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Page added on September 21, 2019

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Aramco Reveals Damage to Giant Oil Field

Aramco Reveals Damage to Giant Oil Field thumbnail

Saudi Aramco revealed the significant damage caused by aerial strikes on its Khurais oil field and Abqaiq crude-processing plant last weekend, and insisted that the sites will be back to pre-attack output levels by the end of the month.

Aramco took reporters for a first look inside the facilities, where equipment was scorched and ruptured by the assault on Saturday. In one area lay a pile of debris — a mess of oil melted to asphalt, twisted and charred metal grates, and pieces of fire hose — that stank of tar. While officials promised the plants would be repaired quickly, they also said they were still in the process of evaluating whether some equipment could be fixed or would have to be completely replaced.

The Khurais field and processing plant resumed 30% of production within 24 hours of the strike and will produce 1.2 million barrels a day by the end of September, Fahad Al Abdulkareem, general manager for Aramco’s southern area oil operations, said at a briefing on Friday. Workers are there 24 hours a day to speed the repairs, but the site showed significant damage.

The Khurais field has a maximum output capacity of 1.45 million barrels a day and processes all of its oil on site, according to Al Abdulkareem. The assault affected four of its crude-stabilization units — 90-meter (300-foot) towers that reduce pressure and remove gas from the crude. One of the columns shown to reporters was a charred wreck, and at least one other was even more badly damaged, he said.

Aramco also showed reporters pipes that had been pierced by fragments from the missiles, causing them to spew oil, feeding the fires. Workers were busy replacing segments of piping and insulation at the facilities, and conducting tests on the damaged crude-stabilization columns.

The world’s biggest crude exporter has vowed a swift restoration of output at Khurais and Abqaiq after the attack by drones and missiles disabled 5% of global supply. There’s concern in the market about how long it will take the kingdom to fully restore lost production as it depletes inventories to meet supply commitments and operates without its usual buffer of spare capacity.

Saudi and U.S. officials have said that the drones and missiles used in the attack were made by Iran, though Tehran has denied involvement. The incident has ratcheted up instability in the world’s most important oil-producing region, where tensions were already high following several attacks on Saudi oil tankers and pipelines in recent months.

The tour of the Abqaiq plant, which processes crude oil from fields including Ghawar, the kingdom’s largest, also showed extensive damages. The smell of natural gas and other hydrocarbons hung over some areas of the facility. A huge sheet of twisted metal that had been struck by missiles was laid out next to a damaged tank for reporters.

The attacks seemed to target with high precision key equipment at both sites, shutting the plants completely even though majority of the facilities were untouched.

Abqaiq was struck 18 times, with five hits on crude-stabilization towers and 11 on spheroids, which separate natural gas from oil, said Khaled Al Buraik, Aramco’s vice president for southern-area oil production. At least three of the towers showed heavy damage, including large holes surrounded by scorching. Some of them may need to be replaced, he said.

Large holes were visible on the tops of rounded tanks called “spheroids,” which had been surrounded with scaffolding as lines of workers went up and down, evaluating whether they could be fixed, or would have to be replaced.

Abqaiq’s throughput before the attack was about 4.9 million barrels a day, and on Tuesday Aramco Chief Executive Officer Amin Nasser said it was processing about 2 million a day. It should return to pre-attack levels by the end of September, he said.

Aramco has ramped up output at its offshore fields — making more of its heavier crude grades available to customers — and is also tapping oil in storage to meet export commitments. A return to the company’s full 12 million-barrel-a-day capacity is unlikely before the end of November, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, the energy minister, said Tuesday.


33 Comments on "Aramco Reveals Damage to Giant Oil Field"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 9:33 am 

    They must be laughing their socks off in Tehran. The days following last weekend’s attacks on Saudi oil facilities, blamed by the US on Iran, have seen an almost comical display of indecision, confusion and bluster by the leader of the world’s most powerful country. As a result, Iran looks stronger … and Donald Trump looks like a clown.

  2. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 9:36 am 

    Few Americans believe that murderous Saudi royal despots are worth dying for.

  3. Richard Guenette on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 10:09 am 

    Rigzone=US propaganda.

  4. Davy on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 10:35 am 

    “Rigzone=US propaganda”

    No shit ricky. Somebody give the guy a award.


