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Page added on January 30, 2007

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Yes–Blood For Oil!

I got caught in a traffic jam the other day because of some librul war protesters and I didn’t even drive over them with my Escalade. Felt too sorry for them.

It was a butt-cracking minus-ten degrees, with a helluva wind, but that’s not why I pitied them. It was on account of their nylon/polyester/polyolefin parkas with Thinsulate stuffing, their polyurethane footwear and their synthetic rubber soles.

They all held plastic cups filled with coffee shipped from Guatemala. Many wore little “glasses” (no glass there, polycarbonate). Hell, I even saw an old lady with a walker, probably harboring a plastic hip or two.

The poor dupes were swimming in the oil they hated and didn’t even know it.


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