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Page added on April 16, 2018

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9/11 Truth and the Legacy of Michael C Ruppert: Connecting the Dots Like No One Else

9/11 Truth and the Legacy of Michael C Ruppert: Connecting the Dots Like No One Else thumbnail

Personal note: I was among those whose eyes were opened by MCR, not only about 9/11, but about the virtue of what he called ‘map-making’ as a tool for providing context for world events, such as the Western air-strikes smashing Syria as I write these words. I am privileged to have had the chance to interview him more than once. Rest in Peace Tracker of Truth! – [Michael A. Welch, April 13, 2018]


Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

This week, the Global Research News Hour radio program marks the fourth anniversary of the death of an independent journalist and alternative media figure who served as an inspiration to many in the post 9/11 period. His name was Michael C Ruppert.

MCR first gained notoriety on the public stage after his confrontation with CIA Director John Deutsch in 1996, when he essentially outed the agency’s involvement dealing drugs in the US.

He would go on to found a newsletter and website: From The Wilderness, which featured ground-braking stories on government corruption and malfeasance along with incisive geopolitical and economic analysis.

Among the stories pursued by Ruppert and FTW: the dependence of the world economic system on drug money laundering, the phenomenon of peak oil, the demonstrable deceptions surrounding the war in  Iraq, and the friendly fire death of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

Among the biggest marks Ruppert ever left however, was his expert dismantling of the official story of 9/11. He wrote a major, heavily footnoted tome on the subject which not only named Vice President Dick Cheney as the prime suspect in the attacks, but connected the event with peak oil and the corruption of the U.S. economy.

Yet in spite of such achievements, far from being rewarded for challenging power, Ruppert found himself in precarious circumstances, struggling with emotional instability, mocked and maligned as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. It appears that overwhelmed by personal and world circumstances, he took his own life on the evening of April 13, 2014.

In this special anniversary program, with the help of some of his many friends and acquaintances who graciously agreed to be interviewed for this show, we will try to get a better understanding of his achievements, his struggles, and the meaning of his untimely death.

Carolyn Baker was an adjunct professor of history and psychology for 11 years and a psychotherapist in private practice for 17 years. She contributed to Ruppert’s on-line newsletter From The Wilderness, and co-hosted his final radio broadcast before he died. She continues to host the weekly ‘Lifeboat Hour‘ podcast which Ruppert started.

Jamey Hecht, PhD is a poet, scholar, actor, and practicing psychotherapist whose interests span Shakespeare, peak oil and the Classics. He was a long time associate of Michael Ruppert’s having not only contributed to the From the wilderness website, but also having edited Crossing the Rubicon: The decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

Barry Silverthorn is a Canadian cinematographer who has worked on programs for the Vision channel, and had worked with fellow Canadian Barrie Zwicker to produce the acclaimed documentary film ‘End of Suburbia‘ in which Ruppert made an appearance. Silverthorn hosted Ruppert in his home when he returned from Venezuela.

Jenna Orkin had been acquainted with Michael Ruppert since 2004 when they both attended the 9-11 Citizens’ Commission. She also contributed to FTW until its demise. She shared her New York home with Ruppert as he was convalescing following his return from Venezuela. In 2014 she authored the account: Scout: A Memoir of Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert, with Against the Dying of the Light.

Mark Robinowitz is a writer, political activist, ecological campaigner and permaculture practitioner and publisher of us, a political map to connect the dots. His site features an ‘In Memorium‘ section which profiles not only MCR, but a similar researcher: John Judge.

Mimi German is an Earth activist and poet and Portland Oregon resident who has helped monitor radioactive fall-out from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster through the Radcast platform she founded. She became close friends with Mike Ruppert and was in fact one of his last guests before he died.

Music for the radio feature (not available in the soundcloud version) was by David Baerwald, who Michael Ruppert had also been close to in life.

