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Page added on March 29, 2020

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The Great Madness

General Ideas

Has the world gone mad? It certainly seems that way to some of us. Even the most cynical never imagined the government shutting down the country for fear of a virus, but it has suddenly become the new normal. The cynical, if they thought of it at all, would have thought the opposite. Instead of a great lock down, the response would have been for the beautiful people to insulate themselves from harm, while abandoning the rest of us to the plague. Instead, we have all gone mad together.

Not everyone has got the fever, that is this panic fever, not the one caused by the Chinese coronavirus.

Our world is now firmly divided into two camps.

  • There are those fully invested in the great panic over the virus and
  • there are those who look at the other camp, gobsmacked by what appears to be a general madness.

Those in panic look at the rest of us the same way preppers look at normal people. They just assume the gods will strike us down for doubting the virus.

Of course, the people in the skeptic camp could be the ones suffering from some form of madness that prevents them from seeing the threat. The trouble is, the great plague is not exactly lighting up the scoreboard. America has tested over 600,000 people suspected of having the virus. Over 500,000 tested negative. Of the positives, 12,000 needed hospital care. In a country of over 320 million people with 200,000 empty hospital beds at any one time, that’s not much of a crisis.

Yet, despite the numbers, formerly sober-minded people continue to carry on as if there are bodies in the streets. Steve Sailer, a man not known for excitability, is calling this virus a great adversary of the human race. Greg Cochran has completely lost his marbles over this thing. Geneticist and HBD enthusiast Razib Khan is in hiding, convinced the end times are upon us. In fact, the whole HBD community is a click away from fleeing to Antarctica to wait out the end of civilization.

Of course, part of the panic, a symptom of that particular virus, is a set of abracadabra phrases that have become so common they seem like something from a secret society, understood only by the initiates. The duller sorts chant about “exponential growth” while others talk about “the hospitals being overwhelmed.” That’s why we have to “flatten the curve” and “slow the spread.” These incantations are to chase away doubt and reinforce the belief that people are dying in the streets.

The dying in the streets bit is not much of an exaggeration. A popular bit of folklore now among the panicked is some version of the anonymous ER doctor or nurse relaying how they are overwhelmed and letting people die in the hallways. This urban legend turned up in China, Washington, Italy, New York and now New Orleans. Formerly sensible people now pass these whoppers around on-line, never bothering to think that maybe they are being fed a just-so story by people seeking attention.

One emerging aspect to the madness is the moral dimension. The Human Biodiversity (HBD) crowd seems to have been hardest hit. They spend a lot of time contemplating nature and their fellow man’s refusal to respect it. Part of what is driving them now is a sense that nature is going to finally exact some revenge. In other words, this panic is part of a strange revenge fantasy, where they are finally vindicated by biological reality. This sudden sense of moral purpose has made them immune to reason.

Another aspect to this general panic, unrelated to the virus itself, is a different type of revenge fantasy. Many people are cheering the collapse of the economy and civil life on the mistaken belief that what emerges from the rubble will have them at the top of the social hierarchy. This is a phenomenon shared across the political spectrum. It seems to be most popular with young people unhappy with the status quo and far too caught up in purge fantasies to be reached with facts and reason.

Probably the most salient aspect to this panic is the role of women. As has been noted too many times to count, the West is now a gynocracy. It is not a matriarchy, as women have stopped bearing children and stopped caring about children. Look around and you see childless women in positions of authority all over the West. In fact, these are women who reached their status by rejecting every aspect of womanhood. The West is now a world run by middle-aged childless women.

Anyone who has been around women in a crisis has observed a strange phenomenon among childless adult females. Some switch gets flipped in a crisis where their protective instincts get misdirected at the adults in the room. This part of their nature was never allowed to mature in the raising of children, so it comes bursting forth in an incoherent desire to help when their help is not needed. They become like mother ducks loudly herding the brood to safety.

For a society run by such women, every crisis is met with demands that everyone shelter in place. Notice how over the last few decades that public officials no longer call for volunteers or tell people to pitch in and work together. Such independent action violates the frightened female’s sense of duty to her brood. Instead, mild weather events now close the schools and force people to work from home. This virus scare is every middle-aged women’s Hunger Games moment.

Mass panics are a known phenomenon.

The general panic that took place in France between July 22 and August 6 1789 is known as The Great Fear. It was a period of rural unrest, driven by both a grain shortage and rumors of an aristocrats’ “famine plot” to starve the peasants. The exact reason for this panic is in dispute. Ergotism is a favorite reason for those with a certain sense of humor, but most historians consider it one of the primary causes of the French Revolution.