  5. Davy on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 10:37 am 

    More JuanP aultard garbage from the lunatic Miami Beach Maggot

    Davy said “Rigzone=US propaganda” No shit ricky. Somebody gi…

  6. superemacist muzzie jerkoff on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 10:43 am 

    Davy don’t call me garbage I am a Muzzie master. My muzzie dissertations rock this forum. Don’t call me a Miami Beach Maggot either. I can live like a rich playboy because I had a vasectomy. FUCK JOB

  7. superemacist muzzie jerk on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 10:59 am 

    superemacist muzzie jerkoff on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 10:43 am

    Davy don’t call me garbage I am a Muzzie master. My muzzie dissertations rock this forum. Don’t call me a Miami Beach Maggot either. I can live like a rich playboy because I had a vasectomy. FUCK JOB

    UMAD bra? Look what muzzie lovin’ did to you. I guess you’re a supremacist muzzie

    Btw someone hold the Eurotard he’s lonely and desperate

  8. More Davy Sock Puppeering and ID fraud on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 11:00 am 

    superemacist muzzie jerkoff on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 10:43 am

  9. Davy on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 11:02 am 

    Ya I always mad bra. More ways then one.

  10. Chrome Mags on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 12:16 pm

    Since the article failed to provide a link to footage, above is a current YouTube video done by CNBC of some of the damage to SA’s oil infrastructure.

  11. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 12:20 pm 

    It is up to the Clown Prince:

    “That makes it more likely that the Saudis will accept the ceasefire the Yemeni Houthi just offered to them (machine translation):

    In a speech marking the fifth anniversary of the September 21 revolution, President of the Supreme Political Council Mehdi Mashat launched a peace initiative in which he called on all parties from all sides of the war to seriously engage in serious and genuine negotiations leading to a comprehensive national reconciliation that does not exclude anyone from injecting blood. In the interest of the remaining bonds of brotherhood and to overcome the higher national interests.
    He announced the cessation of the targeting of Saudi territory by flying planes, ballistic missiles, wings and all forms of targeting.

    “We are waiting for the same or better greetings in a similar announcement to stop all forms of targeting and aerial bombardment of our Yemeni territory and reserve the right to respond if this initiative is not met,” he said.

    We will have to wait to see how the Saudi clown prince reacts to that offer. If he rejects it the Houthi will surely remind him that his oil exporting desert country is a target rich environment.”

  12. Davy on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 12:43 pm 

    More ID theft by JuanP aultard the lunatic plus his stupid dimwitted sock.

    Davy said Ya I always mad bra. More ways then one.
    More Davy Sock Puppeering and ID fraud said superemacist muzzie jerkoff on Sat, 21st Sep 2019…
    superemacist muzzie jerk said superemacist muzzie jerkoff on Sat, 21st Sep 2019…
    Davy said Oops, sorry again everyone. I should have sayed co…

  13. Sissyfuss on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 12:48 pm 

    Duncan, they aren’t but their oil is.

  14. Davy on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 12:55 pm 

    Extremist liberal democrats whine and gnash their teeth over white supremacy but it is just a hoax issue to push their identity politics vote gathering machine.

    “Candace Owens: White Supremacy Has Minimal Impact On Black Americans” zero hedge

    “Conservative black activist Candace Owens told a congressional panel on Friday that white supremacy has a minimal impact on the black community, and that America should instead focus on black-on-black crime and the breakdown of the family. “White supremacy is indeed real, but despite the media’s obsessive coverage of it, it represents an isolated, uncoordinated and fringe occurrence within America,” Owens told lawmakers during a hearing on confronting white nationalism. “If we’re going to have a hearing on white supremacy, we are assuming that the biggest victims of that are minority Americans,” she added. “And presumably this hearing would be to stop that and preserve the lives of minority Americans. Which based on the hierarchy of what’s impacting minority Americans, if I had to make a list of 100 things, white nationalism would not make the list.” “We don’t see hearings on those bigger issues brought up… Black-on-black crime, the breakdown of family I think is the number-one thing contributing to that,” she added. “White supremacy and white nationalism is not a problem that is harming Black America.”

  15. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 12:57 pm 

    Duncan, they aren’t but their oil is.
    Actually they are also–
    But why bother?
    Hopefully they will go from 30 million down to 1 million, roaming the grounds like their history has dictated.
    They were a more noble and rational culture then, even by 11th Century standards.

