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Page added on November 3, 2019

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U.K. Halts Fracking in England, Citing Quake Concerns

U.K. Halts Fracking in England, Citing Quake Concerns thumbnail

Prime Minister Boris Johnson once hailed fracking as “glorious news for humanity,” and said the British government should “leave no stone unturned, or unfracked.”

But in a major U-turn, Mr. Johnson’s government announced on Saturday that it would temporarily halt fracking in the only active site in Britain, in northwestern England. The move came after a government agency, the Oil and Gas Authority, concluded this past week that it could not rule out “unacceptable” consequences for people living near fracking sites, including pollution risks and earthquake-related damage.

It was a victory for environmental groups, and might deprive opposition parties of a potentially powerful campaign issue in a general election just weeks away.

Jonathan Bartley, a leader of the Green Party, described the move as “very, very welcome.” But he told the BBC that the group wanted an absolute commitment from the government to ban the practice outright.

On Twitter, his co-leader, Sian Berry, wrote: “Banning fracking is for life, not just for Christmas.”

The leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, tweeted on Saturday that the government moratorium was only a “temporary pause” and “an election stunt to try and win a few votes.” His party would ban fracking permanently, he said.

Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, involves injecting water, sand and chemicals at high pressure to fracture shale rock and recover natural gas from it. The practice has proved controversial and carries potential environmental and community costs.

In the Netherlands, hundreds of earthquakes linked to gas extraction have damaged thousands of homes and buildings. France and Germany have banned fracking, and Scotland and Wales have long had their own moratoriums on the technique.

The extracting technique is a major source of oil and gas revenues in the United States, Canada and Argentina. It has been bitterly opposed by environmental activists and local groups in Britain, where a series of earthquakes, including one in August, have hit the only active fracking site in the country, near the seaside town Blackpool.

Britain’s business and energy secretary, Andrea Leadsom, said on Saturday that shale gas had “huge potential” but that its exploration should be “carried out safely.”

ImageThe Cuadrilla site on Preston New Road near Blackpool.
Credit…Andrew Testa for The New York Times

“After reviewing the O.G.A.’s report into recent seismic activity at Preston New Road, it is clear that we cannot rule out future unacceptable impacts on the local community,” Ms. Leadsom said in a statement.

Activities at the site near Blackpool, managed by the shale gas group Cuadrilla Resources, were suspended after the Aug. 26 earthquake, which measured 2.9 on the Richter scale.

In May 2011, shale gas drilling was suspended at the Blackpool site after small earthquakes were documented by the British Geological Survey. Last year, Cuadrilla halted fracking after a tremor measuring 0.8 magnitude was recorded.

The company had no immediate reaction to the government’s moratorium on Saturday.

Fracking has been views as a potentially toxic issue for the governing Conservative Party. Unlike in the United States, where shale gas can be extracted in remote areas, many potential fracking sites in densely populated Britain have been near residential areas, where residents have often angrily opposed it.

According to the newspaper The Yorkshire Post, an event at the Conservative Party conference in September discussed the potential for fracking to affect up to 200 electoral districts, 40 of them marginal.

Protesters have camped for years near the Preston Road site and have fought the company in court. Three protesters were jailed in September 2018 for blocking the site and climbing on trucks there, and protesters once kept 24-hour vigils to monitor Cuadrilla’s activity.

“To contaminate a major food-growing area for a little bit of gas is insane,” a retired university professor, Celia Briar, told The New York Times in 2018.

Governments in Britain, which has long valued its oil industry, have supported shale exploration for the major revenues the technique could bring. Yet, a government spending watchdog found last month that the government had invested 32 million pounds, or $41 million, in fracking activities since 2011, with little result so far.

The government said the new moratorium would be put in place with immediate effect and continue until “compelling new evidence” had shown that fracking did not put local populations at risk.

NY Times

85 Comments on "U.K. Halts Fracking in England, Citing Quake Concerns"

  1. Cloggie on Sun, 3rd Nov 2019 3:25 pm 

    “India air pollution at ‘unbearable levels’, Delhi minister says”

    Wtf happened to “peak oil”?

  2. Antius on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 3:43 am 

    W“India air pollution at ‘unbearable levels’, Delhi minister says”

    Wtf happened to “peak oil”?

