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Page added on August 30, 2008

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McCain’s Energy Intentions

The McCain camp will keep that issue front and center in St. Paul, as it believes energy will provide a critical differentiation for voters as the debate over the rival economic policies heats up. Palin could be a key asset in that fight.

Daniel Clifton, Washington policy analyst for the Strategas Group, believes the pain caused by $4-a-gallon gasoline could make energy the core economic issue of the election, even more than housing or jobs. With Palin’s aggressive support for opening the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge (, 8/29/08) to more drilling, and a husband who works on the North Slope, she “personifies the choice being offered,” Clifton says. “Not only does she stand for energy independence and opening up different sources, her background also helps [Republicans] make the case that expanding drilling could also help create jobs.”

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