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Page added on June 9, 2019

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“The Storm” and “Tower Time” – Simple Names For A Complicated Situation

“The Storm” and “Tower Time” – Simple Names For A Complicated Situation thumbnail

I’ve written a bit lately about “The Storm” and “Tower Time” and “The Long Descent” – everyone knows what I’m talking about, right?


Such is modern language. Words get used in new ways – seemingly at random – and before long they become a part of ordinary language. Except that everybody doesn’t know what they mean. And words often have connotations and implications that aren’t necessarily accurate for their new usage. Such is the case here.

The Storm

I’m not sure where the idea of “The Storm” began. I first started hearing it around 2011 from people associated with the Morrigan. At that point it was a future event – many of us heard the Great Queen say “A storm is coming – get ready.” It was never really clear what that storm would be (the Morrigan has many virtues – transparency is not one of them), just that it would be difficult, unpleasant, and long.

In 2016 the storm arrived. In March – well before the election of Donald Trump – I wrote:

If you’re paying the least bit of attention, you can see there’s something very wrong with our world right now. If you read or watch just a bit of news, you can see that politics throughout the West has reached a level of ineptitude not seen in over a century. And if you have just a bit of magical awareness you can see that this badness extends across the Veil and into the world of spirit.

The metaphor of a storm for the changes in our environment – both this-world and Otherworldly – is useful, but it’s vague. Are we talking about a thunderstorm, a tornado, or a hurricane? Beyond that, even though storms are dangerous and sometimes fatal, they don’t last very long. A few minutes or a few days and they’re gone, and ordinary life can resume.

Nobody who’s paying attention thinks this is going to be over any time soon.

Tower Time

We know where “Tower Time” began. Byron Ballard coined the phrase to describe the end of empire and the patriarchy that supports it. It’s named for The Tower card in the Tarot, a card that foretells sudden, dramatic, and irreversible change. The false is burned away and those who built on unstable foundations are cast down, making room for something better.

But for all the advances made over the past century, the patriarchy isn’t dead and it’s making a resurgence. We hope this is simply its last desperate stand – and we’re working to insure that happens – but history reminds us that social advances can be reversed in a hurry.

Further, The Tower has apocalyptic implications: something terrible is going to happen, but once that’s done everything will all be better. Apocalyptic prophecies have a 3500 year track record of being wrong every single time.

So while Tower Time is a useful term, it doesn’t precisely describe our current situation.

The Long Descent

The Long Descent is the title of a 2008 book by former AODA Grand Archdruid John Michael Greer subtitled “A User’s Guide to the End of the Industrial Age.” Greer argues that since modern industrial society is dependent on petroleum and since petroleum will eventually run out, our society is beginning a “long descent” into a post-industrial age.

While I think we really are in a long descent, Greer’s theory has two problems. The first is that peak oil production keeps getting pushed farther and farther back. And it dismisses technological advancements that can compensate for the eventual decline in petroleum. There won’t be a seamless transition to a Star Trek future and it’s entirely possible future generations will look back with envy (and a bit of disgust) at our level of luxury, but I think it’s highly unlikely our great grandchildren will be living with 1880’s technology.

The second problem – ironic for a Druid who wrote an excellent book on polytheism – is that Greer completely ignores the impact of spiritual forces and Otherworldly persons. While many of our current difficulties have this-world, human-caused origins, others do not. We can argue about The Re-emergence of the Fair Folk vs. The Myth of Disenchantment, but many of us who have opened our magical eyes are seeing things not seen in centuries.

The Long Descent is perhaps the most accurate name for the phenomena we’re talking about. But what we’re talking about is far more than the post-petroleum speculations of John Michael Greer.

What are we talking about, anyway?

When we talk about “The Storm” or “Tower Time” or “The Long Descent” we’re referring to a series of events and phenomena that are difficult and unpleasant, but mainly that don’t fit our ideas about the world and the way it’s supposed to work. And not just one or two strange and unusual occurrences, but one after another after another.

