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Page added on April 2, 2021

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The End of the Oil Age

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For more than a century, the oil and gas industry has played a central role in almost every geopolitical development of consequence. Now that the fossil fuels’ days finally seem to be numbered, it is time to consider not just what will come next, but also what it will take to get there.

MILAN – Pessimism has pervaded the oil industry ever since its inception in 1859, when the small town of Titusville, Pennsylvania, became the site of the first oil rush. To many observers at the time, the “black gold” was a gift from Mother Nature that would surely be exhausted once discovered by others. In 1885, Pennsylvania’s official state geologist warned that, “The amazing exhibition of oil” would be merely a “temporary and vanishing phenomenon – one which young men will live to see come to its natural end.”

  1. Although the modern world was built with oil, the time has finally come for humanity to shift to newer, cleaner sources of energy. But, as three recent books show, the process will be neither simple nor easy.

Since then, there has been perennial speculation about an imminent shortage. In the 1950s, the American geologist Marion King Hubbert built a sophisticated mathematical model to estimate the size of oil fields and natural-gas reserves, popularizing the idea of “peak oil”: the moment after which production would begin a structural decline. In his view, the rate of oil extraction would resemble a bell curve, with a steep rise to a peak in the 1970s, followed by terminal weakening.Needless to say, such fears have not been borne out. Hubbert and countless others issuing these wrong-headed predictions underestimated both the true scale of the planet’s oil reserves as well as humanity’s ability to overcome the physical limits to further extraction. New fields are discovered regularly, and existing wells have not been exhausted as quickly as the pessimists thought. Instead of peaking, it turns out that an oil well’s productivity actually tends to plateau. And Hubbert, forecasting during a period of technological stagnation in the industry, could not have anticipated that hydraulic fracking and horizontal drilling would usher in the shale-energy revolution 60 years later, reshaping the entire industry.More important, Hubbert was mistaken about the source of the peak. At a time when the United States had gone from being an energy-independent country to a net oil importer, he thought it inconceivable that the exhaustion would come on the demand side, rather than the supply side. And yet, as Sheikh Zaki Yamani, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister from 1962 to 1986, reputedly observed, “The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone, and the Oil Age will end long before the world runs out of oil.”Even before the coronavirus pandemic, a number of structural factors were expected to weigh on long-term oil consumption. The ongoing energy-efficiency gains in emerging economies (particularly China), the mass commercialization of electric vehicles, rising socio-political pressure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the retrenchment of globalization vindicated Yamani’s prediction. Now, the pandemic is accelerating trends that previously seemed to be at least a decade away.According to the Norwegian energy company DNV, oil demand already peaked in 2019 and is now on a declining path. The British energy company BP argues that demand might decline by at least 10% this decade, and by as much as 50% over the next 20 years. But any such prediction risks being as unreliable as Hubbert’s. No one can know where the oil-demand plateau will lie.What does seem certain is that the world is in the midst of a paradigm shift, from perceived oil scarcity to oil abundance. At the same time, the push for renewables means that oil’s unquestioned supremacy is finally coming to an end. This world-historic development will have far-reaching geopolitical and economic implications that the three books under review can help us understand.

A Changing Landscape

The pandemic has spoiled many books on global affairs that were planned for publication in 2020. To view the future from a pre-coronavirus perspective would be like forecasting long-term trends in the Cold War immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Even if one believes that the COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated – rather than fundamentally altered – history, its consequences, particularly for the energy industry, are so extensive that they cannot be ignored.Fortunately for Daniel Yergin, his latest book, The New Map, is likely to stand the test of time. Yergin is rightly credited as one of the leading energy experts of our age. In 1992, he won the Pulitzer Prize for The Prize, an epic history of the oil industry and its role in the economic, political, and military events of the past century. His latest book is less ambitious in scope and less remarkable in its scholarship; but it is fascinating nonetheless as a primer for readers who want a sense of where the oil and gas industry is headed.

The New Map

Yergin dismisses the notion that the pandemic will hasten the low-carbon transition, arguing that oil will maintain a preeminent position as a global commodity for a long time to come. In his view, a rapid shift toward renewables would be too costly economically and too difficult technologically, despite the new momentum behind national decarbonization strategies and commitments.

