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Page added on July 16, 2020

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The End of an Age: The Failure of Catastrophism

The End of an Age: The Failure of Catastrophism thumbnail
Colin Campbell, the founder of the association for the study of peak oil and gas (ASPO) explaining the essence of oil depletion.

The considerations below originate from a post by Michael Krieger where he describes how he is so dismayed by the reaction of the public to the current epidemic that he is closing his blog to rethink the whole matter over. You can read of similar feelings in a post by Rob Slane of the “Blogmire” and of Chris Smaje on “Resilience.” Many others are dismayed at how badly the Covid-19 crisis was managed: a threat that was real but by all measures not so terrible as it was described. Nevertheless, it generated an overreaction, more division than unity, political sectarianism, counterproductive behaviors, and it ultimately led people to accept to be bullied and mistreated by their governments and even to be happy about that.

The “peak oil movement” was started by a group of retired geologists around the end of the 1990s. You could call us “catastrophists,” but catastrophe was not what we were aiming for. We were not revolutionaries, we never thought to storm the Bastille, to give power to the people, or to create a proletarian paradise. We were scientists, we just wanted society to get rid of fossil fuels as soon as possible, although we did think that the final result would have been a more just and peaceful society.

But how to reach this goal? Of course, we understood that humankind is nothing homogeneous, but we saw no reason why the people in power shouldn’t have listened to our message. After all, it was in their best interest to keep the economy alive. So, the plan was to diffuse the message of resource depletion as a scientific message, not a political one. We did our best to produce models, to make studies, to convene meetings, to publish scientific papers. The very fact that our main talking point was a bell-shaped graph meant that we were speaking to the tip of the social pyramid. We knew (or at least we should have known) that most people cannot understand a Cartesian graph. There is a reason, after all, why on Excel the default graphical representation of data is a bar chart.

It was an utter failure. We might have expected it, but we were politically naive. We thought we could speak to “the ear of the prince” as Niccolò Machiavelli had tried to do, centuries ago. He discovered, as we did, that the prince doesn’t want counsel, he only wants obedience. The prince operates according to a time-tested strategy that goes as “scare them, then force them to obey.” The commoners operate on an equally time-tested strategy that goes as “be scared and obey” (not everyone needs to be truly scared, but for everyone it is convenient to pretend to be).

So, what happened is that some threats were just ignored: peak oil, resource depletion, and now climate change. Instead, other threats were amplified beyond recognition and some elites used them as a chance to reinforce their power on other elites or on the commoners. That was the case of the recent coronavirus epidemic.

As a combination of overreaction and non-reaction, we are now facing the downward slope that I had termed the “Seneca Cliff,” the start of a probably irreversible descent, at least for several decades. No wonder that many of us are dismayed. But how is it that the human society either overreacts or doesn’t react to external perturbations? Compare with the behavior of a system such as a forest. It is a system in many ways as complex as the human economy (quite possibly, more complex) but it tends to reach and maintain a certain level of stability. Forests manage and conserve their resources, maintaining an incredibly complex diversity. And when a fire starts, the forest waits for it to burn out, and then it patiently re-colonizes the burned area. It is the way natural systems work — today we tend to define with the term of holobionts. 

Why can’t human systems behave in that way? Clearly, we have a lot to learn, especially on how natural holobionts evolved and attained their stability. Perhaps we are moving in that direction in any case. It is a question of natural selection, those entities which are unstable tend to disappear in favor of the more stable ones. Maybe human society naturally evolves in this direction, even though it will involve a lot of suffering and it will take a lot of time before we arrive there. Perhaps, we could think of some kind of “directed evolution,” with the human intelligence used to turn society into a societal holobiont. But that’s exactly what the catastrophists, peakers and the others, failed to attain — evidently it is not easy. Whatever we do, in any case, we keep marching toward the future. And so, onward, fellow holobionts!

Cassandra’s legacy

42 Comments on "The End of an Age: The Failure of Catastrophism"

  1. jef on Thu, 16th Jul 2020 8:11 pm 

    What they don’t show is that under the table is an ever increasing puddle of acidic urine and shit, oops!

  2. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 3:36 am 

    Ugo Bardi fails to draw a distinction between Europe (+UK) and America. His lament only applies to the latter, not at all to Europe. In Europe, the main driver behind “Paris”, resource depletion and climate change is taken very seriously, much in contrast to America. The latter was too much occupied with expanding their empire, well at least until 2016 that is, where Europe has set as its explicit goal to get rid of fossil fuel before 2050. Expanding the empire is now over for good, but instead of building wind turbines, America in this decade will be too much pre-occupied with itself and internal social troubles, to be worried about resource depletion and climate. A pile of ruble doesn’t need that much energy, fossil or renewable.