Some of these things are clearly caused by humans. Some we’ve seen before, in history if not in our own lives. Others are novel and of indeterminate origin. Individually, any one of them can be rationalized away. Taken together, they point toward something bigger. The list includes:

  • Climate change and its impact on humans and other persons
  • The decline of the American empire and the extreme efforts to prolong it
  • The rise of fascism, nationalism, and xenophobia
  • Year-round encounters with Otherworldly persons (aka “The Shredded Veil”)
  • More frequent encounters with the Fair Folk
  • Gods on recruiting missions
  • Divine instructions to build – in a hurry
  • Increased interest in magic and witchcraft from ordinary people
  • Increased intensity and frequency of magical and spiritual experiences
  • and an ever-increasing number of incidents that are difficult to classify but that are best described as high strangeness

What’s the cause?

We don’t know.

Two years ago I wrote A Speculative Look at the Cycles of Magic and the Otherworld where I outlined some ideas about what might be behind all this. I suggested that what we’re experiencing is the product of multiple natural and supernatural cycles lining up at a point of increasing intensity, plus some persons in this world and in the Otherworld looking to take advantage of an opportunity most people don’t see.

I think it’s worthwhile to wonder and think and speculate about what might be causing this.

I think it’s dangerous to assume it’s any one thing or person or force.

It’s many things. Some of them are forces which are either impersonal, or so far above humans they take no notice of us. Some of them are catalysts and multipliers, which increase the rate of change simply by their presence, while remaining unaffected by the process. Many are trying to take advantage of the chaos to grab a better situation for themselves.

But since we don’t know what’s causing it, we have a hard time coming up with a suitable term for it. And so we latch on to “The Storm” or “Tower Time” or “The Long Descent” and hope everyone knows what we mean.

This will not be over soon

Some people I know and respect see everything I’m seeing and still think it’s just the ordinary ebb and flow of life. They say it’s weather, not climate – and I’m not talking about climate change deniers. I wish they were right. I wish I could be confident the storm would be over in a year or two and then we could get back to normal, or at least start building a new normal.

Then again, the Great Red Spot on the planet Jupiter is a storm that’s been going on since at least 1830 and possibly since 1665. Sometimes weather can last a long time.

Ultimately, the question of whether this situation is climate or weather is of limited value. Nothing in life is permanent – everything changes.

But the signs all point to this being a deep, long change. I do not expect anyone alive today will see it’s end, nor likely its low point.

So, what shall we call this thing we’re in the middle of?

This thing we’re in the middle of will last longer than a storm. There will be no clearing of the deck, as in The Tower card. It will be a long descent, but there’s more to it than the oil running out… and it’s not going to wait for gas to hit $6 a gallon in the United States to get started.

I’ll probably continue to call it “The Storm.” It’s what I was warned was coming and it’s what I’ve written about numerous times over the years. If you have a better name, I’d be interested in hearing it.

But I don’t think what we call it is nearly as important as the need to acknowledge its presence, study its causes, and deal with its effects.

35 Comments on "“The Storm” and “Tower Time” – Simple Names For A Complicated Situation"

  1. Roger on Sun, 9th Jun 2019 8:01 pm 

    “If you have a better name, I’d be interested in hearing it.”
    Here are a few:
    The Day of the Lord
    The time of Jacob’s Trouble
    The Tribulation

  2. Dredd on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 5:03 am 

    So, what shall we call this thing we’re in the middle of?

    We aren’t at the middle yet, first we reach 1.14 % (The 1.14% vs. The 100%).

    In the mean time we have (The Authoritarianism of Climate Change).

  3. Davy on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 7:06 am 

    I am spending less time on this lame unmoderated forum populated by lunatics and extremist to concentrate on my own blog. I do want to thank all those who have attacked me with giving me material for growth. I have saved the best of my comments for my new blog. I have years worth of material. I have enjoyed moderating the worst of you and neutering your selfish useless agendas. There are some here I owe a debt of gratitude to for the knowledge I found through some very good comments. These individuals are now rare on this lame forum. I will still be here it is just I will be spending more time putting out a blog. I don’t expect much of a following with my blog. This is more a personal effort to assemble what I have learned over the last 10 years of formulating my REAL Green Deep Adaptation. Many of my ideas and lifestyles are not mine. I barrow what ever works. I do not claim anything either. It is an open source effort. Anyone can take what I am offering and use it however you want. Take my title if you like. For the stalkers here I hope you find my blog and visit the comment forum. It will be only lightly moderated to prevent juanpee identity theft and excessive cloggo spamming. LOL. There will be a prize for juanpee and annoymouse if you can stalk my blog. Double LOL. Anyway fuck my enemies and many thanks to those who contributed to my metamorphous.

