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Page added on April 28, 2007

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Pakistan seeks US $17 billion for construction of dams

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has sought US $17 billion funding from international lenders for the construction of three dams by 2016 saying that they were needed to avert flood, drought and energy crisis.

The country has appealed to the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other lending institutions to provide the 17 billion dollars funding to construct Diamer-Bhasha, Kalabagh and Akhori dams by 2016.

“By 2010, Pakistan will be among the most water-stressed countries, with less than 1000 cubic metre per capita water availability,” Chairman of Pakistan’s Water and Power Development Authority, (WAPDA) Tariq Hameed said.

Water and Power Minister Liaquat Ali Jatoi, who presided over a session in “Water, Power and Prosperity” of the Pakistan Development Forum, appealed to bilateral lenders and international financial institutions, including the World Bank and ADB to come forward and provide funding for big reservoirs so that people in the country could benefit from cheap electricity and food.

Times of India

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