    But our Italian Bardi friend is a little too Anglo-centric to be concerned with Europe, perhaps a religious thingy?

  3. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 4:31 am 

    “Ugo Bardi fails to draw a distinction between Europe (+UK) and America. His lament only applies to the latter, not at all to Europe. In Europe, the main driver behind “Paris”, resource depletion and climate change is taken very seriously, much in contrast to America.”


    cloggo, your eurotards are under the same spell of affluence the rest of the world is in. The problem with your fat and lazy Euros is you are the cheese between the bread being eaten by China and the US. Russia is there two with a gun to your head. You gloat and crow like a fool. Your demise is tied to our demise. Grow up and get a backbone you fraud.

  4. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 4:32 am 

    “The Tech Cold War Between The US And China Will Cost $3.5 Trillion In Just The Next Five Years”

    “How much would a Tech Cold War Cost? That’s the question DB’s new tech strategist Apjit Walia asks in a new research report, in which he looks at the interplay between the Post Covid Tech Rally and the Tech Cold War, which have emerged as two of the most salient aspects of the current market dynamic. And with tensions between US and China continuing to rise and spread to other parts of the world, the strategist conducts a top-down analysis of the impact on the Global Information & Communications Technology sector from a full-blown cold war. The report finds that the ensuing demand disruption, supply chain upheaval and resultant “Tech Wall” that would delineate the world into rivaling tech standards could cost the sector more than $3.5 Trillion over the next five years…US and China have been engaging in an increasing capacity since the 1970s and the level of integration between the two global tech regimes is unprecedented. The integration is a complex demand and labyrinthine supply chain network that has taken 40 years to develop. DB uses a top down approach to ascertain the level of revenues and supply chain links across the global ICT industries to China. To analyze and quantify this complex co-dependent Tech relationship between the two countries is a challenging task…Globally, China has about 13% of revenues of the ICT sector amounting to around $730 Billion per annum. However, a significant part of this is demand from the Chinese tech sector that is re-exported after some value-add, assembly and packaging (“re-export demand”) – this constitutes supply chain risk…Supply Chain Risk A transition out of Mainland China could take 5-8 years to achieve successfully. Lack of infrastructure, clustered networks and skilled labor in other countries versus China are major obstacles. Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines are the primary targets for this transition but most of them would need significant infrastructure upgrades to catch up with the Chinese supply chain cluster strength. In most categories, exports outstrip imports, except for electronic components, where imports are 3x of exports. Electronic components, such as semiconductors are imported and used as inputs in consumer goods and communication equipment and exported out of China…The average cost of rebuilding the supply chain will be approximately 1.5 to 2x of the book value based on feedback from Tech managements and supply chain experts. Using a sustainable capex rate, it would take 5-8 years to relocate the supply chains. The cost of a transition over a five year period would come to around $1 Trillion. Tech Wall Risk On top of the demand disruption and supply chain upheaval, it would be unavoidable for Tech companies to operate efficiently in a large part of the “Non Aligned” world without complying with the two rivaling global standards that would come up as the cold war heats up. The Tech Wall would entail rival internet platforms, satellite communication networks, telecom infrastructure regimes, CPU architectures, operating systems, IOT networks and payment systems with very little inter-operability or interaction. It would mean having to deploy two different communication and networking standards across several geographies to ensure inter-operability. In this new world order, these non-aligned countries would require companies to have dual standard compliance to operate there. A divergence in standards could increase costs in multiple ways. Increased R&D, design, product development and related costs for manufacturers. Increased costs of compliance to different IP, networking, data privacy/localization regimes for corporates. Loss of interoperability of devices across geographies for consumer…The hardware industries which predominantly have both revenue and supply chain dependence on China respond sharply to escalations. Industries with lower revenue exposure to China display defensive characteristics during rising tensions, and fall in the top left quadrant. Software and service display defensive characteristics as they have very limited revenue exposure to China. Telecom service providers have limited revenue exposure and their returns appear to be uncorrelated to escalation events…Anticipated policy support from governments given the centrality of the sector to nation states in geopolitical tech relevance is also touted as a driving factor in multiples. Clearly, Semis are key to retaining tech supremacy and form the backbone of any AI or Software enhancements to institutions and countries. However, there remains one tail case scenario and that is in the event of disengagement and escalation of the cold war, Semiconductors will see significant market share and supply chain disruption that will be too big to be offset by government policy support and central bank liquidity. This scenario does not seem to have been factored in the current market.”

