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Page added on December 7, 2019

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The World Is Getting Better. It’s Just That No One Tells You About It.

General Ideas

A special Morning Jolt today, as I try to run through a long but by no means complete list of good news from the past year that was astoundingly under-reported and discussed, particularly when compared to presidential tweets, discussions of which pop culture offerings weren’t woke enough, glowing profiles of the eighth or ninth-most popular Democratic presidential candidate, and so on . . .

We’ve Made Some Breathtaking Advances

You will be stunned when you realize how many dramatic breakthroughs have been made against some of the most common and deadly diseases and ailments out there.

One: A new blood test could detect breast cancer five years before other clinical signs manifest. This could be available to patients in four to five years. Separately, a new treatment for early-stage breast cancer could wipe out a growth in just one treatment.

Two: A new three-drug combination therapy could provide significant help to up to 90 percent of those suffering from cystic fibrosis.

Three: We could soon see a pill that can prevent heart attacks in high-risk patients: “Drugmaker Amarin “shocked the world last year when a long-running clinical trial showed that its medicine derived from purified fish oil, Vascepa, substantially reduced the risk of cardiovascular events like heart attacks in high-risk patients . . . In November, a panel of experts convened by the Food and Drug Administration reviewed Amarin’s data. They voted 16 to 0 that Vascepa was safe and cuts cardiovascular events.”

Four: Israeli researchers think they’ve discovered that a molecule designed to help stroke victims may be a new way to wipe out pancreatic cancer, which is one of the toughest cancers to treat.

Five: The Mayo Clinic injected stem cells derived from fat cells into a paralyzed patient’s spine and the patient is now walking again. This treatment may not work as well for every patient, but it provides new hope for everyone facing paralysis.

You can get stem cells from fat cells? Good heavens, I think I’ve found my calling.

Six: A new vaccine could eliminate allergies to cats.

Seven: Earlier this year, UC San Francisco researchers managed to transform human stem cells into mature insulin-producing cells, a major breakthrough in the effort to develop a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Eight: In July, researchers “successfully eliminated HIV from the DNA of infected mice for the first time, bringing them one step closer to curing the virus in humans.”

Nine: Two new treatments for the deadly Ebola virus “saved roughly 90 percent of the patients who were newly infected.”

Ten: Gene therapy developed at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has cured infants born with X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency, more commonly known as “bubble boy” disease. “The children are producing functional immune cells, including T cells, B cells and natural killer (NK) cells, for the first time.”

Keep headlines like the ones above in mind the next time you hear some politician denouncing “those greedy pharmaceutical companies.”

Turning our attention to the American economy, you’ve heard about the low unemployment rate. What you may not have heard is that the workforce participation rate for those between 25 and 54 years old is up to 80.1 percent — the highest since early 2007.

If that’s eleven, then twelve would be the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest report on income and poverty, which came out in October. That report found real median family income up 1.2 percent from 2017 to 2018, real median earnings up 3.4 percent, the number of full-time, year-round workers increased by 2.3 million, and the poverty rate declined from 12.3 percent to 11.8 percent, with 1.4 million people leaving poverty.

Thirteen: Despite predictions that Amazon was going to put bookstores out of business, the number of independent bookstores keeps rising each year — the most recent figures are 1,887 independent bookselling companies running 2,524 stores.

Fourteen: The cost of lithium-ion batteries is down about 87 percent over the past decade — which makes electric vehicles a more cost-effective option for transporting goods and people.

Fifteen: There’s a lot of ugly trade wars and tariffs going on, but there is progress on some fronts. Japan just approved a deal that will lower or remove tariffs on $7.2 billion in U.S. farm goods, including a gradual reduction of its 38.5 percent duty on American beef to 9 percent. Other U.S. products including pork, wine and cheese will also get greater market access, putting the United States on a level playing field with TPP members such as Australia and Canada. The European Parliament voted last month to approve a plan that “grants the U.S. a country-specific share of the European Union’s duty-free, high-quality beef quota.”

Sixteen: In September, for the first time in 70 years, the United States exported more crude oil and petroleum products than it imported per day. Back in 2006, we were importing 13 million barrels a day. Around that time, America set out to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. Thanks to fracking and innovation, we did it.

Turning our attention to the environment, bald eagles, once on the endangered species list, are now so plentiful that San Bernardino National Forest officials are ending their annual count.

That’s seventeen. Number eighteen would arrive from over in the United Kingdom, a new study of endangered carnivorous mammals finds “two of the three ‘rarer carnivores’ (pine marten and polecat) have staged remarkable recoveries, while the third (wildcat) continues to be threatened by hybridisation. Meanwhile, akin to pine martens and polecats, the formerly rare and restricted otter has recovered much of its former range and is increasing in density.”

