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Page added on February 8, 2020

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Let ’em find doomsday on their own

General Ideas

I’ve recently watched a few reruns of the Doomsday Preppers episodes from National Geographic, seven years old now. The coronavirus brought the series back to mind.

The 1918 flu pandemic killed perhaps 1% of those infected, resulting worldwide in about 50 to 100 million deaths (3% to 6% of world’s population then); 675,000 Americans were among them. U.S. life expectancy dropped by 12 years during the year of the pandemic.

The new virus’ mortality may be about 2 to 3 percent. Spread over, say, a third of the planet that’s a whole lot of dead people. Complicating things, infectious patients can infect others without exhibiting symptoms, a troubling aspect of getting this virus under control.

But for the world to end in any prepper sense mortality would have to reach perhaps thirty-five to sixty percent mortality, roughly the same kill rate as the Black Plague in the 14th century – an estimated 75 to 200 million people throughout Eurasia.

Still, I wasn’t especially worried until I saw this notice:

Risk of a Flu Pandemic is Ever-Present, but the CDC is on the Front Lines Preparing to Protect Americans

Somebody from the government will come to help us. Given that assurance I just bet, right now, some prepper cells are calling in the clans, ready to bunker-up.

We’ve been through this before, you know, thanks to all the apocalyptic literature. In both The Scarlet Plague (1912) and Earth Abides (1949), civilization is done-in by disease. Alas, Babylon (1959) follows Florida survivors after nuclear war. A Canticle for Leibowitz (1959) has the Catholic Church again collecting books, copying texts, and preserving knowledge for thousands of years following a full world nuclear exchange. The limited nuclear exchange told by Warday (1984) sees New York City abandoned and California not (the fictional Golden State did build a wall to keep out glowing refugees). The valiant defenders of social order in The Postman (1985) battle “hypersurvivalists” preying on decent folk who really just want reliable mail delivery. One Second After (2009) reduces U.S. population in successive 90-day die-offs from 300 hundred million to 30 million following an electromagnetic pulse assault. Yet, whatever the cause, the connecting theme is the disintegration of American society and the plucky people who survive to rebuild.

Being an insulin-dependent diabetic my own survival beyond the first 90-day die-off is unlikely, but I know how to make “survivalist insulin.” All I need is a pig and its pancreas, five c.c. of concentrated sulfuric acid and, oh, an anatomy book to show me exactly what a pancreas might in fact look like. But a centrifuge, electricity to run it, a gun to protect it, and a supply of pigs and I am good to go.

I would not rate very high on the “prepper score” from Doomsday Preppers. Neither do many of the peppers, for that matter. I never saw anyone score a hundred; most fare much lower. Yes, I did watch it. I was a bemused gawker,  but mostly I like figuring out the flaws in the plans before the experts weigh in. One guy decides he should have a couple more black-powder cannons, back-up for the one that always misfires. How about just one cannon that works, if you need a cannon. It should not, I’d like to tell one lady, take two hours to bug out. Nor do I think the family rushing rubber rafts to the nearest waterway is an especially good way to escape a Virginia coastal tsunami; don’t you want to run from all that water? I can’t decide what’s scarier: the thought of social and economic collapse or the idea these might be the people to survive it.

But there are plenty of people thinking about that, survival. The Y2K freak-out in 2000 and the threatening rattle Irianian reprisial, TSA pat-downs for three-year-olds, the sour failures of FEMA, debt ceiling and national debt, Congress and, well, Congress: All these and more nourish uneasiness about the way things are headed. The task of negotiating the twenty-first century, now twenty years in, leaves many wishing for something a little more basic, simpler.

The prospect of a world collapsing under the weight of its own folly would take care of everything, including the annoying neighbors, the idiot boss, and the federal government. Plus there is always an upside to the downside, even in the end of the world. The Black Plague so reduced European population there was a resulting sharp increase in wages, creating a real middle class, accompanied by wide land redistribution.

What did the guy say?

It’s the end of the world as we know it,

and I feel fine

(time I had some time alone).


117 Comments on "Let ’em find doomsday on their own"

  1. Richard Guenette on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 12:42 pm 

    I don’t waste my time and energy reading end-of-the-world crap.

