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Page added on September 29, 2009

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Rising Nat. Gas Prices Could Spur Marcellus Shale Drilling

Drilling in the natural gas-rich Marcellus shale formation that stretches across western Pennsylvania has been stunted by the recession, but a Pittsburgh oil and gas expert believes change is coming in 2010.

Duquesne University Professor Kent Moors, an internationally recognized authority in oil and gas policy and finance issues, predicted that the price of natural gas is on the verge of increasing to a point at which it will become profitable for companies to begin drilling.

And if Moors is correct that the price could nearly double by the middle of 2010, Pennsylvania is in store for a whole lot of drilling.

The Marcellus shale bed is a geological formation running from Kentucky to New York and across most of Pennsylvania. Industry experts believe it contains more than $1 trillion worth of natural gas.


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