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Page added on January 30, 2015

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2015: the Year A Lot of Chickens Come Home To Roost?

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Assassinations, Hostage-Taking, Geopolitical Violence, Economic Crises, Financial Meltdowns are all part and parcel of ancient legacies that now have become everyday realities, world-wide.

Welcome To The Future! As ancient tribalism, modern terrorism and the New World Order way of life become forever wed, through one calamitous-violent ritual after another, the whole world continues to be led down the garden path by preacher-ideologues on both sides of the aisle!

Traditionally, at every wedding ceremony there always comes a time when the preacher invites all the celebrants to come down the aisle and enter into joyful dance together to honour the sacred matrimonial bond and pledge that has been made, and the holy union that is taking place between two distinct, unique partners, who represent a rare blend of ancient traditions, cultures and historical lineages.

Yet the wedding ceremony ritual that is occurring in the 21st century between Islam & the West, seems less like a joyful celebratory dance than it does some horribly familiar been there, done that macabre death dance ritual with but one predictable outcome.

But where, when, why and how did this ritual dance of light, life and joy turn into one of such darkness, death and sadness? Some say it happened eons ago the moment the first ‘Adam & Eve’ members of the human race ever met up with other strange Homo sapien offspring’s, who were markedly different from themselves. In that instant, fear and terror were felt for what it means to be alone and separate in such a vast, unknown, threatening universe; so religious beliefs and philosophical premises, as coping devices, had to everywhere be invented in the human mind to stave off the fear and terror. Deep-set suspicions, hostilities, hatreds and intolerances were at once born within the minds of all those who had invented their own markedly-different versions of the origins of the universe, how life evolved on earth and how whole cultures-societies-civilizations came to be. Ever since, religions and philosophies have been at one another’s throats, squabbling over which one, ultimately, has ‘the way, the truth and the light’.

Still others say that, in a more modern-day political context, there is a different kind of historical antecedent to the world’s current geopolitics that continues to feed so much human fear and fuel’s today’s flurry of terror in such disparate places as: last summer’s Siege of Gaza; the siege that turned violent in Sydney, Australia’s CBD, and; more recent assassination of 12 magazine journalists in Paris.

One such pivotal historical world event in question is something that, at first glance, appears totally unrelated, because it occurred nearly 70 years ago, in 1947, during the infancy of the United Nation’s birth as a world body.

The seminal debate that was then occurring within the U.N.’s General Assembly had enormous implications. The issue was whether or not to allow the far-flung tribes of Israel to formally begin to return en mass to Palestine after an absence of nearly 2,000 years.

During the debate, there were those who challenged the dubious wisdom of the Major Powers, and their allies, who were aggressively petitioning on behalf of the repatriation of Jewish people to Palestine. Those opposed could see how the proposal was about to codify anew, the same destructive forces of European tribal colonialism that so utterly dominated and decimated the world throughout the 19th century, and then was repeated, in the aftermath of WWI, when the Middle East was carved up – some would say ‘butchered’ – like a Christmas ham, and then carved up yet again, after WWII, when the borders of whole countries everywhere were further redrawn. Of course, with every crude ill-advised carving or realignment – and the subsequent destructive, dysfunctional political-cultural dynamics that were created – little or no dialogue or involvement ever occurred with the local, indigenous tribal populations who were those most affected; the consequence of which would forever change the geopolitics of the Middle East and world as a whole.

So, in 1947, following the conclusion of yet another destructive world war of sheer madness, mayhem and terror, humanity’s potential joyful wedding dance that could have been, instead became yet another familiar macabre death dance ritual between whole religions, races, cultures and nations; invoked and spurred-on by a modern geopolitical form of ancient male-dominated tribalism that, to this day, still is the single-most destructive, driving force – on all sides of the political-economic-religious-ideological spectrum. Whether the endeavour involves sports, economics, business, politics or warfare, it may have a thin veneer of modern civilization and sophisticated ‘mateship’ about it, but the driving force beneath it all is still raw, brutal, male tribalism that whatever the intended goal or objective may be, the tribe must always dominate at any cost.