At some point, the bloom comes off this lock-down rose once people start to feel the real cost of listening to madmen. People will remember that the same folks who swore Boris and Natasha had used their mind control devise to install Trump in the White House are the many of the same people peddling this panic. Necessity will force a lot of people to stop going along with what they have suspected from the start is nothing more than a mass panic. Soon, this all comes to an end.

Like the Great Fear, the Great Madness will leave a mark, or at least it should leave a mark on our society. You never can be sure about these things, as the West seems to be unusually immune to learning from these events. Two centuries ago The Great Fear meant the end of the feudal order and eventually a revolution. It was not the sole cause of the revolution, maybe not the main cause. It was certainly an example of how the old order was no longer able to maintain order.

It is too soon to know what this panic means for us. Perhaps it further undermines the legitimacy of the system and the people that profit from it. Perhaps it sets off social changes that slowly transform our society in ways we have yet to imagine. Maybe the fever breaks and this event, like the Russian hoax, gets forgotten.

Given what most likely awaits on the other side of the lock-down, it is hard to imagine this great madness being forgotten. There’s always a price to be paid for following madmen.


130 Comments on "The Great Madness"

  1. Paul on Tue, 31st Mar 2020 9:28 pm 

    Who are the childless women in charge? Trump, Pence, etc. are the ones in charge and they have kids. Maybe Tyler is thinking about trannies. I don’t think Chelsea Manning has ever birthed a baby and she’s a lady don’t ya know.

  2. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 31st Mar 2020 10:40 pm 

    “Grocery store in Montreal are full. Nothing missing. Was really surprized.“

    Netherlands same thing. Nothing missing, incl. huge piles of toilet paper available. Prices the same as always. The only difference is the glass plate between customer and cashier.

    Nevertheless, no guarantee that this will remain the case:

    “Countries Starting to Hoard Food, Threatening Global Trade“

    Countries at risk of food shortages later this year: China, Venezuela, Britain.

    “Coronavirus food shortage: AI company warns of hidden risk in UK food sector amid COVID-19“

    With the lockdown it is no longer possible to flee from Britain. I would be highly surprised if BoJo would not accept the EU suggestion to postpone the tight Brexit timetable as Britain is highly reliant on the food supply from Europe.

    On the other hand, the example of Venezuela has shown that a nation can lose 11 kg/capita in relatively short time, which is a distinct health advantage.

  3. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 31st Mar 2020 11:03 pm 

    Later this year several societies are going to find out that if cornered too much, mass euthanasia will become a tempting prospect. Will silence a lot of virtue signalers and their cheap views on WW2 history.

    In a couple of months time, the general life expectancy could be more under threat from social destabilization and anarchy in the wake of economic collapse, because of collapse of supply lines, than from dying corona patients with an average age of 82.

    Between 1920-2020, life expectancy in my native Holland increased from 50 to 81 (males). We should be prepared to lose a year or 2.

    Fortunately, the Dutch are world class in euthanasia, where most countries by far prefer to ignore this very uncomfortable topic and love to ban the reality of death from daily life, behind a huge pile of complex ventilators, that all of a sudden have almost become a human right.

    “Strong support for euthanasia, majority back help for people ‘tired of life’“

  4. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 31st Mar 2020 11:18 pm 

    Trump’s assurance that “the US will be open for business by Easter” has been evaporated:

    “Trump’s alarming message portends tragic days ahead“

    “Even with blanket nationwide adoption of stringent mitigation efforts, between 100,000 and 240,000 Americans could face death in the coming weeks in a cascading nationwide ordeal, according to modeling explained by senior members of the President’s emergency task force Tuesday.“

    Anybody who still believes the 3200 Chinese deaths?

    “Commander of aircraft carrier hit by coronavirus outbreak warns Navy ‘decisive action’ is needed“

    Perhaps Russian or Chinese fighter jets can land on the Theo in order to fly in healthcare workers or evacuate sick service men.

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 31st Mar 2020 11:41 pm 

    That’s the spirit! Self-euthanasia after being thankful for having had a good life for 90 years:

    “Woman, 90, dies from coronavirus in Belgium after refusing a ventilator and telling doctors: ‘I had a good life, keep this for the younger’“

  6. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 1:34 am 

    “Gun whiners like the cloggo are going to wish they had guns if things fall apart”

    What’s a “gun whiner”?

    I’m a big fan of US privately owned guns as it is the best way to blow up in the US in several parts, a process that is long overdue. No white ethno-state without hundreds of millions of guns. Mono-ethnic states with high trust levels don’t need private guns. In multi-ethnic pressure cookers like the US you indeed cannot afford not to have a gun. I trust that the board’s “racism” and “nahtzi” howler empire dave will come up with a lively report when this is all over and the dust has settled, now that his flight path to Italy has been corina-blocked and hungry mobs from St.-Louis East will go hunting for food on their pick-ups, like dave’s goats.

