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Page added on November 25, 2021

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New Type of Price War is Brewing

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A new and unchartered type of price war is brewing in the oil market, according to Rystad Energy’s senior oil markets analyst Louise Dickson.

Dickson made the statement in a comment sent to Rigzone after the world’s biggest oil consumers announced plans to release strategic reserves onto the market.

“The orchestrated release of what we estimate will be 71.5 million barrels from the U.S., China, India, Japan, South Korea, and the UK comes as a last-ditch effort after OPEC+ repeatedly rebuffed calls to increase supply and ease prices,” Dickson said in the statement.

“Instead of patching up a tight oil market and easing prices, the announcement unleashes more uncertainty on how OPEC+ will react and creates a tug-of-war between producers for higher prices and consumers for lower prices, which can only lead to a very volatile 2022,” Dickson added.

The Rystad analyst noted that the “bold” move from the oil importers has opened the door wide open for OPEC+ to adjust its supply policy downwards at its next meeting in December.

“Previously, the group has said it would increase supply by 400,000 barrels per day on a monthly basis but can easily hold back on this in reaction to the SPR release,” Dickson said.

“For December 2021, the group was set to ramp up production to 38.4 million barrels per day, though we expect the actual volumes will fall slightly short at 38.3 million barrels per day, due to persistent production weakness in West Africa,” Dickson added.

“Looking to 1Q22, the alliance may stay even more cautious on supply in light of not only the SPR maneuver but also downside demand pressure as Europe is already exhibiting risks to oil demand as mobility restrictions loom amid rising Covid-19 caseloads and governmental reaction,” the Rystad analyst continued.

Don’t Underestimate U.S. and China Will

If it turns out that the strategic petroleum reserve release fails to significantly impact the price of gasoline and oil, Dickson said Rystad would not be surprised to see further action by the U.S. and China  towards both OPEC+ and/or the market.

“The market shouldn’t underestimate the will of China and the U.S., which appear to be aligned in their aim to steer the market into bearish territory to support the economic recovery and to address the increasingly risky inflationary macro environment,” Dickson said.

“The U.S., while hesitant, could add support to the dollar and downward price pressure on oil via an earlier than expected interest rate hike. China has already been adding several bearish traps to the market including lower crude imports, fuel rationing, and other macro tools intended to slow down growth to prevent the economy from overheating,” Dickson added.

A White House statement on November 23 announcing the release of 50 million barrels from the SPR noted that President Biden stands ready to take “additional action”, if needed, and is prepared to use his full authorities working in coordination with the rest of the world to maintain adequate supply “as we exit the pandemic”.

In a White House Q&A session on the same day involving U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm, the energy head was asked what other tools were being actively being considered and under what timeline. Responding to the question, Granholm said “the President has got a few options, and he will be the one to announce”.

When asked if the SPR release is a one-off, or whether it will become policy for the U.S. to rebalance the market in this way whenever OPEC starts to keep supply tight, Granholm responded by saying, “this is an unusual situation because we’re coming out of a once-in-a-century pandemic – and so, we have a very unusual mismatch between supply and demand”.

“I do know that the President has got a lot of tools that he is looking at, and those tools remain on the table. But this is an unusual situation,” Granholm added.


10 Comments on "New Type of Price War is Brewing"

  1. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 25th Nov 2021 10:39 pm 

    The Italian right is the strongest in western Europe, like they were 100 years ago. And they are in for a comeback:

  2. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 26th Nov 2021 2:35 am 

    “Australia ‘alarmed’ by Chinese spy ship”

    Alarmed by a spying Yet they insist that Anglos should be able to send aircraft carriers into the South China Sea (and Black Sea), sold as “freedom of navigation”.

    “I think the presence of the Chinese Navy – which we were aware of, and they were keeping a close eye on us and we were keeping a close eye on them – the importance of that is to highlight to Australians that there is a very serious situation in the Indo-Pacific”

    Yet they can’t imagine that the Chinese see Anglo maneuvers as far more serious than this stupid spying vessel.

    Typical Anglo hypocrisy.

  3. Cloggie on Fri, 26th Nov 2021 3:28 am 

    100 MW eletrolyser project for Egypt:

    Scatec of Norway is the majority owner.
    Dutch OCI will buy up all the green ammonia for its fertilizer business.
    US Plug Power will deliver the fuel cells.

    Production: 90,000 ton ammonia per year.

    Won’t belong before multi-GW green hydrogen projects will be implemented for real.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 26th Nov 2021 6:41 am 

    The new German government and media push for a United States of Europe (USE):

  5. Ralph on Fri, 26th Nov 2021 9:44 am 

    Oil down $5 and falling on new variant of Covid now identified in Africa, Hong Kong, Isreal, Belgium and counting. This is genetically so different as to be nearly a new disease, and is clearly highly infectious. It is not clear yet how deadly it is. Global travel bans will be re-introduced in the next few days, but it is clear it is already too late to prevent a renewed pandemic

  6. Dredd on Fri, 26th Nov 2021 10:46 am 

    What is in the left overs (On The Origin Of The Home Of COVID-19 – 25)?

  7. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 26th Nov 2021 1:24 pm 

    And the winner is the EU:

    “Migrant exodus from Belarus: Iraq airlifts hundreds back home and Poland claims victory after desperate people were weaponised by dictator Alexander Lukashenko in attempt to humiliate the EU“

    The wannabee gatecrashers from Eyeraq have thrown the towel in the ring and are fleeying from the Belarussian cold, while creating conditions at the bordet that won’t be overturned. Thanks to Lukashenko, Fortress Europe is now a faites a complis and won’t be reverted.

  8. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 26th Nov 2021 6:12 pm 

    Compton Fights Inequality With Universal Basic Income

    I was actually born in Compton—–

  9. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 27th Nov 2021 3:42 am 

    More Australian panic:

    “China Rising: ‘Tremble and obey’, Xi Jinping’s ‘era of biding time’ is over (Part 1)”

    “China Rising: Inside the Chinese cold war with The West (Part 2)”

    China and Anglos heading for a new Cold War.

    For Europe (and Russia) this is THE chance to escape from the West and establish a third pole in the upcoming multipolar world. Islam and India could be the 4th and 5th poles. No need for Europe to declare America as the enemy. Aiming at “more sovereignty” suffices. No need to have good relations with Britain.

  10. Cloggie on Thu, 2nd Dec 2021 1:33 am 

    Wind developers are now paying big money for the privilege to build and exploit offshore wind farms:

    “RWE Pays Denmark $426m for Building 1 GW OWF”

    Europe is lucky with its shallow waters, but is coming up with a solution for deep waters too, resulting in unlimited potential for global offshore wind development:

    “The Godfather of Wind’s New Floating Revolution”

    Offshore wind has just beaten fossil fuel and nuclear power.

    There is no affordable energy problem. The market is fighting over the rights to develop offshore wind, greatly supported by skyrocketing fossil-fuel-based energy prices. Good luck with finding the holy grail of nuclear fusion, but offshore wind (and solar) already work.

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