To this end, back in 1947, the tribes of the West & East were simply once again aligning themselves, as they’ve done so many times over the centuries, to ensure that one of their own tribes, long-since dispossessed and disenfranchised, was handed back “the keys to the kingdom”, to the exclusion of those ‘hated other’ tribes.

Nothing has changed in the intervening 70 years, just as it hasn’t changed for 2,000 or more years. As the tribes of the West, in 2015, feel evermore threatened by all the violent blowback since 9/11, and the West’s avowed unending ‘War of Terror” continues unabated against all its tribal enemies, media courtiers in both the West & East, through their myriad organs of propaganda, constantly cajole the vassal masses to join ranks with them to do battle against all those they’ve chosen to type cast as the new ‘barbarian hordes’.

The cajoling doesn’t ever take much, though, because young vassals are the same the world over: always so full of the follies of youth; always so ignorant of the ways of the world and deceitful guiles of their tribal elders; always filled with so much unbridled testosterone and an unquenchable hunger for adventure, no matter how dangerous or foolhardy; who can so easily be turned into cannon-fodder to do any insane thing.

On one side of the aisle of this cajoling spin, are those ideological preachers, in places like the United States, who, prior to 9/11, were already waiting in the wings – champing at the bit – ready to take centre-stage with their new world order ‘Manifest Destiny’ manifesto – A Project For A New American Century – that laid the groundwork and provided the hair-raising blueprint for everything that since has happened in the world as though it were a scripted movie. On the other side of the aisle, are still other ideological preachers, equally adept and zealous, who have their own sweeping manifestos that continue to drive all the insanity and their own view of how the world should be.

As everyone continues to jostle for a favoured place on whichever side of the aisle, it’s really just another rehashed ‘Roman Legions against the Huns’, ‘Crusaders against the Infidels’ view of the world. U.S. President George Bush aptly framed this viewpoint on the eve of 9/11, when he declared to the tribes of the world, “You are now either with us or with the terrorists.”

Then as now, the same ancient seeds of tribal-human ignorance, fear, devastation and ruin were sown that, since time immemorial, has torn the world asunder and fomented the same rage and terroristic violence that today threatens to once more engulf the world.

In 1947, the U.N’s dissenting voices tried to warn its fellow member states that the radical proposal before them would open up a Pandora’s Box of unrest and a host of similar political, cultural, religious ‘right of return’ demands of millions of other displaced people who would seek hegemony over their own once ancient sacred homelands. They contended that to create yet another Western European empire-building power, that this time was to be placed within the very heart of the Moslem World, was an unwise, provocative, incendiary action that could only but foment a violent reaction, world-wide. All such dissenting arguments obviously didn’t prevail, given the still primitive state of humankind’s development,

Yet, however still unconscious that U.N. process was back in 1947, it would reveal some fundamental, unresolved, unaddressed imbalances in the affairs of every nation, whether well-established or newly budding, who had ever conquered, dispossessed and dis-enfranchised its own ancient First Nation Peoples. Some long-overdue basic wrongs had to everywhere be righted in the affairs of humankind.

But when the U.N. chose to only honour rights specific to the tribes of Israel – despite centuries of their Diaspora throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North & South America – they failed to include the same exacting rights specific to the Arabs & Palestinian tribes of the region, not to mention many other’s similar rights throughout the world. A host of ancient Christian & Jewish biblical parables and prophecies were cited as justifying principles, to the exclusion of ancient parables and prophecies of other holy books of wisdom like the Koran.

At that point, a lot of ancient chickens were once more coming home to roost. An irreversible collision course of titanic proportions was set once the Western World cast a blind eye, and gave its moral acquiescence, to Israel’s sole tribal ‘Rights of Reclamation’. Wittingly or not, a fatal die was cast and approbation given to all the terroristic carnage, whether tribal or state-initiated, that since has spread to every corner of the globe.

Now, nearly 70 years later, one could argue that the world’s guilty and innocent citizenry, like it or not, have simply been lumped together and inherited the Sins of Their Fathers and ensuing chaos that, especially since 9/11, has been sown and the whirlwind of terror that is being reaped.