    “Large Mobs and gangs can be dealt with by 1 or 2 well-armed guys with guns”

    And gangs have no guns, right? World safe again.

  7. Davy on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 5:46 am 

    “Large Mobs and gangs can be dealt with by 1 or 2 well-armed guys with guns” “And gangs have no guns, right? World safe again.”

    Obviously you have never had gun training and become an expert with firearms. I started hunting at 13. I was a serious survivalist type when young. My point is a well armed and capably guy can take out a gang or mob quickly. Leverage that with a few more members and good defensive situations and you have lots of low level trouble taken care of. In fact around here people will join together and get offensive with bad characters or groups. If the professionals get involved I am not going to mess with them. Instead I will try to remain on their side and or bribe them some how.

  8. Davy on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 5:49 am 

    “hungry mobs from St.-Louis East”

    A few city blocks of poor uneducated people some of who are violent. These people kill each other cloggo. They will never make it out my way. Typical driven of a deranged Anglo hater who talks out his ass most of the time about things he knows little about.

  9. Davy on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 5:51 am 

    “Perhaps Russian or Chinese fighter jets can land on the Theo in order to fly in healthcare workers or evacuate sick service men.”

    LOL, and you think somehow it is not on other nations’s ships. Yea, typical cloggo, if you don’t hear about it it is not happening. Your love of China is this way. They tell you what you like to hear and you believe it.

  10. Davy on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 5:52 am 

    “Countries at risk of food shortages later this year: China, Venezuela, Britain.”

    Cloggo, the world is at risk of food shortages because of logistic initially then it will be lower actual production. Your Europe is facing this too.

  11. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 7:54 am 

    Karl Marx wrote;

    “In Capitalism’s late stage the bourgeoisie would create a fake epidemic. By whipping the proletarian into a freezy with their media carnival barkers. So they could bailout their corporate America who never truly recovered from the Great Recession. And have just borrowed billions thanks to the FED’s ZIRP polices. And our circling the drain headed for bankruptcy.

  12. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 7:57 am 

    since our teacher is currently on permanent vacation, i want to remind you about changing our underwear after 5 days, if I may.

    all the best.

  13. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 8:08 am 

    Karl Marx wrote;

    “In Capitalism’s late stage the bourgeoisie would create a fake epidemic. By whipping the proletarian into a freezy with their media carnival barkers. So they could bailout their corporate America who never truly recovered from the Great Recession. And have just borrowed billions thanks to the FED’s ZIRP polices. And our circling the drain headed for bankruptcy.

    Marx died in 1883, while the FED was established in 1912, you loon.

  14. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 11:25 am 

    EU as stated is collapsing…

    BIG – The Vice-President of Italien Parliament lifted the #EU flag and replaced it with Italian flag!

  15. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 12:36 pm 

    “BIG – The Vice-President of Italien Parliament lifted the #EU flag and replaced it with Italian flag!”

    Not a iota of confirmation in the MSM. Any prankster can create such a video. Not even the EU-hater Daily Express mentions it.

  16. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 1st Apr 2020 12:49 pm 

    UK to become the next Italy in matters corona:

    “UK suffers record-breaking 563 coronavirus deaths and 4,324 cases in 24 hours – taking total number of victims to 2,352 with almost 30,000 Britons known to be infected”

    Dutch compromise in the works, no Corona-bonds but instead a substantial one-time support for Italy in the realm of medical equipment; not a loan but a gift:

    Italians climb down after Dutch PM Rutte visits them. The great Italian people are our friends and will remain our friends:

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 12:21 pm 

    Corona is very good for the sitting governments. This applies to the Trump-US, Merkel-Germany, Rutte-Holland and now even to Comte-Italy. Salvini is lower in the polls:

    Oh and I probably need to back track on the video mobster posted yesterday.

    Since nobody in the MSM referred to it, I thought it was a prank. Turns out that the taking down of the EU-flag was probably done by the vice president of the Italian Chamber of Deputies (lower house of parliament) Fabio Rampelli, who is from the neo-fascist “Brothers of Italy” (13%). Although it needs to be added that he added: “maybe we’ll be back, maybe”. It was clearly intended as a threat and an typical Italian extortion racket. Gives us the “Coronabonds”, that is give us Italian tax dodgers the opportunity to make much more debt, with you “fellow-Europeans” underwriting it. That’s solidarity.

    N.B.: I wonder if this action was backed by party leader Meloni, who is officially pro-EU, albeit with the usual right-wing criticism.

