any particular acts to improve combat readiness that the PLA either has already begun to take or will do so in the future.

That same day, the nationalistic Chinese state-run Global Times highlighted comments by acting Pentagon chief Patrick Shanahan, who told reporters that his top priorities were “China, China, China.” The publication warned American officials against anti-Chinese “paranoia” while also threatening to make America “pay an unbearable price if the U.S. infringes on China.”

“When Shanahan shouts ‘China, China, China,’ Beijing must respond by accelerating construction of a deterrent against the U.S. China must make good use of deterrence, learning to make others feel fearful without being furious.”

Despite these explicit warnings and military ambitions, we are confident that in the eyes of the market and general population, the prospects for a prolonged “trade war” with China will remain completely distinct from speculation about the possibility of a hot war – that is, until it’s too late to heed the warnings from US military personnel in the Pacific, who have been outspoken about the threat posed by the Chinese and their growing military ambitions.


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  1. Cloggie on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 3:45 pm 


    Chinese ultimatum to unspecified foreign navies that soon a demilitarized 200 miles zone will be in force around the newly build islands in the South China Sea.

    Around the same time Chinese paratroopers will land in the “renegade” Chinese province Taiwan and topple the government.

    If somebody will call Chinese bluff, decisive military response will follow and preparedness for the consequences: Philippines, South-Korea, Australia.

  2. Antius on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 5:35 pm 

    Cloggie, the Chinese are in a poor position to attempt something like this.

    They are critically dependent upon imports of raw materials and goods, most of which must arrive by sea. Any attempt at aggressive action will lead to naval blockade, enforced by the US submarine fleet, which would devastate the Chinese economy.

  3. GetAVasectomyDudeLifeIsJustMisery on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 5:44 pm 

    Gilet Jaunes news

    Using a fork lift to break into a ministerial building

    It is getting tougher for the police in France.

    A mother of a children was kill by the police with a rubber ball.

    Anything can happen now in France. The death of the young women could be a catalyst for more blood and the death of Macron and his advisers

  4. GetAVasectomyDudeLifeIsJustPain on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 5:53 pm 

    Violence is increasing in France. ZeroHedge has a good summary. Protesters are now starting to attack physically the police.

    Violence against the police will probably increase because of the death of the young women shoot in the head with a rubber bullet

  5. Antius on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 5:55 pm 

    I have a lot of respect for the French public. I wish the English working class would grow some testicles.

    Of course, nothing like this could happen in the UK. Long before the protests had gotten off the ground, the UK government would have branded it a terrorist organization and thrown all of it’s leading members into prison.

  6. makati1 on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 5:59 pm 

    Antius, and why do you think they cannot take back Taiwan? Your reasons are illogical.

    1. China can take out any US Navy, that comes near China, in minutes and the US knows it.
    2. China is a nuclear armed country, Even the stupid US will not go against them in any military venture.
    3. China is no more reliant on imports than the US is. In fact, the US would die quickly if China cut off its exports to the US. Think about who has their major manufacturing in China today? Answer: Most of the big multi-nationals. And most of the parts for all of the electronics comes directly or indirectly from…China.
    4. China holds enough of the US’ debt that it could take down the US economy anytime it wants to.

    Need I go on? There will be no war with China for any reason. The US is a paper tiger with no teeth. You really need to get a current education and stop sucking up that American propaganda like the above article.

  7. Cloggie on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 6:26 pm 

    “Cloggie, the Chinese are in a poor position to attempt something like this.”

    Antius, makati:

    – in 2019 hyperspnic missiles beat ships. China can enforce military zone
    – US navy can indeed enforce blockade far away from China, like near the Gulf and Singapore Strait
    – As makati says, blockade will work two ways. US gets more from China than other way around
    -The whole purpose of the New Silk Road is to create an alternative for sea lanes and dampen the effect of blockades
    – Pipelines from Iran and Iraq to the Caspian Sea can be built within a year, with Russian help.
    – Russia will gladly provide China with oil and gas.
    – This would be the opportunity for China and Russia to finally criminalize the use of the dollar in Asia.
    – The Chinese strategy will be to provoke an uprising in the US, as the Chinese believe that the US can’t take casualties, probably a correct assumption. 40,000 max.
    – The Chinese can say that the US wants no nuclear armed foreign ships in the Gulf of Mexico either, so why US carriers in the South China Sea? Difficult for “the world” to reject that logic.
    – For Europe and Russia, the possibility of China and the US locking horns is almost too good to be true, but almost inevitable. Would make a US-Chinese alliance impossible for decades to come.

