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Page added on June 1, 2021

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Oil alliance holds firm on output as price passes $70

Oil alliance holds firm on output as price passes $70 thumbnail
  • Saudi energy minister says recent market developments confirmed that the decision to gradually increase production was ‘the right decision’
  • Energy agency’s view of hydrocarbon investment is ‘sequel to La La Land,’ Saudi minister says

DUBAI: The OPEC+ alliance of oil producers led by Saudi Arabia and Russia kept supply on an upward track on Tuesday as Brent crude, the global benchmark, rose and stayed above $70 for the first time in over two years.

A meeting of OPEC+ ministers — one of the shortest on record at 30 minutes — stuck to plans to increase oil supply by more than 2 million barrels a day by the end of July, noting “ongoing improvement in oil demand as economic recovery continued in most parts of the world as vaccination programs accelerated.”

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman said there had been “clear signs of improvement” and that big economies such as the US and China were consuming more oil.

However, there were “still clouds on the horizon,” and he urged OPEC+ to continue to monitor the situation on a monthly basis.

Prince Abdul Aziz was forthright in his assessment of the recent view by the International Energy Agency that there was no need for further investment in hydrocarbon fuels, which he said was the “sequel to a La La Land movie.”

He hinted that the Kingdom might consider an increase in its oil output from the current level of about 8.5million barrels, but said there was no obvious sign of a surge in demand later this year. “I’ll believe it when I see it,” he said.

He added: “Saudi Arabia is no longer just an oil producing country, but an energy producing country, and a very competitive one,” pointing to low costs in oil and gas production, as well as falling costs in renewables such as solar, as well as hydrogen. “We’re going to be the winner in all these activities,” he said.

He said the meeting did not consider the prospect of Iranian oil coming back on the market as a result of a deal over nuclear policy, which some analysts have suggested is imminent. “The jury is still out,” he said.

Asked whether he was concerned that higher prices might lead to an increase in US shale production, he said: “I’m not concerned about anything.”

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8 Comments on "Oil alliance holds firm on output as price passes $70"

  1. NoReconcilationPossible on Wed, 2nd Jun 2021 6:11 am 

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  3. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 3rd Jun 2021 6:07 pm 

    “The devastation caused by COVID-19’s second wave in India is a culmination of populist decisions, scientific ignorance, and years of privatizing health care.”

    Modi is a greedy imbecile.

  4. makati1 on Thu, 3rd Jun 2021 7:41 pm 

    Right On!,Duncan! Modi is another megalomaniac with delusion of power. his decision has killed millions of Indian people in the name of corporate greed and payoffs. Just like the US whores in Congress and the Prez.

  5. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 4th Jun 2021 3:23 am 

    “Right On!,Duncan! Modi is another megalomaniac with delusion of power. his decision has killed millions of Indian people in the name of corporate greed and payoffs. Just like the US whores in Congress and the Prez.”

    Huh? You have repeatedly said that Covid was merely a “flu”.

    Make up your mind!

  6. YouHaveBeenJudgeItIsTooLate on Fri, 4th Jun 2021 5:08 pm 

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  7. YouHaveBeenSentencedToEternalPain on Sat, 5th Jun 2021 8:46 am 

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  8. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 5th Jun 2021 10:13 am 

    “Thank goodness for the people from Mexico and Central America. Without them, rural USA would be in really big trouble.”

    – Oil producer from Texas

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