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Page added on December 12, 2021

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World Economy Entering Period Of Oil Scarcity, Halliburton CEO Says


Halliburton CEO and president Jeff Miller made waves this week by predicting that the world is due for a period of oil scarcity in comments at the World Petroleum Congress in Houston, Texas.

“I think that for the first time in a long time, we will see a buyer looking for a barrel of oil, as opposed to a barrel of oil looking for a buyer,” Miller said.

Since 2014, the oil industry has generally deemphasized building new infrastructure in the face of low prices. However, that trend may now catch up with the industry, which now finds demand for oil exceeding the available supply given current infrastructure.

Some analysts have speculated that it is increasingly likely that oil prices will soon climb to $100 per barrel, a price unseen in the past seven years and which has serious potential to disrupt the economy.

An additional factor contributing to predicted oil scarcity is a labor shortage in the fossil fuel industry surpassing that in the general economy.

The widespread perception that fossil fuels will be marginalized in the future of energy and transportation makes long-term careers in petroleum unattractive to young workers, with many oil workers seeking to switch to renewables or leave the energy industry outright.

A recent survey revealed that 43 percent of oil industry employees sought to transition to other sectors in the next five yearsas reported by Reuters.

As baby boomer employees retire, the industry struggles to replace them with young workers, who see the oil industry as unfavorable to long-term careers because of concerns about climate change models, and pressure by politicians, environmentalists, and investors to transition to renewable energy sources.

This combination of infrastructural underinvestment and labor shortages is likely to result in an oil supply stretched thin to meet demand, resulting in higher prices and possible shortages.

With oil extraction occurring at a significant time lag from industry investment and the skill shortage in the labor industry showing no signs of abating, there are major reasons to believe that any scarcity in oil supplies could last long into the future.

The Epoch Times

61 Comments on "World Economy Entering Period Of Oil Scarcity, Halliburton CEO Says"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 12th Dec 2021 4:56 pm 

    BREAKING: Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie is calling for emergency aid for his district following the tornadoes in Kentucky despite the fact that he’s voted against emergency aid for everyone else his entire time in Congress.

    Repug values, for sure


  2. JustGoFuckYourself on Sun, 12th Dec 2021 5:14 pm 

    Just finish explaining to GOD why we have to kill everyone on earth. To bad you could not be with me in my bedroom while the discussion was taking place

  3. Theedrich on Sun, 12th Dec 2021 5:18 pm 

    The average person knows nothing about the origin of petroleum.  Its foundations were created over eons in warm, shallow seas several galactic years ago by ancient aquatic organisms (algae, plants, bacteria), then pressed down into the earth and over geologic time cooked into carbonic liquid.

    Because of depletion and technological limitations, plus politics and behavioral missteps, we are not going to find another wellspring of such energy during the lifetime of this planet.

    Forget about oil becoming cheap ever again.

  4. adamb on Sun, 12th Dec 2021 5:19 pm 

    Anyone remember when the head of Shell was saying the same kind of stuff about a decade back? Company CEO’s don’t appear to know any more about how much oil there is than Happy McPeaksters.

  5. Theedrich on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 1:06 am 

    Leftist energy politics is driven by fantasy. The Green Religion of the power-mad Left demands unconditional rejection of fossil fuel.  Reality is not allowed to intrude.  The Fairylandists now in power, using $billions of bribe money from Klaus Schwab and Georg Sörös, intend to impose their hallucinations on the West.  Pandemic lockdowns, shutdowns of oil and gas industries, and similar totalitarian dictates are the only measures which can satisfy their sadism.

