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Page added on December 27, 2011

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Presenting Anonymous’ “Survival Guide For Citizens In A Revolution”

Anonymous Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution

Following the fireworks from this weekend in which Anonymous hacked and exposed thousands of Stratfor clients and millions of confidential emails, it may be time to pay some more attention to the hacker collective, and specifically a document that was released a few weeks ago titled “Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution.” As Anonymous itself says, “This is a snapshot of what Anonymous thinks will be useful for your survival in case of a violent revolution in your country. As most of Anonymous works, it will be constantly changed, reused, improved etc. So watch for newer releases.” Because all it takes for complete chaos to erupt in addition to the unwind in the financial system, is for one or two major hacks at system critical institutions to precipitate all out social panic. And who knows – while the financial system will self destruct on is own, perhaps Anonymous itself will do this or that vis-a-vis the latter.

Complete guide (source)


8 Comments on "Presenting Anonymous’ “Survival Guide For Citizens In A Revolution”"

  1. PrestonSturges on Tue, 27th Dec 2011 8:54 pm 

    The most important thing about rebellion is that there is the illusion of freedom since stuff is getting broken. But behind the scenes the usual people use chaos as an opportunity to consoloidate power. Even when there is an apparently successful “people’s revolution,” ultraconservative radicals will push their way to the front as in Egypt, or they will be swept back into power by a shady election as in the Ukraine. “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

    An active rebellion is driven by violent fanatics, and in the US, the most prominent are the folks who see the Constitution as something mysterious, complex, and violent as the Book of Revolations. All too often, the idea of “liberty” means killing anyone that expresses the slightest skepticism, like the French Revolution when it became The Terror.

    The odds of a “revolution” leading to any increase in actual freedom is dismal at best.

  2. BillT on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 1:31 am 

    I think the race is on between civil revolution and total collapse. Will the sheeple rise up in wrath and do a French Revolution number on 1/10 of 1% or will the bankers whole house of cards collapse on top of them first? Either way, major changes are in the works…and maybe in the next year or so. We shall see.

  3. PrestonSturges on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 3:47 am 

    ….like I was saying, the French Revolution led more or less directly to Napoleon. Think that one through carefully.

  4. BillT on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 9:58 am 

    Preston, which is worse, a Napoleon or just another Hitler?

    What do we have now but a puppet government owned by the 1/10%?

    What is happening to the average American under the existing system that would get better without a Revolution?

    I personally think that the collapse will happen BEFORE the heads roll, but perhaps it will just be the last straw that brings out the guillotines?

  5. Cloud9 on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 1:31 pm 

    We need a revolution in this country because the old established order is too calcified and too corrupt and too decrepit to lead. We need to break the backs of the central banks and sever the tentacles Goldman Sachs has wrapped around our government. We need new political parties. The existing parties are so incestuous that they are identical with different talking points. This last election should have proven that to anyone who is capable of more than a teenage crush.
    What we don’t need is A-10 Warthogs strafing I-4. The political process is the way out of this mess. I know the youngsters want to put on their urban camouflage, grab their Ak’s and storm the Bastille, but that is a path we want to try to avoid. We need neither a Napoleon nor a Hitler. We need a Washington, a man when offered the opportunity to become king declined the offer and chastised those making the offer. Neither ethnic cleansing nor more conquests are needed.
    What is needed is a change in paradigm. First off we must learn to discriminate between the idea that all of us are created equal and all of us are equal. All ideas simply because they are championed by individuals do not have merit. Many of those ideas are foolish.
    We cannot bring all children up to grade level no matter how much money we spend on education. The hard and fast truth is that nearly one half the population is below average. We need to accept that and move on.
    The threat is over. Communism has been defeated. The Cold War is over. The military needs to come to understand that just because it can be built does not mean that it needs to be built.
    Bigger is not better. The government needs to get out of the business of the states. Every grant or ear mark robs one portion of the country to fund the reelection of some politician in another part of the country. The federal government needs to dismantle every agency it has that is duplicated by a state agency. Redundancy is wasteful, counter productive and impedes the government of the states. A considerable portion of state problems result from unfunded federal mandates.
    The federal government should not be in law enforcement. The states are well policed and if threats become really serious each and every one of them can call up a militia. The military should never be involved in law enforcement. Training soldiers for police duty is no different than Caesar bringing his legions across the Rubicon. The result is the same, tyrany.
    The word entitlement needs to be stricken from the lexicon and replaced by what it really is, welfare. Welfare for big business, welfare for farmers, welfare for banks, it all must be wound down. We must stop hiring young women to have children. And we must stop hiring people to stay on life support. I can say that. I am a geezer. When the time comes cover me with a sheet and dig the hole.
    We must stop subsidizing medicine. The reason a procedure costs a million dollars is because the insurance companies and government will pay a million dollars. Cut the subsidies and those that perform those procedures will still be looking for work. They can only charge what the market will pay or they will starve. Trust me, medical prices will plummet.
    We need to decriminalize a lot of things. Drugs need to be legalized. The money spent on enforcement needs to be spent on education. On the flip side we need to stop protecting people from the consequences of their bad choices.
    We all need to vote and we need to vote out every sitting incumbent and we need to cut their congressional staffs by half. We must dismember the beast before the beast shreds us.

  6. Cloud9 on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 2:02 pm 

    Montana has a recall provision in their state constitution that will allow them to recall their senators that voted for the National Defense Authorization Act contending that their votes nullified the 6th Amendment and violated their oath to uphold the Constitution.
    Every state legislature needs to enact such a provision. This within itself would remove the need for revolution.

  7. BillT on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 2:53 pm 

    “We cannot bring all children up to grade level no matter how much money we spend on education. The hard and fast truth is that nearly one half the population is below average.”

    Pure BS! Yes, average means that half are more able and half are not as able, but we live in the 21st century and for the money we spend on education, no-one above moron should be unable to do basic math, read and write proper English and understand basic science. No-one!

    It is the elite that want the sheeple dumbed down, not the basic ability of the sheeple to learn. An educated citizen is an enemy of corruption and graft and they know it. But when you have college grads who cannot read, write or balance a check book, something is rotten in the system.

    Montana is not going to change things in America. They are less than 1/3 of 1% of the US population. San Jose, California has that many people. But, dream on. Revolution is coming.

  8. Cloud9 on Thu, 29th Dec 2011 1:32 am 

    I speak from some experience. I have taught at the college level and the secondary level. I have taught for 31 years. I have a master’s degree and am National Board Certified. I have taught kids that went Harvard and Yale and MIT. I have taught kids that now command their own military bases. I have taught several hundred, doctors, lawyers, engineers, police officers, nurses and soldiers. And I have taught kids that are in jail. I have a 21 year old freshman in my class as I write. A sweet girl but she cannot pass the FCAT. I know that you want to delude yourself with the notion that kids that don’t do well simply have not had the opportunity. The bottom quartile can be moved up no doubt about it. We have an obligation to make every effort to advance them, but to assume they have not done well because the effort has not been made is simply wrong.
    If you know how to reach these kids, please step up to the plate and get it done. I want you on my faculty. We are desperate for solutions.

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