Nineteen: The world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago, and data from NASA satellites has revealed a counterintuitive source for much of this new foliage: China and India. A new study shows that the two emerging countries with the world’s biggest populations are leading the increase in greening on land. The effect stems mainly from ambitious tree planting programs in China and intensive agriculture in both countries.

Twenty: NASA also found that “abnormal weather patterns in the upper atmosphere over Antarctica dramatically limited ozone depletion in September and October, resulting in the smallest ozone hole observed since 1982.”

Twenty-one: A study unveiled in November estimates that humpbacks in the western South Atlantic region now number 24,900 — nearly 93 percent of their population size before they were hunted to the brink of extinction. Good news, crew of the Enterprise, you may not need to use a stolen Klingon ship to find two humpbacks to save the future.

Twenty-two: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration spotted and recorded video of a kraken — okay, a giant squid that was at least 10 feet long — only about 100 miles southeast of New Orleans, shortly before their vessel was struck by lightning. Okay, technically this could be bad news.

Turning our attention overseas, you heard about the raid against al-Baghdadi and the collapse of the Islamic State. You probably didn’t hear that the number of ISIS fighters in Afghanistan is “now reduced to around 300 fighters in Afghanistan, from an estimated 3,000 earlier this year.”

That’s twenty-three; twenty-four would be the impact of terrorism. We won’t know 2019’s numbers until the year ends, but deaths from terrorism fell for the fourth consecutive year in 2018, after peaking in 2014. The number of deaths has now decreased by 52 percent since 2014, falling from 33,555 to 15,952, says the 2019 Global Terrorism Index.

Twenty-five: The number of malaria infections recorded globally has fallen for the first time in several years.  In 2018, Cambodia reported zero malaria-related deaths for the first time in the country’s history. India also reported a huge reduction in infections, with 2.6 million fewer cases in 2018 than in 2017.

Twenty-six: Tensions between India and Pakistan got worse overall this year over Kashmir, but India and Pakistan managed to cooperate on breaking ground on a new peace corridor that will allow more than 5,000 Sikh pilgrims to travel back and forth across the normally impassable border visa-free for the first time in 72 years.

Twenty-seven: Israeli scientists have genetically engineered an E. Coli bacteria that eat carbon dioxide.

Twenty-eight through thirty-one come from the realm of remarkable discoveries about our past. Archeologists made amazing discoveries in the past year. A 1,300-year-old ‘rook” found in the Jordanian desert may be the world’s oldest chess piece. They discovered a new humanoid Nazca line in Peru. Sometime fourth century B.C. and sixth century A.D., in what is today Iran, some civilization built a big beautiful wall running about 71 miles; it appears Mexico didn’t pay for that one, either. And in Jerusalem, archeologists found that a grand street running from the Siloam Pool to the Temple Mount was built by some guy named . . . er, Pontius Pilate.

You hear about this stuff a lot less because articles and television segments about these developments don’t make you more likely to respond in the comments section, more likely to share on social media, more likely to call into a talk radio program, or more likely to vote for a particular candidate. It doesn’t make you believe that the world is full of people who are being unfair to you, that you’re a victim, or that other people are responsible for your problems.

ADDENDUM: Whatever your day holds, it probably doesn’t include chaperoning an elementary school field trip with fourth graders that includes long bus rides to and from our educational destination. Here’s hoping not too many kids barf today.

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421 Comments on "The World Is Getting Better. It’s Just That No One Tells You About It."

  1. JuanP ID theft on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 10:37 am 

    Stupid is still triggered. Stupid tell us about how much you know about France. Did you learn about where France is from GED classes?

    This is from stupid:
    REAL Green said Me n JuanPeePee aren’t really real Davy.

    Davy said We don’t want JuanPeePee in my country anymore cus…

  2. Cloggie on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 11:18 am 

    In my view, hybrid solar collectors are an under-estimated way to harvest electricity and heat. Here example projects of how these PVT-collectors can be used as a heat source for heat pumps:

  3. Cloggie on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 11:49 am 

    “The New Optimism, with Matt Ridley, Johan Norberg, David Runciman and Laura Kuenssberg”

  4. Cloggie on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 12:18 pm 

    Less good is this:

    “Greenland meltdown warning: World’s second largest ice sheet is melting far more quickly than previously thought – leaving 400 million people exposed to coastal flooding by 2100”

    For mere Eurasian mortals, this is 61 cm.

  5. Cloggie on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 1:22 pm 

    Dutch 20pm news: ever more Africans install ever cheaper panels and for the first time have electricity, so the children can do their homework at night. The parents are thrilled.