    As opposed to the Leftist conviction that the voices inside Marxist heads are the oracles of “truth,” Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s windmill-and-solarpanel ideology is utterly unable to provide the power to drive or heat anything on the required scale.  In contrast, consider the length of time it has taken to produce the oil and gas we are now squandering:

    Phanerozoic (Visible Life) – from .57 billion years ago
        1.  Cenozoic (Recent Life, Age of Mammals), from 66.4 million years
        2.  Mesozoic (Middle Life, Age of Reptiles), from 245 million years
        3.  Paleozoic (Ancient Life, BEGINNINGS OF OIL INGREDIENTS), from 570 million years
    Proterozoic (Early Life) – Oldest Known Life – from 2.5 billion years
    Archean – Oldest Known Rocks – from 3.9 billion years
    Hadean – Beginning of the Earth – from 4.6 billion years

    It was over half a billion years ago that Mother Earth started making the fossil fuels we are now using.  Modern technology (misnamed “science”) is and will be unable to provide anything even close to the puissant energy source that she has provided.

    But the masses have always preferred myths and fables.  And the politically powerful know how to use force to kill anyone who refuses to accept their lies.

  6. YouHaveToPayFOrYouPastActions on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 2:09 am 

    I am starting to think that the Archons are the Asian, Indians, Black and Arab and latino. Earth was originally created for Whites people. We have been invaded by the Archons : asians, Indians, Black, Arabs and Latino. The invasion was so massive that Whites people we pushed in the colder and norodic areas where we almost went extinct. Asian in Singapore are Archons.

    Now you know why I have no problems killing everyone’s on earth. THis is called resotrae of the genetic memory that is coming with a new lightbodhy

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 3:53 am 

    “shutdowns of oil and gas industries”

    Theedrich, on what planet?

    My building’s boiler is natgas fired – I have all the hot water & radiant heat one could ever need.

    All area gas stations are oped BAU

    Your whining comments are based on American right-wing victim cosplay.Just like team left conjured up Russiagate. Americans live in fantasies and become more disconnected from reality by the day.

    You’ve been a spoiled little cunt your whole life, but complaining & playing victim is all you know.

    Pro tip for you & your fellow incel buddies- women find weakness unattractive. Women find constant complaining unattractive.
    Stop making noise.

    Fossil Fuels Received $5.9 Trillion In Subsidies in 2020, Report Finds

    Even if you don’t count the externalities it’s still a shit load of free money, so no need for you to play FF industry hard done by spokes person you lying sack of shit.
    Fucking crying pansy fagot.

  8. IAmHereForJustice on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 4:31 am 

    Whites are the real humans, the none Whites are the Archons. I came here to bring justice of behalf of Whites people, the whole universe and the GOD’s that have crated earth only to watch their creation get destroyed by Archons.. You been sentenced to death deadly facial skin cancer. The earth will be destroyed via global cooling. New life forms will be put on earth after the cooling period kill everyone on earth.

    It is possible that I am indeed the Sovereign GOD of earth but my memory has been erased by the Archons and controller of earth reality. I am here to bring justice.

  9. IAmHereForJustice on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 4:59 am 

    This earth has been created for Whites people and nobodies else. If you are not Whites you are not welcomed. GOD of the universe wants justice for the Whites race. I am here to do that.

  10. EverythingMakeSenseNow on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 5:08 am 

    Everything makes sense now: the pushing of diversity, pushing of mixed race marriage, mainstream media pushing hatred of Whites people. Everything make sense once you understand that the none Whites (Asians, Blacks, Arabs, Latinos, Indians) people are the invaders. Earth was created for whites.

  11. CanWaitToLeaveEarth on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 8:52 am 

    I am not going to be on earth forever that for sure. I am already made a list of demand for me new body: no body hair, no digestive system, run purely on energy no food needed, and so on.

  12. dissident on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 12:13 pm 

    Lack of excess supply combined with Pancho Villa style money printing in the US. What a recipe for economic disaster. While assorted degenerates are spooging over fractional cent movement in US gasoline prices to praise their dear leader Biden, the scene is set for $300 per barrel oil.

    The 2008 financial crisis is going to look like a boom.

  13. MyBob on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 3:44 pm 

    Only a few selected Whites human man of quality will be granted a spiritual ascension. Brown people, women and Jews will not be granted n ascension.

