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Page added on May 21, 2023

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It’s the Quiet Oil Crisis That’ll Kill You


We throw around the word “crisis” way too much today. 

Just scan the headlines yourself, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. You know the saying about making a mountain out of molehill, right? 

We don’t hold too much of a grudge against them, though, do we? After all, the hyperbolic, clickbait nature of today’s media can be quite entertaining most of the time; that irrational fear can send the Twitter world into a fit of histrionics. 

But sometimes, it’s the quiet crises that’ll get you. 

When you do come across them every now and then, you can’t help but wonder in amazement why nobody else is alarmed. 

That’s precisely what happened to me recently, and I’ll bet that most of my readers haven’t heard a peep about it. 

Well, that’s about to change…

We take a lot of things in this life for granted, and arguably nothing more than energy. 

I’m not talking about the vitriolic rhetoric thrown at the U.S. oil and gas industry from our own president; that’s all part and parcel of political theater. 

No, I’m referring to the fact that few Americans actually know where we get the energy to fuel our society. 

Whenever I ask someone where we get most of our oil, I’m met with a blank stare. 

Oh, there will be a few people who mutter “OPEC,” and a couple who get a perplexed look on their face as they think of Russia. I’ll bet there are a few people out there who know the United States experienced a once-in-a-generation oil boom around 2008 and now mistakenly believe that we don’t need to import oil in order to fuel our 20 million-barrel-per-day oil addiction. 

But they’d all be wrong. 

The answer is Canada. 

Truth is, we’ve comfortably relied on Canada for oil for so long that we’ve forgotten how important that supply is. 

When I tell you there’s a full-blown oil crisis taking place right now, you might laugh it off without much thought. 

Well, don’t start laughing just yet. 

Right now, Canadian wildfires are raging across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. In fact, these fires are 10 times worse than the average year, and more than 1,800 square miles have burned. 

If you’re one of my veteran readers, your eyes might’ve just lit up. 

Every day, nearly 4.7 million barrels of crude oil is exported to us from our friendly neighbors to the north.

Take a look at our growing thirst for Canadian crude: 

canadian oil imports

Keep in mind that Canadian crude, particularly the heavy oil from northern Alberta’s bituminous sands, plays a crucial role in U.S. supply. And during a period when U.S. domestic oil output has all but stalled around 12.3 million barrels per day, those crude imports are more important than ever. 

Right now, a couple hundred thousand barrels per day are currently shut down — but there are another 2.7 million barrels per day smack in the most dangerous wildfire zones. 

And here’s the rub…

We’re not even in the peak of the burning season yet, which means this situation could exacerbate overnight. 

And there hasn’t been a peep from the mainstream media. 

We don’t even need to see the worst-case scenario for oil prices to violently react. Like I told you before, it’s the quiet crises that’ll kill you. 

More importantly, it makes key U.S. oil stocks that much more critical to keep supplies flowing this summer. I highly recommend you check out a few of these now before $70 oil makes a run to $100.


Until next time,

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Keith Kohl


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2 Comments on "It’s the Quiet Oil Crisis That’ll Kill You"

  1. Dredd on Tue, 23rd May 2023 6:54 am 

    Keep up the great journalism Keith!

  2. Theedrich on Fri, 26th May 2023 4:24 pm 

    Another reason for Biden’s proxy war, according to (,

    “There is a rumor floating around the Internet that this seemingly coordinated campaign to sexualize children and initiate them into marginal behaviors was started to soften up the public for forthcoming shocking revelations contained in the much-whispered-about Jeffrey Epstein archive of videos that show eminent international figures caught in compromising sexual situations that include sexual acts with children.”

    The U.S. regime and Western governments in general may be even more corrupt than we have suspected.

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