  4. Davy on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 9:21 am 

    I guess I could have joined the moderated section at PO dot com, but I knew I’d get my ass permanently banned. Most of the stuff on this sight is anti-American anyways, so what would be the point. I can’t defend America from the rest of the world, and neither can America. Hell, America can’t even defend itself from America anymore.

    We all should have listened to Ike.

    I’ll try not to let the door smack me up the backside on the way out.


  5. Davy on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 9:31 am 

    BTW. Oops, sorry everyone. I meant to say metamorphosis.. Metamophous is a kind of rock.

  6. Davy on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 10:45 am 

    MY individual and local REAL Green Deep Adaptation strategies are for those who are in a similar situation that I am. I am mid 50’s semi-retired doing a permaculture farm that is also a doomstead. Not everyone is placed to do what I am doing but those who are should for the sake of the planet. It is about the harvesting of low intensity energy through biomass and the gathering of solar energy from renewables. This is done with an effort at incorporating permaculture in the planetary cycles. This means both technological efforts and natural efforts.

    My focus will be on attitudes and lifestyle that prepare those who are awakened to a future of decline and hardship. It takes attitudes and lifestyle adaptation to peruse low energy gathering of permaculture REAL Green permaculture. Conservation and demand management are required because low energy is not economic nor sustainable in the status quo so it is a subsidy. REAL Green is holistic in regards to lifestyles and attitudes but it is not a replacement for your existing lifestyle and spirituality. It is an add on just like software you would add to enhance what you are doing already. Granted the add on only works for those who are already following a green awakening.

    The doom and prep part of this adaptation is integral to REAL Green. The doom is the acknowledgement of decline and the impulse to collapsing in place beating the rush. It is about collapsing into a poorer way of life with dignity. The prep part is about a hybrid life of using the status quo to leave it in a psychological condition of relative sacrifice. Relative sacrifice is about changing relative to your status quo persona. Most of us are stuck in the status quo requiring the status quo for survival. We have family, friends, and a community that are generally not awakened and do not practice REAL Green Deep Adaption. Relative sacrifice is a mindset that bridges the status quo of the unawakened with the transformative condition of being awakened. You use the status quo to leave it while finding psychological meaning in the realization there is no transcendence nor transitioning. There is only riding the wave down. This means green is not REAL green and meaning still means being part of a civilization destine to end it only means getting closer to REAL Green and its meaning. There is not nirvana of transcendence just because you have found REAL meaning.

    This awakening is giving yourself over to the enhancement of the planet in your own individual and local way. This is about the individual and the local in permaculture residing in the destructive industrialized modern status quo. It is about using the old and new triaging out the worst of our meaningless way of life. It is the resulting distilled meaning. It is about a routine of hard work with mental conditioning that is a mental and physical prepping action. You live healthy, you clear out the deadwood, and you assemble a monastery of tools and knowledge. This is ultimately about the pursuit of individual wisdom that allows you to say “NO” to the parts of the status quo that are deadly to meaning. It is about choosing knowledge, tech, and relationships that enhance meaning.

    This wisdom is based on the concept of lifeboats and hospices. Few will escape collapse. REAL Green Deep Adaptation does not offer an escape it offers the meaning that will deal with collapse. Most doomsteads and prep efforts will suffer quick decline along with community and environment. Without resupply and community protection most efforts will not last long. So this adaptation is about finding a good local to build your doomstead in. Some locals have no future but others have a relative future of months or years. If you are unable or unwilling to leave a local that is compromised by all the wrong lifestyles than it is about fortifying for the last days that might come. This is where the life boat and hospice part comes in. If the world falls apart then Deep adaptation is about the meaning one will find when life ends. It can be heroic or degrading. It is your choice. It is about becoming a warrior for your local and its meaning

    REAL Green is finally about collapse and the misunderstanding of the process. It is about MAD MAX but also a longer term process. Collapse will be local ultimately so get out of the default collapse fantasy of Hollywood. It will be a process that might stretch out with a long tail or could be a sudden onset of a nuclear winter. This means those who make draconian changes instead of relative sacrifice risk destroying what they want to achieve. This means staying vigilant to current events and riding the wave. It means the understanding that MAD MAX is possible. REAL Green Deep Adaptation acknowledges there is no escaping the pain and suffering of death but there is the hope that comes with meaning to brace oneself for the trials ahead.