  5. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 4:33 am 

    I posted a longish article that indicates a tech cold war between the US and China is going to be very disruptive to high tech. High tech is currently critical for growth. The numbers thrown around indicate another huge hit to global growth. The reason this is a hit is the world does not have that kind of cash with all the other disruptions. Remember, this is not an investment that will yield more growth these costs are retrenchment costs. Some sectors and regions will see construction growth but overall this is a recessionary force. This means renewables, AI, and automation will be cut back. The money has to come from somewhere. This is just yet another headwind and weight on global growth that is critical to maintain affluence everyone has become habituated to.

    There is a disconnect because of the Ponzi financialization of the global system that the money will be found. This is mainly because financial wealth is created and in the past this has maintained liquidity. Physical and the abstract of knowledge and skills of the global tech supply chains cannot be created in the same way. This article is talking huge numbers and a relatively longish time in the modern sense to adapt a new global supply network for tech to a cold war divided economic world. This will involve redundancies which will further hamper new efficient growth. It may be the case a restructuring creates more security and less systematic risk but the key point is less affluence at a time when the pandemic has already crippled healthy growth. It is the summation of these negative global economic conditions that will converge and weigh heavily on future growth. Techno optimist wishing upon new technologies to save mankind might be a bit misplaced until these issues correct. IOW this won’t end well for development but instead points to an economic degrowth period.

  6. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 4:55 am 

    And in other news a good look at the cloggo’s Eurasian unity:

    “Azerbaijan Threatens To Strike Armenian Atomic Plant Amid Worst Border Fighting In Years”

    “The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense warned on Thursday, that its forces could carry out a precision strike on the Metzamur power station in western Armenia if Yerevan decided to hit Azerbaijani strategic installations. This after renewed fighting along the historically contested border early this week, as the AP described: Armenia and Azerbaijan forces fought Tuesday with heavy artillery and drones, leaving at least 16 people killed on both sides, including an Azerbaijani general, in the worst outbreak of hostilities in years. Skirmishes on the volatile border between the two South Caucasus nations began Sunday. Azerbaijan said it has lost 11 servicemen and one civilian in three days of fighting, and Armenia said four of its troops were killed Tuesday.”

  7. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 5:08 am 

    Idaho’s people and their fascism:

    “The Social Justice Cult Really Hates Parler – Here’s Why…”

    “I have never been a fan of social media platforms, primarily because I realize most of them are operated by leftists and globalists with an antagonistic agenda…The more effort you put into sites like Twitter, the more dependent you become on it to get your message out, and the more dependent you become the more power the people at at these companies hold over you…Just ask any of the numerous conservative personalities that have been banned from Twitter over the past couple of years because of their political positions. Or ask the people who were banned from YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. as part of a massive purge of accounts this past month, the vast majority of them considered conservative or moderates. Of course, these companies usually don’t admit outright that they are biased against conservative and moderate viewpoints; instead, they accuse accounts of spreading “hate speech”, violating community guidelines or violating “copyright rules”. The claim by Twitter that they have no political bias is typical leftist misdirection. Banning people for copyright or for “hate speech” is not necessarily politically motivated, right? However, as analysts have shown in the past, conservatives are somehow FOUR TIMES more likely to be accused of “neutral” policy violations than leftists on Twitter. As for hate speech, everything conservative is now considered a form of hate speech. Everything moderate is considered hate speech. Everything that does not conform to the social justice religion is considered hate speech. And if it’s not considered hate speech today, it will be considered hate speech tomorrow. It’s interesting that SJWs on social media can froth at the mouth with anti-white rabies whenever they please and consequences rarely befall them, yet conservatives can relate nothing more than facts and figures and are summarily booted for “racism”. No bias? Yeah, right…YouTube banned thousands of accounts over the past two weeks because of “supremacist ideas and conspiracy theories”, calling the people behind them “harmful users”. Twitch organized a “Safety Advisory Council” made up primarily of social justice leftists (including a power hungry lunatic that thinks he’s a female deer) to “inform and guide decisions” specifically on protecting the safety of “marginalized” users. Look, I understand the concepts behind Alinsky Tactics and the reality that leftists as a rule deny everything they are doing no matter how obvious it is. They’ll even claim their own groups (like Antifa) don’t exist whenever they get caught in a compromising position. But there comes a point when the gaslighting just isn’t going to work anymore. We all know that social media platforms HATE anyone that opposes the social justice narrative; the only reason they haven’t kicked all conservatives off their platforms yet is because there is something else they hate even more – the prospect that conservatives and moderates might retaliate en masse by organizing on their own competing platforms.”