    It is approaching fast. Non-opec minus US has been on a bumpy plateau for several years. US rig count has been dropping in recent months and OPEC production has declined.

    In net energy terms we are probably already past it. Of course peak oil doesn’t mean a sudden drop in all fossil fuel consumption. India has plenty of filthy coal to burn.

  3. Antius on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 3:54 am 

    The race is on. Will the world’s nations let the Chinese control access to the final frontier?

    Whoever wins this race will ultimately be the dominant branch of the human tree.

  4. print baby print on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 10:09 am 

    Like they give a fuck about the quakes. hahahhaha children.s stories.

  5. Antius on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 10:25 am 

    Interesting report on the concept of a ‘cold economy’.

    I wonder about the potential of fitting an air liquefaction plant directly to the shaft of a large 10MW wind turbine, ie within the nacelle. Given that air liquefaction plants are entirely mechanical and made out of steel; this would appear to sidestep problems of rare earth or copper shortages. All components are steel and plastic. A liquefaction plant is also a relatively simple device.

    A large onshore wind farm would produce liquid air, which would flow by gravity into a central tank. The liquid air could be regassified on demand, either as a pure air cycle, using ambient heat, or as a hybrid cycle, using waste heat to boost efficiency. The obvious advantage here is it allows wind energy to be stored and for electric power to be generated in a large central power station, rather than through lots of individual generators.

  6. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 10:48 am 

    In net energy terms we are probably already past it.
    We are not at peak oil. That already happened in Nov of 2018.
    We are about 1 million barrels a day below that worldwide.
    We will see if 2020 can catch up- not going to happen in 2019.
    2018 could be the peak.

  7. full traded supremacist muzzies jerk on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 11:26 am 

    Supertard lost his mind I told him stop working on project but he ignored
    Whatev we all have sandboxes limited hangouts if you will for the elderly
    No ageism or anything

  8. peakyeast on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 11:29 am 

    Actually Peak oil will probably result in far more pollution due to the degradation of the energy resources. That is also shown in limits to growth.

  9. Robert Inget on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 12:09 pm 

    GB will be needing additional NG … near term.
    Gotta power up them EV’s don’t ya know.
    W/O fracking, LNG imports will drain away any potential profits.

    Offshore wind is reliable but moving parts and
    salt water marriages take a lotta ‘work’ to
    keep together. On shore makes life easier for couples but wind machines still need lotsa hand holding.

    One solution. Tow the entire island nation South.

  10. Robert Inget on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 12:21 pm 

    With six million, mostly poor people, choking to death yearly from coal burning one would think something should be done.
    Or, is this a madman’s plot to eliminate poverty?

    If Pakistan was launching poison gas into India
    outrage would be historic.

    Blame ICE cars and trucks, 2 cycle motor bikes.
    Farmers who have been burning crop refuse forever.

    Power companies simply have way too much invested in early 20th century infrastructure.

  11. Cloggie on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 1:56 pm 

    “ nteresting report on the concept of a ‘cold economy’.

    I wonder about the potential of fitting an air liquefaction plant directly to the shaft of a large 10MW wind turbine, ie within the nacelle.”

    Thank for the link.

    “Liquid Air Energy Storage”

  12. Antius on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 2:18 pm 

    The electrically assisted velomobile: an electric car that is actually affordable.

    Equipped with a 288Wh battery. With a modest amount of pedalling, it can achieve speeds of 30mph and has range up to 80miles between recharge. A fleet a 10million of these in a mid size European country, would consume 3GWh per day, which is a time averaged power of just 125MWe – a medium size wind farm.

    This sort of solution is actually sustainable using wind and solar power with storage, because it is energy efficient enough to be affordable at high energy prices. It would be a lot healthier as well.

    Why are people not using these machines to take the kids to school? Because some moron driving a 4-wheel drive SUV would squash them into paste on the road. The velomobile will not be a useful solution until it is grade separated from car traffic. The conventional electric car like the Tesla, is not merely unsustainable, it is blocking the introduction of real sustainable transport. It is time to say goodbye to the car, however it might be powered.

