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Page added on March 17, 2020

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Why Oil Prices Could Fall to $20 and Saudi Arabia Will Emerge on Top

Why Oil Prices Could Fall to $20 and Saudi Arabia Will Emerge on Top thumbnail

Oil markets have been rocked by two simultaneous events. The novel coronavirus has knocked out millions of barrels worth of demand for oil, and a supply war between Saudi Arabia and Russia has added millions of barrels of supply.

For the past week, most analysts have treated these developments as disconnected events. The supply war seemingly had more to do with a clash of personalities within OPEC and an allied group known as OPEC+ that includes Russia. The hope was that “cooler heads will prevail” and everyone will agree to a supply cut, so prices go back up.

But Saudi Arabia’s move to boost supply, to an expected 12.3 million barrels a day in April from 9.7 million last month, now looks like a more-calculated move to take advantage of the demand drop and grab a more substantial chunk of market share. Others also see a longer drawn-out supply war.

“There has apparently been no progress in attempts to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Russia, with sources saying that an OPEC+ technical meeting planned for Wednesday had been called off,” said Jack Allardyce, oil and gas research analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald Europe. “Neither side appears likely to blink in the short term, with Saudi Aramco stating in an earnings call that it was likely to sustain higher output through May and was ‘very comfortable’ with $30 oil.”

That dynamic is likely to push the price of Brent crude down to $20 in the second quarter, according to Jeffrey Currie, the head of commodities research at Goldman Sachs. He had previously had a price target of $30. Oil use is already down about 8 million barrels per day, and supply is likely to increase by 3 million barrels at peak, Currie estimates. Brent crude, the international benchmark, could even become cheaper than West Texas Intermediate, the U.S. benchmark, as Brent supplies flood the market and WTI supplies decline.

Near midday Eastern time, Brent futures were down 0.2% to $29.99. West Texas Intermediate crude was up 0.5% to $28.76.

In 2014, when Saudi Arabia last increased production to slow the growth of U.S. shale production, it led to a drawn-out battle that failed to really make a dent in market share. U.S. producers with relatively weak operations were able to stick around and keep drilling once prices rose again. After a one-year dip, U.S. production rebounded quickly. This time, already low prices mean that U.S. producers will likely have to give up much more quickly.

“With oil demand down almost 5 million [barrels per day] at the time, a production cut was not economically feasible,” Currie wrote of the 2014 situation. “In contrast, with nearly 3.5 million barrels per day of OPEC+ spare capacity, the demand shock plus their spare capacity was now enough output to entirely undercut the 7.7 million barrels per day of total shale output—an opportunity OPEC has not had since 2012.”

Some analysts have predicted that Saudi Arabia will eventually have to let oil prices rise, because the country’s government budget is funded largely from oil proceeds and cannot be balanced unless oil prices at least double. But Currie expects Saudi Arabia to wait this out, and actually emerge in much stronger position a year or so from now.

“Assuming this rationalization occurs over the next year (which was one of our top themes for 2020 even before this), the industry is likely to emerge in a much more healthy position with many of the zombie companies that were a dead weight on returns removed, even paving the way for an attractive international offering of Saudi Aramco,” Currie wrote.


3 Comments on "Why Oil Prices Could Fall to $20 and Saudi Arabia Will Emerge on Top"

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