  8. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 5:28 am 

    “Solar panel recycling has a long way to go, and silicon may be the key”

    “Process is key But it’s not just that. The authors point out that many laboratory studies have identified potential methods for specific aspects of the recycling process, but a recycler will need a complete suite of linked methods that can work as part of a single process. That’s where engineering comes in—finding ways to integrate things into a process. Some of the components of a solar panel are a snap to recycle, like the aluminum frame. Others take some work. Some of the components of a solar panel are a snap to recycle, like the aluminum frame. Others take some work. Heath et al./Nature Energy The authors also say that adaptability will need to be a consideration, as designs are always changing. For example, the silver content of cells has been declining for years—down 70 percent since 2010—and silver is a profitable thing to recover. Lead-tin solder for connections could be phased in favor of lead-free solder or other alternatives. Not having to deal with toxic lead would be a boon, and lead-free solder would bring some silver back into the picture. Overall, the researchers “recommend research and development to reduce recycling costs and environmental impacts compared to disposal while maximizing material recovery,” with a focus on silicon. New government policies and clearer regulations could help, along with public data on things as simple as the number of solar panels that are coming down. Solar energy is light-years ahead of fossil fuels by environmental measures, to be sure. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done to improve sustainability for the long term—like closing the materials loop by turning old solar panels into new ones.”

  9. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 5:31 am 

    In other news cloggo’s EuropeUp news:

    “I never thought I would have to come here’: crisis drives French to food banks”

    “PARIS (Reuters) – Natalia, 34, had a good job in a Paris bakery, but when the coronavirus lockdown forced it to shut, she was furloughed. With loans to pay and a family of four to support, she found herself where she thought she’d never wind up: the food bank. Even though France has made it through the worst of the coronavirus lockdown, charities say workers hurt by the economic crisis are still in dire need of help. And if a second wave should hit in the autumn, they are warning of serious hardship to come.”

  10. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 5:38 am 

    This is for juanPee the Sinophile:

    “China’s Unexpectedly Strong Growth Isn’t What it Seems”

    “China’s allegedly solid rebound took a Herculean effort and more state debt, the same tools as always. Anderlini reports that investment by state-owned enterprises in the first half of the year rose by 2.1%, while investment by private companies fell by 7.3 %. His conclusion is amusing. A decade ago, some economists liked to describe the Chinese economy as a bicycle that needed to maintain a certain speed or it would tip over and crash. Today it is more like a bicycle laden with enormous boxes of debt, ridden by a drunk and with strategic competitors such as the US trying to knock it over. It is not just China. So, let’s correct point 2 so that it is more accurate. The global economy is like a bicycle laden with enormous boxes of debt ridden by drunken central bankers hoping to stuff more debt into the boxes despite the debt deflation consequences of their actions.”

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 5:45 am 

    “And in other news a good look at the cloggo’s Eurasian unity”

    Again. There isn’t going to be a “Eurasian unity”, let alone a anti-Anglo Eurasian Alliance, just like there was no official US-USSR-UK anti-European alliance, well, not until 1941, deep into the war.

    What there very well was, was a pre-war US-Soviet-UK-war party mutual, quiet, shady back-room UNDERSTANDING…

    …that the old 1492-1939 European global order could be toppled, if Americans and Soviets and British war party arouns Churchill (all led by yids) could exploit the Versailles standoff plus Polish expansionism and set Europe again on fire, so 2nd rate Americans and 3rd rate Soviets merely needed to pick up the first rate pieces afterwards:

    Likewise, everything is in place to take the Anglo-Zionists to the cleaners and phase them out from history:

    – The clear Chinese hint to the Russians and Europeans to replace US hegemony with the Eurasian New Silk Road initiative (read the last line in the left side-bar to get a clue of what the Chinese intend):

    – The French initiative for Europe to open up to Russia
    – the German insistence on completing Nord Stream
    – The Russian desire to become part of the “European Home”
    – Brexit, driving a wedge in the West
    – the “white-lash” president Trump and increased polarization in the US, inevitable leading to CW2 and balkanization
    – the Chinese enticement called Australia, Mao’s “lonely continent”, providing overpopulated China with a “North-America” of its own, where they can dump their losers, more or less like the British did, only in far greater numbers.