In addition, excerpts of two past CKUW interviews with Mike Ruppert are included here:

Michael Ruppert addresses 9/11 Truth and JFK Truth on the Global Research News Hour (second half hour):


Michael Ruppert talks Peak Oil and Collapse on CKUW 95.9 FM Part One:


Michael Ruppert talks Peak Oil and Collapse on CKUW 95.9 FM Part Two:



This program is dedicated to the memory of Michael Ruppert’s girlfriend and life partner Jessy Re, and to his beloved dog Rags.


Click to download the audio (MP3 format)

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65 Comments on "9/11 Truth and the Legacy of Michael C Ruppert: Connecting the Dots Like No One Else"

  1. Davy on Tue, 17th Apr 2018 4:58 pm 

    Not really, neo-bolshevik.

    dumb and dutch, you stupid military was in Iraq also so own it, liar.

  2. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Apr 2018 11:27 pm 

    “you stupid military was in Iraq also so own it, liar.”

    Officially yes, practically no. I gave you the link to the findings of the 2012 Davids commission above. The US blundered all by itself into Iraq on the basis of a pack of lies. Now Iran is in the Golan Heights.

    Not too bright, these neocons, eh?

  3. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Apr 2018 11:46 pm 


    You are suspiciously quiet about 9/11 again, you glider and mass murder apologist.

    Any ideas about WTC7?
    Thought so.
    You will cover up any criminal act of these Washington neocons.

  4. Thomas Potter on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 10:00 am 

    You can’t be so ignorant to believe Gage & Company. Unless belief is your objective and not irrefutable evidence that can be presented to a court of law.

    Your “belief” in Gage & Company is analogous to a 5-year old emailing the professor of a graduate-level math book to tell him he is wrong saying 2+3= 6 because the five-year old is sure that 2+3 =6 *8-| rolling eyes

    Part I Summary, 1.) mission statement

    Our mission is to research, compile, and disseminate (some) scientific evidence relative to the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers, (not all 7, just 3 of the buildings) calling for a truly open and independent investigation (because we are not qualified to do one) and supporting others in the pursuit of justice. (Except Dr. Judy Wood)

    Schedule A, Part II, Section A

    If Mr. Gage was searching for the truth, then he would not be trying to deceive his supporters and the American people by claiming to present the best “scientific forensic evidence”, only to completely ignore the large sum of scientific forensic evidence that thermite does not explain. If a scientist or researcher only presented the evidence that supports their hypothesis while completely ignoring the evidence that countered their hypothesis, they could be stripped of their professional license or degree for presenting such an unscientific and biased fraction of the total sum of important physical evidence that demands consideration.

    Theory, speculation, and belief are not necessary to understand that a type of directed energy was used on 9/11, rather, only a detailed study of the empirical evidence from 9/11 is necessary. This also helps to illustrate a major difference between Dr. Judy Wood and other 9/11 self proclaimed researchers, as she did not start with theory or speculation and then begin researching to see if it was consistent with the evidence. Instead, Dr. Wood simply did what any objective, vigilant scientist would do, she gathered and studied as much of the empirical evidence from 9/11 as possible, assembling a monumental database of verifiable physical evidence that dwarfs the efforts of any other 9/11 “research”, including the unscientific ‘9/11 Commission Report’. After gathering and studying all of this important evidence, Dr. Wood arrived at the only logical, inescapable conclusion that explains all of this empirical evidence, a general category of weapon technology known as ‘directed energy weapons’ (DEW). It would be theory or speculation to go beyond that by trying to name a specific weapon technology or location, because that is not what the evidence allows us to irrefutably conclude. This is why the term is left as a general one, because that is the only logical, conclusive, and irrefutable conclusion that the evidence allows us to make.

    This download is the Foreword and book review of “WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO?” by Eric Larsen, Professor Emeritus at John Jay College of Criminal Justice 1971 – 2006 (35 years), plus the Author’s Preface.

    Have fun covering up 9/11. The powers that be thank you very much for your services. *:-h wave

  5. Cloggie on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 12:45 pm 

    Come on Thomas bin Potter, stop demonizing hundreds of professional architects and engineers and give an answer to this simple question:

    Why did WTC7 collapse into its own footprint with the speed of gravity.