  8. Antius on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 6:42 pm 

    Makati, the US navy does not need to get close to the Chinese coast to disrupt all shipping coming out or destined for mainland China. The Chinese know this and are desperately trying to develop land based transportation networks across Eurasia. Unfortunately, geography works against them.

    The Chinese have no hope of challenging US naval superiority in the near future. Japanese naval forces would be deployed in addition to American forces. This is not to say that the US would be immune to losses.

    It would certainly be inconvenient for Americans to be cut off from Chinese tack. Imagine how inconvenient it would be for the Chinese to lose imported oil and raw materials. There is always the nuclear bluff of course, but here again, the Americans hold more cards.

  9. Cloggie on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 7:00 pm 

    “The Chinese know this and are desperately trying to develop land based transportation networks across Eurasia. Unfortunately, geography works against them.”

    The Chinese do not give the impression to be “desperate”. These are smart people and nobody forces them to invade Taiwan or enforce a demilitarized zone.

    If they do, they do that out of calculation.

    Besides US naval blockades have to be on guard for Chinese u-boat attackes.

  10. makati1 on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 7:24 pm 

    Antius, It will not last long if it tries. The US has no defense against Chinese missiles. There would be no US Navy in a few hours if the Chinese get serious. A new major war will not be fought with ships and planes but with missiles and the US is way behind in that department.

    Russia will supply China with all it needs and may even step in and help eradicate its main foe, the US. If nukes fly, there will be Russian nukes also. The US is toast either way.

    As for Japan, they are toothless. Not going to go against China no matter what the US says. Japan is in no position to do anything except blow hot air. Ditto for South Korea.

    You have been brainwashed, Antius. The US is not going to do anything serious against China or Russia or even Iran. They know they cannot win. Those are not ME goat herders or 3rd world countries. They are the new powers in the world and know it. China plans years ahead. The US plans for tomorrow, maybe.

    Cloggie is right. A few thousand Americans coming home in body bags would end the war as it would then be a civil war in the States. One US carrier = ~5,000 dead Americans. One Chinese Carrier Killer would do that in a few minutes. No US carrier is going to get within range of that missile. And that also covers the shipping routes along the coast. Better check some maps, Antius and quit sucking down that US Koolaid. LOL

  11. Antius on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 7:56 pm 

    Has anyone actually seen one of these legendary hypersonic missiles? The details are quite elusive on how they actually work.

    Supersonic airbreathing missiles are nothing new. But above Mach 5, ionisation of the propellant begins to severely impact on combustion efficiency. The Russian weapon apparently flies at over 6000mph, nearly 3km/s, or Mach 8.5. At such speeds in the lower atmosphere, shock heating would be a severe problem.

  12. makati1 on Sat, 5th Jan 2019 9:39 pm 

    And you obviously do not read articles by the US military describing them and the US having zero defense against them.

    Hyper sonic missiles are not new. 1970 US ICBM Minuteman 3 flies at approximately 17,507 mph (Mach 23, or 28,176 km/h, or 7.8 km/s). (WIKI) The new Chinese and Russian missiles are smaller and maneuverable, unlike the old ICBMs that are set trajectory. The new ones cannot be stopped by anything the US has or will likely have in the near future. (2016) (2016) (2015) (2018) (2018)

    And on and on…

  13. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 4:56 am 

    “Has anyone actually seen one of these legendary hypersonic missiles? The details are quite elusive on how they actually work.”

    Hypersonic is unproven technology on the battlefield. They have barely been in development and production in China and Russia. The US has the technology and could tweak it or leap frog it. I would not base ones military prowess on having missiles. He believes everything the Chinese and Russians say. He believes the US has inferior equipment. This is clearly not rational thinking. There is much more to battles and war than missiles. Makati once said there was 10MIL men under arms on the Korean peninsula because he messed up his google search. If makati’s China is so invincible why not take care of business now? Makati military thinking cannot think past fanciful ideas that make him feel emotionally charged.

