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Page added on March 29, 2009

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U.S. to push for UN climate deal but no "magic wand"

BONN, Germany (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama’s
administration promised to push for a new United Nations climate treaty
on Sunday but said Washington had no magic wand and that all countries
had to help.

"The United States is going to be powerfully and fully engaged,"
U.S. special envoy for climate change Todd Stern said at the opening of
175-nation U.N. talks in Bonn, the first since Obama took office in
January speaking of a "planet in peril."

"But we are all going to have to do this together, we don’t have a
magic wand," Stern told a news conference. The March 29-April 8 meeting
is working on a U.N. climate deal meant to be agreed in Copenhagen in
December 2009.

In a speech, Stern won two rounds of applause, each about 20 seconds
long, in stark contrast to the frosty reception given to President
George W. Bush’s envoys who were often accused of inaction and were
even booed at U.N. talks in Bali in 2007.

Even so, Stern laid out clear limits to Obama’s ambitions. He said
the United States wanted to work for a treaty that was economically
"doable" and that countries could not expect Washington to "ride in on
a white horse" to solve the problem.


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