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Page added on September 29, 2007

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New Processes for CO2 Capture in Coal-Fired Power Plants

BASF, RWE Power and the Linde Group are cooperating to develop and deploy new processes for CO2 capture from flue gases in coal-fired power plants. The partners are targeting removal and subsequent underground storage of more than 90% of CO2.

Their cooperation includes the construction and operation of a pilot facility at the lignite-fired power plant of RWE Power AG in Niederaussem/Germany to test new solvents from BASF for CO2 scrubbing. Linde will be responsible for the engineering and the construction of the pilot facility. The goal is to apply CO2 capture commercially in lignite-fired power plants by 2020.
Once pilot tests are complete, the partners will decide on a subsequent demonstration plant in 2010. This will be designed to provide a reliable basis for the commercialization of the new process.

RWE and BASF are members of the 30-partner CASTOR (CO2 from Capture to Storage) project partially funded by the European Commission to develop and validate, in public/private partnerships, innovative technologies needed to capture and store CO2 in a reliable and safe way.

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