    This is also about those who chose to be leaders and care givers. Only a few in the world are capable of awakening. Only 10% have what it takes and of that 10% only 10% have the will and the garden for the seeds of REAL green to grow. This is about the humility of knowing you are one of them and the impulse to go forth in your locality and lead by example. Since this is relative sacrifice in the condition of being trapped in the status quo this is an individual strength. You do not plan on leading people and groups to change the world. This is not what REAL Green Deep Adaptation does because once you reach out to the politics of the world your effort will be lost. This is about being a Shaman and a Sage that draws the power of the planetary system to affect change locally and with your significant others. This power is not personal. Once this power is taken and used personally for selfish reasons it is lost. It is only giving oneself over to planetary trajectories that one finds and channels the will of the planet. REAL Green is about a warrior spirit on behalf of the planet.

  7. Davy on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 11:41 am 

    There is nothing REAL Green about a one man 500 acre goat and cow operation, there is nothing REAL Green about a 3000 watt solar array or any of the other stuff I run with it, and I am not a warrior spirit on behalf of the planet like the Kogi are. I am a simple delusional American that gets most of his stuff from Asia, that will get overrun by city folk when MAD MAX happens.

  8. Cloggie on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 11:46 am 

    In contrast I believe in large, industrial scale, collective transition effort:

    I believe in offshore wind parks of several gigawatt each, in solar panels on every roof.

    There is a good chance the transition will be achieved in smaller countries like Denmark first, and Europe later by 2050. The storage problem is going to be solved and there is a good chance for a smooth transition.

    Venice, Dutch Randstad and a host of other coastal towns are almost certainly lost.

  9. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 3:52 pm 


    In smaller countries like Denmark a population of 5 million people..Then you say in all of Europe..A population of over 600 million..

    Notice the huge leap of faith?

    You are a fucking dumbass..

    Solar and Wind produced less than two percent of total world energy in 2016 — IEA WEO 2017

    Your fantasy future is going to be an epic fail..You uneducated piece of European trash.


  10. Cloggie on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 4:42 pm 

    “Solar and Wind produced less than two percent of total world energy in 2016 — IEA WEO 2017”

    The world consists of winners and losers. F* the world.

    Germany is 82 million, not 5 million.

    Spain, same story.

    1-2%, haha, that’s for losers.

    Europe always was #1 and will be #1 again.

    Now mobster, tell me again how unique GPS is.LOL

    Face it, pall, you’re a third world country now, a has been.

  11. Anonymouse on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 7:05 pm 

    The only thing ‘DEEP’ about you expcetionalturd, is the DEEP piles of virtual BULLSHIT you’ve been shoveling here @ for…how many years now?

    Like that rambling turd-salad above. You spend waaaay too much time composing those, and what little time besides, you spend trolling, socking, and harassing everyone here, is spent in the barn. Im sure CloggJew will find whatever you cranked out in that fascinating enough, even if he is the only one.

    Speaking of Cloggkosher, you should write him another one of your love-poems instead of those bloviating essays of yours no one reads. I noticed he seemed to respond to that one positively, lol.


  12. Davy on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 8:22 pm 

    “I am spending less time on this lame unmoderated forum populated by lunatics and extremist to concentrate on my own blog.”

    Upon further reflection of my morning post, I just realized I’ve wasted every waking hour of my life over the last ten years checking my cellphone and posting utter garbage on this unbelievably lame forum.

    WTF was I thinking?

    “ Anyway fuck my enemies”

    As Gawd always said. Love thine enemy like thy friend.

    I can’t think of anything that shows more lovingness than fucking.


  13. makati1 on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 10:02 pm 

    Davy doesn’t have a life outside P.O.. His goats ignore him unless he is trying to mount them and he has no friends or family. Both obvious by the time he wastes here. Maybe he really is in some psycho ward and he is allowed on the internet as therapy? Hint: If so, it ain’t workin’. lol

  14. makati1 on Mon, 10th Jun 2019 10:09 pm 

    BTW: I started to read this as an interesting article and when I got to “Otherworldly” I started to doubt the worth of the viewpoint. When I got to: “… completely ignores the impact of spiritual forces and Otherworldly persons.” At that point I knew we were in a fantasy land, or into heavy drugs, or both, and stopped reading.

