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Page added on April 24, 2012

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Iran oil industry safe after cyberattack


An Iranian official says the country’s oil industry is working well despite an attack from hackers and a computer virus that targeted the sector’s computer systems.

Deputy minister for oil and civil defense Hamdollah Mohammadnejad says all field units and exports of crude have continued working without interruptions. His remarks were reported Tuesday by state IRNA news agency.

Iran announced on Monday it was forced to disconnect the country’s main oil export terminal from the Internet as a preventive measure after a cyberattack.

The Islamic Republic periodically reports cyberattacks to its nuclear and industrial sectors, saying that little damage was caused.

Iran is at odds with Israel and the West over its controversial nuclear program.


2 Comments on "Iran oil industry safe after cyberattack"

  1. BillT on Wed, 25th Apr 2012 1:03 am 

    War by any means…the Empire at work and, as usual, failing….lol

  2. BillT on Wed, 25th Apr 2012 1:05 am 

    BTW: It is NOT about nukes, its about selling oil for everything except dollars. THAT scares the Empire more than a few illegal nukes…think North Korea and Israel.

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