  14. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 6:48 am 

    “How China Colonized An Entire Continent Without Firing A Single Shot”

    “China had lent a total of $143 billion to 56 African nations facilitated principally by the Export-Import Bank of China and the China Development Bank. By sector, close to a third of loans were directed toward financing transport projects, a quarter toward power and 15% earmarked for resource mining including hydrocarbon extraction. Just 1.6% of Chinese loans were dedicated to the education, healthcare, environment, food and humanitarian sectors combined, confirming that all China interested in was building a giant commodity/trade/military hub. Just seven countries – the strategically important Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Republic of the Congo, Sudan and Zambia – accounted for two thirds of total cumulative borrowing in 2017 from China, with oil-rich Angola alone representing a 30% share, or $43 billion (35% of Angolan 2017 GDP). Ultimately, Angola reached a loans-for-oil settlement, with Beijing tying the country’s future oil production to shipments to China in order to service the country’s burgeoning infrastructure debt. According to an April 2018 IMF study, as of the end of 2017, about 40% of low-income Sub-Saharan African countries are now in debt distress or assessed as being at high risk of debt distress including Ethiopia, the Republic of the Congo and Zambia.”

    “China was set to take over Kenya’s lucrative Mombassa port if Kenya Railways Corporation defaults on its loan from the Exim Bank of China. The China-built, China-funded standard gauge railway, also known as the Madaraka Express, was plagued by cost overruns, and outside observers questioned its economic viability, but China was not worried: after all, if the 80%-China funded project failed, Beijing would have full recourse. Call it a “debt-for-sovereignty” exchange.”

    “And so, as more developing, peripheral countries default on Chinese loans and are forced to hand over the keys to key sovereign projects to Beijing, China will slowly but surely “colonize” not just Africa but many of the Asian nations in the “Belt and Road Initiative” following a popular playbook developed by none other than the original “economic hitmen”…”

  15. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 7:17 am 

    China has long taken over from the US to be the primary economical, manufacturing, financial, imperial and perhaps even military force on this planet.

    This force needs to be contained and eventually only PBM can do it, with some help from (T)rump-America. But before that will happen we first need a planetary wake-up call. And that wake-up call will be Taiwan and South China Sea. That standoff will show who will blink first, the US or China. I think the US will blink first.

  16. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 7:32 am 

    “China has long taken over from the US to be the primary economical, manufacturing, financial, imperial and perhaps even military force on this planet.”

    The numbers show they are in the top 3 neder. Your problem is agenda trumps reason. You see a preeminent China because it fits into your anti-American PBM puzzle. China’s model is failing but so is EU and the American version. You can’t see that because you fantasize about the future based on emotions and history revisions.

  17. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 7:46 am 

    We will soon see who will blink.

    “China’s model is failing”

    The only model that is failing is multicult and will be abolished soon, everywhere. Just like that other failed model “central planning” was abolished everywhere after 1989.

  18. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 8:28 am 

    “We will soon see who will blink.”
    Well, lets hope both blink but I doubt that is how you war pigs see it. You salivate over a destructive murderous war especially if that involves your view of colored subhuman people that will die. You actually believe white Europeans will benefit.

    “The only model that is failing is multicult and will be abolished soon, everywhere. Just like that other failed model “central planning” was abolished everywhere after 1989.”
    The numbers say otherwise neder. You can cherry pick a few and ignore others but when all numbers are presented we see your agenda is a failure.

  19. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 8:54 am 

    Well, lets hope both blink but I doubt that is how you war pigs see it.

    You salivate over a destructive murderous war especially if that involves your view of colored subhuman people that will die.

    I’m not advocating that the US should police the South China Sea with nuclear weapons, that’s the choice of your oligarch owners. Go complain with them (you won’t).

    And since when are “colored subhuman people” (your words) going to die? The majority of the US army, the same people who where involved in the Anglo-Soviet rape of Europe, are still white. They are going to die. I may be a (mild)-white racialist, my solidarity doesn’t include white globalists-imperialists, like you.

    Do I salivate about the US getting a good beating in the South China Sea? You bet, with 1945 in mind and the current state of our cities.

    A good globalist ZOG-bot is a dead globalist ZOG-bot.

    Got it, Yankee? You’re on your own. For the moment YOU are the enemy, the Chinese are just coming in handy to give you a hair cut, so PBM (+US white nationalists) can finish the job.

    In the long term are the Chinese the potential opponents to be reckoned with.

  20. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 9:18 am 

    You are a nazi racist pig who talks like he is a moderate racist but anyone that reads your shit day in day out sees your final solution ways.

  21. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 9:22 am 

    Meanwhile in Britain, the mood is heating up further, with Remainers now threatening to mimic Trump and bringing the government to a stand-still:

    And that’s just the Tories. And then there is Labour:

    I have seldom seen a country so split to the core over an issue.

    According to the latest very large poll, the population is now 54-46 pro-Remain.

    Note, Britain is the most Euro-Skeptic country in Europe. So much for very Anglo wet dreams that Europe is about to fall apart. It isn’t. Not in a long shot.

