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Page added on September 26, 2021

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The Key to U.S. Domination of Global Natural Gas Markets

The Key to U.S. Domination of Global Natural Gas Markets thumbnail

One of the byproducts of U.S. oil fracking is lots of extra natural gas. But without a way to get it to coastal shipping locations, much of it is simply burned off, wasting the gas and adding to global warming.

But if more pipelines could be built, the U.S. could become a much bigger force in the global natural gas market, Charif Souki, chairman and co-founder of Tellurian  (TELL) – Get Tellurian Inc. Report, a liquified natural gas exportation company, told Jim Cramer on a recent episode of “Mad Money.”

Souki told Cramer that 15% of the world uses 40% of the world’s energy. That’s a sign the world’s demand for natural gas is bound to increase, as the rest of the world has a lot of catching up to do. The energy market is now global, he said, and the U.S. is now a full participant in that market when it comes to natural gas exportation.

There is still huge potential for the U.S., which has the world’s largest natural gas reserves, to become an even bigger player in the market, Souki added. But the infrastructure is needed to move natural gas from where it is produced to the coasts, where it can be exported. The U.S. wouldn’t even have to add many new drilling rigs, he said, only the pipelines to move what the U.S. already produces.

Such pipelines have encountered strong environmental resistance in the U.S., however.

Shares of Tellurian have soared more than 250% over the past year.

Souki and Martin Houston, together with the Tellurian team, own a significant portion of Tellurian, a public company headquartered in Houston, according to the company website. Souki set in motion the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from the lower 48 states and founded Cheniere Energy. Martin Houston originated the concept of LNG destination flexibility, ensuring that LNG became a commodity, the company website states.

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5 Comments on "The Key to U.S. Domination of Global Natural Gas Markets"

  1. Theedrich on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 2:52 pm 

    It terrible to let a good crisis go to waste. The crisis of COVID-19 is a fantastic opportunity, and is being exploited to the max.

    There is a new book out in German, COVID-19:  Der Grosse Umbruch, by globemasters Thierry Malleret and Klaus Schwab.  The English version is “COVID-19:  The Great Reset.”  (I have read only the German version, so there may be variations between the two that I am unaware of.)

    One German reviewer called the book » Das „Mein Kampf“ des 21. Jahrhunderts «  (“The ‘Mein Kampf’ of the 21st century.”)  It amounts to a “new standard in grandiose, completely detached extremes in absurd hypocrisy.”  Billionaire Schwab, son of a factory owner, professes concern over the plight of those who have to work for a living, people with whom he has never had any real contact.  This explains why a lot of the book could be almost plagiarized from “1984,” “Animal Farm,” or “Brave New World.”  Although talking about public-private partnership, the authors’ true emphasis is on political control, and on very little that is private.  Schwab and Malleret want more global institutions and control by far than local initiatives.  But Quis custodiet custodes?  (Who will guard the guards?)  Herr Schwab & Co.?

    Schwab’s solution, letting the cat out of the bag:  „Die Eindämmung der Corona-Pandemie erfordert ein globales Überwachungsnetz“ (“Restriction of the Corona-pandemic requires a global supervisory net.”)

    While demanding permanently repeating vaccinations for everyone in the world, Schwab and Malleret do not forget to combine the Corona problem with climate warming and environmental issues, economic inequalities and, of course, White supremacy.  All of which is to be resolved by putting planetary imperial power in the hands of Schwab and his mega-billionaire friends like Billy Gates, reputed to be the viceroy of God, if not God himself.

    For comparison regarding the percentage of deaths due to historical plagues (cf. p. 296):
    – Justinian plague (541-750):  ⅓ of the population of Byzantium;
    – Black Death (1347-1351):  30% – 40% of the world population;
    – Spanish Flu (1916-1921):  2.7% of the world population;
    – HIV-AIDS (1981-present):  0.6% of the world population;
    – Corona virus (2020-present):  0.006% of the world population;

    In other words, the globemasters and their lackeys, the Democrat Party + RINOs, are simply using the Fauci-paid-for virus to boost their “narrative” and take power forever (“build back better”).  The Geo. Floyd boondoggle and kangaroo court conviction of a hapless cop were used as an excuse to unleash their violent Antifa thugs on society, while blaming it all on “White supremacy” and distracting from their plan to destroy America.

    Their — and Schwab’s — lure is the promise of a global Marxist paradise — one in which everyone (except the elites) is equal, and all are mulattos.

    Never mind that the road to paradise ends in hell.

  2. luther on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 7:29 pm 

    who does claus stand for-:
    milion and billion are misleading as they are quantities they do no represent control.
    Therefore what is he a face puppet for? Are they the new churches due to their nappy change formula? What is Angela’s plan and what is he? There is nothing more fake than western female haus mistresses.

  3. William Cannon on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 11:49 am 

    Major pipeline from West Virginia to the East Coast shut down because it was going to go under the Appalachian Trail.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 29th Sep 2021 7:33 am 

    30% London taxi-drivers are standing still because of lack of fuel:

    Ambulances stranded too:

    “ANOTHER brawl breaks out in petrol queue, ‘morons’ illegally fill-up bucket lined with BIN BAG at Shell station and even AMBULANCES are stranded… as Army begins training to drive tankers amid fears crisis will last a MONTH”

    This is the scenario, peak oil adepts, including me, in 2011 thought was immanent for the western world.

  5. Hello on Wed, 29th Sep 2021 10:02 am 

    >> 30% London taxi-drivers are standing still because of lack of fuel:

    They are negros or ragheads anyways, so back to shithole with them as they are not and never were needed.

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