  2. Richard Guenette on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 1:27 pm 

    I often feel suicidal

  3. Davy on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 1:29 pm 

    I often feel like juanpee

  4. Richard Guenette on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 1:33 pm 

    The virus is much worse than we are being told

  5. Gaia on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 1:43 pm 

    What’s more appalling is the anti-vaxxers who put THEIR own children and others at risk of diseases (measles, mumps etc.). How come anti-vaxxers don’t get exposed by the US MSM?

  6. yeahbut on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 3:43 pm 

    Dunno where the author got his mortality stats re the 1918 flu, but he’s wildly wrong from anything I can find out about it…

    The ‘Spanish’ flu is estimated to have infected almost a third of the world’s population at the time- 500 million people. Of those somewhere between 50 and 100 million died ie a mortality rate of between 10% – 20%. So it was massively fucking deadly.
    It had gnarly, gnarly symptoms- patients would be admitted to hospital with standard flu symptoms (aches, cough, runny nose, fever etc) but within hours their skin would turn blue due to the lungs being unable to oxygenate the blood, they would cough until their diaphragm tore, bleed heavily from the nose, also from the eyes ears mouth and all other mucous membranes, and be in such severe pain that it was often at first misdiagnosed as the fun sounding ‘break-bone fever’. Upon autopsy, lungs were so severely damaged they were said to look like the lungs of those killed by toxic gas in the trenches. It also had the particularly scary and unusual feature that it infected the young, fit and strong rather than infants and old people as is the usual scenario.

    It was a horror show unlike anything we’ve seen since for the double whammy of infectivity and mortality; sars, mers, corona etc are no picnic but pale in comparison.

  7. makati1 on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:02 pm 

    Gaia, you might not say that if YOUR child was made into a vegetable by a vaccine. Our farm caretaker’s son got a vaccination when he was about 3 years old and it made him blind, deaf and affected his brain withing a few months. He is now almost helpless at age 12 and will be a liability rfor the rest of his life.

    Vaccines are NOT safe. They put them on the market without proper testing. All for $$$$,

  8. JuanP on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:19 pm 

    why we should Trust China when they’ve proven themselves to be liars.

    Now we are supposed to believe that the Wuhan Level 4 Virology lab at the center of the current crisis is simply a civilian lab whose mission is to investigate the world’s most dangerous diseases for the betterment of humanity? This is an affront to any educated person. 3)

    — Kyle Bass (@Jkylebass) February 2, 2020

  9. JuanP on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:26 pm 

    Can you believe that Mak was trying to tell us for the longest time this virus is nothing. He kept saying the few was so much worse. How about that wake up call Mak?

    As’s Chris Martenson details below, when the world’s #2 economy hangs up a big “CLOSED” sign, that’s going to result in a major negative impact on global trade. As the manufacturing powerhouse to the world, you’ll be challenged to think of ANY industry that won’t experience serious supply chain interruptions and shortages from China’s woes. For instance, did you know China makes the vast majority of our prescription pharmaceuticals? A MASSIVE hit to the global economy will directly result from the damage the Wuhan coronavirus is currently doing. And it may get worse, a lot worse, as The Telegraph’s Ambrose Evens Pritchard points out, “the longer Beijing enforces curbs on work and travel, the greater the global economic shock.”

  10. makati1 on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:40 pm 

    Davy/JuanP you ref two disreputable sources as proof of your brainwashed assertions. Both are nothing more than money grubbing liars who must be put down along with the US.

    I see the new virus as the elite’s planned excuse for the global economy to collapse. The neocons/elite want it to happen. Perfect timing, as I see it. Accident? Nope! Planned 9/11 style event.

    The more I read, the more obvious it is. The financial headlines talk about nothing else. The fear mongers are out in droves. The warmongers also.

    It has supposedly killed <1,000 people worldwide, but it is less dangerous then the normal flu where hundreds of thousands have died already this around the world in the last few months, and over 10,000 in the US alone. But, that is ignored because it does not support the neocon/elite's program and it proves that flu vaccine is ineffective but very, very profitable.

    I watch the events unfold and hope it is the one that takes the US down. The East will survive. The dying empire is thrashing around all over the world, trying to survive its inevitable end. Kill it before it does something really stupid.

  11. REAL Davy on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:41 pm 

    Can you beleive that Davy is trying to tell us that JuanP made those two stupid posts above? He keeps saying stupid things as JuanP.
    How about posting your stupids under you own name davyskum?