Pandora’s Box now is flung wide open. The so-called ‘War on Terror’ has long-since become a full-blown ‘World War of Terror’. Tribes of former, displaced, disenfranchised peoples throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia – and wherever else their Diaspora has scattered them – continue to viciously war against still other displaced, dispossessed tribes who, in turn, viciously war against whatever Western tribal power or its peoples are perceived to be the primary source of their anguish and plight.

Yet how many tragic, dreadful copy-cat assassinations, violence and sieges – perpetrated by state governments, zealous ideologues, lone-wolves or one-off nut case’s – must yet follow on the heels of Gaza, Ottawa, Sydney, Paris, New York and elsewhere before the root causes of all the horrors are addressed?

As hordes of displaced, dispossessed peoples, from one war-torn tribal area after another, flee for their lives – seeking refuge in whatever new hostile-alien lands, looking for a safe haven and some glimmer of hope for a new life – what new host country, that is prepared to receive the ever-longer streams of refugees, will address the fundamental cause and solution to the world’s ever-growing massive Diaspora phenomena? Who will come up with a credible solution to the disastrous cultural, political, economic, societal catastrophes – not to mention extreme racial strife, and mounting violent backlash against all the immigrant-refugees – that have also now been unleashed within the new host countries and their citizenry, and can only but continue to grow as things further deteriorate? Where is the blame to be placed for the on-going disintegration of the essential principles of Western Civilization and its ‘Brave New World’ reality? Is it to be squarely placed upon the shoulders of all those politicians, bankers, financiers and industrialists who are the sources of so much of the dynamics that are producing all the terror in the world? Or is the blame to be deflected yet once again to those who are simply the victims and by-products of all the mass- produced terroristic conditions?

At the end of the day, it’s not Terrorism, or even Climate Change, that is the greatest threat to human civilization’s collective survival and well-being. For though these threats to world peace and stability grow in intensity and magnitude – and continue to fuel the rise of evermore fascist, reactionary, repressive, corporate-run governments and regimes – yet a third, even greater, danger over-shadows not only the problems of the refugees and citizenry of their new host countries, but the habitats and survival of literally every living thing upon the planet. This third threat is Population Explosion that world government’s seldom even mention in the same breath with terrorism or climate change. The world’s government’s seemingly either totally asleep at the wheel or impotent to do anything about this uncontrolled explosion while whole ways of life, once much beloved – the historical architectural, human and cultural heritage, time-honoured societal infrastructures, and traditional agricultural-industrial-business practices – continue to disintegrate; the dramatic loss of which are deeply-grieved and create untold mass anxiety, frustration, despair and free-floating rage.

One glaring example of so many of these explosions of world population, and the violent chaos that is being created, is Israel’s perpetual siege against the Palestinian people and their entire way of life in the Occupied Territories. Israel’s apparent desperate need to constantly expand and create one illegal settlement after another, on lands that rightfully belong to someone else, due to ever-burgeoning numbers of Jewish immigrants and refugees, one case writ large.

Another example is the widespread diminution of human dignity and disrespect for life itself, as reflected by evermore ghastly revelations of: barbaric forms of torture and grisly state executions; gross violations of human and civil rights, and; collapse of once widely honoured codes and standards of human decency; now commonly committed by governments once thought to be highly-civilized, cultured and beyond reproach.

Yet a third by-product of population explosion is the enormity of the unrelenting pressures of a corporate-run new world order way of life that now everywhere dominates; this meaner, crueller form of world rule one that allows an exploitative corporate elite class, and all who would support it, to flaunt with impunity whatever once long-established local-regional-national standards and regulations of commerce, or codes of human conduct. Their disruptive policies, and the cold, uncaring, indifferent new world order way of life they promote at every turn, continue to create a widespread disintegration of time-honoured cultures, heritage, mores and value systems. As each day and year goes by, this monstrous political, economic, cultural deterioration knows no limits or boundaries.

So is there any wonder that so much rage and frustration more and more manifests in places like Sydney, Ottawa, Paris, New York and other once-hallowed corporate-cultural CBD’s of the Western World?

In today’s evermore chaotic, disintegrating old world order, everything is connected and everything is related. One tug of the Great Spider Web of Life violently vibrates us all!

