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Page added on June 29, 2021

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Peak Oil: The Continuous Climb

Scientists, philosophers, and engineers have been predicting the eventual peak of oil production for decades, but each estimate has been incorrect. Was 2019 the year of peak oil? What are factors contributing to a decline in production? What are the newest estimates for peak oil? All of this and more in the first episode of an educational series from RARE PETRO

8 Comments on "Peak Oil: The Continuous Climb"

  1. Cloggie on Wed, 30th Jun 2021 2:46 am 

    Rystadt consultancy from Norway:

    Peak Oil 2026.

    The sooner, the better, because it kills off globalism, including mass mobility, efficiently and partly ends environmental destruction.

    Start all over locally.

    “China rolls out first renewable energy sky train”

  2. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 4:54 am 

    “July 1st Is Now EuroCanadian Resistance Day”

    Excellent! Organize resistance against Trudeau, get organized and wait for French, English, Russian (and unfortunately in Vancouver) Chinese troops to arrive.

    We’re gonna liberate you back!

  3. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 7:59 am 

    EuroCanadian Resistance Day

    Wow, now 26 people across the nation have cause to get together in one place & plot their fantasy.

    Keep sharing those highly informative links clog. Great for recruitment. Who knows it could lead to bumping their membership up to 29 by 2030 & all thanks to you super trooper.

  4. Roger on Thu, 1st Jul 2021 8:15 pm 

    Utterly clueless hopeium

  5. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 2nd Jul 2021 2:32 am 

    “Wow, now 26 people across the nation have cause to get together in one place & plot their fantasy.”

    apneaman is convinced that in the end he and his tribe can defeat white civilization, the burning desire of the majority of jews.

    Meanwhile, ever more Anglos are beginning to discover the advantages and beauty of their Mother Civilization. Here an Australian girl living in the Netherlands:

    Or here, a Canadian guy, who has enough of Canada:

    And here is an American guy, who is beginning to discover that there is a world outside the United States and is diving into the Dutch popular music scene and is amazed:

    And all these Anglos get a warm reception, strengthening my belief that there is a future for white people, after the demise of the ZOG-empire, to be replaced by Eurosphere, encompassing all lands surrounding the North Pole. We are called “Ice People” by black folks for a reason, regardless if the North Pole is melting or not.

    And the girl from New Hampshire is back, has sold her house in 1 day and is moving to Michigan:

    Jump to [1:05:00], where she discusses the dr. Karlyn Borysenko (probably trashy Ukrainian, just like apneaman), a gay leftist, complete with nerdy glasses and a baseball cap, without a neck worth mentioning, claiming that Critical Race Theory is not anti-white, which is rubbish.

    For the uninitiated:

    “Critical Race Theory as a Jewish Intellectual Weapon”

  6. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 2nd Jul 2021 2:47 am 

    “The U.S. Navy Is About To Buy A Whole Lot Of Frigates—It Matters Who Builds Them”

    The US Navy is buying up ships from abroad, because it can’t keep up maintaining old ones of their own, let alone produce new ones, but printing money they still can.

    These ships are intended to strengthen the US position in the Pacific, read as a build-up against China.

    As per usual, the US Navy ignores the #1 naval equation of the 21st century:

    US ship + Chinese missile = 0

    Ships cost hundreds of millions, a missile about 1 million. Do the math. You can’t build against that, let alone procreate fast enough to man these floating/sinking coffins.

    Again, the example of the Falklands war (1982):

    2nd world country Argentina managed to sink no less than 4 vessels of first world country UK and would have sunk them all, if the US had not prevented third countries to supply Argentina with additional French Exocet missiles, even if deep in their hearts, the US had more sympathy for Argentina than with the last UK imperial hold-out (the #1 US ambition throughout history was to strip all European countries, including the UK, of all its imperial possessions and replace Europeans in their own lands with negroes, but I digress).

    This is terribly good news for Europe (EU + Russia): the US is committing itself to try to keep China behind the South China Sea, yet another hopeless enterprise, after stellar failures before in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. The US and China clashing for real in East-Asia is the best possible news for Europe, that would be catapulted back to planetary pole position, by just staying in bed.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 2nd Jul 2021 2:51 am 

    Sorry, wrong link:

    “The U.S. Navy Looks To Europe for Its Next-Gen Frigate”

  8. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 2nd Jul 2021 4:33 am 

    More Chinese Australia bashing:

    “Exclusive: Planting ‘consultants,’ blocking vaccine approval, threatening officials – Australia sabotages China-PNG cooperation by all means”

    (What the CCP is really doing is preparing its population for Australian land grab)

    Chinese editorial, announcing (indirectly) that the rise of China is unstoppable, by putting words into western mouths, without denying them:

    “Nothing can stop China toward its second centennial goal: Global Times editorial”

    After achieving China’s first centennial goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, the Chinese feel very confident in reaching the second goal of building a great modern socialist country. This is not false bravado. Support for this is so solid that Western anti-China forces can’t weaken them.

    I consider present day China as very close to German national-socialism of the thirties, albeit with 20 times as many people and without the swastika and jews as an internal communist fifth column. In both cases, their elites are governed by tribal thinking.

    The longer globalist Washington waits with some kind of intervention, the more likely it becomes that in the coming decade, China will really surpass the US, in everything.

    The problem for the US is that a conflict with China, automatically implies a conflict with Russia as well, because both Russia and China know that they either hang separately or hang (out) together.

    Washington is in an impossible position: their assorted apneamans are destroying the country from within (which is good news for the entire world)…

    “Paul Krugman: “White Americans Are Losing Their Country””

    …and yet at the same time they want to get the entire world under control. Something doesn’t add up here.

    There is only one option left for ZOG: play va banque and cross the Rubicon and prepare for war in the South China Sea.

    With many favorable factors within our control, China can predict the future confidently. We will be able to reach the second centennial goal like we reached the first one. China will be the final winner.

    They will certainly defeat the US, but they also know what comes next, this after all is a CHINESE MAP:

    (the suggestion that Astana should replace NYC as the world’s diplomatic capital is mine)

    And fortunately we have the English standing by as the eternal US useful idiot to initiate things:

    “Britain Looking for Trouble in the Black Sea”

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