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Page added on March 29, 2018

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US sold oil with high levels of dangerous chemical

Three firms that bought oil last year from U.S. emergency stockpiles raised concerns about dangerous levels of a poisonous chemical in the cargoes, according to internal Department of Energy emails and shipping documents reviewed by Reuters.

20 Comments on "US sold oil with high levels of dangerous chemical"

  1. MASTERMIND on Thu, 29th Mar 2018 9:04 pm 

    I bet they have been filling the SPR with junk shale oil and such…

  2. dave thompson on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 1:43 am 

    Just about every part of crude is a dangerous chemical.

  3. adamb on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 7:13 am 

    I bet Cliffy aka Mastermind knows no more about shale oil than he does any other kind.

  4. rockman on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 10:00 am 

    Just unverified rumors I had heard for years: hands offloading oil into the SPR claimed that some times the oil was so crappy they could hardly pump it.

  5. Anonymous on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 10:36 am 

    SPR oil is dedicated to defense use in a crisis. It is only rarely (and ineffectively) used to reduce prices for private use. Basically, I don’t think it has a good reason to exist. Is 1970s thinking. We didn’t have one before and did fine, including during large fuel use in WW2 and Vietnam wars.

    I know this sounds radical (but it’s not), but we should just get rid of the SPR. Would save the maintenance cost of the facility and would get the chash salvage sale value of the facility plus all the oil inside it.

    It sounds radical because you think SPR is keeping you safe from something. But it’s not. It’s a fiction.

    It’s extremely unlikely that we would ever face a prolonged conventional war that reduced our ability ship in imports of oil. But if something like that ever happened, we would still have a strong internal oil industry, both production and storage, that could service military and key civilian needs (busses, emergency vehicles). Yes, a lot of people might have to stop driving their kids to soccer practice, but so what. We would be in the middle of a very bad war (so bad that imports were cut off). The kids can go play outside and skip soccer. Dad can take the bus to work. Etc. Maybe very limited personal fuel use allowed that would cover weekly shopping trips. In any case, creature comfort would be the last thing to worry about in case of a war like that. And even if SPR was there, it wouldn’t be exhausted reasonably soon in a war (and probably diverted to military use anyways).

  6. Kenz300 on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 11:16 am 

    Go electric and worry less about the SPR

  7. Davy on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 11:31 am 

    Nony, so you are saying the Chinese were wrong to start their spr up or is that situation different because of how much they are dependent on imports?

  8. Go Speed Racer on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 11:57 am 

    Dangerous chemicals in the oil?
    Hell ya, it’s a great way to get rid
    of a barrel of nuclear waste.

    Chinese been doin that for years.
    Mix old toxic waste into the cardboard,
    and the particle board, sell their
    nuclear waste to us at Best Buy.

  9. GregT on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 12:06 pm 

    “It’s extremely unlikely that we would ever face a prolonged conventional war that reduced our ability ship in imports of oil.”

    The next real war, against advisories who are actually capable of fighting back, won’t be conventional.

  10. GregT on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 12:08 pm 


  11. Anonymouse1 on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 2:34 pm 

    Nonytard suffers from a condition common to many of his fellow amerikan retards. He cant stop to mentally masterbating about the ‘next big war’. On one level, I can understand at least why he would do this, its about the only industry of any size left in the uS that hasn’t been outsourced. War is big business in the uS, and its PR dept works 24/7/365 to make sure lowIQ morons like nonytard salivate on command whenever someone in authority talks about the need for war in the amerikan empire. If you follow his weird stupid comment, he sounds ‘pretty certain?’ thanks to the SPR, I guess, that the buses and DHS’s armored cars will have all the fuel they need. But soccer moms? Sorry, SOL in Nonytards ‘war’. But hey, ‘we’ all have to make sacrifices, it is WAR after all, and if that war is to be won, it will be because of all those soccer moms from sea-to-shining sea.

  12. Davy on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 2:46 pm 

    Shut up weasel, Nony has more understanding of the oil industry in his little finger nail than you do in your entire smallish millennial waste case brain. Weasel, ask Nony about the American tar sands tragedy you dreamed up and then let’s follow your debate. I can’t wait to see you whine. Let me know when so I can pop up some popcorn.

  13. Anonymouse1 on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 3:26 pm 

    You should stop appropriating other peoples comments in the free-wheeling way you do exceptionalist.

    ‘Pass the popcorn’ is one of mak’s. Not one of yours. In fact, most of your raving lately seems to consist of hacking other posters various styles. Might have something to do with that sock of yours? Who knows. Long story short, it makes you look stupid AND un-original.

  14. Davy on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 4:14 pm 

    Shut up, weasel, did I say pass the popcorn? When is your whining about the American tar sands start? I can’t wait for a laugh.

  15. Anonymouse1 on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 4:30 pm 

    Dumb and insane. Its a package deal with you. Hearing you ‘laugh’ in the real world, would likely be extremely disturbing and unsettling.

  16. Davy on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 5:14 pm 

    Weasel, spit it out, are you capable of debating (whining) on your Canadian tar sand tragedy subject with Nony? Please tell us how the big bad American oil companies are raping Canada. Please use you goofy millennial Canadian waste case dialect too. It adds authenticity to your dumbass.

  17. makati1 on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 5:27 pm 

    Anon, Davy isn’t able to come up with any real facts or rational debate to disprove the comments of others so he resorts to immaturity and delusion. Best just ignored.

  18. Davy on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 5:33 pm 

    Translation: nothing was said just an exhibitionist trying to shore up a buddy who is too dumb to make sense.

  19. MASTERMIND on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 8:06 pm 


  20. MASTERMIND on Fri, 30th Mar 2018 8:36 pm 

    Calling all doomers! This is a fucking must try! Make sure to switch the bomb at the top to the Soviet Union Tsar!

    What would ‘nuclear Armageddon’ look like in your city? This terrifying simulator shows you

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