    Touching pictures of entire communities staring at a shared flat panel. Just like in Holland in the fifties.

  6. Robert Inget on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 2:00 pm 

    I chopped of my schlong for the animal kingdom and I feel much better. You’re not alone JuanP


  7. Cloggie on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 4:13 pm 

    “Ethiopia breaks world tree-planting record with the EU’s helping hands“

    take-away point: it is possible for a poor countey to plant 350 million trees in a single day.

    The action is to be repeated in an effort to make Ethiopia greener.

  8. Cloggie on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 4:17 pm 

    “Tree planting ‘has mind-blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis”

    “Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide”

    That’s every earthling planting 140 little plants. That’s merely a few hours work per person.

  9. Cloggie on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 4:31 pm 

    BBC News just revealed that within the Labour party there is no belief in a victory on Thursday. BoJo is going to win, will “get Brexit done”… and everything is set for the upcoming “geopolitical reversal” and termination of the dominance of the Five Eyes.

    Trump will probably survive the impeachment farce and greatly enhances his chances for 4 more years, which will further weaken the old-guard deep state.

  10. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 4:35 pm 

    GOP candidate arrested in SF for allegedly stalking Nancy Pelosi challenger

    Another typical behavior of our Repug Friends.

  11. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 5:06 pm 

    Anchorage hit 51 yesterday, which as the all time December high temperature at the airport (since 1952). That is 3 degrees warmer than Reno was yesterday, and Reno was 2 degrees above normal.

  12. makati1 on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 5:09 pm 

    Duncan, have you noticed that insanity now rules in US government? It is quite obvious to those of us outside the box. It is only a matter of time until the whole Amerika thingy blows up or implodes under its own debt load.

    Some here like to point fingers at Russia or China while ignoring a much worse situation in their own country. Ah well, denial does not change anything. It just makes it worse for the denier.

  13. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 5:23 pm 

    Duncan, have you noticed that insanity now rules in US government?
    Obvious , to those even minimally paying attention.

    But that happened when Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal went Fascist.
    Fortunately, these psychopaths always fail.
    But the stupidity of he Merikin populace doesn’t bring hope.

  14. makati1 on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 6:09 pm 

    I think that the US is going down. There is little intelligence or common sense left in Amerika. The general populace has been dumbed down and brainwashed to a level that makes recovery almost impossible. Civility is gone. Hope is dying. Greed rules.

    Amerika will likely survive as a 3rd world country, but not the world leader it still pretends to be. ALL of its government stats are lies. Debt rules and will soon win. The US economy has been in contraction for a long time and it is now becoming viable in thousands of store closing, trucking firms shutting down, credit limits hitting the brick wall, etc.

    Maybe after the pain ends and the dust settles, Amerika will again be a nice place to live, but I’m glad I am not there to experience the change.

  15. Davy on Tue, 10th Dec 2019 7:33 pm 

    Please, will someone snap-off my cock cause I can’t because I’m Really Really Green.

    DISCLAIMER: I support the Republican agenda to destroy the natural world, but it’s being offset by my being Really Real Green. IOW, -1+1=0 et effect.

    I’m so smart that I even impress myself sometimes.

  16. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:18 am 

    Even the most globalist country in Europe, Britain, has arrived at its limits regarding acceptance of multicult and immigration, like earlier everywhere else in Europe:

    UEFA officials admit that “racism” has been getting gradually worse over the past 20 years, regardless of the many actions against it.

    Reason: demographic change.

    Solution: do not provoke the fans with ever more African players! When I was a kid and supporter of PSV Eindhoven, the players were almost all from the Eindhoven area. And when we played Ajax Amsterdam (and invariably got our arses kicked), the Ajax players were all white and from Amsterdam; they spoke with an Amsterdam accent.

    Holland dominated the European soccer scene in the seventies with Ajax and Feijenoord Rotterdam, with local white players and very attractive and hyper-offensive soccer (“totaal-voetbal”).

    Later, hand-in-hand with the rise of “Brainport Eindhoven” as the de facto high-tech center of the Netherlands, money came in and PSV began to challenge Ajax and Feijenoord hegemony… with foreign players:

    Today, PSV Eindhoven looks like this:

    The teams from the Randstad are even more, er, colorful.

    What is needed is new ruling, implemented after empire, of max. 2 foreign players in a local or national football team. There is absolutely no moral justification why football teams all over the world should be majority African.

    Africa for the Africans!

