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Page added on November 29, 2006

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Richard Heinberg: Powerdown and Transition Towns

Transition Culture Interview with Richard Heinberg – Part Two

What role to communities such as Totnes have in preparations for peak oil?

What I see happening in towns like Totnes in the UK and Willits in California are test-tube experiments for what the rest of society is going to have to do. Right now we are talking about very few communities who are making some groping experimental steps in the direction of energy transition, but very soon every town, every city in the world is going to be faced with the need for making the same kinds of choices. So having at least a few communities that have undertaken the process voluntarily and proactively and have tested out the options and found ways of doing this successfully it is going to be very important. These towns will be the way-showers for rest of us.

Which municipal, town scale responses have most impressed you?

Clearly the smaller the community the easier it is to get things done. It is easier to get access to politicians, to policy makers, easier to change policies and so on, but I think it is important that these efforts be undertaken in cities of all scales. So I

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