    Armenians and Azeri are non-entities in the coming drama, no matter how much umpire dave has his hopes high to the contrary.

  12. conservative snowflakes on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 6:33 am 

    “I have never been a fan of social media platforms, primarily because I realize most of them are operated by leftists and globalists with an antagonistic agenda.”

    Great. Then shut the fuck-up. The pussy right-wing snowflake zealots should create a proprietary echo chamber of their own making where they can moan and complain about how unfair life is and comfort each other via a mass pity party.

  13. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 6:47 am 

    “Great. Then shut the fuck-up. The pussy right-wing snowflake zealots should create a proprietary echo chamber of their own making”

    Typical juanPee response with his extremist liberal personality IOW one of his multiple personality disorders. juanPee this is not about right-wing it is about moderates telling you woke fucks to stick your shit back in your ass. The country is in the process of a backlash and that attitude will be targeted.

    “where they can moan and complain about how unfair life is and comfort each other via a mass pity party.”

    The moaning and complaining is with the extremist left. It is called wokesterism of the snowflake left. BTW, juanPee, snowflack is a extremist liberal term describing their free speech safe spaces where they hide from the truth.

  14. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 6:52 am 

    “I have never been a fan of social media platforms, primarily because I realize most of them are operated by leftists and globalists with an antagonistic agenda.”

    That is not true. There are two media worlds:

    – globalist MSM, incl Hollywood, a one-way street, pumping a kosher-sourced globalist mindset into white brains
    – the internet underworld, although not entirely dominated by right-wing resistance, at least right-wing verbal resistance IS possible here and IS exercised, although globalist internet platforms like jewtube, jewgle, suckerbook, twatter and a few more, do exercise deplatforming in order to counter that threat (“hate”), to little avail, as the right-wing, pro-white message can get through, through other channels (gab, infowars, bitchute, thesaker, americanconservative, amren, vdare, vnn, rt, wordpress and a lot more, all protected by free speech laws).

  15. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 6:52 am 

    “Likewise, everything is in place to take the Anglo-Zionists to the cleaners and phase them out from history: – The clear Chinese hint to the Russians and Europeans to replace US hegemony with the Eurasian New Silk Road initiative (read the last line in the left side-bar to get a clue of what the Chinese intend):”

    more cloggo derangement narrated as fiction. cloggo, all your Anglo derangement has failed the reality test. You are so far gone you can’t even see how wrong you were instead you crow constantly and don’t look back at the many failures.

  16. supertards pls love supremacist muzzies more and suckle the muzzie ck hard muzzie in houston tx says muzzie should rule america wait a min this garbage used to be in dumfk allahland somewhere just a few years ago and now its here muzzie in the on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 7:01 am 

    middle of nyc no less was sawed off to bits
    wait a min this used to be in allahland a few years ago and ongoing today but now its in nyc

    we need to amputate all supremacist muzzies starting with muzzie imams

  17. REAL Green on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 7:58 am 

    “more cloggo derangement narrated as fiction. cloggo, all your Anglo derangement has failed the reality test. You are so far gone you can’t even see how wrong you were instead you crow constantly and don’t look back at the many failures”


    We just lost another debate again Davy.


  18. supertards thanks for loving supremacist muzzies and thanks for loving and respect supertard please suckle on the muzzie ck hard and put on your face DIAPER-19 and take MUZZ-19 VAX-19 concocted in the basement of DROPOUT-19 who is an expert on on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 8:06 am 

    everyone can be experts because today is special day I will approve all messages as SCIENCE-19 worthy so please prosts hard

    please enjoy “uncle tom” by larry elder

    I appoint larry elder saint. his title is “the lover” (of supremacist muzzies)

    congratulations to darkie supertard president saint larry elder (uncle tom, self appointed)

    we are all int this togetehr

    also watch trayvon martin hoax by whitey supertard

  19. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 8:08 am 

    ‘The guy stinks and he’s a racist’: Anthony Scaramucci on Donald Trump

  20. JuanP on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 8:19 am 

    Oh my God, Duncan references the psycho Scaramucci. What will Duncan come up with next?

  21. The board on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 8:51 am 

    JuanP on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 7:58 am

    “more cloggo derangement narrated as fiction. cloggo, all your Anglo derangement has failed the reality test. You are so far gone you can’t even see how wrong you were instead you crow constantly and don’t look back at the many failures”
    “Translation: We just lost another debate again Davy.