  22. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 9:26 am 

    You are a nazi racist pig who talks like he is a moderate racist but anyone that reads your shit day in day out sees your final solution ways.

    He is mad, meaning he feels cornered, which is what he is.LOL

    Say hello to Xi from me, will ya.

    Oh wait, you said the other day that you are “too old” to fight, despite all the hours you spend on your fitness gear and outdoor running. Pussy. I guess you would prefer to do your “colored subhumans” (your words) do the fighting for you, while you are en route to Italy, eh, with your tail between your legs?

  23. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 11:00 am 

    Too old to fight another’s wars, neder. Come over here to my local and you will see a fight.

  24. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 11:56 am 

    Too old to fight another’s wars, neder. Come over here to my local and you will see a fight.

    While davy is bragging about how he is going to beat up one of his defenseless goats, back to politics.

    One of my favorite UK columnists is Peter Hitchins. He is a Leaver…

    …but on soft terms (#Norway). In the recent past he entertained some soft-historic revisionist positions regarding WW1/WW2, putting some blame on Britain as well.

    His core message is: yes we are a fine country and we should be proud of it, but let’s not overestimate our significance in the world, now shall we?

    Today he basically promotes a closet white nationalist position vis-a-vis immigration:

    We aren’t grateful enough for the English Channel. Personally, I give thanks for it every day, but that is because I have been out in the world quite a lot and know just how dangerous our planet is.

    The classical British our-island-is-our-castle position.

    Look at the rest of Europe, unprotected by deep water.

    Peter probably never heard of the Mediterranean.

    Every century or so there’s an invasion, or a devastating war in which the enemy’s armies sweep through, burning, looting and worse.

    Yep, Britain comes to mind.

    And then there is the vast surge of humans brought about by those three Olympic-standard idiots George W. Bush, Anthony Blair and David Cameron. Their various thought-free, vain adventures and interventions, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, have set the whole world on the move towards Europe, from as far east as Kandahar and as far south as the Congo.

    Wow, chapeau, keep it coming!

    Nobody can blame the migrants for seeking better lives elsewhere, but if they all do so, they will destroy the very thing they are seeking.

    Zzzzzzp, there it is, the closet white nationalism.

    Britain is far better-placed than other countries, thanks to the sea which surrounds us.

    Absolutely, were it not for the enemy within, who volunteered to give London to Islam:×616/skynews-tony-blair-lord-mandelson_4362552.jpg?20180715143907

  25. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 12:27 pm 

    oh boy, neder is talking brexit. yawn. kinda funny how dramatic he gets sometimes. It is almost like he is reliving the battle of Britain because you know that is what lost his Nazi’s the war.

  26. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 2:56 pm 

    the battle of Britain because you know that is what lost his Nazi’s the war.

    The Germans lost the war 4-5 years before it began, when Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were on the same page about the destruction of Germany and enslavement of Europe.

    Like a card game is usually decided BEFORE the game is actually played out, because of the distribution of the cards in advance. Germany had geopolitical cards it could never hope to win with.

    But today is 2019 and the cards are dealt anew and yours are extremely bad. Your owners, who are much smarter than you, know already what is going to happen to them:

    And your opponent in East-Asia understand your weakness exactly and is preparing to change the geopolitical status quo.

    The empire is a dead man walking. Think USSR-1988.

    Thank God.

  27. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 3:29 pm 

    The 2010 secret German Army peak oil study that leaked online accurately predicted the future..

    From the report;

    “Historical OECD studies show that only an increase and rise in prosperity can lead to open and tolerant societies..Set backs in economic growth lead to a rise in nationalism and extremism.”

    They accurately predicted the rise of Trump and Brexit and the far right populist movement..

    What else does the report forecast?

    “oil is used in the production of 95% of all industrial goods, so a shortage of oil would collapse the world economy & world governments”

    Wow! And the IEA, Saudi’s and Goldman Sachs have just recently warned about an upcoming oil shortage.

    Well now you have been warned!

  28. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 3:40 pm 

    The Battle of Britain was the Nazi equivalent to Lee’s defeat at Gettysburg. Every good southern boy relives that fateful day. You are doing something similar with this Brexit obsession, neder. Subconsciously you want another Battle of Britain. You want the channel blocked so the show down comes where the Anglos pay for their WW2 victory. Lol. You are lost in a past that is
    No more.

  29. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 3:57 pm 

    As I have said before I hope that Britain signs the deal, so Britain can remain neutral in WW3.

    I have no illussions about Britain but it is small beer compared to the US. If the US falls (apart), the British problem no longer exists and PBM can concentrate on containing China and Islam.