    Now don’t chicken out and give an explanation.

    (there is no other explanation than that all the carrying columns of the building were blown away simultaneously, making a mockery of the official 19 Arabs with box cutters baloney)

    Oh mr Potter, I am a university trained physicist.

    What is your CIA rank?

  6. Davy on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 3:25 pm 

    You are a certified loon neder. Who cares about your undergraduate physics degree. Wipe your ass with that. Unless you have a PHD I don’t care to hear about it. I think you need to read potter’s referenced PDF then spout off. 911 for you is a piece of the puzzle of your anti-American fantasy agenda. You could give a shit about the physics.

  7. Cloggie on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 4:35 pm 

    Mass murder apologist, what is your explanation of why did WTC7 collapse into its own footprint with the speed of gravity?

    Dear reader, meathead here, like his owner millimind, will again not let himself being trapped into a discussion about 9/11 he knows he is destined to lose, so he begins to snipe at irrelevant details. Thomas bin Potter same story; demonizing and nothing else. Never discuss the 9/11 event itself.

    With the history of the 20th century, same story. Meathead knows he is sitting on a pack of lies, but admitting them is no option, so he pushes the “natzi” and “racist” button.

    Meathead is not very far from collapse himself.

  8. Davy on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 4:37 pm 

    Nazi, did you read the referenced PDF?

  9. makati1 on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 4:47 pm 

    Cloggie, that is the standard Davy reply to anything he cannot refute. Evasion, distraction, putdowns, name calling, etc. Never an admission that the statement is correct. 9/11 was an inside job, false flag, Too many ‘coincidences’ to have been what was claimed.

    Wars always start with lies and/or a false flag. Americans have a badly warped history education and not enough commonsense to even question the propaganda.

  10. Davy on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 5:00 pm 

    billy 3rd world did you read the referenced PDF?

  11. makati1 on Wed, 18th Apr 2018 6:16 pm 

    Davy, I don’t need a PDF to tell me what I saw on 9/11.

  12. Cloggie on Thu, 19th Apr 2018 11:02 am 

    Posting in one piece failed and if I post again I get “double posting” errors, so I have to split the single post up once again.

    Before this topic disappears under the horizon, let’s sum things up.

    It is not necessary to read thick tomes about the subject. You can immediately deduce who did it from simple straight thinking.

    Have a look at WTC7:

    If you plot the position of the roof line versus time you get the same trajectory as if you were letting lose an apple from the Tower of Pisa. The roof line accelerates with the speed of gravity, which means there is ZERO resistance against falling. And this means that all the carrying columns were knocked out in the basement at the same time. This can only be done by explosives.

  13. Cloggie on Thu, 19th Apr 2018 11:04 am 

    Latin filler text “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, eos nostrum constituto ea, te ius facilisis aliquando. Cu has ipsum accusata petentium, ius ad autem volutpat. Ius te eleifend vituperata dissentiet. Doctus mnesarchum theophrastus ad vel.”

    There is no other explanation.

    So the building was stuffed with explosives, so much is certain.

    Who owned the building. (((Larry Silverstein)))

    Here Larry admits that he ordered the collapse of WTC7:

    Since it is impossible to wire a building for demolition in a matter of a few hours within a chaotic city, it simply means the building WAS already wired for demolition. Silverstein only had to push the button for the building to implode and as such prevent to have to answer akward questions afterwards about why Silverstein’s building was wired for demolition.

    The security company that oversaw WTC was run by a (((Jules Kroll)))

    Part 2

  14. joe on Thu, 19th Apr 2018 11:06 am 

    While UK et al do their best to save isis and jihadis in Syria, the Kurds are stupidly arresting 9-11-01 suspects.

  15. Cloggie on Thu, 19th Apr 2018 11:30 am 

    Can’t post the rest, despite repetitive trials.

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