Get used to it! Whether the issue is between the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, or the haves and have not’s, what drives every clan system, ‘Old Boy’s Network’, ‘Birds of A Feather’ Mob, is still the same ancient primal instincts and tribal impulses.

The Tribes simply stick together! No operative, evolving higher consciousness is at work! No ethics or morality is involved! No right or wrong argument is to be won or lost! Whichever tribes are the most powerful – dominate. The only question ever asked by the preacher-ideologues on either side of the aisle is: “Are you one of our tribe, ready to pledge your allegiance to the death, or are you one of those hated other tribes?”

Bu if to really be alive means less about pledging one’s allegiances to this or that tribe – and more about simply being a tiny part of a universal life-affirming wedding ceremony than some death dance ritual – one must take to heart that age-old matrimonial pledge, “For Better Or Worse, In Sickness Or in Health”, because we really are all in this together!

Otherwise, what else is there? Death Constantly Stalks! Time is Fleeting! Life Is Short!




19 Comments on "2015: the Year A Lot of Chickens Come Home To Roost?"

  1. Davy on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 7:24 am 

    You can play the blame game. You can be a righteous agenda seeking asshole of all colors. You may see through this fog and choose to look at this non-linear interconnected self-organizing complex system for what it is when it is and where it is. We are at the end of a long cycle in a very brittle period of limits and diminishing returns to efforts at problem solving. Consequently the problems are multiplying into catch 22 situations with no solutions i.e. predicaments on a scales from the micro to macro and locally to globally.

    It will take a break and I fear a long one to break out of this brittle disequilibrium and reboot at a more sustainable, resilient, and balanced level. This is at the level of our human endeavors of society, economy, and local. Then we will have to pay for our sins as a species with a large brain that is an evolutionary dead end. We must pay for all the pollutions created, environment destroyed, and climate destabilized.

    How do we begin? The question has two facets. At the local you prep. You seek lifestyles and attitudes that have a future per your local and per a deindustrialized future. Do what you can and anything is good and doing nothing is the worst. At least something done even if it is wrong is a learning experience. Most profoundly do honest dooming and determine if your local even has a future. If your local has no future then get the hell out of forget about doing much because it is futile. A Las Vegas suburban sprawl is probably a useless place for a doomstead.

    At the top where the TPTB lurch in their comfortable offices with clean cut suits and manicured hands they need to be worried. If they have a private army or connections to one maybe they have a future. If they are on the far back tits of the sow they are screwed. Back tits are going to go dry from collapse triage. These barely connected have a long way to fall and have the angry sheeples to deal with when they fall out of the plutocrat bus.

    What can TPTB do? Not much until population is dealt with. That is about the only degrowth management tool that they can successfully apply. They could apply it by limiting oil into the economy there by reducing economic activity and forcing lifestyle and attitude changes. Populations will fall from lower economic activity. This will likely never happen but it is an option that would work but could also lead to global suicide. TPTB could then introduce mitigation and adaptation efforts for lots of pain and suffering in the pipeline.

    This tragedy in the making has been a can kicked down the road for years. We knew what was ahead at the Club of Rome meeting in 72 but chose to ignore it. We had a cold war to fight which was almost then end anyway. Maybe what we enjoyed since then was just a consolation prize for almost dying in the 70’s.

    The debt will have to be paid for overconsumption and overpopulation. Nature has a check value for the building steam. It is ready to blow. There is no way to model an explosion. Explosive events are the epitome of randomness and turbulence. We just don’t know how “this sucker is going to blow” to paraphrase GW. There is little hope for BAU nor globalism. The brick walls are ahead with no avoiding them. The momentum of the train is uncontrollable and unstoppable.

    A train wreck is ahead so jump off or ride it into glory. I say jump off by changing your lifestyle and attitudes away for unreality to reality. You have to paradoxically live two lives in most cases because you have to have BAU to transition out of BAU. This is a very hard mental activity that will create tensions. There is little choice because there are no free lunches. If nothing else do it for heroic reasons for friends and family. If you fail you failed in heroism for those you love and care for.

  2. paulo1 on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 7:57 am 

    You said it as well as anyone could, Davy. There might be other nuances to the tale, but overshoot is overshoot and consequences never sleep.