    JuanP, do you even know what a debate is, lunatic? Debates are not about winning and losing or being a lunatic. So how would you know?

  22. JuanP on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 8:52 am 

    Miami-Dade ICUs At 107% Capacity As Deaths Climb Across The Sun Belt: Live Updates

    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Fri, 07/17/2020 – 09:36

    Florida ICUs at 107% capacity

  23. Davy on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 10:42 am 

    Well we can agree on one thing juanPee. Us Americans are real stupid.

  24. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 10:46 am 

    Damn – must be going senile! I almost forgot the 3rd and my most favorite world — the 3rd world! And I’m still waiting for those black and brown boys to give my asshole some loving!

  25. SocialRevolutionComing on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 11:03 am 

    I was watching the news from around the world. We, the human race, are not going to survive peak oil.

    The phrase that comes to my mind is: the world is now a big theatre of the absurd.

    Too many nations are pushing infrastructure projects that won’t be needed in the future because of the lack of oil. Leadership around the world does not seem to understand the concept of energy (Joule) and civilization. They are trying the best, but it is not good enough.

    Prepare you self to die, is my best advice.

    The hammer to fall represent death according to may.

    Here we stand or here we fall
    History won’t care at all
    Make the bed, light the light
    Lady Mercy won’t be home tonight

    You don’t waste no time at all
    Don’t hear the bell but you answer the call
    It comes to you as to us all
    Yeah, we’re just waiting for the hammer to fall, yeah

    Oh every night, and every day
    A little piece of you is falling away
    But lift your face the Western way
    Build your muscles as your body decays, yeah

    Tow the line and play their game
    Yeah, let the anesthetic cover it all
    ‘Til one day they call your name
    You know it’s time for the hammer to fall

    Rich or poor or famous
    For your truth it’s all the same
    (Oh no, oh no)
    Oh, lock your door but rain is pouring
    Through your window pane
    (Oh no)
    Hey yeah, baby, now your struggle’s all in vain, yeah…
    For we who grew up tall and proud

  26. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 11:48 am 

    Trump Dumps Brad Parscale — but the Campaign’s Failures Are All about Him

    The Fat Boy and the Thugs are going to have to steal this election.

  27. The board on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 11:49 am 

    JuanP on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 10:42 am

    “Well we can agree on one thing juanPee. Us Americans are real stupid.“

    Yea, the South Americans among us. You are a poster child juanPee.

  28. zero juan on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 11:51 am 

    SocialRevolutionComing said I was watching the news from around the world. We,…

    Abraham van Helsing said Damn – must be going senile! I almost forgo.

  29. conservative snowflakes on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 11:52 am 

    Poor snowflake DavySkum:

    Do you honestly think anybody outside of your neo-conservative echo chamber gives a shit about “wokesterism” or any of the other crybaby nonsense you peddle?

    You are constantly projecting the “L” for LOSER that is branded on your forehead.

    Lucky for you mommy banished you to the miserable ozarks by buying you a play farm. if it were a working farm, you would not be on this site 18 to 20 hours a day. All you know what to do is complain and cry victimhood. If you had to work for a living with other people like normal folk, you would be flat on your face.

  30. everyone please respect supreme goat on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 12:22 pm 

    study PERMACULTISM-19 it will come in handy some day

    Please waer face DIAPER-19 to prevent CONVICT-19

    death rate is horrendous 2^trillions . at this rate whitey supertards will go extinct soon

  31. i wish supertard JuanP would return my 100lb bean bag i appointed him supertard and he didnt have to leave america so he needs to return my bean bag on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 12:26 pm 

    it was given to him by me so he could share with hombres on the train trip home

    i think he doesn’t understand low english so i ma use google to translate for him

  32. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 12:26 pm 

    First things first!

    “‘Sickening, if true’: Ex-NY police chief says 27 cops reportedly assigned to protect BLM mural as violent crime soars”

    The order on the East coast is melting away and darkies take over. NYC = BLM-city. That’s OK. Time to evacuate the UN and bring that club into safety in, say, Kazakhstan, never to return. And Europe and China should design a new Charter, designated for a multi-polar, identitarian world and declare the post-WW2 order for over. No more SC consisting of the “WW2 winners”, but representatives of all continents.

    Apneakike aka the TalmudTurk aka ShabbyDrScumbag is too much of a spineless coward to use his own nick:

    “Damn – must be going senile! I almost forgot the 3rd and my most favorite world — the 3rd world!”