The world still depends on coal, oil, and gas for 80% of its energy, Yergin reminds us, and that share has changed little over the last 30 years. Thus, the goal of reducing CO2 emissions to net-zero by 2050 looks far-fetched. In Europe, where annual per capita income is $38,000, per capita emissions would need to fall to the same level as India’s, where annual per capita income is $2,000. That implies a decoupling of growth from resource use on an unprecedented scale and at an unprecedented pace.Yergin prefers to focus his attention on how the supply-side map of oil and gas is evolving. The shale revolution that started in the US a dozen years ago represents the main source of change. Between 2008 and 2020, US petroleum production almost tripled, making it the world’s top producer, ahead of Russia and Saudi Arabia. In 2014, Texas alone produced more oil than Mexico, and more than any OPEC producer except Saudi Arabia and Iraq.The geopolitical consequences have been profound. Although the US still imports large quantities of Middle Eastern oil (which is more suitable for American refiners than what is produced in Texas), it now enjoys a greater degree of energy security than it has in decades. During his presidency, Donald Trump tried to go a step further by promoting “energy dominance” as a US strategic goal. “An energy-dominant America,” then-Secretary of Energy Rick Perry explained, “means a secure nation, free from the geopolitical turmoil of other nations who (sic) seek to use energy as an economic weapon.” In reality, even if shale producers have upended the oil industry, the US has gained only energy flexibility, not independence, let alone dominance.Among the biggest losers of the shale revolution are the Middle East’s oil producers. The transformation of the industry has endangered the public finances of countries that rely heavily on oil revenues to sustain generous social programs and maintain political stability. Saudi Arabia offered its citizens so many handouts during the heyday of oil demand that it came to be known as the “nation of entitlements.” But then came the flood of American shale in 2014, when Brent prices dropped from around $110 per barrel to less than $30. Saudi oil-export revenues fell from $321 billion in 2013 to $136 billion in 2016, leaving its welfare state severely pinched.American-produced liquefied natural gas has also undercut Russia, by providing Europe with an opportunity to reduce its reliance on Russian exports. With less leverage over Europe, Russia is now pivoting to the East to satisfy the needs of an energy-thirsty China. In 2009, the China Development Bank lent the Kremlin $25 billion to develop new fields and to build a pipeline capable of supplying China with 300,000 barrels per day. Moreover, China’s aggressive strategy in the South China Sea is driven not just by potential oil and gas deposits there, but also by the need to safeguard the delivery route for the oil and gas imports that keep its economy running.But while China still accounts for a disproportionate share of global coal consumption (together with India, two-thirds of the total), it is better positioned than the US to thrive in the clean-energy era. In addition to dominating the global supply chain for lithium batteries, it produces more than 70% of the world’s solar modules and accounts for nearly half of global manufacturing capacity for wind turbines.

OPEC’s Apex

With the shale revolution having diluted the pricing power of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), Yergin believes that the cartel is becoming increasingly irrelevant. The US, Saudi Arabia, and Russia are the true market makers now. To him, that became abundantly clear last spring, when the three countries engineered an unprecedented international effort to cut global oil production in response to the COVID-19 shock.But it might be too early to write off OPEC. The organization’s death knell has sounded every time world oil prices have plummeted, and yet it has survived. American producers are too numerous to act as a single force pushing prices in whatever direction they desire. And in the coordinated response last year, it was Trump’s inflammatory Twitter diplomacy (and pressure on Iran) that brought the Saudis on board.Similarly, while Russia and Saudi Arabia can still influence market expectations, they have only limited ability to alter the demand-supply balance in the physical market. By contrast, OPEC, and particularly OPEC+ (an alliance with Russia and several countries within its geopolitical orbit), still commands enough heft to shift markets and react to price shocks.In The Rise and Fall of OPEC, historian Giuliano Garavini of Roma Tre University offers a refreshing account of an organization that has managed to adapt to radically changing conditions throughout its 60-year life. Unlike what one might think, its history is far from monolithic.

The Rise and Fall of OPEC

Garavini, who enjoyed unprecedented access to OPEC’s archives, recounts the cartel’s first two decades (1960-80), when it acted as a geopolitical challenger in the broader context of the decolonization process that had started after World War II. Its founding members – Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela – wanted to regain control of their oil reserves from the handful of Western multinationals that had laid claim to them.