  16. Sissyfuss on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 1:03 pm 

    And on your second post Duncan, if the Saudis accept the ceasefire it means they accept the fact that the bombardment originated in Yemen and can continue with zeal if the Saudis become truculent.

  17. Sissyfuss on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 1:14 pm 

    Davy, national politics have been ruined by money and overshoot, in that order. We don’t choose our best people because they don’t believe in infinite growth and an indestructible biosphere. The children of the world are crying out know because they understand what will be left to them. The cacophony will only grow more loud and shrill as the bottleneck closes down on most of us.

  18. I AM THE MOB on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 4:25 pm 

    Italy and France agree migrants must be distributed around the EU

    Keep em coming! LOL

  19. I AM THE MOB on Sat, 21st Sep 2019 4:26 pm 

    Aid workers warn of catastrophe in Greek refugee camps: fears for second migration crisis in Europe

  20. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 1:44 am 

    We have got a new type of refugee: the British Thomas Cook traveller:

    “British holidaymakers in Tunisia ‘held hostage’ in their hotels and others fear they could be turfed out of their beds turning resorts into ‘refugee camps’ as holiday firm nears collapse”


  21. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 1:50 am 

    “Aid workers warn of catastrophe in Greek refugee camps: fears for second migration crisis in Europe”

    Excellent: the previous crisis brought us Salvini, AfD, victory of le Pen in the EU elections, Baudet in Holland, etc., etc.

    Now the time has arrived to tougher measures, the ones I’m not going to describe here.

    From my Venetian hotel room I enjoyed watching this Canadian-US video for a third time:

    I have never been so upbeat (geopolitically) since 2000!
    The empire f* is going down 1989-style!

  22. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 1:57 am 

    Perhaps these British tourists, stuck in Tunesia, could use the good services of human trafickers, step in a rubber boat and expect to be picked up by one of these neo-bolshevik Soros-sponsored NGO-boats, despite the fact they are white, the preferred color of rejection.

  23. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 2:29 am 

    Yesterday, while risking my life in a “programmed-in-India”, while flying from Holland to Italy, against my habit and instinct, and because my iPad Pro battery is reaching end-of-life status, I bought a Dutch MSM, something I haven’t done for years, preferring to hang out at non-certified naughty internet sites. The MSM:
    (“The Hague Post-Time”)

    Most interesting was the article by hardcore Anglofile Peter Brusse about Brexit. Brusse has spent many years in London, he hates Brexit to the core (very much in contrast to a “reserve-Kraut” like me, rooted in the East of the Netherlands).

    I completely share his assessment of Brexit. It is a prank, there is no Grand Idea behind it. It is nostalgia for days that are no more, nor will ever return. BoJo’s belief that Britain is the 2nd most important country is the world is absurd. BoJo’s fanatical pursue of no-deal Brexit is purely rooted in life-long personal political ambition, because he knows he is backed by the lads from the fish-and-chips shacks, who can’t tell their nose from their butts, but are held prisoner by the disastrous geopolitical decisions their elite made in 1891.

    But the most important conclusion this England lover draws is that it is very well possible that the EU (which Brusse continues to support through thick and thin) and England will become each others ENEMY, once the full implications of this economic self-amputation becomes obvious, even to the English public, that would love to imagine they have a permanent subscription to global Anglo-supremacy.

    They don’t.

    For me, low-flying French Super-Etandards jets flying sorties over the Channel, reviving 1000-year French-English hostility, symbolized by Jeanne d’Arc, all the while making eyes to the Russians and by implication the Chinese, is a dream come true: it means that continental Europeans have parked themselves in a winning geopolitical constellation, that can make short shrift with Anglo-Zionism. White race saved. Exit Uncle Schmull.

    I think I’m going to get me one of those delicious croissants from the buffet. First things first.

  24. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 2:51 am 

    “Italy and France agree migrants must be distributed around the EU”

    “must”… but won’t.

    All they achieve is total victory of Salvini.
    Italy, the fascist

    I love Italians!

    Yesterday, in desperate effort to find the correct bus to bring me from the airport to the Venitian lagune, I was once again confronted with fact that these folks hardly master The Globalist Language. Good for them!

