Peak Oil is You

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Page added on May 1, 2006

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Terrifying errors committed by politicians and other ”geniuses of economics”

Here are the reminders for those who never learnt to think in decent ways: – It is absolutely impossible to seek employment by permanent growth because all resources and energy stuffs will get priceless in the near future. And the disaster in the environment by poisoning air, water and soil will go on and cannot be corrected by any means, politicians or economic stupids may think of. We have only ONE Earth!

– We should not try to bring the whole World, especially China and India, on the level of Switzerland or the USA. Within one year, the whole wealth of the Earth would be gone. On the contrary: The USA and Europe have to move – in direction of going back to structures we had before all numbers exploded with the effect of leaving us no changes whatsoever for future generations, because of the blows of clubs, destructing of our platform of living.


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