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Page added on July 10, 2018

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Oil shocks will hit region hard

General Ideas

Fuel prices are rising. More oil shocks have been predicted, and we remain unready to face a new age that is approaching rapidly.

Some may not have heard of “peak oil”. If so, I suggest Googling it up.

Alerts: This year Exxon Mobil has warned us to prepare for demand-driven oil shocks. Last year, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Khalid A. Al-Falih warned us to expect an oil supply shortage by 2020.

When it hits, our region will be hard hit. We still lack a functioning rail link or coastal shipping facilities to offset any road transport problems.

Admittedly, the world is moving on to electric cars and bicycles, but heavy transport remains almost totally reliant on fossil fuels.

Oil unavailability or un-affordability will drive us to alternative energy, but before long it will be alternative everything.

Petroleum is part of nearly everything, even jobs.

Peak oil and its impacts have been delayed by shale oil and new drilling technologies such as fracking and horizontal drilling, along with deep sea and oil sand extraction, keeping us addicted to oil that much longer.

With millions of the world’s people homeless, lacking adequate food and clean water, ongoing fossil-fuel-use habits are now morally unacceptable.

The consequences of continuing as we do now are likely to be irreversible.

Using even 20 percent of the known, extractable fossil fuel reserves would jeopardise the basic necessities of human life.

The madness of it all.

Thank God we have a Government that sees the futility of searching for more of this product that threatens our future.

I want a world for our kids and grandkids. What about you?

Bob Hughes

210 Comments on "Oil shocks will hit region hard"

  1. MASTERMIND on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 10:11 pm 


    When have I ever wished death and collapse on anyone? I just have said that its going to be a global collapse..And I have cited several studies as evidence to prove that..

    You are just an old bitter and angry geezer..Who knows his life is ending soon and wants to see the rest of the world go down with you..misery loves company..

  2. GregT on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 10:33 pm 

    “When have I ever wished death and collapse on anyone? I just have said that its going to be a global collapse..And I have cited several studies as evidence to prove that..”

    You are constantly talking about a nuclear first strike on Russia, and shipping all of the U.S. conservatives off to the Middle East to die in wars.

    Studies are not evidence of something that may or may not happen in the future. Those would be predictions, or opinions. Predictions and opinions are not evidence.

    And MM, nobody cares about anything that you have said, you don’t have a crystal ball, and neither does anybody else.

  3. MASTERMIND on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 10:33 pm 

    It is NOT possible to defend a farm… attackers will kill you when you venture out to weed or sow or harvest… they will get into your farm at night and raid the crop and kill the animals….

    How f789iing difficult is it for DPs to understand this????? You really have to have something seriously wrong upstairs not to get it.

  4. MASTERMIND on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 10:35 pm 


    Studies are not evidence now? The limits to growth models were not predictions either..Dr Meadows was very specific about that point..they were computer simulations..

    You just make up your own reality..You are a weakling..

  5. GregT on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 10:38 pm 

    There is nobody here to defend a farm against, and there is no farm. How fucking difficult is that to understand?

    You really have more than something seriously wrong upstairs not to get it,

  6. Makati1 on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 11:10 pm 

    Greg, MM is a lost cause. Either he is so drugged up, is mentally handicapped, or both, that he no longer lives in the real world. After reading hundreds of his comments, there is no evidence of any maturity, intelligence or education. And, his delusions are getting worse.

  7. Makati1 on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 11:17 pm 

    “…misery loves company.” You sure are a hypocrite MM. YOU want the rest of the world to go down so you have an excuse for being a worthless piece of shit wasting good resources by staying alive.

    BTW: I can come down to your level easily, MM. I can get even nastier than you can. Your slurs and putdowns are laughable. Grow a pair and get a job. I’m sure there is an opening for a male slut somewhere in your area.

  8. GregT on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 11:21 pm 

    MM is like dealing with severely handicapped 6 year old child Makati.

  9. MASTERMIND on Wed, 11th Jul 2018 11:48 pm 

    Greg and Madkat

    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds..

    -Albert Einstein

  10. Boney Joe on Thu, 12th Jul 2018 12:11 am 

    Former-Paultard (imagine someone referring to himself as formerly retarded):

    You are a perfect representation of the insanity that has infected and is now consuming the American populace.

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