  14. CestLaFin on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 5:23 pm 

    C’est fini. Il n’y aura pas d’ascension de la planète terre. Ce projet est mort pour toujours . Le projet d’Elohim est un échec

  15. MaDiscussionAvecDieu on Mon, 13th Dec 2021 7:14 pm 

    Je suis entrain de discuter avec DIEU sur le futur de la terre et quoi faire avec les DIEUX qu’on retrouve sur ce site web.

  16. Cloggie on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 6:52 am 

    The green hydrogen avalanche has started!

    The first multi GW electrolyser order is for ThyssenKrupp and will be built in KSA:

    “Thyssen-Krupp to Build 2 GW Electrolyser in Saudi-Arabia”

  17. FuckYou on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 7:22 am 

    I figure out what the are trying to do. Becaue NNA soul erasing you never able to acumele nknow and move forward. So I think they try to resore my old memeory and knowlehye . I still don’t give a shit and I want all none white dead.

  18. FuckYoui on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 7:27 am 

    This is why I am getting a new body. I dont feel like making a effort to exmpalin better, I just don’t care. Kill all the Jews, maybe I will care

  19. FuckYouAll on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 7:40 am 

    earth has no future and will be destroy and actually women will be trown in the garbate can. A new women will be desined. The archons ( one whites: asian, black, Jews, arabs,,) will be eseceut her3e to porect other god vreation.

  20. EncoreDesDoutes on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 8:10 am 

    Encore des doutes que je suis le DIEU souverain la planète terre. Encore des doutes quand a mes intentions de nettoyer la terre pour y mettre une meilleurs creation .

  21. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 10:14 am 

    “Trump’s behavior was unprecedented, unpatriotic, sinister, subversive, and obscenely corrupt. That is what we should be talking about.”

    Well, the Fat Boy is good at a few things—

  22. EncoreDesDoutes on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 12:09 pm 

    Fait une ascension rapide des blancs que tu aimes pis detruit tous. Tu dois etre capable de tuer les archons directement dans nuages energetique,

  23. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 5:59 pm 

    Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Attempt To Shield Tax Returns

    The Fat Boy loses almost every case, but his talent is ripping people off, and he continues.

  24. NiceInfo on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 6:29 pm 

    There is direct ascension path leading directly to GOD without passing by the universal time matrix. Notice the world sovereign below, as I said many times that I am the sovereign GOD of earth.


    Since the onset of the Paliadorian Activation cycle, significant changes have been occurring within the core manifestation template and the base 12 architecture in this Universal system. This could best be described as an expansion, as the God Source Creator has opened up several ascending pathways from our time matrix that lead directly into the highest sovereign realities existing within the God Worlds. Through the addition of the three-dimensional layers built into our Universal Time Matrix, our system has integrated three unlocked corridors which include another harmonic universe layer that expands into 16D, 17D and 18D, which are non-dimensionalized Cosmic Founder God Source consciousness fields.

  25. FuckYou on Tue, 14th Dec 2021 9:53 pm 

    I think we shit in the energy fields. There is the organic people: human and animal aliens and the rest is generated by the AI matrix and NAA: gouverment, police force, army, and so on. So we are moving closed to a more energetic reality instead of a full holographic matter reality.

    We moved in the energy cloud in a new location.

  26. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 4:28 am 

    Away from the gas-guzzling car; how to build your city around the bike:

    (UK view)

    (Canadian view)

    (US view)

  27. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 5:41 am 

    “Moving to the Netherlands… Should I?”

    Perspective from a New Yorker about the Dutch bicycle culture and its implications for North-America.

  28. WeExxecuteThemHere on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 7:01 am 

    We continue their extermination with facial skin cancer strategy. Because of low birth rate of human, because we have a soul, less energy is coming into earth leading to less vegetation, dying tress, less sun energy meaning more colder weather.