Then came the oil shocks of 1973 and 1979. Western economies were brought to their knees, and policymakers started casting about for alternative energy sources. As one analyst said at the time, “When the price of something as essential as oil spikes, humanity does two things: finds more of it and finds ways to use less of it.”As a result, OPEC soon faced not only lower demand but also increased supply, owing to the crude coming from non-OPEC producers, particularly Alaska. From this moment until 2000, OPEC curtailed its geopolitical ambitions and tried to behave like a proper cartel, setting production quotas and targeting specific price ranges.

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Thanks to the rise of energy-poor China in 2000, the cartel was able to lift prices to historic highs, with the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark approaching $150 per barrel in 2008. And until 2014, OPEC remained a largely passive observer of the market. As long as oil demand kept growing, so did prices, alleviating the need for the cartel to intervene.

Enforcing compliance with agreed quotas has always been the organization’s main challenge, because its primary mission is to stabilize oil prices in such a way as to maximize revenues for its member states. In response to the existential challenge posed by the US shale revolution, OPEC was forced into the uncomfortable OPEC+ alliance, the fragility of which became clear with the arrival of the coronavirus. The cartel’s membership jumped from 13 countries to 23, making coordination even more difficult, and now its viability required cooperation between two historical enemies: Saudi Arabia and Russia.When Saudi Arabia and Russia failed to reach a deal back in March 2020, the result was an unprecedented price war that pushed the WTI benchmark deep into negative territory for the first time ever. Even the ambitious deal agreed the following month, which sought to curb output by 9.7 million barrels per day, only partly repaired the damage. Since then, OPEC+ has continued to struggle to overcome coordination problems, with Russia always pushing to boost production and Saudi Arabia recommending a more conservative approach. Nonetheless, it has so far managed to strike a balance between opposing views, allowing output to rise only gradually, in line with the demand recovery.The enlarged cartel thus has played the important role of market balancer – a position that it should now aspire to maintain. Ironically, OPEC+ will have a part in managing the transition away from fossil fuels. Peak oil demand means that global demand will be on a declining path for the first time ever. Representing around 45% of global production, OPEC+ is in a unique position to guarantee some degree of stability by signaling its readiness to offset output surpluses to prevent prices from collapsing. Declining demand implies that supply will have to adjust continuously to prevent inventories from rising too fast, bringing down oil prices and revenues.Moreover, as a key accidental player in the green revolution, the group could provide a valuable forum for exchanging critical information and sharing best practices among member states, all of which will need to make their economies less dependent on the revenues from oil exports.

Son of Salm

Whether OPEC+ evolves into a permanent alliance of this sort will depend on the likes of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the son and heir to the throne of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Colloquially known as MBS, the crown prince is by far the most eccentric and controversial figure in today’s oil industry.In Blood and Oil, award-winning journalists Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck describe how the 35-year-old MBS rose to become one of the most powerful people in the Middle East. Among other things, it was MBS who decided to launch the price war against Russia last spring, when the Kremlin refused to go along with additional supply cuts in response to the COVID-19 shock. But that was hardly the first jolt he had administered, either to his own country or to OPEC.

Blood and Oil

In telling this story, Hope and Scheck explain early on that they are “investigative reporters who focus on money – how it’s spent, where it flows, and what it’s used for.” On condition of anonymity, they interviewed many prominent detractors within the Saudi establishment, and mined even more information from confidential government documents, financial filings, and some of the crown prince’s past (unsuccessful) business ventures.

Unlike most Saudi princes, MBS never studied in the US or Europe. His father, who became king in 2015, did not want his favorite son to lose his Saudi identity and be morally corrupted by Western culture. As Ibn Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia, said: “To be a leader of men, a man has to receive an education in his own country, among his own people, and to grow up in surroundings steeped with the traditions and psychology of his countrymen.”These solid local roots have enabled MBS to strike a complicated balance, securing his legitimacy among conservative clerics and within his own clan while also cultivating the image of a reformer among many in the West and a burgeoning cohort of young Saudis. Shortly after his father’s ascension to the throne, MBS made clear that he did not tolerate dissent. He began ousting or locking up rival royals, including the then-crown prince, Mohammad bin Nayef. Before turning 30, he had already amassed enormous power as the minister of defense and chairman of the state oil giant Aramco, one of the world’s largest and most profitable companies. By 2017, MBS had become the new crown prince, following a reshuffling by his father.

The book paints a familiar portrait of MBS as an authoritarian leader at home and an assertive one abroad. In 2015, with an eye toward establishing his authority in the region, he launched a military operation in Yemen against the Iran-backed Houthi rebels, taking his American allies by surprise. The mission was supposed to last just a few weeks, but it deepened a conflict that continues to this day.