    He is afraid and full with resentment. I chased him off this board 2 years or so ago, because I linked his opinions to his ethnic identity (yellow piece of cloth routine), then he recently sneaked back under a different nick, but soon he was stupid enough to accidentally drop his cover (“cancer monkey”) and was busted. He is not the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree. Easy meat. Railway freight car material.

  33. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 1:35 pm 

    Even an incompetent brute like Donald Trump is capable of getting things done if he will allow his henchmen to do their worst.

  34. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 2:24 pm 

    Abraham van fantasy, I’ve run across quite a few commenters from countries within that recent construct known as Europe. Many intelligent folk (better grasp of the English language than 3/4 of Anglos) None of share your warm-N-fuzzy kindergarten vision of a hand holding, share the cookies EU.

    Your EU – I’d like to buy the world a Coke – delusion is in direct conflict with your other fantasy of a Europe consisting of white, nationalistic, right wing populist governments who by definition are isolationist & paranoid of ‘the other’.
    Katy bar the door. It don’t add up.

    The entire EU project is a liberal progressive open borders, globalist corporatized wet dream. Homogenization is their aim. One world of corpratized homogenized zombie consumers. One global corporate culture with a handful of local customs allowed – Amsterdam can keep it’s window shopping whores – as a means to promote/justify their global tourist industry (phony). They have already co-opted and/or destroyed most culture & customs.

    I know y’all right wing fools frame globalization as left wing, but it’s about money & power & nothing else. Power is pragmatic. Beliefs are for the sheep. They tell you, left or right, what you want to hear & they have their hand dipping into your back pocket the entire time. Most humans can’t live without beliefs & meaning, so the manipulation will never end. The beliefs come & go, but the manipulation stays the same.

    EU FOREVER! EU is #1! EU FOREVER! EU is #1! EU FOREVER! EU is #1! EU FOREVER! EU is #1!

  35. RPG on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 3:39 pm 

    France should buy Quebec from Canada.

  36. makati1 on Fri, 17th Jul 2020 5:50 pm 

    “About 52 million Americans are age 65 or older, according to the Census Bureau’s 2018 population estimates. One quarter of these older Americans live in one of three states: California, Florida, and Texas.”

    Florida, the rest-home of of many oldsters. Sure the death count will be high there.

  37. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 4:23 am 

    Britain getting a little more realistic about:

    1. carriers
    2. China

    “We had a worrying pointer this week as to how we should not do it. It was revealed that our military chiefs have drawn up plans to base one of our two new aircraft carriers in the Far East early next year to play a part in countering an increasingly assertive China.”

    Note: putting an Anglo carrier in the South China Sea is NOT “increasingly assertive”.lol

    “If that does indeed happen it will be a reversal of a decision taken in the Sixties to withdraw Britain’s military presence ‘east of Suez’.”

    A direct consequence of preferring the Americans as allies rather than the Germans, as this smart gentleman had advocated in the thirties:

    In the latter case, Britain would have remained a world power, but instead it has become a meek US vassal, with an Islamic capital and mayor, where darkies throw historic statues in the water. And it will only get worse.

    “Sadly, it is far too late to reverse the ludicrous decision that led to us wasting so many billions on aircraft carriers we did not need and which have proved technically hopeless. And which would be sitting ducks for one of China’s new long-range missiles.”

    Finally somebody connecting the dots. Navies are a 19th-20th century anachronism. But it is also very Anglo as neither the British nor US empires could have existed without powerful navies. But empires are a thing of the past, including the US empire.

    Interestingly, according to this MSM story, the UK doesn’t have an independent nuclear strike force anymore (unlike the French):

  38. Davy on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:02 am 

    “Sadly, it is far too late to reverse the ludicrous decision that led to us wasting so many billions on aircraft carriers we did not need and which have proved technically hopeless. And which would be sitting ducks for one of China’s new long-range missiles.”

    China has carriers and the US has ship killing missiles. The US will soon field hypersonic missiles and other tools. In fact, Japan just leaked a hypersonic ship killer. Nobody is safe anywhere cloggo. Your binary military agenda of China great US and allies down is crap. This is a real competition now with no side ahead. China is not proven in war which means they have not experienced the school of hard knocks. This is not something you can steal either like they have done with everything else.

  39. Davy on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:12 am 

    WOW, perfect description of JuanP and his multiple personalities when he takes on a virtue signaler. BTW, he will take on left and right ones which is hilarious. The other bird killed with one stone is Duncan Idahoe and his extremist lefties. This description of their activities is perfect!