  15. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 1:28 am 

    “The only thing ‘DEEP’ about you expcetionalturd, is the DEEP piles of virtual BULLSHIT you’ve been shoveling here @ for…how many years now?”

    Ah, there is shoeshine-boy again, my personal stalker. As usual with nothing to say, just letting angry steam off.

    Now tell me moussie, how come does Africa have no renewable energy? Need help again from your former white master, eh? Is there anything you ever get done by yourself, you planetary embarrassment?

    Here a Chinaman lecturing an African about his shortcomings:

    You should take that to heart, moussie.

    Now, away from the screen and off to the library and begin reading books on energy. You can read, now can you?

  16. Davy on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 3:45 am 

    “Tulsi Gabbard Pushes No War Agenda… And The Media Is Out To Kill Her Chances” strategic-culture

    “The Establishment politicians and their media component have difficulty in understanding just how much they are despised for their mendacity and unwillingness to support policies that would truly benefit the American people but they are well able to dominate press coverage. Given the flood of contrived negativity towards her campaign, it is not clear if Tulsi Gabbard will ever be able to get her message across. But, for the moment, she seems to be the “real thing,” a genuine anti-war candidate who is determined to run on that platform. It might just resonate with the majority of Americans who have grown tired of perpetual warfare to “spread democracy” and other related frauds perpetrated by the band of oligarchs and traitors that run the United States.”

  17. Davy on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 4:17 am 

    “Maths problem that modern life depends on” bbc

    “Over the last few decades, researchers have developed a range of pretty effective mathematical solutions that can allocate resources across a variety of industries and scenarios so they can attempt to keep up with the daily demands our lives place on them. But when an allocation made at one time affects subsequent allocations, the problem becomes dynamic, and the passing of time must be considered as part of the equation. “

    “dynamic resource allocation problems are not just concerned with giving humans what they want, when they want it. They will also be essential for tackling some of the world’s most fundamental and complex issues, including climate change, as they help us allocate our planet’s often scarce and depleted resources in the most efficient ways possible.”

    “All [dynamic resource allocation] examples need to deal with changing inputs and environments, which are highly dynamic and difficult to estimate and predict, as the future load is not statistically dependent on the current load,” “One change triggers another change, and if you want to control the system with accurate decisions, one must consider the future status of the system.”

    “Supply chains are another “problem that is never going to go away”, says Powell, because of the complex nature of today’s products. For example, if you want to manufacture a standard smartphone you need to coordinate hundreds of components from around the globe, all of which are brought together in a specific order on the factory floor. “Supply chain disruptions are a major problem when trying to meet the needs of society,” he adds.”

    “Our energy supplies are also increasingly complex, relying on unpredictable renewables such as wind and solar. The outputs of these sources can fluctuate wildly, as can demand for energy at any given time. The cost of energy can fluctuate too – electricity prices can spike up to 50 times their average within a five-minute period.”

    “This is an important point. The diversity of dynamic resource allocation problems means there needs to be industry-wide standardisation of the different computational techniques and methods used to tackle it.”

    “We’re still some way off cracking this unique set of problems as today’s techniques and computational resources quickly run out of steam when we try to tackle the complexity and random nature of the real world. But as our populations continue to grow and our hunger for on-demand services increases, the complexity of dynamic resource allocation problems and their impact on our day-to-day lives will only intensify.”

  18. Davy on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 4:19 am 

    I bring this article up because increasingly we will require individual behavior to influence resource allocation through demand management. Today there is not enough demand management efforts in consumption categories besides driving in congested cities. What we need is efforts at energy usage whether it be food or electricity. In regards to food we should be placing efforts on local and seasonal. With electricity there should be an effort to make consumers mirror intermittency of renewables. This article shows there are tech efforts at predicting resource consumption. This is an important effort but without the individual effort it will never meet the needs of a society increasingly reliant on intermittent energy sources and declining availability of resources of all kinds. We have a wealth of potential at influencing consumption at the grass roots through education and promotion. Demand management must become a central unifying effort for any society that wants to embrace renewables, address resource decline, and lower its ecological footprint.