  3. noobtube on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 11:27 am 

    One thing Americans do best is to…

    spread confusion, chaos, and disorder.

  4. Plantagenet on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 11:33 am 

    Nowhere in the entire counterpunch piece is there mention of peak oil or resource limits. It’s a purely political rant.

    Ps. —– Davy——-an unusually excellent bit of writing. Are you putting a book together? You’re very good at presenting your views

  5. Davy on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 12:20 pm 

    Planter, thanks man but ain’t a writer just an early mornin doomer when I get enough coffee in me. I figure dooming is a good mental excercis to keep dementia at bay.

    To be honest I hope I am mentally ill and all this dooming is just part of a delusional day dream. I would like for my grandkids to joke about me at my funeral talking about the crazy old man on the farm doomin and preppin with a wild look in his eyes. What a great way to be remembered.

  6. dave thompson on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 1:36 pm 

    The label we attach to people to explain things away only point to ones own ignorance of the topic of discussion.

  7. GregT on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 1:55 pm 

    “I could go on but no one here gives piss steam.”

    Thanks for the links Bob. You aren’t the only one that is paying attention.

  8. R1verat on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 4:36 pm 

    I will join Davy in hopes that our shared views are full of beans. I no longer discuss prepping, possible scenarios, etc…My main concern now is how should I deal with those “that fiddled while Rome was burning” when they coming knocking on my door, looking for food, etc… Not talking about strangers, but one’s friends. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever read is to NOT discuss one’s prepping for guess who everyone will turn to when the SHTF.

  9. Makati1 on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 6:39 pm 

    I have been watching the Time Team series on YouTube about archeology in the UK. Humans have been building fortifications and waring with neighboring tribes for at least 5,000 years. Not going to change now. We just use nukes instead of arrows and rocks.

    2015 is going to be an “interesting” year in the Chinese way. There is so much happening that I have had to cut my reading to half of the previous sites/articles to get it read in my time allotted.

    That is why I skip some articles here and do not comment. How many times can you read the same propaganda from the US about their ‘superiority’. Ditto for some long winded comments. Ditto for the unicorn fairy tales from the techie dreamers. Time is short. Reality is a bitch. Are you prepared?

  10. Davy on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 8:31 pm 

    RivRat, you got a point and one I worry about. How much family and friends are going to show up knocking hungry and cold. I am the type that believes in hospitality but I also believe in being organized and prepared. If I am only prepared for 10 people then 20 is going to disrupt the organization.

    My thoughts are no free food. They will have to work for it or pay for it if I take them in. The initial meal maybe not but after that if I am stuck with them we will all have to start making arrangements for food. I have a farm so that may be foraging for food, working the garden, fishing, hunting, but also skilled activities.

    I especially feel it important to keep you prepping details to a minimum with strangers. That is just common sense. Have a plan in place for those looking for food or help. You are going to find you can’t help everyone. You are going to have to focus on the family and the tribe (extended family). Of course this is if things get really bad hopefully we won’t see that. I recommend being discrete with food and supplies. I may sound simplistic but you will be surprised how quickly people talk and the word gets out.

  11. Davy on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 8:36 pm 

    Mak said – “There is so much happening that I have had to cut my reading to half of the previous sites/articles to get it read in my time allotted……That is why I skip some articles here and do not comment”. That’s great news Mak and I hope you find many interest elsewhere we are likewise tired of your agendas and boring propaganda. It seems like one of those win win situations.

  12. Makati1 on Fri, 30th Jan 2015 10:25 pm 

    Davy, your BS stinks like everyone else’. And there are some here who have the same world views as I do. They too live outside the USSA MSM Iron Curtain and see the real world or, at least, have more open minds.

    You like to put down anyone who doesn’t agree with your long winded, flag waving, comments. At least you now take time to write proper paragraphs.

