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Page added on March 13, 2018

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Saudi crown prince to visit White House

Saudi crown prince to visit White House thumbnail

US President Donald Trump will host Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on March 20, the White House said Monday.

“The president looks forward to discussing ways to strengthen ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia,” spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in announcing the meeting.

The hugely influential Saudi prince is visiting Egypt, Britain and the United States as part of a long foreign trip, his first as crown prince.

He has a close relationship with Trump and his son-in-law aide Jared Kushner, who is seen as having given the green light for Prince Mohammed’s rush to consolidate power in recent months.

Critics have labelled the crown prince’s campaign a shakedown and power grab, although authorities insist the purge targeted endemic corruption as the country prepares for a post-oil era.

According to a New York Times investigation published Monday, prominent Saudis held as part of the crackdown were subjected to coercion and physical abuse — allegations rejected by the Saudi government as “completely untrue.”

The crown prince has wooed the West by promising a more open society, one which allows women to drive and relaxes rules on music.


2 Comments on "Saudi crown prince to visit White House"

  1. Sissyfuss on Tue, 13th Mar 2018 11:14 am 

    The danger is that MBS will give The Grifter innumerable tips on how to consolidate power and neuter your enemies. This is further proof that the scum always rises to the top. The path to self destruction is clear and these blind greedy sociopaths are more than willing to lead us there.

  2. CAM on Tue, 13th Mar 2018 11:48 am 

    At one time the Saudi’s could have pumped 15 MBD. According to a USEIA prediction a number of years back, the Saudi’s would reach 20 mbd. My guess is that those days are long gone. I have not lately heard anyone predict that they could pump any significant amount over 12mbd.

    The inevitable decline is setting in on almost all conventional oil reserves. Time is no longer on our side, yet we dither!!

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