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Page added on April 28, 2007

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Putin signs ordinance on atomic energy industry reform

Russia will become a worthy player on the world atomic energy market through the creation of Atomenergoprom, a source at the Federal Atomic Energy Agency said on Friday.

This holding will enable Russia to outdo its rivals on the world atomic energy market, the source said.
The formation process will be complete by next January, and the holding will be a joint stock company wholly owned by the government.

A list of joint stock companies, which will make up the future holding, will be registered by July 1. Fifty-five unitary enterprises will be corporatized and included in the holding by December 1, he said.

“The holding will incorporate all enterprises and companies, which produce atomic energy machinery, build and operate nuclear power plants, produce and enrich uranium and make nuclear fuel,” the source said.

“Isolated atomic energy enterprises may fail the goal of the intensive construction of new nuclear power units in the country and competition on the international market,” Federal Atomic Energy Agency head Sergei Kiriyenko said earlier.

Itar Tass

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