MBS also ordered the kidnapping of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and organized a blockade of Qatar, because he saw both parties as too soft on Iran. Most notoriously of all, he is credibly believed to have ordered the murder of the Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018.

MBS’s authoritarian, impulsive, and erratic leadership style has not won him many friends in foreign capitals, despite his enormous power in the Middle East and within the oil industry. But he deserves some credit for having outlined a clear strategy to end Saudi Arabia’s addiction to oil under his Vision 2030 plan for diversifying and modernizing the economy. He also claims to want to open Saudi society to the world, by relaxing the stifling Wahhabi tradition and dismantling deeply entrenched structures of gender segregation. Some of this has already happened; but it remains to be seen how far he will go in pursuing his social agenda.Even if most observers dismiss Vision 2030 as window dressing rather than a serious plan, MBS remains one of the few leaders in the region who has come up with anything like a concrete proposal to cope with the end of the oil era. To convince his countrymen, he has often reminded them that his grandfather “King Abdulaziz and the men who worked with him had established the Kingdom without depending on oil, and they ran this state without oil, and lived in this state without oil.”With peak oil demand now nearing, many in the Middle East eventually will find themselves in the same position. They and their leaders should prepare themselves before it is too late.


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    In order to maintain its status as the world’s one and only hegemon, the reptiles at the top threaten extinction to any competitors.  Since nuclear obliteration is less popular these days, the demigods are using “sanctions,” a tactic which destroys vast numbers of defenseless people by starvation in the target states, but is a means whose name has an antiseptic ring to it.

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    Coincidentally during this war on Whites, the worldwide spread of plastics is neutering human and animal creatures, producing sterility everywhere, on a trajectory ending in the global extinction of homo sapiens and other species, starting with universal birthlessness in 2045.  (See Count Down by Dr. Shanna Swan, and Sperm Count Zero by Daniel Noah Halpern.)

    All this is not alarmist talk.  It is fact.  But the slime that controls the U.S. could not care less, even if dimly aware of it.  All that matters is power and wealth.  In exchange for which, Superduperland has only sickening duplicity to offer.

    Early psychologist Sigmund Freud, who is not much in favor these days when physics-envying psychology is all about brain-altering drugs, posited two fundamental drives (Urtriebe) in humans.  In his final work (1930), Das Unbehagen in der Kultur, translated as “Civilisation and its Discontents,”  these were the Erostrieb or Lebenstrieb (Eros drive or drive to live) and the Thanatostrieb or Todestrieb (Thanatos drive or death drive), to which Christianity has a somewhat analogous concept in Satan.  If anything Freudian is remembered from those early days, it might be only the Eros drive, since sex sells more than death.

    But the world-leading American spiral into madness is a perfect example of this deeply hidden, demonic drive to death.  And the “woke” fanaticism embraced by intellectuals, the media, the megalomaniac megabillionaires and their corporations, and large numbers of the “educated” masses, is proof positive that the Thanatos drive has become omnipotent today.

    British astrophysicist Fred Hoyle, speaking of the long evolutionary climb to the modern world of high civilization, said:  “This is a one-shot affair.”  He went on to warn, “If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned.  The same will be true of other planetary systems.  On each of them there will be one chance, and one chance only.” … “[I]f we insist on always following the easy path we could end up as a criminal species.”
     — Of Men and Galaxies (University of Washington Press: Seattle, 1964, pp. 63-70).

    And the cosmos executes criminals.

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    “The white supremist has spoken.”

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    About the publisher:

    Project Syndicate has around 80 authors who submit opinion commentaries on a regular or monthly basis. Periodic editorials are also published by prominent individuals such as Shinzo Abe, Francis Fukuyama, Bill and Melinda Gates, Christine Lagarde, Juan Manuel Santos, and George Soros.

    Project Syndicate, which (((Ezra Klein))) described as “the world’s smartest op-ed page

    The entire globalist freak show assembled.

    Pessimism has pervaded the oil industry ever since its inception in 1859, when the small town of Titusville, Pennsylvania, became the site of the first oil rush. To many observers at the time, the “black gold” was a gift from Mother Nature that would surely be exhausted once discovered by others. In 1885, Pennsylvania’s official state geologist warned that, “The amazing exhibition of oil” would be merely a “temporary and vanishing phenomenon – one which young men will live to see come to its natural end.”