  12. JuanP on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:47 pm 

    Mak, you are so delusional it is amazing. I don’t think anyone on this forum has their head so far up their ass than you do. China has ground to a halt and you think it is nothing but lies.

  13. JuanP on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:49 pm 

    Mak, just wait until this virus gets going in the P’s a place with even less control over its population. You are the type of guy who won’t survive this.

  14. Davy on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 5:57 pm 

    I miss the REAL JuanP so bad it makes my widdle pussy hurt.

  15. Richard Guenette on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 6:12 pm 

    The P’s is a third world country and will be the next stop for a pandemic

  16. Richard Guenette on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 6:13 pm 

    China’s economy has ground to a stop and may not reboot

  17. makati1 on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 6:16 pm 

    As of Feb. 7th, there were THREE confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the Phjilippines and ONE death.

    “So far, there are 3 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the country:

    The first patient already tested negative for the novel coronavirus in the latest round of tests of the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, but another test with negative results is needed before she can be discharged from the hospital. Domingo said she is well and no longer showing symptoms.

    The second patient, her partner who traveled with her to the Philippines from Wuhan, China, died of complications due to the novel coronavirus. His death marked the first death due to the virus outside China.

    The third patient has since returned to China after a second round of tests showed she was already negative for the novel coronavirus.”

    “Health officials are confirming a case of coronavirus in Wisconsin, bringing the total of confirmed cases in the U.S. to 12.” (Feb 5th only.)

    When you Google for US coronavirus info, there is only a bit and they are old. When you Google for anywhere else, there is a ton.

    Censorship? Of course! It’s ALL about $$$.

  18. makati1 on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 6:19 pm 

    Davy/Richard, China will do just fine. You are drowning in USMSM Sinophobe propaganda.

    Amerika cannot admit it is dying so it has to make everywhere else seem worse. Get a grip on reality.

  19. Richard Guenette on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 6:19 pm 

    Makati, you are in denial and your judgement is ahead

  20. JuanP on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 6:23 pm 

    exiled Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui said Sunday, citing leaked information out of Wuhan, that the death toll could be as high as 50,000, as Chinese officials burn bodies to cover up the true extent of the crisis. 1.5 million chinese infected with #coronavirus. 50,000 — Darren of Plymouth (@DarrenPlymouth) February 9, 2020 This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about the regime burning bodies, rather, it’s one of those ‘conspiracy theories’ that grows more credible every day. One reporter from the Epoch Times shared this map earlier showing the sulfur dioxide content in the air spiking over Wuhan. 數據網站的數字顯示,#武漢 地區的二氧化硫含量遠高於其他地區,而這通常是由在機物的焚燒所引起的……#武汉肺炎 疫情中,到底死了多少人了? — 曾錚 Jennifer Zeng (@jenniferatntd) February 9, 2020 Wengui also said he has information showing 1.5 million confirmed coronavirus cases in China. To be sure, this would contradict the theory that the ~3,000 or so new cases confirmed every day in China reflects restrictions on the supply of tests. 50,000 deaths would be an incredible thing to cover up…but then again, this outbreak is the without a doubt the greatest crisis of cinfidence faced by the regime since the June 4th incident back in 1989.

  21. makati1 on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 6:59 pm 

    Excellent source of facts! Sark! A disgraced, exiled Chinese elite giving real numbers. God, how gullible can you get? LMAO!

  22. makati1 on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 7:01 pm 

    A sunny, 80 degree Monday morning here in the land of eternal summer. I’m going out to plant some date palms and enjoy my retirement. Laterz!

  23. Davy and my ID Fraud and sock puppet brigade on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 8:21 pm 

    Oops, sorry makati1. Old freind. We forgot the link again.

  24. makati1 on Sun, 9th Feb 2020 10:16 pm 

    Duncan, an intelligent person would question any stats out of the US gov or MSM. Actually living wage jobs or…dog walking? LOL

  25. a a on Mon, 10th Feb 2020 9:01 pm 

    Question: how does a virus that kills 1% of the people it infects kill 3-6% of the World’s population?

  26. REAL Green on Mon, 10th Feb 2020 10:18 pm 

    Were not sure. But we think we might of bifurcated in are widdle panties again. And were out of diapers.

  27. JuanP on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 4:19 am 

    I wrote the above REAL Green. I have decided to come clean with all the bad things I am doing on this forum

  28. makati1 on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 4:20 am 

    Good Juan, because you are trashing the place. It is getting old.

