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Page added on March 24, 2012

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Nicole Foss: global finance and peak oil

Peak oil and the economy Senior editor of, which chronicles and interprets the ongoing credit crunch, and former editor of The Oil Drum Canada, where she wrote on peak oil and finance. She is an international speaker on energy and global finance and is touring New Zealand until 22 April.

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4 Comments on "Nicole Foss: global finance and peak oil"

  1. armageddon51 on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 12:21 am 

    boy that this interviewer is annoying ! What kind of cheap radio station was Ms.Foss attending to ? She should have slap the moronic host in the head and leave …

  2. Rick on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 12:38 am 

    The interviewer is just stupid. Peak Oil is real, and money and technology will not fix our finite resources.

  3. Rick on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 12:43 am 

    One more comment. Technology does not solve all problems.

  4. Bob Owens on Sun, 25th Mar 2012 5:14 pm 

    Nicole is a class act.

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