Peak Oil is You

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Page added on May 30, 2007

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Preparing for Powerdown

In the last couple of posts on this subject I had a look at some of the main issues and concepts that need to be addressed if we are to begin to navigate towards a sustainable alternative. While rising energy prices capture everyone

The impression I get is that, even amongst many who recognise the limits to the current growth-based system and its inevitable demise, were there to be a major new oil discovery, say, it would just be pissed up against the wall like most of the rest of the 55million-year legacy of carbon fuels have been in the pursuit of an unsustainable dream which is inherently destructive and will come to an end one day any way.

Kunstler has written a post recently expressing his frustration with even his fellow-greenies who seem fixated on finding ways to continue the present system but with hybrid vehicles and less pollution- this would be equivalent to Holmgren

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