  29. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 5:15 am 

    Conservative columnist warns GOP voters – “Just like Ronald Reagan, Bernie Sanders would have a chance – if he became the president – not only to win but maybe to dramatically shift the paradigm, to shift America, in a way we haven’t seen in a generation.”

  30. Davy on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 5:47 am 

    “Bernie Sanders would have a chance – if he became the president – not only to win but maybe to dramatically shift the paradigm, to shift America, in a way we haven’t seen in a generation.””

    First MOBster CNN is fake news propaganda arm of the extremist left. Anything out of CNN is criminal of the truth. PERIOD!! LMFAO. Criminal News Network. Second, the dimocrates will destroy Burn.bur.nie. They will make sure he does not get the nomination. Clinton and Obama political machines still controls the party so you are shit out of luck! They hate Burnie more than Trump mainly because Bernie threatens their power base. Trump is a good enemy to rally around Bernie is a traitor that might take their corrupt machine down.

  31. REAL Green on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 8:16 am 

    “Europe Can’t Afford A New “Green Deal” mises

    “Today’s brand of the left-leaning politician is all about substituting what sounds good for what actually works. Modern politics, whether in the US or Europe, is about taking a chainsaw to everything that produced even a modicum of success to appease the deities espousing progressive orthodoxy. There is no better example of this than fossil fuels, an energy source that has lifted us out of destitution and darkness, and given us incredible wealth that the world had never witnessed. What is the Left interested in doing? Using confiscation, cronyism, centralization, and coercion to combat climate change. The European Union will achieve these objectives through the boondoggle-in the-making Green Deal (GD)… What is the Green Deal? The European counterpart is a bit more realistic than the American version, aiming for net-zero emissions within thirty years rather than in a decade. But that is probably the best thing you can say about the proposal, which was approved by the European Parliament—though some policymakers had requested even greater ambitions to be inserted into the climate change scheme. Overall, the Green Deal is bad economics that will affect the already dreary conditions of Europe and exacerbate the slowdown… Policymakers want to implement a circular economy, one that emphasizes the sustainability factor in how the Continent produces goods. Its objective is to consume fewer materials and ensure that there is more concentration on reusing and recycling. Like the Green New Deal (GND), the EU’s flagship program is to “at least double or even triple” the renovation rate of buildings. Today, this figure stands at about 1 percent, so bumping it u Euros and Cents So, how much will all this cost? Over in the US, the GND has a price tag of around $93 trillion. The GD is estimated to receive EU support funding of $100 billion. This is a steal until you realize that this is not the total cost that will be required to reach the EU’s objectives. It is essentially seed money to get things going, a so-called transition mechanism. The final tally will likely be a lot higher.p would require a concoction of interventions and mandates to ensure buildings are more efficient…effectively admitting that the planet is too important to leave up to the inhabitants. Only the government, and those it handpicks to receive the benefits of public spending, can be Mother Nature’s best friend. Unfortunately, this reckless abandon of innovation and industry, which is far too common in the region, will be another step toward Europe’s ruin. As H. L. Mencken wrote, “For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” The EU knows this all too well.”

  32. REAL Green on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 8:17 am 

    Parts of this article have merit as well as parts of the parties he is criticizing. It is a complex topic and one that has limits to deal with but also good actions to acknowledge. The status quo alternative is not working clearly but ditching globalism as if you can just walk away from it like a Greta is not a real option. Basically, the green new deals on both sides of the Atlantic intend to do just that. Some kind of hugely successful revolution is supposed to take shape and succeed like the Moon landings. Great heroic technical achievements will result. This is pure fantasy and very dangerous because of the drastic action being considered. Globalism can be left but this is much like a life boat slowly getting readied to leave a sinking ship. This ship is damage but will not sink immediately.

    The Green New Deals on both side of the Atlantic are hyping technology to fix technology which is a different kind of circular. This circular is the kind involving traps and faulty behavior. It is dellusionals about the damage it will do to many groups as well as hiding the fact that many groups will profit handsomely from largesse. Much more is need to be done with renewables but there is a limit to where this tech can go because of planetary limits but also the physics of diminishing returns. It is not a transition paradigm it is a transformation paradigm. Getting this right might be the difference between a soft and hard collapse.