  30. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 4:00 pm 

    How do you know that the Yellow Vests are predominantly a white-rightwing movement?

    Because they let an ambalance pass in an impeccable disciplined manner:

  31. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 4:04 pm 

    “If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies”
    -Amanda ‘Goldilocks’ Johnson

  32. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 4:05 pm

    “France’s Far Right Sees Gold in Yellow Vest Movement”

    Marine le Pen supports the Yellow Vests.

    How to bring this to the

  33. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 4:49 pm 

    neder, the yellow vest are about a country and a continent that is going broke. You can put lipstick on it but it is still ugly.

  34. Cloggie on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 5:10 pm 

    EU public debt has been declining since 2010.

    Keep on hoping. Someday your collapse will finally arrive… in a theater near you.

  35. Davy on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 6:12 pm 

    “Last Year Was Not An Anomaly. Outlook For 2019: Trapped by Liquidity”

    “The ECB knows that there is no real demand for sovereign bonds at these yields, not even close. We would need to think of double the current levels of sovereign bond yields for marginal investors (not forced buyers) to think of purchasing eurozone sovereign bonds. The eurozone countries have saved themselves about 1 trillion euros in interest expenses. Not bad, but they’ve spent it all. And very few countries in the eurozone are ready for an increase of 10% or 20% of their borrowing costs. The eurozone is unable to disguise through monetary policy its structural problems, aging of the population, overcapacity, low productivity growth, and at the same time, an extraordinarily high level of unemployment. Those factors are all added to an elevated debt and government spending. The eurozone has convinced itself that the entire problem was the alleged austerity. There’s no austerity at 40% public spending to GDP. So the solution that they are looking at is further and higher government spending. And government spending is not going to drive productivity growth, improvement in the economy, and the structural changes that the eurozone desperately needs. It’s very likely that the eurozone continues to do what Japan did in the late ’80s. Spend its way to stagnation. The US economy, with all of its challenges, is much more robust than the European economy. In the eurozone 80% of the real economy is financed by banks, so the contagion effect of financial woes is very high. In the US it is less than 40%. Throughout the years of QE in the United States, the Federal Reserve was never 100% of the demand for sovereign bonds in the market. So it always kept an eye on the secondary market. Even though it was influencing aggressively the yields of sovereign bonds, it is also true that there was always a secondary market moving around. That is not the case in the eurozone. In the eurozone, the European Central Bank is 100% of the demand for sovereign bonds for the majority of the net financing needs of the eurozone countries. As such, there is absolutely no way of understanding where will marginal investors want to buy Portuguese, Spanish or Italian bonds.”

  36. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 6th Jan 2019 7:24 pm 

    Will ‘winter of discontent’, fueled by populism, lead to European Union’s collapse?

    Europe is falling! HAHA! Enjoy the civil war clogg..You dumb SOB!

  37. Theedrich on Mon, 7th Jan 2019 3:28 am 

    The U.S. is quintessentially genosuicidist.  Due to its frenzied Protestant past leading to the Civil War (1861-65), it is neurotically compelled to kill “bad guys.”  The latter are defined as:  (1.) Whites in general (Trump, the Russians, etc.);  (2.) higher civilizations which theaten to exceed American in power and prestige (first Japan, now China);  (3.) twisted dictatorships that refuse to pay off America in dollars or resources (Libya, Iran);  (4.) fanatical Allahists who want to dominate the world with terrorism and animalistic brutality, sponsored by rich Sand Negroes (Afghanistan, ISIS and assorted African Moslem chimpanzoids).

    America’s wars are essentially missionary exploits meant to subject the world to the benefits of Yankee-style negrification and reversal of biological evolution.  Its “heroic” conflicts are driven by psychological bowel movements in the national elites who care nothing for history or evolution.  Thus it is increasingly likely that the demigods of D.C. will attempt to show China who is boss in re Taiwan and South China Sea.  So after a $5 billion U.S. carrier is sunk by a PLA torpedo or missile, the demented Pentagonians and Democrats may urge DJT to nuke the Middle Kingdom.  If POTUS gives in to such demands, we may suddenly witness the disappearance of L.A., San Francisco, Seattle and other sanctuary cities.

    Few seem to understand the psychic forces which have driven our “leaders” to genocide so often in the past, and threaten to do so in the near future.  But Jeezus will be so proud of the indispensable nation.

  38. makati1 on Mon, 7th Jan 2019 3:53 am 

    Again you are right on, Theedrich.

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