  19. Antius on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 5:48 am 

    “Scotland generates record power from renewables”

    Cloggie, Scotland is not a country in a legal sense; neither is England for that matter. Likewise, Holland, Gelderland, Bavaria and Texas are not countries in a legal sense, though they have varying degrees of autonomy within their respective ‘countries’. All these things are simply human conventions of course, but they do have practical legal definitions.

    From a practical point of view, power that is generated anywhere in the UK goes onto the UK grid, which serves over 60million consumers. Scotland has a population of about 5.5million, representing about 10% of UK electricity consumption. It is possible to generate huge amounts of renewable electricity within a small locality and drop it onto the common grid. But to suggest that this makes that specific region in some way ‘more renewable’ than the others is misleading, because the situation is only sustainable because of the presence of the larger grid. It therefore only makes sense to look at the situation as a whole.

    We could for example describe Barrow-in-Furness in northern England as 100% renewable-electric, thanks to the contribution to the grid from the Walney wind farm. But this would only really be true if Barrow were capable of doing that without dumping an intermittency problem onto some other part of the UK. The same is even true for Denmark and even Germany. Really, if you are dependent upon a common European grid to deal with the variability of a power source, then it makes sense to look at how sustainable Europe is as a whole, rather than its individual little regions.

    If building more wind turbines in the Lowlands of Scotland requires building more gas-turbines at Teeside in Northern England, to what extent can we really say that Scotland as an isolated entity is generating record amounts of its energy from renewable power, when most of that renewable power is consumed in other parts of the UK and people in Scotland import power from fossil fuel plants in England when the wind isn’t blowing?

  20. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 9:50 am 


    You are so dumb it’s almost unbelievable..You believe anything ZeroIQ tells you..

    Here are some tweets from Tulsi..You tell me if she is an anti war candidate..

    You idiot..You and clogg and madkat are three total uneducated dimwits..

  21. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 12:25 pm 

    Antius, I know your point. The only reason I brought Scotland, Germany and Spain up was to disprove the suggestion by the resident “merchant of Venice” and “poisoner of the well” that renewable energy needs to be dismissed, since it “only encompasses 1-2% globally”. 82 million Germany is meanwhile at 45%, and it is only 2019.

    Nowhere do I want to suggest that the renewable energy transition is a done deal. Major hurdles need to be taken first, but there is still time.

  22. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 12:36 pm 


    You are energy blind..And you forgot to mention Germany is paying the highest prices for electricity worldwide..More than double the US price..And even in sunny Spain they couldn’t keep their solar industry from going bankrupt..

    You can put a few countries on a pedestal all you want..But the facts are that solar and wind are total jokes..They both have been around over a century.

    Renewable energy ‘simply won’t work’: Top Google engineers

    “Windmills, solar, tidal – all a ‘false hope’, say Stanford PhDs”

  23. Antius on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 4:25 pm 

    “Nowhere do I want to suggest that the renewable energy transition is a done deal. Major hurdles need to be taken first, but there is still time.”

    An economy powered by largely intermittent electricity sources is going to mean a different way of life. Different modes of transportation, different ways of keeping warm, different economic arrangements. Up to now, renewable electricity has reduced the fuel bill at fossil fuel power stations. In this way, it is slightly more expensive than fossil or nuclear alone, because you are using multiple powerplants to do the same thing, but not disproportionately so, given that gas turbines are cheap and their fuel is expensive outside of North America. Up to a point, we can avoid expensive and technically difficult measures for dealing with intermittency. But there are limits to how far we can take that strategy, limits that the Germans are running into.

    If you want a more sustainable future, there is no point offering up a narrative that downplays the difficulties that we face. Best to meet them head on. The fact is that there are ways of living off of intermittent energy sources, but they involve adapting the way we live to the reality of intermittent supply. And given the reduced EROI of wind and solar, we need to reduce overall cannot consumption.

    As for the mobster; it is worth pointing out that natural gas and nuclear power were relatively minor sources of energy some four decades ago. Very rapidly they scaled up to become major contributors to supply. Renewable energy sources have an advantage in terms of technological simplicity, that could allow them to scale quickly. If we drop the unachievable and unaffordable requirement of a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply that is. I can build a wind turbine using carved wooden blades, carbon steel shaft and air compressor and mount it on a rammed earth tower. Could I build a coal burning power plant or nuclear reactor so simply?