    I would say both status quo green and brown are wrong. The same is true with degrowth-ers and growth-ers. What is needed is a realistic attitude that civilization will collapse in a process and the rate of decline will be directly related to how well we handle the proactive and reactive response. We need both green and brown with degrowth and growth. The critical element is how they are applied and the gate keeper for this application is the wisdom centering around a collapse process. Notice I didn’t say collapse although that could happen anytime. I also am not going to say transition. This is a transformation into a new way of life that has much less economic activity and is much poorer. The planet will be degraded and the climate less habitable.

    To navigate this new world will require multiple strategies with no silver bullets all strategies are mitigation and adaptation related. The goal needs to be localism where applicable and adaptation to lower economic activity with all the dysfunctional baggage that comes with that. Economic abandonment, dysfunction networks, and irrational policies are inevitable it is the degree that is important. Much good policy and great tech can be applied but his is more about behavior than tech. It is about leveraging tech and behavior to adapt and mitigate an inevitable trend of decline. Time and resources are of the essence and both are increasingly in shortage.

  33. Sissyfuss on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 9:09 am 

    The Green New Deal will be a destroyer of economies and cushy lifestyles but because of the lack of any real progress towards reducing our emmissions or our destruction of biosperic balance only a destructive force can alter our suicidal trajectory. The opportunity for orderly transformation is long past, mass panic approaches.

  34. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 9:37 am 

    “Europe Can’t Afford a New “Green Deal””

    For American economic right-wingers like libertarians, there is no such thing as an environment that needs protection. For them the environment is something to exploit, an economic commodity. For them, Peak Environment is the discovery of a gold mine and (fake) “REAL GREEN” (=Davy) agrees.

    What these libertarian halfwits fail to understand is that Europe has made substantial progress:

    …and that the EU economy isn’t doing bad at all:

    Furthermore they fail to recognize that these new offshore wind parks are currently constructed without a single dime of tax-payer’s money. And there is an economic reason for that:

    The cost of renewable energy is declining, that of conventional fossil fuel increasing, due to gradual depletion. At some point the cost of these curves intersect. That moment is already behind us for non-buffered renewable energy, not yet if you include storage, but that moment isn’t very far off. Al over the world people are working to find a solution for that:

    Libertarians fail to understand the concept of energy transition. They don’t understand that you need to invest first before you can harvest. They fail to understand that continental European companies are preparing a coup that will put Anglo oil companies out of business. Libertarians are one-trick fossil fuel ponies, unable to think outside of the oil-drum, unable to innovate.

    Without the dollar reserve currency, a left-over from that mass-murder campaign called WW2, America would be a prosperous Balkan-country at best, like Slovenia.

    Eurasia btw is working on it to get that unfair advantage moved out of the way.

  35. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 9:50 am 

    The only energy source that has an EROI problem is fossil fuel:

    “Busting the myth on energy returns: Renewables to beat fossil fuels”

    “New research published in the journal Nature Energy has warned that society may be heading towards a ‘net energy cliff’ unless it undertakes a rapid shift to renewables, as fossil fuels become increasingly harder to access.”

    Renewables “not-dense-enough”,

    “As easy to access coal, gas and oil resources are depleted, harder to access resources will require more work, and consume more energy, to extract. Researchers fear that when efficiency losses are taken into account, such as energy lost during electricity generation, society may face ‘falling off a cliff’ with regards to the amount of useful ‘final energy’.”

    Translation: fracking is the last stage before falling off the energy cliff.

    “The new research has shown that not only is this a misconception, but that renewable energy technologies may soon provide a better energy-return-on-investment than fossil fuel resources.”

    “Studies show that solar PV panels generally produce between 10 and 20 times as much energy as is used in their manufacture.

    Wind turbines have similar energy-return-on-investment, generally producing between 15 and 30 times the energy used to manufacture and install the turbines.”

    Offshore wind, the best of them all, reaches 50 or higher:

  36. Davy on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 10:08 am 

    “The only energy source that has an EROI problem is fossil fuel:“

    Routinely proven wrong here by multiple people. Renewables have a bad EROI when while picture
    Is looked at not cloggo’s cherry picked agenda kind

  37. Davy on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 10:08 am 

    “Whole picture”

  38. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 10:21 am 

    Bernie 2020

    Eat shit and die boomer!