    Indeed. There is only one energy source that is inexhaustible on a human scale and that is renewable energy. Get used to it, even if, initially, it’s not as comfortable as fossil fuel was. It’s gonna be hard work indeed and the job will take decades and there is no guarantee it will lead to as an affluent society as we were used to. But for reasons of 1. depletion, 2. climate 3. pollution and 4. energy independence (Europe), we have no choice.

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  18. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 4th Apr 2021 3:45 am 

    “BTW, if whitey was so intelligent & superior they would not be self destructing & at record speed.”

    If your jews were really so intelligent and invincible, they would not have admitted defeat, as they did last week:

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    “Are your tears flowing as you type?”

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  19. makati1 on Sun, 4th Apr 2021 5:29 pm 

    Another day in this crazy world! Where will WW3 start? The Middle East? The South China Sea? The Ukraine? Taiwan?

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  20. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 5th Apr 2021 1:51 am 

    Another day in this crazy world! Where will WW3 start? The Middle East? The South China Sea? The Ukraine? Taiwan?

    My guess: Ukraine, but who knows when? Today? Next month? Next year? Place your bets and pass the popcorn.

    Mine too, Ukraine:

    “‘This crisis has the potential to escalate into a pan-European or world war’: Russian military analyst claims Moscow’s build-up of troops and tanks on the Ukranian border could turn hot within as little as four weeks”

    The Ukraine is run by a kike president and the US could take advantage of that. The US could attempt to play va banque in a last desperate effort to topple Putin and bring Russia back into western orbit and put those kosher oligarchs back into power, like Khodorkovsky, by provoking a war in Donbass and the Crimea, in an attempt to chase out the Russians, in which they very well could succeed, prompting huge columns of Russian refugees from said territories into Russia and as such strengthen the Russian military with additional hundreds of thousands of fighters, only strengthening Russian resolve. If the US decided to venture into Russia, Russia can safely use tactical nukes against invading forces, without having to fear escalation. The US would be plagued by very long supply lines, that could be sabotaged by right-wing Europeans. The key to defeat the US is killing sufficient GIs; Vietnam has shown that 40k suffices.

    It will be interesting to see the response of Europe. The US can count on Poland and Britain for military support, but that will probably be it.

    Depending on European support, Putin could decide to cut off fossil fuel supplies to Europe and send the stuff to China instead. China will keep Russia afloat, because they know they would be next.

    China will not wait until Russia could be defeated and will open a second front in East-Asia.

    And the third power, Iran, will certainly block the Straight of Hormuz, depriving Europe from more oil, nobody can replace, not even the US, that has 50% imports themselves. Is not going to make US moves very popular in Europe, especially in Germany and France (the latter still has sufficient nuclear power).

    If Putin manages to hold out into the winter the battle could turn into his favor, because of a starving Europe.

    But it remains to be seen if Europe really will support the Anglo-Zionists against Russia. Populism is strong and getting stronger. Americans could risk being attacked in the back.

    And then there is the US itself. White nationalists could use the occasion to finally organize an insurrection at home and secede from Washington.

    “BTW: Getting hot here in the Ps. Low 90s. I need to order a new case of San Miguel Lite. ^_^”

    Could get much hotter. In case of WW3, the Ps are guaranteed to be invaded by both Chinese and US forces. If I were you, I would use the opportunity to visit some family in the US.

  21. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 5th Apr 2021 5:13 am 

    As a reminder to how unexpectedly major wars can begin, here is the example of WW1:

    Start date WW1: 28 July 1914

    One month earlier, the British fleet paid a courtesy visit to Germany:

    Great show, handshaking, “eternal friendship Britain-Germany”, tadada-tadada.

    But behind German backs, the British deep state was plotting to wait for the right moment to get Germany strangled. And that moment arrived 2 days later in Sarajewo.

    It took one month for the German Kaiser to understand that he was being setup for war by Britain, when he wrote in his diary:

    ‘Frivolity and weakness are going to plunge the world into the most frightful war of which the ultimate object is the overthrow of Germany. For I no longer have any doubt that England, Russia and France have agreed among themselves – knowing that our treaty obligations compel us to support Austria – to use the Austro-Serb conflict as a pretext for waging a war of annihilation against us… In this way the stupidity and clumsiness of our ally [Austria] is turned into a noose. So the celebrated encirclement of Germany has finally become an accepted fact… The net has suddenly been closed over our heads, and the purely anti-German policy which England has been scornfully pursuing all over the world has won the most spectacular victory which we have proved ourselves powerless to prevent while they, having got us despite our struggles all alone into the net through our loyalty to Austria, proceed to throttle our political and economic existence. A magnificent achievement, which even those for whom it means disaster are bound to admire.’

