Peak Oil is You

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Page added on February 22, 2011

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Peak Oil or Peak Stupidity? How Permaculture Expands Life and Time

Geoffrey Lawton, arguably the world’s greatest permaculture teacher, lectures at historic Mohonk Mountain House in the Catskills, 5/07. For more Geoffrey Lawton, please investigate and the Permaculture Institute of Australia. Here Geoffrey teaches us that a normal community once used 1 horsepower per 240 people! Life and time back then were spacious and expansive. In his work and subsequent phases of this talk, Geoffrey reveals how easily permaculture can get us back there once we get out from under the thumb of the inferior minds at large in the governmental tragedy that is the Federal US of $$$!

Geoffrey Lawton teaches permaculture all over the world, but he says America (surprise!) is the place it is hardest to get this energy-saving, soil-saving, #1 quality of life style to TAKE ROOT, because certain powers that be here are so money crazed they have lost all sense of love for the basics of Life: Nature, Humanity and Liberty. America needs to embrace that French thought: Liberty, Egality and Fraternity! Without Equality and Fraternity, Liberty just is not cool; like fire without ice: dangerous and deadifying, alas. For…stuff? A peak of stupidity in human history, making us history if we let it! Oy! Plant a tree, swale a garden and save a planet, pulleeeze! And listen to Geoffrey and spread the Word!

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