  18. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 12:29 pm 

    I forgot to add Macron:

    “Macron’s popularity jumps as French approve of coronavirus response”

    No surprises here, 51%:

    PARIS (Reuters) – French President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity rating jumped to a more than two-year high, according to an opinion poll published on Friday, showing his handling of the coronavirus crisis was being given a big vote of confidence.

    Some 51% of the French “have confidence” in Macron, according to a Harris Interactive opinion poll for LCI television, a 13-point increase compared to the previous month and the highest since January 2018.

    Exactly the same with BoJo (55%):

    In worst-hit Italy Giuseppe Conte, who is strongly pro-EU, now has 75%

    “Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has received the highest approval rating among his former colleagues registered in the last 10 years”

    For the moment we no longer need the populists like Salvini or AfD. Corona is keeping migrants out all by itself.

    #RallyingAroundThe Flag

  19. joe on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 2:10 pm 

    “Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 12:21 pm

    Corona is very good for the sitting governments”

    Seems to be good for Viktor Orban too. He just stripped TRANS Rights. Putinism/Beijing on the March. Ur dreams are coming true Cloggie

  20. joe on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 2:12 pm 

    EUSSR has actual dictators in it now. UK only left 3 full months ago. Not going well is it?

  21. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 2:33 pm 

    “EUSSR has actual dictators in it now. UK only left 3 full months ago. Not going well is it?“

    Orban hasn’t abolished elections, only introduced corona emergency measures.I lived for some time in Budapest, it is 100% Hungarian and will remain so until 2100.

    England will be minority English by 2064.
    Your fake democracy doesn’t mean anything to me.

    I’m glad you left.

  22. joe on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 3:17 pm 

    Weren’t Hitlers powers emergency and temporary after the Reichstag fire…..

    I guess you dictatorial apologists can always make excuses for ‘special treatment’

  23. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 3:53 pm 

    Did the English vote for their demise?


    Then you must conclude that England is a dictatorship.

    Of course you won’t, you don’t really care about the fate of your ethnicity, after all you are a globalist and fascinated by the financial machinations of the (((captains of globalization))) and what supposedly happened to them, or rather the lies they broadcasted from Nuremberg in a show trial run by them:

  24. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 10:27 pm 

    I was suggesting a corporate-style badge with photo around your neck, the UK government is satisfied with a wristband:

    “Britain could roll out coronavirus ‘immunity wristbands’ for people who have already fought off the deadly infection under antibody testing scheme“


    Important is not to be overly concerned with dying, obese 82 year olds (think joe esquire types), who are about to die anyway, but to prevent the economy and society from collapsing.

    Begin to search for certifiable strong types and tag them.

  25. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 10:39 pm 

    Somebody is waking up here:

    “ALEX BRUMMER: Scale of the economic wipe-out from Covid-19 – in terms of jobs, output, earnings and dividends – is truly horrifying“

    The lockdown remedy is far worse than the corona disease and could trigger huge social unrests and even anarchy. #CW2

    Obese, 82 year olds belong in a grave, not in a ventilator. Their time is up. Life completed.

  26. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 10:58 pm 

    More madness: dementing, suffering old people are portrayed as “victims”, where in reality they are deprived from salvation (death) by being put in a ventilator to prolongue their agony:

    “The forgotten victims who will make you weep: ROBERT HARDMAN ‘visits’ a care home where 44 of 64 residents have the coronavirus and SIX have died in a heart-rending example of the threat nationwide“

    Look at the picture:

    There is a time to live and there is a time to die.

  27. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 2nd Apr 2020 11:08 pm 

    More waking up to what is necessary:

    “Coronavirus: How mass testing and health passports could ease UK lockdown“

    Wristbands, badges, health passports, whatever.

    You can already predict what will happen next: people who intentionally infect themselves in the reasonable assumption that they will easily survive in order to acquire anti-bodies and your health passports and escape from lockdown, as this Dutch formula 1 racer was tempted to do and get corona over with and get ready for the next season:

  28. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 3rd Apr 2020 2:44 pm 

    Italian wealth:

    Wealth Italian households: 9.7 trillion

    Debt Italian state: 2.1 trillion

    Italian politicians: we have no money!


  29. Rick on Fri, 3rd Apr 2020 4:31 pm 

    Nobody lives forever. If a patient is terminally ill or has an irreversible medical condition (example: permanent brain damage, dementia etc.), they have the right to die with dignity. Their body, their choice.

  30. Rick on Fri, 3rd Apr 2020 4:38 pm 

    We cannot keep ill patients alive forever. There is a time to live and a time to die.

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