    Let’s say one day you have 10 death and 2 births. You have 8 souls that could not reincarnate into a human body. They can only extract energy when a soul is attached to a human body. There is less energy available for NAA because of low birth rate to keep earth going: trees, fishes, wildlife. We killed them here before they decide to move somewhere else and do the same thing they did to earth.

  29. Fuckearth on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 7:56 am 

    The amount of energy stored in the Kundalini is the capacity of the genetic code to hold energy. The Soul energies that cannot integrate into the DNA will be stored in the Kundalini center at the base of the spine.


    Since the genital organ are located at about the same height then the base of spine, what I thought was sex could have been energy transferred. The text above seem accurate.

  30. YouAllGetExectued on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 11:31 am 

    You all get executed including humans. I came back from the grocery, this is where I decided that.

    The few Whites spiritual man will given a fast ascension bypassing the universal time matrix directly to the Cosmic GOD. Only White man, no women, no brown, no alien, no women.

    The execution of everyone including human will be done via facial skin cancer. Once all the selected people are ascended to the cosmic god, earth will be destroy with global cooling.

    We also need to fire and destroy some GOD. To many GOD have been created many organics forms and just abandoned them there. This is why we have so many probekems.

  31. IWasHavingFun on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 11:39 am 

    I was walking through the saying with a low voice, I am your GOD, you get executed by me. GOOD TIMES.

  32. Dredd on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 1:27 pm 

    Duh troof (Weekend Rebel Science Excursion – 60).

  33. ILoveThisOne on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 3:13 pm 

    Absolument parfait, la morte a peau grise qui le résume les données financières. It feels like we die and are now living with the deads in the underworld. 10:10

  34. EarthIsAFailre on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 5:26 pm 

    I just told the GOD to abandoned earth. 95% of the population will never be candidate for a spiritual ascension, they are too stupid and emotional. I told them to shut down the universal time matrix and only keep a direct ascension corridor to GOD for the few selected white man. The earth project is a failure.

  35. EarthIsAFailre on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 5:49 pm 

    Women are a deign failure. She too narcist. A new women is needed, the actual women design will be discarded, like an old smelly shoe. A news women is needed or you reproduce without one. Earth is a total failure. Nobody will miss earth. I wont.

  36. EarthIsAFailre on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 6:04 pm 

    Tu es deux ans trop tard mon câlisse te tabernacle de lego. C’est fini, ma decision est finale. Voir mes comentaire ci-dessus.

  37. EarthIsAFailre on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 6:15 pm 

    Nothing really matters – nothing really matters to me
    Anyway the wind blows.

  38. EarthIsAFailre on Wed, 15th Dec 2021 6:30 pm 

    This really my earth. I am really the sovereign GOD of earth. I could explain why but I am to lazy.

  39. EarthIsAFailre on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 6:30 am 

    We shut down the universal time matrix just in case they are using to travel between world.

    Fast ascension of Whites human man only. Direct ascension to the cosmic god, above christo-sophia who should should be fired and disintegrated..

  40. DieuEstUnGrosVaginPuant on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 7:17 am 

    Dieu c’est un gros vagin puant, meme chose que guidoune Guibautl est un gros vagin sale puant. Dieu est un gros vagin puant emotional. C’est sans espoir. If faut aussi detruit tous les dieux et garder seulement le DIEU supreme.

  41. ILoveThese on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 8:10 am 

    You guys are really improving your self. Total destruction of reality. I don’t know what the AI will do with this and how it will adjust is matter holographic matrix. According to science, the sun is too hot for any probe to come close by. Love this. Installing a new reality is like telling the AI and NAA to eat dog shit.