  13. Davy on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 2:21 pm 

    “Watch As Iraq Protesters Torch Iranian Consulate Over ‘Foreign Interference” zero hedge

    “Iran has accused the US and Israel for stoking unrest, while Washington and Tel Aviv officials see ‘Iranian expansion’ and meddling as the true culprit. It appears that some Iraqis agree, given the Iranian consulate in the city of Karbala came under attack Sunday, in the latest sign of public backlash over perceived Iranian control of Baghdad political leaders. “Protesters scaled the consulate’s walls late Sunday while hauling an Iraqi flag. Security forces fired rubber bullets to disperse protesters who were throwing Molotov cocktails over the wall,” The Wall Street Journal reported based on local video of the attack…Anti-Iran anger has been particularly fierce in the restive southern provinces, given the important Shia pilgrimage centers in places like Karbala, where it’s believed Iran’s influence is felt most strongly and directly…For example the Iranian consulate in Basra was torched by a mob last year, in events very similar to Sunday’s incident. During Sunday night’s unrest which saw the consulate in Karbala set ablaze, at least three protesters were killed by security forces. Iran-backed Iraqi Shia militias have reportedly been increasingly involved in assisting security forces in putting down the popular unrest which has swept the country – by some accounts even deploying snipers.”

  14. Cloggie on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 2:27 pm 

    VW bets the farm on the Golf ID 3:

    “Elektro or nothing”

    The ID 3 is the most important model VW has on offer.


    For VW there is no way back. In 8 years time VW plans to have 70 new e-vehicles.

    After 2040 no more fossil fuel-powered cars.

    After 2050 the entire company should be decarbonized.

    If the fuel-cell car or hybrid cars would win, VW would have a huge problem and its survival at stake.

  15. Cloggie on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 3:06 pm 

    Straight from the hore’s mouth, it is not just Farage and BoJo, even Tony Blair had a luke-warm attitude vs the EU:

    “we’re in it for economic reasons only”

    “Tony Blair’s approach to EU helped cause Brexit, says Jean-Claude Juncker”

    Currently Bregret has set in with Tony. Exoect many more to follow:

    “Tony Blair: Britain and EU should prepare for second Brexit referendum”

    Meanwhile Europe has accepted Brexit, is still interested in a deal, but not more. In reality, Europe has internalised Brexit more than Britain itself.

    “Europeans have started to change their minds on Brexit”

    France has rediscovered it’s Gaullist self and aims for a rapprochment with Russia.

    “What’s Right About France’s Overtures Toward Russia?”

    “French President Emmanuel Macron is convinced that now is the right time to reset relations with Russia. He has therefore made it a diplomatic priority to restore a climate of trust between Paris and Moscow. Three compelling reasons underlie this move.

    First and foremost, the international strategic context has changed dramatically. China is rising, while the United States, although still the world’s dominant power, is distancing itself from its global responsibilities. And Russia, with an aging, shrinking population and a huge, largely uninhabited landmass, is a natural prey for China’s long-term ambitions.

    European leaders should not resign themselves passively to seeing Russia, lacking any other alternative, align with China. Instead, they should try to convince Russians that their future is with Europe, and not as China’s junior partner in a deeply unbalanced relationship. Russia’s destiny lies in the West, not the East.

    Moreover, although Russia is no match for China, it has returned as a serious global actor. Many current conflicts, from Eastern Europe to the Middle East, simply cannot be addressed without involving Russia.“


  16. Antius on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 3:21 pm 

    A 58KWh battery gives a range of just over 500km, or 0.1kwh/km. The battery would weigh about 200kg. A fleet of 10million driving 50km a day, would consume some 50GWh.

    Whether that is a tolerable burden on the grid would depend upon the time it takes to charge. A 200kg battery cannot realistically be swapped around. Which likely requires that charging be more rapid. The more rapid and synchronized the charging, the more difficult it becomes to achieve it using renewable energy sources and the more likely it is to require the use of gas turbines.

    A 288Wh battery could be swapped over (it would weigh 1kg) and charged over 24 hours. Living on renewable energy sources will mean adapting to a more limited energy budget.

