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Page added on April 30, 2008

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Schools living fuel nightmare

PUTNAM COUNTY — If you think you have gas pump sticker shock, consider the Putnam County School system, which uses about 7,000 gallons of diesel every 20 days to keep 50 big buses running over routes that total 2,668 miles.

The big yellow vehicles get about eight miles to the gallon. It takes 81 gallons to fill the tank of one.

Here’s another way to look at the bus fuel nightmare: the current year’s budget contained $246,000 for diesel fuel, but officials recently had to get a budget amendment, bumping it up to $316,000.

“Our actual costs for fuel this year came in at 57-percent higher than what was budgeted,” said Schools Director Kathleen Airhart.

And next year’s budget estimates the total cost of diesel for the buses at $416,227, she said.

Herald-Citizen (Tennessee)

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