  24. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 5:14 pm 

    AfD largest in Brandenburg and other East-German states:

    The UK not paying 39 GBP would be seen by the EU as a hostile act

    …yet nobody takes it serious as Britain is keen to participate in many European projects, like Galileo. As Mobster knows all too well, a project with 100+ more accuracy (1 cm) than GPS and an essential ingredient regarding autonomous driving.

  25. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 5:18 pm 

    Regarding this very repetative study of these infamous Google engineers:

    – the study dates from 2014 (yawn)
    – Google pledged to “go green” in 2016 and achieved 100% in 2017
    – one of the authors comes the nuclear industry

    That study is absolutely not official Google position.

  26. asg70 on Tue, 11th Jun 2019 10:02 pm 

    “Ultimately, the question of whether this situation is climate or weather is of limited value.”

    Translation: I’m a mild denialist.

  27. Goat2055 on Wed, 12th Jun 2019 12:43 pm 

    I remember an aspect of “Tower Time” very well during a recent disaster. Tornadoes had knocked down the main steel transmission towers coming from the local nuke plant and power was out for several days in a row.

    Getting “Tower Time” meant standing on something high like a step ladder in the backyard or leaning out a top story window and holding your smartphone just right in order to hit the extremely weak signals from the few remaining active cell towers.

    I also recall getting Tower Time was most challenging with T-Mobile which is what we had.

  28. Cloggie on Thu, 13th Jun 2019 3:58 pm 

    Accidentally, the EU and UK presented reports on the state of their respective preparations for the UK crashing out of the EU on the very same day. Result:

    EU: finished preparations, is ready for no deal Brexit.

    UK: not at all ready for the exit.

    Problems with customs, medicines, Brits abroad are uninformed about their status.

    The EU admitted today that there is no court that can help the EU forcing Britain to pay the divorce bill, but hinted that the EU has a long range of measures it can apply. Access to Galileo for instance.

    No deal Brexit means the cancellation of a large number of arrangements and certainly free access to the Common Market, on the very same day.


  29. Cloggie on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 1:05 am 

    Holland (and Britain) running out of cheap Eastern Europeans. Bad news for the Dutch agricultural and transport sector:

    “‘Oost-Europese arbeiders trekken weg om economische groei in thuisland'”

    (Eastern European workers return to home because of strong economic growth in Eastern Europe)

    Dutch transport sector in trouble if Eastern Europeans will leave.

    Response: Dutch entrepreneurs want to attract Ukrainians and Filipinos (note: Muslims and Africans are worthless, despite endless supply)

    This could very well mean the end of Holland as 2nd largest agricultural exporter in the world.

    That’s OK. It is high time that the entrepreneurial class everywhere in the western world no longer gets a free pass to shape the world in their image. Birth rates are ruined because of the total mobilization of females into the work force.

    We have discussed this before here… over the past 5 decades or so everybody got financially better because of unrestricted economic expansion, in this order:

    1. corporate world
    2. government
    3. public

    (household wealth did not increase but households got a lot smaller so per capita, deplorables did very well increase their wealth)

    If we want to repair the “human biosphere”, after empire, it needs to come at the expense of the corporate sector, to the benefit of families, read strong subsidization of new children, until replacement level is reached.

  30. Cloggie on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 1:49 am 

    Look mobster, the difference between Europe and America.

    The latter has 6000 tress-passers every day.

    In Europe we’ll have a cat and mouse circus that will last another week, resulting in perhaps 52 “immigranti” let lose on Europeans society:

    The Mediterranean is much wider than the Rio Grande and Europe has more “identitarian reserves” than “nation of immigrants” USA (a “nation of immigrants” is a contradictio in terminis to begin with).

    That’s why we in Europe are going to “lose” the race to the bottom. The US will reach the breaking point of civil war long before Europe, the inevitable Grand Finale of any multi-ethnic society.

    Thank God.

  31. Davy on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 4:46 am 

    “That’s why we in Europe are going to “lose” the race to the bottom. The US will reach the breaking point of civil war long before Europe, the inevitable Grand Finale of any multi-ethnic society.”