    Since this site allows open minded rebuttals and does NOT censor for political correctness or dogma, I like to visit and comment on my take of current events. You don’t have to read them as they all begin with “Makati1” and that tells you that you are venturing into ‘foreign’ territory. Enter at your own risk! LMAO

  13. theedrich on Sat, 31st Jan 2015 2:49 am 

    This is another article that completely misses the evolutionary origins of man.  The writer implies that, once upon a time “Adam and Eve” were in paradise, in harmony with everything until that nasty serpent (actually a metaphor for curiosity) came along.  The reality is that we are descended (or have ascended) from chimpanzee-hominid proto-primates.  Such primates are today well documented in their rapacity in internecine warfare and exploitation of everything.  It is only the lesser IQ of the chimps and other emerging hominids prevented them from obliterating their respective environments before we arose from among them.

    Due to our evolutionarily recent, bimillennial history of religio-politics, our academics and other loud voices today blame everything on “evil” people, such as the rich, the conservatives, the gun-toters, etc.  Blame is also directed at those who dislike the worshippers of Allah and their cute ways.  But beneath all the clamor lie the phylogenetic habits implanted by our multi-million-year evolution.  The Mohammedans in particular are motivated by these ancestral memories.  They are not diverted by fake substitutes such as football.  Caucasians in the West are meanwhile gripped by genosuicidism, another drive from deep in the unconscious.  Thus we are not going to be “saved” by some return to a quasi-animalian paradise.  Today’s civilization is the last one.  If we do not snap out of our thanatos drive and do what is necessary, this planet will be finished forever.  Evolution keeps ratcheting one way only:  forward.  There is no stopping it and no retreat to some Garden of Eden — Communist, Mohammedan or otherwise.

  14. GregT on Sat, 31st Jan 2015 3:09 am 

    “until that nasty serpent (actually a metaphor for curiosity)”

    Actually, a metaphor for Satan, the fallen angel, but if curiosity works for you……….

    “The reality is that we are descended (or have ascended) from chimpanzee-hominid proto-primates.”

    The reality is, there is a missing link between the primates of the “THEORY” of evolution, and modern man. Lucy arrived on the scene without common DNA with the primates.

    Evolution may keep ratcheting one way forward, but any species that destroys their own natural environment, isn’t exactly evolutionary.

  15. Davy on Sat, 31st Jan 2015 7:19 am 

    Thee, I have no qualms with your comment on evolution as well as Greg. I like to look at man as an evolutionary dead end if allowed to pursue his evolutionary suicide of which knowledge, technology, and natural exploitation lead. When these attributes accumulate and build up they increase in energy intensity and complexity. IOW civilization and the concentration of knowledge, technology, and energy intensity in a complex ecosystem separate and exploitive of our greater natural ecosystem is the human dead end.

    We have numerous examples of Native Americans both in North and South America of cultures that were close to sustainable and resilient. There were even some highly advanced cultures like the Myans in the study of time, mathematics, and the stars. IMA in my view higher than what we have today in the sense of the connection to the essence of life which is the essence of time itself and our mother deep in the bowls of the Galaxy we inhabit. Even the lessor smaller tribes were advanced in tribal arrangements in harmony with themselves and surroundings.

    I have an extensive library of Native American history, culture, and socio/political arrangements. These people lived well when times were good. They had more free time and were healthier physically. Many of them did not live long lives for medical reasons and various accidental deaths true. Many did live long enough to fill places of spiritual and tribal authority human libraries of experience and traditions. This medical and accidental death kept populations in check more or less depending on the bounty of the environment which also varied. There was warfare but this also kept the numbers in check. Within the tribe there was a stability of order that was dictated through oral myths the tribal elders carried on orally. People had a place within this tribal structure. There was strict behavioral norms. There was little movement out of these positions except by achievement and tradition.

    These tribes were highly adaptive according to their ecosystem which was their higher power. This and other global examples were a highly advanced man pre industrial and fossil fuels that was nearest to harmony I can find. If Europeans would not have exploited North and South America who knows what may have developed. It is possible the same Pandora’s Box of knowledge, technology, and energy intensity may have ruined this. That debate is another story. I might interject we are in a time of a relatively stable climate. Imagine man in an environment where only small scale agriculture works. The civilizations and the destructive forces of Asia and Europe that have always progressed to a point of destroying the environment in nearly all cases may not be a normal. Stable climate is not a normal. My point here is Man in a position of long term growth with high population in complex arrangements driven by technology, knowledge, and energy intensity is a human structure dead end.

