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Page added on April 26, 2011

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The Most Crucial Event Since The Industrial Revolution

General Ideas

This is the “most important economic event since the Industrial Revolution,” according to Jeremy Grantham, a  highly respected Boston investment manager and philosophe on the most cutting edge economic and financial matters facing the world. It is the coming shortage of everything– cement, iron ore, coal, steel, lead, zinc, aluminum and copper. Time to go exploring for metals and arable land to grow wheat, soybeans, rice.

So, pay attention. I am about to share with you China’s share of the globe’s commodity consumption. And the only conclusion you can make is that in your 401k, your trust fund, your childrens’ college account, you had better find the natural resource ETF or mutual fund to put away as the potentially fastest growing nest-egg in history.

China, today, consumes 53.2% of the globe’s cement production; 47.7% of the iron ore; 46.9% of the coal,  45.4% of the steel; 44.6% of the lead; 41.3% of the zinc, 40.6% of the aluminum,38.9% of the copper, 36.3% of the nickel,, only 10% of the oil(just wait until everybody is driving a car). And that’s not including the chickens, pigs, cattle, soybeans, wheat, and rice that can be grown every year if there’s enough land and fertilizer and the weather is accomodating.

Sounds like shooting ducks in a barrel, doesn’t it?

Not  so fast. Here’s Grantham’s alarming prediction; “No compound growth is sustainable. If we maintain our desperate focus on growth, we will run out of everything and crash. “  History is out of control.  We have finite resources. So, enjoy the results of Chinese demand for these finite resources while you can.


2 Comments on "The Most Crucial Event Since The Industrial Revolution"

  1. Sunweb on Tue, 26th Apr 2011 11:19 pm 

    We will do anything and everything to maintain our present personal level of energy use and the comfort it affords us. We will do anything and everything to the earth, to other people and even to ourselves to continue on this path. And if we don’t have the energy level we see others have, we will do anything and everything to the earth, to other people and even to ourselves to attain that level. The proof of this assertion is simple; we are doing it.
    The Curmudgeon Report

  2. Kenz300 on Wed, 27th Apr 2011 1:36 pm 

    The worlds resources are limited. The growing world population has yet to figure that out. The uprising in the middle east and north africa may be the start of major unrest around the world as food, water jobs and other resources fail to meet the demand from an ever growing population.

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