    The Kaiser was right about British intentions, but too pessimistic about German potential to win the war.

    In 1917, with Russia defeated, the Germans were in won position, but then the British played their last trump card and struck the infamous Balfour deal with American jews, who not yet owned the US government, but were strong enough to arm-twist Wilson and send an army to Europe, in return for British guarantees to eventually hand over Palestine to the jews. Although the Germans had not yet done any harm to the jews, the jews threw Germany into the abyss of Versailles “peace treaty” by bringing the US into WW1 against Germany.

    The attitude of the English hasn’t changed. Again they are agitating against Europe, in the comment sections of the MSM or social media. They are keen on destroying the EU, led by that little punk Farage:

    In order to guarantee white survival, we need to solve the JQ and EQ once and for all, if necessary with unprecedented brutality.

    But there is a good chance it won’t be necessary, this could be the final solution of the EQ, a complete breakup of the UK:

    And just like the Anglos gave the green light in 1945 to the Poles to depopulate Prussia from millions of Germans, we have good use for millions of superfluous “French” Muslims and cleanup Europe, by chasing them through the Channel Tunnel and support them in colonizing London and Kent and decapitate England once and for all and turn Westminster in the Great Mosque of London.

    This is the possible scenario if England really crosses all the lines, support the US physically in the Ukraine and keeps on waging war against the EU.

  22. Cloggie on Wed, 7th Apr 2021 1:53 am 

    US companies close the lithium recycling loop:

    US targets 30 GW offshore wind by 2030

    (Tiny Netherlands will have 12 GW offshore wind by then. Expect that US 30 GW to be built and installed by European companies)

    German rail buys more offshore wind power. Big companies buying up renewable energy capacity is a big driver in the renewable energy transition:

    My favorite Dutch company ASML does the same:

  23. Cloggie on Wed, 7th Apr 2021 4:21 am 

    The Tesla Throne is shaking, German car giants are fighting back and successfully so, for 5 reasons:

    1. improving cost structure
    2. 100% CEO acceptance that the ICE car is history
    3. no more fascination for HP or acceleration, but battery production, charging poles, software
    4. no more obsessions with growing and take-overs, but instead becoming agile
    5. acceptance of political directives like the Paris Accords and EU renewable energy program

    Even Elon Musk has admitted that Tesla shares are overvalued:

    “E-Vehicles 2025 – and the Winner is… Volkswagen!”

  24. Cloggie on Wed, 7th Apr 2021 6:13 am 

    Nuclear powered cars to become a reality here in Britain by 2070!

    I give you, the sneerers, and the all the unborn future generation of posters and commenters here at, the ATOMIC powered, V-8 Corvega!

    Data sheet here:

    Video Here:

    of a sort of working concept car on its test track at the Chyslus testing facility. The model pictured is a proposed atomic powered police car. But not to worry, there will be plenty of Atomic powered cars for Joe and Jane Six-pack as well.

    Corvega feature overview

    The Atomic V-8 can be identified by its distinctive stacked headlights, trapezoid-shaped grille, and tailfins. The car will be powered by a nuclear fusion engine and will be available as a two-door and four-door car in a variety of external and interior colors.[2] A second two-door version with a bubble top and more streamlined appearance is advertised and promised, but is special order only. All Corvegas of this type only have door handles on the driver side.[3] Some models were capable of towing trailers and boats.

    Get out of here, you gas guzzling dinosaurs. The Corvega is about to make you all extinct!

    And all for the low low price of only $199,999.99*

    *Pricing subject to change between now and 2070.

    Best of all? Tailfins included at NO extra charge.
    And I will see you all on the road, in 2070

  25. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 7th Apr 2021 7:56 am 

    Russia still hasn’t given up on Europe, perhaps there is a difference between words and actions intended for public consumption and what is being said behind closed doors:

    “European Union welcome in new Russian-backed ‘Great Eurasian Partnership’, Moscow says… if Brussels sees value in turning to East“


    The ultimate geopolitical objective must be the creation of a greater European alliance, teaming up with US white nationalists and liberate the latter from Washington, while China is having a good time in East-Asia and Oceania and create a world order without Huns, Mongols, Khazars and similar mid-Eurasian inconveniences.