    – Italians had no world empire worth mentioning.
    – They are Catholic, the (closet) anti-semitic branch of Christianity.
    Hence their position is default white nationalist.

    I AM THE MOB can gloat all he wants about these gate-crashers, he and his tribe intend to use as a weapon against whitey (and successfully so against intellectually and morally defenseless Americans, the only stick Uncle Schmull has as a weapon against the rest of the world), the truth is: he is blowing up his own It is exactly as Paul Craig Roberts said yesterday: these darkies won’t obey Uncle Schmull. Just listen carefully to our resident African anonymouse1 from Toronto and his “Jew-knighted States”.

  25. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 2:53 am 

    Get a job you fake green wannabe natzee. No one believes any of your stupid stories, or cares. ROFLMA

  26. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 3:04 am 

    German neo-bolshevik empire media outlet der Spiegel HATES what is happening in Italy, much in contrast to our resident low-IQ moron I AM THE KIKE:

    “Renzis gefährlicher Egotrip”

    (Renzi’s dangerous egotrip)

    The figure head of the Italian left, Matteo Renzi, has just left the new installed leftist coalition, in order to establish a new populist-left movement, to fight that other Matteo, Salvini.

    Der Spiegel fears, correctly, that this move paves the way for an early return of Salvini, this time as the new #1 in Italy.

    Way to go, Matteo! (Renzi or Salvini, take your pick).

  27. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 3:11 am 

    “Get a job you fake green wannabe natzee. No one believes any of your stupid stories, or cares. ROFLMA”

    One more of these typical intellectual impotent one-liner posts from our representative of one of these dull towns in North-America, Middleville:

    Invective, zero content.

    Your time is up, pall.

  28. makati1 on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 3:52 am 

    MOB, the eternal couch potato snowflake who’s answer to his future is suicide.

  29. Davy on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 6:18 am 

    Good one mak!


  30. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 7:22 am 

    Raab assures he will takes stranded British home, inthe best Dunkirk tradition:

    But he doesn’t guarantee the survival of Thomas Cook, the first Brexit victim: many British postponed/cancelled their Summer holiday because of uncertainty, with disastrous consequences for the British holiday branche, that hasn’t much future anyway, with an impending no-deal Brexit.

    “Luxembourg has reminded British ‘why they don’t want to be in Europe’, says US envoy Woody Johnson”

    “Tea, gardens and orderly queues: Why Japan and Britain should team up after Brexit”


    It is unlikely the Japanese have forgotten Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

    New alliances taking shape, where the Anglos will set themselves up again as Europe’s deadly enemy, for the third time, the most deadly hostility on this planet.

    I’m waiting for the first reports coming in where British cars in Europe are “stoned” and not by Muslims. I myself have to suppress the urge to make cut-throat gestures when overtaking rare British cars. Thank God, American whites are already in minority status below 21, beleaguered by darkies who can’t wait to turn the tax screw on them, big time, after Trump.

    Bring in the Russian 50 Megaton nukes to France. It can only be hoped EU leaders already have given the nod to the Chinese in private:

    “Exclusive: China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade”

    The clock for WW3 is ticking. Add the Channel/North Sea to the list of potential flash points, next to Gulf and SCS.

  31. Last night JuanP aultrd garbage on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 7:29 am 

    ID theft

    Davy said “Well, back on topic. Go Trump 2020!” Lets make am…
    Davy said Go fuck youself juan. I spit you’re splooge out. I…
    JuanP said Look Davy, how many times do I have to apologize t…

  32. Morning JuanP aultard garbage on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 7:30 am 

    ID theft

    Davy said Good one mak! LOL

  33. Cloggie on Sun, 22nd Sep 2019 7:49 am 

    Brexit-war within Labour party:

    “Labour is a REMAIN party’: Tom Watson tears into Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit fudge after attempt to oust him FAILS – as activists call to campaign against leaving the EU under ALL circumstances”

    Corbyn is a Brexiteer but can’t admit it.

    Corbyn has dictated that Labour is neutral over Brexit and like the Tories is the party divided to the core over the issue, where LibDem is hardcore Remain and Brexit party obv for Brexit. But Labour is less Brexit-minded than the Tories and has more affinity with Europe than with the US. This also applies to Corbyn, who like BoJo attempts to use Brexit as a means to attain power.

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