    I adore this one also. You put a CGI person instead of real person. This is like to saying fuck you t0 the AI, it is like saying we are putting our own reality instead of yours. 20:07

  42. FuckingAnoying on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 10:26 am 

    On time the GOD made me vibrate. So I know this frequency and vibration stuff is real. I am fed up with GOD. This whole GOD creation look like a really complex engineering project, but instead of using concrete and wood you are using energy. I was expecting something more mystical then this. How is someone suppose to do an ascension when you need so much knowledge about energy, engineering and math are required.

    This is shit is annoying that I am just an energetic engineering project. This is the equivalent of a big electronics project.

    The earth body and the human body, as well as the entire DNA record is made in crystalline properties. The Silicate Matrix DNA template is the original human crystalline blueprint that is activated in the human body when contact or connection is made with love coded hydroplasmic light, which is essentially liquid crystals. The Human Energy Field consists of an array of oscillating energy centers that are nested within a multi-dimensional Blueprint of interacting crystal structures that organize into an assortment of crystalline functions. All of the interactive layers of the physical matrices, such as the organ and glandular systems, down to our skeletal structure are known to have piezoelectric properties and crystalline functioning. Our bone structure is the primary solid crystal in our physical body that acts as the main frequency transducer throughout our bodily matrices. Thus, the key to restoring energetic balance and health is to understand that we must sustain an abundant amount of life force to circulate through our physical structures, through the awareness we are a crystalline being that conducts energy through crystalline functioning. Everything that we are exposed to has an energetic signature and frequency that impacts our energetic balance. This means all humans have the same properties as Crystals, the ability to amplify, absorb, store and transmit a range of vibrational energies that have an overall effect that is either healthy or unhealthy for the entire body. [2]

  43. GoFuckYourself on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 10:43 am 

    This is why they don’t care if we humans are suffering here on earth, for the controllers of this reality, you are just an engineering project.

  44. GoFuckYourself on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 10:58 am 

    This whole fucking website

    read like a preliminary engineering design document. Maybe we should all give up on life accept that nothingness is the optimal form of life. You can only create pain and misery. Maybe we should all accept to die and vanish to accomplish the goal of a perfect life form: nothing.

    You really are a fucking loser.

  45. ItIsOver on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 12:05 pm 

    Earth will never ascend spiritually. Earth project is done and it is time to destroy it. It is the human thing to do. No point anymore
    to run the universal time matrix. Better to shut down this part of the system, this way our enemies can not use against us. There is not many people on earth that will qualify for an spiritual ascension. Probably ten or 20 mainly White human male.

    Dont take any chances. Ascend these quality people using a specials corridor direct to the cosmic GOD and bypass everything. Once this is done destroy they earth with global cooling and punish people of earth with deathly facial skin cancer. This engineering project called earth is over. it cannot be rescued.

  46. WeMoveForward on Thu, 16th Dec 2021 5:49 pm 

    Since I am participating in the extermination of a whole race, the reptilians race, I asked for a confirmation from GOD, to make sure I was speaking to the right GOD and I understood properly what he wanted.

    I got a confirmation that we are killing all the reptilians and the controllers of this reality.

    So we moved forward with their extinction. They are not capable of love.

  47. WeMoveForward on Fri, 17th Dec 2021 12:20 pm 

    I had sex/energy recalibration with GOD this morning. At onetime I felt like I had no flesh body, I felt like I was just an energy cloud.

  48. WeMoveForward on Fri, 17th Dec 2021 1:45 pm 

    Le corps humain est fait pour t’humilier, penser à l’acte de chier. Le corps de chair n’as pas été crée pour être au service de l’humain.
    L’humain est l’esclave du corps de chair.

  49. WeMoveForward on Fri, 17th Dec 2021 2:08 pm 

    There is nothing beautiful about the human body. Go work one day as construction worker. You will see how weak the body is. Something beautiful does not required that much maintenance: shower, hair body shaving, disgusting genital that are smelly, smelly arm pit, smelly butt crack .nail cutting, hair cutting. Humain body is made to humiliate you.

    Earth and the human body are not worth saving. Earth is a failed project, designed to torture you. This is why I am destroying it

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