  26. Cloggie on Wed, 7th Apr 2021 4:06 pm 

    Germany could be sitting on top of large andd very pure lithium resources. Plans are underway to harvest the metal contained in geothermal brine in a CO2-free fashion:

    “Vulcan Energy (ASX:VUL) well sample shows high-grade lithium, low impurities“

    Cooperation underway with Australian expertise (Vulcan).

  27. makati1 on Wed, 7th Apr 2021 5:24 pm 

    And maybe the moon is made of green cheese, Cloggie. That’s ‘IF’ it really is there in quantity. What is possible is NOT what may happen.

    Pollution, profit, accessibility, time, etc. will determine “IF” it will be accessed and used. I really doubt it.

    A lot of these ‘renewable’ articles are full of evasive words like: if, maybe, could, may…

  28. Cloggie on Wed, 7th Apr 2021 11:38 pm 

    mak, and I could be sitting on a throne of pure gold and diamonds.

    In actual fact, I am sitting in front of my laptop in my publicly subsidized housing project, where I grind out unbelievable quantities of non-stop nonsense that no one but me cares about.

    If you had any sense at all, you too would through terms like ‘could’, ‘maybe’, ‘possibly’, ‘might’, ‘someday’ and any other vague, non-specific modifiers you can think of, when it comes to the glorious technological future that I have seen will come to pass. That way, I can always claim I never said that, or was only talking about possibilities and not the actual universe the rest of you inhabit. Always give yourself an out is my rule. If that fails, just ignore anything idiots like you guys who are constantly poking holes in the future Earth movie that runs constantly in my head 24/7. Which is due by 2050. Or 2100. Or, maybe some other year between now and 22200. in case you were wondering.

    Take this ‘German’ lithium business. Had you heard about that before? Do you even care? Is lithium even an energy source? Hell no. It TAKES energy to do anything with lithium. In fact, using Lithium for anything entails a rather large loss of energy. Even I know that, but, I like to pretend you dont. Why? Because I am an qualified engineer and you are just an UN-educated old man living in a 3rd world dungheap. Its up to people like me to pave the way for the world to come.

  29. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 8th Apr 2021 1:15 am 

    China is testing US resolve on 2 fronts:

    1. Philippines. The Chinese have a fleet of hundreds of fishing boats in Ps waters, on a pretext of seeking shelter for a storm. It is known that these boats have Chinese military men on board. Tough guy Duterte has demanded that the boats get lost, but they didn’t.

    2. Taiwan:

    “South China Sea: alarm in Philippines as 200 Chinese vessels gather at disputed reef”

    Since then, Duterte has remarkably toned-down, since he is keen on receiving billions of Chinese loans for his economy.

    “Philippines’ Duterte calls for peaceful resolution of China boats impasse”


    Don’t expect these Chinese boats to leave anytime soon. Or ever.

    And then there is Taiwan. Chinese jets have intruded into Taiwanese airspace:

    “Taiwan reports largest ever incursion by Chinese air force”

    China has announced that these “drills” are going to be a PERMANENT feature. The Taiwanese government has announced it will fight until the end, with or without foreign support:

    “Policing the world”, eh?

    Interesting times.

  30. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Apr 2021 1:33 am 

    “Calling Euroskeptics Morawiecki, Orban & Salvini ‘pro-Putin bloc’ is a lazy diversion. They are the next real EU force”

    Putin is betting on the victory of the right in Europe.

    He is correct.

    Putin doesn’t want the EU to dissolve. Instead, he wants to join.

    “Russian EU Ambassador Offers Europe “Unlimited Cooperation””

    Putin doesn’t want to be a junior partner of China, he wants to be a major power within Europe, on par with France and Germany. He knows that the Gaullist tendency in French politics is very strong. He merely needs to sit out that horrible Merkel, who is almost gone.

  31. Cloggie on Sun, 11th Apr 2021 7:09 am 

    It’s coming: 500 km range on a single charge and 10 minute charging times:

    “Toyota Plans Revolutionary Solid State Battery for 2021”

    Car batteries are useful in providing an additional national level storage facility for intermittent renewable energy. Just link the weather report to your charging behavior/timing. You can connect your 90 kWh car battery to your home. Who needs a Tesla power wall anymore? Instead, pay once for the battery and give it multi-purpose use.

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