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  18. full woke full tarded supremacist muzzies jerk double rainbow all the way across the sky so intense whoa it begins to look like a triple rainbow on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 6:19 pm 

    sweden constntly being bombed by muzzies.
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    you better wish you don’t live in sweden today

  19. full woke full tarded supremacist muzzies jerk double rainbow all the way across the sky so intense whoa it begins to look like a triple rainbow on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 8:01 pm 

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  23. JuanP garbage on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 10:31 pm 

    Stupid posted this:
    Davy said “Watch As Iraq Protesters Torch Iranian Consulate ….”

    Your such a dumbass stupid juanpee.

    What a dumbass.


  24. majece majece on Mon, 4th Nov 2019 10:34 pm 

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  25. Cloggie on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 12:03 am 

    “Trump begins year-long process to formally exit Paris climate agreement”

    – Exit will not be final until day after 2020 elections
    – France and China to sign pact on ‘irreversibility’ of climate accord

    Nothing that can’t be solved with a carbon tax on US products.

  26. Cloggie on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 12:19 am

    “White supremacist Richard Spencer makes racist slurs on tape leaked by rival”

    “Ex-Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos released expletive-laden audio recording amid deepening in-fighting on the far right”

    Milo Yiannopoulos is a jew with a black male “spouse”. There is no such thing as a right-wing jew. What you do have is jewish infiltrators in right-wing movements with only one goal in mind: blow up that movement from within. Rightwing movements like the AfD or EDL always fall for the temptation to hook up with jews in order to avoid the Auschwitz-trap. Mistake.

    Holland could have been the first populist-run country as early as 2002, until its charismatic leader Pim Fortuyn was murdered 2 weeks before the elections, with a massive lead in the polls, no doubt a system-organized hit.

    His movement was eventually destroyed after Fortuyn’s death from within by Harry Wijnschenk and Herman Heijnsbroek, two jews.

    BBC interview prof. Fortuyn, who was famous for being the only Dutchman who spoke terrible English, already hinting that he could be murdered:

    Fortuyn’s real love was not US or UK but Italy, where he is buried.

    RIP Pim Fortuyn

    Wanted to save Holland from Anglo-Zionism and their disastrous “open society”.

    Fortunately we now have Russia and China around to do the dirty work, not to mention Trump and Brexit.


  27. Cloggie on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 12:33 am 

    “Kiss my feet!”

    New form of criminality from laughing stock Sweden. Gangs of Muslims force white Swedes, the most worthless males of the entire white race, to kiss their feet as humiliation by “toxic male” immigrants (“refugees”).


    Ah well, game hunting may be forbidden, for good reason, but soon we’ll have a new sport. Man up or die, whitey!

    These Muslims serve a wonderful purpose, namely to discredit and destroy the Christianity, humanism, Marxism, leftism garbage once and for all. Islam is hands-down the most right-wing ideology on the planet and with those our insane lefties want to team up with.


  28. Antius on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 1:59 am 

    “New form of criminality from laughing stock Sweden. Gangs of Muslims force white Swedes, the most worthless males of the entire white race, to kiss their feet as humiliation by “toxic male” immigrants”

    That is disgusting. What the hell is wrong with modern white European men? As one of the previous contributors said: “man up and start a resistance movement”. We shouldn’t be kissing the feet of these parasites, we should be disembowelling them.

  29. makati1 on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 2:47 am 

    Antius, maybe it is the same thing that is wrong with white Amerikans who cannot decide what sex they are? Who go to rooms full of puppies when they cannot handle final exams? Who cannot handle debates that disagree with their delusions? I think it is just more proof of the decay and decline of the West.

  30. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 4:21 am 

    “– France and China to sign pact on ‘irreversibility’ of climate accord”

    LMFAO, the Paris accord is FAKE Green toilet paper. It allows China and India to expand coal production thereby killing the earth. A real accord would be draconian and include population control. The Cloggo, ignores these things because it is inconvenient to his flawed binary agenda.

  31. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 4:25 am 

    “There is no such thing as a right-wing jew.”

    So, cloggo, if you do your DNA and find jew in you then you can’t be right wing?

  32. Juanpee garbage on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 5:43 am 

    “Davy said So, cloggo, if you do your DNA and find jew in you then you can’t be right wing?”

    You can’t check religious beliefs with DNA.