  17. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 12:36 pm 

    Greta Thunberg Person of the Year 2019:


  18. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 1:02 pm 

    28 most influential Europeans, according to politico:

    Note that German rightwinger thinker Goetz Kubitscheck is included:

    Kubitscheck speaks at Pegida gathering:

    “Der Osten hält stand”

    (“The East holds ground”)

  19. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 1:18 pm 


    A right wing thinker? LOL That is an oxymoron.

    Keep spamming your fake news you sponge off of society.

    Get a job clogg.

  20. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 1:48 pm 

    EU is going to be crushed by US sanctions for russian gas pipeline.


  21. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:27 pm 

    While the Netherlands is building the world’s largest 1.5 GW offshore wind park Borssele I-V, already preparations are made for the next 1.5 GW:

    Hollandse Kust I-II (operational 2023)

    Nouveaute: for the first time 140 11 MW Siemens wind-turbines are going to be installed. Never before were such large turbines used offshore.

  22. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:33 pm 

    EU is going to be crushed by US sanctions for russian gas pipeline.


    You’re not afraid you are not going to be crushed back?

    – Confiscate Amazon.
    – Forbid use Windows and Office and replace with free European Linux and Libre-Office, that are just as good or better.
    – Conspire with China and Russia to forbid the use of the dollar in Eurasia, with US losing 35% GDP
    – EU commission forbidding delivery of Dutch ASML machines to the US. Since the Netherlands is the only country that can produce these machines, machines that have a life span of 5-7 years, after that time the US simple no longer has microchips.

    Now worries, the US have a rich base culture to fall back upon and very environmentally friendly too!

    (“You go left, I go write, we’ll cut them off at the pass”)


    Go away, you yapping has-been.

  23. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:38 pm 

    Europeans working together to make the 100% renewable energy transition work:

    Long live the EU!
    Long live Nord Stream II!
    Long live Putin!
    Bye-bye empire!

  24. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:39 pm 


    You and what army? LOL

    Your region will get on their knees like always.

  25. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:41 pm 


    When is the last time you had a job and got laid?

  26. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:52 pm 


    You and what army? LOL

    We have more troops than you.

    Europeans are of higher racial quality than the second hand Europeans and negroes you can field, don’t take it from me, take it from your fellow kikes at the WashPo:

    Google: “Their Wehrmacht Was Better Than Our Army – Washington Post” › archive › 1985/05/05

    You can’t even beat North-Vietnamese (not even with the help of South-Vietnamese), Iraqis, Syrians. The army of Luxembourg can beat you. Oh, and we have quite some scores to settle. Unfortunately a lot of (alt-right) American would seize the opportunity to escape from Washington and attack you in the back.

    France and Russia can destroy you in 30 minutes.

    But you are too stoopid, too overwhelmed by your own exceptionalist, chosenite hybris. Come and get us tiger. You can’t escape WW3 anyway:


  27. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 2:58 pm 

    European super grid latest:

    Cobra sub-sea cable Netherlands-Denmark in place. Capacity 700 MW.

    Will deliver cheap wind electricity from Denmark, so they can continue to expand and use us as their buffer, for the time being.

    Similar cables exist between the Netherlands-Britain-Norway-Denmark-Germany.

  28. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 3:04 pm 

    Europe going in the overdrive to speed up the renewable energy transition:

    “European Green Deal will change economy to solve climate crisis, says EU”

    Europe will have all the patents, skills, methods, companies and consultancies to take over from the Seven Sisters.

    Uncle Cloggs fundamental law of geopolitics: that political entity that masters and adopts a new source of energy first, will be “rewarded with a century”.


    Holland 17th century
    Britain 19th century
    USA 20 century

    –> Europe 21st century

    All you folks have got is “beautiful clean coal”.ROFL

  29. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 3:36 pm 

    Amazon orders 100,000 electric vans from US startup Rivian:

    But remember folks: renewable energy does work without fossil fuel, honest!


  30. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 3:39 pm 

    US startup Nikola announces e-truck with batteries with a range of 1300 km. Due date: end 2020.

  31. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 3:40 pm 

    Matt Ridley
    I have issues with Ridley.
    The Red Queen was brilliant—
    But his libertarian and conservative views demean his science.
    Elites can’t often face their economic delusions.

  32. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 3:46 pm 

    Note: Ridley got his failed bank rescued by the UK government.
    Taken like any thief in the UK, but that is part of being a libertarian.

  33. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 3:49 pm 

    “If it’s a Boeing, I’m not going”

    “FAA let Boeing 737 Max continue to fly even as review found serious crash risk”

    “Analysis from US regulators found plane could have averaged a fatal crash about every two to three years without design changes”

    “Australia may ban Boeing 737 Max even if US gives it all-clear”

  34. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 3:53 pm 

    “I have issues with Ridley.”

