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Page added on September 30, 2009

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Plan a trip using public transportation

Transit in Google Maps is a public transportation planning tool that combines the latest agency data with the power of Google Maps. It integrates transit stop, route, schedule, and fare information to make trip planning quick and easy for everyone. For agencies around the world, Google Maps is a cost-effective solution targeted at transit novices and seasoned travelers alike.

Participation can benefit agencies by:

Raising the awareness of public transportation to attract new choice riders

Helping seasoned transit riders to discover new routes to maximize the agencies’ infrastracture investment

Linking to a transit agency’s web page to increase agency awareness and web traffic

Connecting neighboring agency’s data to improve inter-agency connectivity

Decreasing greenhouse gas emission, traffic congestion, and increase citizen mobility by promoting public transportation to millions of worldwide users

It is free – all you need to do is share your data


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