  39. Davy on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 10:22 am 

    “Hole pitcher”

  40. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 10:31 am 

    “Routinely proven wrong here by multiple people. Renewables have a bad EROI when while picture Is looked at not cloggo’s cherry picked agenda kind”

    Give me a single link where that is “proven”. You can’t.

    Meanwhile back in reality:

    We found two general patterns in the relation of energy gains compared to energy costs: a gradual secular decrease in EROI and an inverse relation to drilling effort. EROI for finding oil and gas decreased exponentially from 1200:1 in 1919 to 5:1 in 2007. The EROI for production of the oil and gas industry was about 20:1 from 1919 to 1972, declined to about 8:1 in 1982 when peak drilling occurred, recovered to about 17:1 from 1986–2002 and declined sharply to about 11:1 in the mid to late 2000s.

    Offshore wind and even solar in good “Arizona-conditions” are better than 1:11 for fracking. And getting better all the time.

    Europe and it’s offshore wind EROI of 50 and higher are better than US fracked oil EROI of 11, even if buffering is applied, which is not necessary below 40% penetration of renewable electricity.

    One of the best ways to store intermittent renewable energy is seasonal storage of heat, generated via a heat-pump and/or from thermal solar collectors:

    This is a simple method, just a huge swimming pool of say 70 meter in diameter and 30 m deep.

    Note that space heating is the largest item on the total energy budget.

    Only intellectual slow lane knuckleheads.

  41. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 10:39 am 

    “unhappier people seem to hold more populist and authoritarian attitudes.”

  42. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 11:03 am 

    “A few years back, a man high up in the CIA name Ray cline was asked if the CIA, by its surveillance of protest organizations in the United States, was violating the free speech provision of the First Amendment. He smiled & said: ‘It’s only an amendment.'”

    — Howard Zinn, The Zinn Reader

  43. Cloggie on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 11:30 am 

    Howard Zinn was that philosopher that open said that 9/11 should not be investigated. His co-religionist Chomsky has the same opinion:

    Reason: both these jews know very well that Israel did it but they don’t want THAT truth to come out.

    Still the best way for Trump to destroy the deep state, with its tenants like Zinn and Chomsky, is to open an independent investigation to 9/11 and finally expose the Israel lobby. And while he is at it, do the same with the JFK-hit, another Zionist hit job.

  44. Davy on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 11:53 am 

    “unhappier people seem to hold more populist and authoritarian attitudes.”

    Damn. What is your deal Idaho? You are one of the most unhappy people on this forum. Closet authoritarian I imagine. Kids probably don’t like you.

  45. Davy on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 11:55 am 

    “Give me a single link where that is “proven”. You can’t.”

    Antius puts you in your dog house every few weeks and you know it! Lol.

  46. JuanP on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 11:57 am 

    Amigos, have I told you I am a hole pitcher?

  47. JuanP on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 11:58 am 

    I am so depressed I am not going to comment anymore today

  48. supremacist muzzies lover all the way on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 12:34 pm 

    supertard juanp
    please regrow ur weener then u no depresed

  49. JuanP on Tue, 11th Feb 2020 12:42 pm 

    Well I am back. This is for Mak. He likes to do big numbers out long hand. Mak can you give as all the zeros for 6 trillion? please

    “China’s Banks Face $6 Trillion Coronavirus Cataclysm If Epidemic Is Not Contained Soon” zero hedge

    “according to many Wall Street estimates, as a result of the slowdown resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, China’s economic growth is set to slow sharply, with some banks such as JPMorgan now expecting as little as 1% GDP growth in Q1 assuming the epidemic is contained in the next few weeks; if it isn’t, Chinese Q1 GDP growth may print negative for the first time on record. This is a big problem, because as noted above if the PBOC’s 2019 stress test is credible, more than half of China’s banks would fail the “stress test” should GDP drop to just 4.15%; and one can only imagine what happens to China’s banks if GDP prints negative…The “big four” state-owned lenders, which together control more than $14 trillion of assets, currently trade at an average 0.6 times their forecast book value, near a record low. This also means that in the eyes of the market, as much as $6 trillion in bank assets are currently worthless!.. The worst is yet to come however, as the unexpected coronavirus epidemic is now their greatest test, and the longer it lasts, the lower the chances of a happy ending: “The resilience of China’s banking system may be severely tested,” the S&P analysts said.”

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