    Man in the Native American structure of small agriculture and hunter gathering semi-nomadic does work and I would argue more evolutionary advanced then what we have become today. Can we call ourselves advanced if we are committing suicide in multiple ways short term, long term, macro, micro and environmentally? Is not the cultures from the Native Americans, Polynesians, Australian Aborigines, Eskimos, and the similar tribes of Africa the real man and the advanced man?

    We are likely on the road back to our true Humanness in small bands of peoples like described above. This will be in a destroyed environment in the natural cycle of healing with man a part of this healing process not the reason for its destruction. This long winded comment point is the destruction of BAU complexity and energy intensity is evolution at work. Man many generations hence may again find harmony and higher levels of human spirit again. We had it and it will return if nature does not end us in extinction. Extinction is likely at some point as all complex species will attest to. Sadly modern man is the bottleneck people so get ready for death, destruction, and suffering now globally. The flip side of the horror is love, compassion, empathy in heroic struggle of epic proportions.

  16. FriedrichKling on Sat, 31st Jan 2015 9:26 pm 

    Davey -YES

    Mak- GET LOST

  17. theedrich on Sun, 1st Feb 2015 6:07 am 


    In the best view of current anthropology, our species broke out of Africa — probably across the Bab-el-Mandeb strait, around 50,000 years ago.  There were a number of other forms of man, especially the Neanderthals, that our ancestors had to contend with, but we exterminated or outcompeted them all.  (We do, however have between 1% and 4% Neanderthal genes in us non-Africans, so the encounters were not always deadly.)  For 35,000 years we spread over Asia and the Americas, but our numbers were kept low especially because of our genetic proclivity to warfare.  Then — again, according to the anthropologists — some kind of a genetic change occurred somewhere in the Levant around 15,000 years ago which allowed tribes to accept those from neighboring tribes as “honorary members,” so that they did not immediately kill all strangers.  That made trade, then villages, towns and eventually cities (civilization) possible.  Neanderthals died out or were exterminated about 25,000 years ago.  (Theories abound as to the true causes of their extinction.)  Genocidal warfare, however, did not die out quickly.  Yes, the current fad is to say that Amerinds were all flower children, but read the American Declaration of Independence for one view of them two centuries ago.  Another, more recent one can be found in a scholarly book on just how “noble” they were.  Romantic concepts of eco-friendly Indians do not reflect reality, regardless of Margaret-Mead-type sociological blather.

    But all this is beside the point.  We are not returning to Olduvai Gorge.  The most probable pattern we are going to follow is the one known from Easter Island.

    As for GregT and his fundamentalist views, what can one say but “Salieri”?

  18. Davy on Sun, 1st Feb 2015 7:20 am 

    Thee we will have to agree to disagree on Native Americans. I have almost 100 books on Native Americans and early North American history especially pre-whites. Many of my books are a collection on Osage Indians who lived in Central Missouri and surrounding states. It is as much an art investment as a learning tool for their society structures, their natural sustainability and their ecological resilience. While Native Americans are in no way perfect in their relationship to the environment nothing compares to the Europeans or Asian civilizations that always progressed to ecological degradation and population overshoot per their locals.

    The worst of Native Americans occurred with the advent of European technologies. Their societies were destroyed by diseases and dispossession into other tribe’s territory there by destroying a harmony that had lasted for centuries. Tribal warfare and natural exploitation for European trade reasons were the result. Slavery and warfare cultures resulted from the extremes these peoples were forced into. I hated the whites in some ways for this at a point in my life but later I got over it because this is just natures evolution and extinction process in action.

    The human rebirth process I spoke about is only a thought. If man returns to his natural dispositions pre-agricultural civilization in small bands of tribes in a destroyed world it is possible humans will heal along with the environment. It will take millions of years before enough high quality FF will reappear to allow advanced civilization. By then humans most likely will be extinct and or another species will have evolved to take our place. It is possible we will go extinct before then of course but humans are highly adaptive and if a AGW destroyed world has a band of habitat for humans I am sure we will be there. At that point it will be natural for humans to return to what they do best and that is what we did for thousands of generations as nomadic hunter gathers.

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