    “Narcissists, Psychopaths, & Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage In “Virtuous Victim Signaling”, Study Finds”

    “So: Here’s some fun new research looking at “the consequences and predictors of emitting signals of victimhood and virtue,” published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The paper—from University of British Columbia researchers Ekin Ok, Yi Qian, Brendan Strejcek, and Karl Aquino—details multiple studies the authors conducted on the subject. Their conclusion? Psychopathic, manipulative, and narcissistic people are more frequent signalers of “virtuous victimhood.” The so-called “dark triad” personality traits – Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy – lead to characteristics like “self-promotion, emotional callousness, duplicity, and tendency to take advantage of others,” the paper explains. And “treated as a composite, the Dark Triad traits were significant predictors of virtuous victim signaling.” This held true “even when controlling for factors that may make people vulnerable to being mistreated or disadvantaged in society (i.e., demographic and socioeconomic characteristics) as well as the importance they place on being a virtuous individual as part of their self-concept,” the researchers note. They point out that virtue signaling is defined as “the conspicuous expression of moral values, done primarily with the intent of enhancing one’s standing within a social group…”a perceived victim signal can lead others to transfer resources to a victim, but that the motivation to do so is amplified when the victim signal is paired with a virtue signal” and “people high in the Dark Triad traits emit the dual signal more frequently.” “a positive correlation between the Dark Triad scores and the frequency of emitting the virtuous victim signal.” “evidence of how these signals … can predict a person’s willingness to engage in and endorse ethically questionable behaviors …. frequent virtuous victim signalers are more willing to purchase counterfeit products and judge counterfeiters as less immoral compared with less frequent signalers, a pattern that was also observed when using participants’ Dark Triad scores instead of their signaling score,” and “frequent virtuous victim signalers were more likely to cheat and lie to earn extra monetary reward in [a] coin flip game.” “that a dimension referred to as amoral manipulation was the most reliable predictor of virtuous victim signaling.” “frequent virtuous victim signalers were more likely to make inflated claims to justify receiving restitution for an alleged and ambiguous norm violation in an organizational context.”

  40. Davy on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:17 am 

    “Pentagon Reveals Trump’s “Super-Duper” Hypersonic Missile”

    “The defense official is referring to a “hypersonic glide body” test over the Pacific in March. U.S. Navy and U.S. Army jointly tests hypersonic glide body — Dylan Malyasov (@DylanMalyasov) March 21, 2020 “What he was referring to, really, was the recent flight test that we’ve performed in March where we flew 17 times the speed of sound,” the senior defense official said.”

  41. Davy on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:33 am 

    A description of deflation and growth with renewables caught in the middle. This is not all the story of course but Gail does expose serious issue for energy over time in a world of decline:

    “Why a Great Reset Based on Green Energy Isn’t Possible”

    “Economic growth has a definite pattern to it, rather than simply increasing without limit… Commodity prices behave differently at different stages of the economic cycle. During the second half of the economic cycle, it becomes difficult to keep commodity prices high enough for producers… Modelers missed the fact that fossil fuel extraction would disappear because of low prices, leaving nearly all reserves and other resources in the ground. Modelers instead assumed that renewables would always be an extension of a fossil fuel-powered system… The same issue of low demand leading to low prices affects commodities of all kinds. As a result, many of the future resources that modelers count on, and that companies depend upon as the basis for borrowing, are unlikely to really be available…Conclusion We do indeed appear to be headed for a Great Reset. There is little chance that Green Energy can play more than a small role, however. Leaders are often confused because of the erroneous modeling that has been done. Given that the world’s oil and coal supply seem to be declining in the near term, the chance that fossil fuel production will ever rise as high as assumptions made in the IPCC reports seems very slim. It is true that some Green Energy devices may continue to operate for a time. But, as the world economy continues to head downhill, it will be increasingly difficult to make new renewable devices and to repair existing systems. Wholesale electricity prices can be expected to stay very low, leading to the need for continued subsidies for wind and solar. Figure 1 indicates that we can expect more revolutions and wars at this stage in the cycle. At least part of this unrest will be related to low commodity prices and low wages. Globalization will tend to disappear. Keeping transmission lines repaired will become an increasing problem, as will many other tasks associated with keeping energy supplies available.”

  42. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:44 am 

    My patient JuanP will not be appearing on the show today. He is seriously ill with depression. He is on his couch in the feral fetal position. The feral part is because he is foaming at the mouth and gnashing his teach almost as if he has rabies

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