  33. More juanpee garbage on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 5:47 am 

    “Davy said LMFAO, the Paris accord is FAKE Green toilet paper…..”

    stupid juanpee dumbass

  34. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 5:56 am 

    “Conservative Californians Leaving In Droves For “America First, Law And Order” Red States” zero hedge

    “California conservatives are leaving the state in droves over what the LA Times describes as their “disenchantment with deep-blue California’s liberal political culture,” not to mention “high taxes, lukewarm support for local law enforcement, and policies they believe have thrown open the doors to illegal immigration.”

  35. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 5:57 am 

    “Thuringia Foretells The Fracturing Of Germany” strategic culture

    “It’s hard to overstate the importance of the election results last weekend in Thuringia. The complete collapse of the two centrist parties there, Angela Merkel’s CDU and the Social Democrats (SPD), is looking like a harbinger of what comes next in German politics…They are simply not used to this kind of political turmoil. Moreover, no one in the Eurocratic class wants to see Merkel exit the stage in abject defeat. So, immense pressure will be placed on SPD leadership to hang with Merkel, just like it was applied to them in late 2017 to form the coalition. But with Germany entering recession Merkel has already signaled that if she has to go back to the polls she’s ready to make a deal with the Greens with her recent concessions on renewable energy projects and more sops to them. Current polling has the Greens, however, on the downside of their popularity, having peaked during the European elections at 25% and are now polling down at 22%. And, again, they, like AfD, are more regionally powerful than they are at the national level…But the reality is that the global financial system is teetering on the edge of an abyss. Central Banks like the Fed and the ECB are panicking into major liquidity moves before any real threats have made it into the headlines. And why is that, unless things are truly far worse than anyone is willing to admit. How long are we until a Deutsche Bank collapse? All we’re waiting for right now is a catalyst. The EU needs to manage their change in power smoothly to keep markets reassured. But the signs of a major problem are everywhere. All it takes is a spark. And while we’ll never see the kind of Euroskeptic alliance between AfD and Die Linke like we saw in Italy last year, as economic conditions in Germany deteriorate and Merkel is blamed for it, rightfully so, these areas of policy agreement set the stage for a ripping apart at the seams of the German political fabric.”

  36. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 5:57 am 

    “Why biodegradables won’t solve the plastic crisis” bbc

    “Biodegradable plastics are one set of materials that are becoming a popular replacement as consumers demand green alternatives. Rather than remaining stable for hundreds of years – the quality for which we prized plastic when we first began using it – biodegradable plastics can be broken down by microbes, chewed up and turned into biomass, water and carbon dioxide (or in the absence of oxygen, methane rather than CO2). A subset of them are compostable, which means that not only are they broken down by microbes, but they can be turned – alongside food and other organic waste – into compost. Only a minority of these plastics are home compostable, so, the label “compostable” most often means industrially compostable. That coffee cup with a Seedling logo you’re drinking from won’t decompose very quickly, if at all, on your home compost heap, but will break down inside the right kind of industrial equipment.

  37. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 5:58 am 

    “Flood of Oil Is Coming, Complicating Efforts to Fight Global Warming” faster than expected

    SNIP: A surge of oil production is coming, whether the world needs it or not. The flood of crude will arrive even as concerns about climate change are growing and worldwide oil demand is slowing. And it is not coming from the usual producers, but from Brazil, Canada, Norway and Guyana — countries that are either not known for oil or whose production has been lackluster in recent years…Together, the four countries stand to add nearly a million barrels a day to the market in 2020 and nearly a million more in 2021, on top of the current world crude output of 80 million barrels a day. That boost in production, along with global efforts to lower emissions, will almost certainly push oil prices down.