    I remember his main argument against run-away climate change: temperature is not proportional with CO2-rate in the air, but it asymptotically runs into an upper max. of ca. 1-2 degrees Celsius above average.

    Could not find any verification or rebuttal. The guy sounds very rational through, with the usual British high quality humor:

  35. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 4:04 pm 

    Renewables and EV’s are driven by governments, not the market. Because they are a farce.

    France and Russia? LOL They aren’t even allies.

    Clogg just combines any countries he wants. A total child.

    How old are you clogg?

  36. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 4:08 pm 

    Exactly what we have been looking for: the excuse for total war Eurasia-US

    “US lawmakers agree bill to force Trump on Nord Stream 2 sanctions”

    Trump doesn’t want it but he can’t escape war.

    2000 million Eurasians are going to beat 330 million Americans to pulp, a country teetering on the brink of CW2 anyway.

  37. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 4:08 pm 

    I like reading Ridley—
    He is just a clueless UK elite, sucking money off the government.
    His science views are good– just don’t have him analyze anything that effects his wealth, even if he is sucking off the Government.

  38. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 4:13 pm 

    “France and Russia? LOL They aren’t even allies.”

    You seriously think you can afford a tradewar with the EU?

    The EU has options: Russia and China.

    “Exclusive: China presses Europe for anti-U.S. alliance on trade”

    “On Russia and EU enlargement, Macron pushes a radical agenda”

    Russia will love it. You are totally alone on that far away country, with one leg in the third world.

  39. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 4:18 pm 

    Not to worry empire Dave. I see you are getting your ass handed to you by the Bolsheviks once again, and dont have the energy left to roll out your share of the spam at our usual combined volumes. Not to worry my friend, I got you covered. I’ll run enough spam for the both of us, and them some.

  40. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 4:26 pm 

    Well pussies, what are you waiting for? The move that would finally break up the Wes. Bring it on!

    “Three months left to kill Nord Stream 2”

  41. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 4:38 pm 


    You are beyond naive. No wonder you don’t work and can’t get laid.

    Wait till the global oil shortage hits soon. Europe and Asia will have to get on their knees. And we will sodomize both of you.

    Remember Libya’s president? Remember Sadaam? enough said.

  42. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 5:03 pm 

    “Wait till the global oil shortage hits soon. Europe and Asia will have to get on their knees. And we will sodomize both of you.”

    We already know that most Americans are an ugly bunch of mass murderers, city nukers, holohoax-inventors and rapists. But this time you are finished. There is not going to be any shortage of fossil fuel, you stinking kike dummy:

    And we have Nord stream I, II, South Stream (via Turkey), pipelines through Ukraine. No problem what soever.

    You however face a real holocaust, on North-American soil:

    These are our millions of European soldiers, already in North-America:

    Now how do you like your pogrom: medium or well-done?

  43. Cloggie on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 5:07 pm 

    “Remember Libya’s president? “

    That was France.

    “Remember Sadaam? enough said.”

    Remember that Green Zone trap, where Muslims lobbed handgrenades into, making the US flee Eyeraq, tail between legs? Negro countries can’t be a world power. Enough said. You are over.

  44. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 5:17 pm 

    Europe is going to blow a fortune on clean energy fantasies. Look how much Germany has blown on Energywide. And look what happened to the largest solar company in sunny Spain.

    All the strong willed and intelligent people of Europe already migrated to America. Now its just a third world zoo. No shared language or culture.

  45. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 5:18 pm 


    Your moldy blog links are laughable. And the fact that you won’t allow any comments (Free Speech) proves your arguments and references don’t stand up to scrutiny.

    The truth fears no questions..

  46. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 5:36 pm 

    US FP Magazine calls for violence in Hong Kong and elsewhere!

  47. makati1 on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 5:38 pm 

    MOB, still sex obsessed? LOL

    “2018, the United States imported about 9.94 million barrels per day”. EIA

    “In 2018, the United States consumed an average of about 20.5 million barrels of petroleum per day”. So, it imports almost 50% of the oil it consumes. Hmmm!

    The US has to transport what oil it has by leaking, antique pipelines and equally antique rail systems. Not to mention that most oily companies are operating at a loss and have been for years.

  48. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 6:43 pm 


    The US doesn’t consume all of the oil they import. Nearly half of it gets imported and refined and then shipped back out and exported. That is why you have to look at “net” imports. And you will see the US is oil self sufficient. Unlike Asia and Europe.

  49. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 11th Dec 2019 8:02 pm 

    Net Energy Cliff Will Lead to Collapse of Civilization

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