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Page added on March 31, 2022

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Putin Says Gas Exports to Be Halted If Payments Not Made in Rubles

Putin Says Gas Exports to Be Halted If Payments Not Made in Rubles thumbnail

Russia will halt gas supplies to buyers from ‘unfriendly’ states unless they switch to payments in rubles from April 1, President Vladimir Putin said, the latest strike in a struggle with Europe over energy sales.

To buy Russian gas, they need to open ruble accounts in Russian banks,” Putin told officials in a televised speech Thursday. “It is from those accounts that gas will be paid for starting April 1. If such payments aren’t made, we will consider this a failure by the client to comply with its obligations.”

Buyers should open special accounts in state-controlled Gazprombank to allow foreign currency to be swapped to rubles for settlements, according to an order signed by Putin.


5 Comments on "Putin Says Gas Exports to Be Halted If Payments Not Made in Rubles"

  1. Baby Peanut on Thu, 31st Mar 2022 2:52 pm 

    Payments to Russia in dollars or euros while such assets are frozen to Russia means Russia was giving the gas away for free prior to only accepting roubles for it.

  2. peakyeast on Thu, 31st Mar 2022 3:20 pm 

    Now we will see who is the one wearing pants.

  3. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 31st Mar 2022 3:51 pm 

    Not difficult to predict who is wearing the pants here: Putin.

    Even some more serious Putin-hating media in Germany admit that:

    “Putin kneift? Von wegen. Er führt uns im Energiekrieg vor”

    The globalist media in Germany are demanding a boycott and not giving in to Putin’s demands. The German trade unions and industry is not amused at.

    Well, something will have to bring down the US-leaning 1968-establishment, so we can steer towards a “1989” of our own. An obliterated economy could deliver just that.

    The goal must be to throw the US and their NATO out and restart European civilization with EU and Russia (and Ukraine), terminating the diversity cult and Fortress Europe.

    Putin can stay.

    Karl Marx out, Samuel Huntington in.

    No deified Volk of the Nazis and Fascists, but not deified Humanity of the communists/globalists either. Instead the golden middle road: a multi-polar world consisting of “civilizations”, based on heritage (and race).

    – Europe: white race, Antiquity, Christianity, Enlightenment, Science, Reason
    – China: Han Chinese, Confucius
    – India: Hindu civilization
    – Islam: Arabs, Africans, under Turkish leadership
    – Hispanics
    – Anglosphere: Judaism (if that remains in one piece, a big if), financial and material values
    – Japan

  4. peakyeast on Thu, 31st Mar 2022 4:03 pm 

    BH: I totally agree….

    oh but its only 60% of the gas and some 30% of the oil? …

    If that happens we ARE looking at a collapse IMO or a world war 3. I cant imagine where they expect to get those amounts from otherwise.

    In either of those cases we might be looking at a successful climate policy for the first time … hmmm .. ever?

  5. Dredd on Fri, 1st Apr 2022 5:26 am 

    Jumping Jack Flash famine (Dredd Is Required To Resist Gram-negative Bacterial Infection).

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