  38. JuanP insanity on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 5:58 am 

    Troll that stupid

  39. Davy Insanity on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 6:16 am 

    Troll that stupid hillbilly

  40. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 6:19 am 

    “ Russiagate Was A Political Hit Job Against Trump Campaign By FBI” summit news

    “People in the Clinton world are keen for this book not to come out” Author Lee Smith proclaimed Sunday that the Russiagate saga was a coordinated political attack on the Trump campaign by the FBI at the behest of the deep state, and claimed that the Clinton camp are keen to prevent his book from being published…University of Cambridge professor Stefan Halper was paid to sabotage the Trump campaign under the guise of carrying out “studies” on foreign governments for the intelligence community. “What we see is these are not actual studies — we hear that he was reportedly the FBI’s confidential source, sent against the Trump campaign,” Smith said. “What he really is… is a political operative,” Smith continued, adding “This was a political operation designed to assist the Clinton campaign.” “We talk a lot about the FBI, and DOJ and we’re right to focus on the very bad, likely criminal things they did. But it’s important to remember that the primary beneficiary was the Clinton campaign.” Smith urged…Smith also claims in the book that Halper sought to bring down former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was aware of the deep state operation against Trump. “I believe [Halper is] actually the center of the Russiagate operation and we first see him start to appear as he is targeting Gen. Flynn. And now we understand… why the deep state needed to target Gen. Flynn,” Smith declared…The Book is titled “The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History.”

  41. JuanP shit on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 6:20 am 

    Stupid 3rd worlder Miami Beach worthless fuck said this:

    “Troll that stupid hillbilly”

  42. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 6:30 am 

    Oops, sorry for getting all triggered and losing my widdle temper again y’all.

  43. JuanP on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 6:31 am 

    Oops, sorry for getting all triggered and losing my widdle temper again y’all.

  44. Davy on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 6:45 am 

    How can you have a widdle temper like me juanpee?

    Your not even real.

  45. Antius on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 7:06 am 

    1 million barrels per day doesn’t sound like much of a flood to me. Worldwide liquids production is about 100mbd, so we are talking another 1%. That could easily be swallowed by declines in other producing nations, such as the US. Also, most of this oil is either tar sand or offshore. Not exactly cheap oil. It will be coming online at a time when global recession leads to low prices.

  46. JuanP on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 7:10 am 

    How can fix my widdle temper because I am mentally sick

    I am not mentally right

  47. DerHundistLos on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 7:44 am 

    This article from the NYT will warm the cockles of Theedrich’s heart:

    “Is the ‘War on Drugs’ Over? Arrest Statistics Say No”

    “Despite bipartisan calls to treat drug addiction as a public health issue rather than as a crime — and despite the legalization of marijuana in more states — arrests for drugs increased again last year.

    According to estimated crime statistics released by the F.B.I. in September, there were 1,654,282 arrests for drugs in 2018, a number that has increased every year since 2015, after declining over the previous decade. Meanwhile, arrests for violent crime and property crime have continued to trend downward.”

    Some things never change in the good old America. The same dumb shit decade after decade after decade.

  48. DerHundistLos on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 7:51 am 

    “Conservative Californians Leaving In Droves For “America First, Law And Order” Red States”

    What a terrible shame, but please don’t let the door hit all those morally righteous people in the ass on their way out.

    But where to go? Nevada, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico are solid Blue, and Arizona is trending Blue with Texas not far behind as age demographics work against the Reds. In the last election, voters aged 18 to 34 voted Democratic by the largest margin ever recorded- 35%, and Republican voters ain’t getting any younger.

  49. DerHundistLos on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 7:56 am 

    News flash Cloggie…….your right-wing God, Milo Yiannopoulos, is as queer as a three dollar bill-LOL.

  50. full woke full tarded supremacist muzzies jerk double rainbow all the way across the sky so intense whoa it looks like a triple rainbow what does it mean WDIM on Tue, 5th Nov 2019 9:06 am 

    New form of criminality from laughing stock Sweden. Gangs of Muslims force white Swedes, the most worthless males of the entire wh

    antiUSA the tard, you trying to destroy my hard work as nixon going to china or something? this is just schoolyard bullying and you make it a laughing matter comparing it to the abuse of whitey supertard john brady at the hand of supremacist muzzie jerk akbar sayeed? it aint’ easy to be nixon going to china and calling for peace among supertards, it’s almost like being strung on the cross like (((supremetard))). your stupidity will delay your supertard appoint out to 10 years. but stick around because I’m desperate to get this trip to china going soon, you may be appointed supertard sooner than that.

    that whitey tard kid is just a kid. he has a potential to be a whitey supertard and kill a lot of muzzies when he’s grown up. what are you doing to further the degradation of supremacist muzzies. what are you doing to commemorate the life of whitey supertard john brady? how many muzzie anti rape machine, muzzie amputation machine, muzzie hamster machine have you built? do you reject causality? if yes you can’t build it with blueprint i published.

    to everyone else, please respect supertard davy.

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