    BS, cloggo, the US has an ongoing cold civil war in DC and the media but that will not translate into a nationwide hot one at least until things get really bad in a global collapse. A collapse of sorts is likely down the road sometime and with it the global order of things. I think Europe will be much more prone to nations attacking nations when this happens over ethnic groups in the US attacking each other. You obviously have little idea of what is going on here in the US because your views are entirely based on obscure web sites and personal fantasy. There could be small scale violence in different metro areas but this happens now with the blacks when they get a chip on their shoulder. Nothing much will happen anywhere until there is a generalized breakdown in support systems from a collapsing global world.

  32. Davy on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 5:30 am 

    “Birth rates are ruined because of the total mobilization of females into the work force.”
    That is only partially true, cloggo. Birth rates in the developed world are under pressure because of high affluence coming under pressure as well. If women could have it all many would have kids and a career so at least some women would have more kids if it were easier. Many couples no longer want big families or families at all and the reason is they prefer the affluence that comes without children. What is going to bring back families is a collapsing economic status quo and then only once a breaking point is hit. Once society is back to more labor intensive agricultural pursuits then family size will likely be on the rise again. Once death rates accelerate and there is a need for young people they will be produced. This is of course possible if what is ahead is not too catastrophic. If we have a harsh decline that is rapid the issue is mute anyway. Birth rates will then be based on a new human narrative.

    “We have discussed this before here… over the past 5 decades or so everybody got financially better because of unrestricted economic expansion, in this order: 1. corporate world 2. Government 3. Public (household wealth did not increase but households got a lot smaller so per capita, deplorables did very well increase their wealth)”
    What do you mean by unrestricted economic expansion? Is that a new cloggo economic paradigm? LOL. The expansion over the last 5 decades was more restrictive early on with rule based economics and principals based on enduring rule of law. Today we have the bending of economic principals and accepted conventions through the disregard for the rule of law as needed to maintain the appearance of affluence and the feeding of generalized corruption. Expansion is now a wealth transfer and power privilege concentration reality that is occurring with the rich. Household wealth rose greatly along with the corporate world until the great financial crisis. This was especially true in Asia where a whole new middle class was created. Now affluence is in general decline but also concentrating within wealth classes and nations where segments are actually growing. This includes corporations but this is a result of the financialization of assets and debt. Stock buy backs based on near free money has made the rich richer at least on paper. That could evaporate overnight. Corporations are owned by the public so they cannot be separated out cleanly. Government has grown enormously over the last 5 decades because of financialization and affluence. During times of great affluence administration expands because it can. Money creates opportunities for government and corporations alike. As affluence increases so does pork and corruption which points to diminishing returns of productivity as wealth increases.

    “If we want to repair the “human biosphere”, after empire, it needs to come at the expense of the corporate sector, to the benefit of families, read strong subsidization of new children, until replacement level is reached.”
    Strong subsidization of new children. LOL. That is a cloggo special. That does not work cloggo. It is already being tried in Europe and it is failing miserably. European prosperity is under great pressure because of its excessive unaffordable socialistic policies and the dramatic rise in the wealth of the ruling classes from globalization. Replacement efforts are self-organizing and beyond direct human management in general. It is now part of the social fabric with educated and employed women uninterested in big families. There will be no real effort to grow families except with the new classes of immigrants who propagate for other reasons besides economics. I personally think demographic decline is a good thing considering the pressures that will be ahead. Europe is actually in a good place if they can harden their borders. This is not something that should be discouraged. It is only racist that are nervous about the demographic shifts ahead that are inevitable. Get used to it cloggo you are turning colors. It won’t be so bad. LOL.

  33. I AM THE MOB on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 5:32 am 


    Don’t you ever get tired of using straw mans?

    The mental gymnastics you use are truly astonishing..

    I understand though, it’s your only antidote to nihilism..And without the hope that the future will be brighter than the past, you could not go on..

    Cause you are a big fat pussy who is scared of death..

    Not me..I am ready to die!

  34. Cloggie on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 5:56 am 

    “Not me..I am ready to die!”

    Don’t let me stop you.

  35. I AM THE MOB on Fri, 14th Jun 2019 6:35 am 

    ZeroIQ is now scaremongering about a solar flare taking down the grid

    Scaring low IQ peckerwoods is like shooting fish in a barrel

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