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Page added on August 20, 2018

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Kunstler: The Winners Will Lose and the Losers Will Win

Kunstler: The Winners Will Lose and the Losers Will Win thumbnail

Who doesn’t want to think that they are a good human being? That they are a person of good intentions, clear conscience, fair-minded, generous, loving, and merciful? On the other hand, who wants to be a loser?

The current political predicament in the USA has America’s winners turned losers and the consequent pain of that flip-flop has propelled the new designated losers into a fury of moral indignation. The deplorable Trump insurgents were supposed to be put in their place on November 8, 2016 — stuffed back into their reeking WalMarts — but instead, their champion with his gold-plated hair-do presides over the nation in the house where Lincoln, The Roosevelts, and Hillary lived. “Winning…!” as the new president likes to tweet.

What a revoltin’ development, as Chester A. Riley used to say on “The Life of Riley” TV show back in 1955, when America was great (at least that’s the theory). Riley was an original deplorable before the concept even emerged from the murk of early pop culture. He worked in an aircraft factory somewhere in southern California, which only a few decades prior was the mecca of an earlier generations of losers: the Oakies and other Dust Bowl refugees who went west to pick fruit or get into the movies.

Chester A. Riley supported a family on that job as a wing-riveter. All the male characters in the series had been through the Second World War, but were so far removed from the horror that the audience never heard about it. That was the point: to forget all that gore and get down with the new crazes for backyard barbeque, seeing the USA in your Chevrolet, enjoying that healthful pack of Lucky Strikes in the valley of the Jolly Green Giant… double your pleasure, double your fun… and away go troubles down the drain….

As Tom Wolfe pointed out eons ago, the most overlooked feature of post-war American life was the way that the old US peasantry found themselves living higher on the hog than Louis the XVI and his court at Versailles. Hot and cold running water, all the deliciously engineered Betty Crocker cake you could eat, painless dentistry, and Yankees away games on Channel 11, with Pabst Blue Ribbon by the case! By 1960 or so, along came color TV and air-conditioning, and in places like Atlanta, St. Louis, and Little Rock, you barely had to go outside anymore, thank God! No more heat stroke, hookworm, or chiggers.

It was a helluva lot better than earlier peasant classes had it, for sure, but let’s face it: it was kind of a low-grade nirvana. And a couple of generations beyond “The Life of Riley” the whole thing has fallen apart. There are few hands-on jobs that allow a man to support a family. And what would we even mean by that? Stick the women back in kitchen and the laundry room? What a waste of human capital (even for socialists who oppose capital). The odd thing is that there is increasingly little for this class of people to do besides stand near the door of the WalMart, and if the vaunted tech entrepreneurs of this land have their way with robotics, you can be sure there would be less than nothing for them to do… except crawl off and die quietly, without leaving an odoriferous mess.

What political commentator has failed to notice that the supposed savior of this peasant class is himself a sort of shabby version of Louis XVI, with his gilded toilet seats, brand-name pomp, and complex hair? A happy peasantry needs a good king, and that is the role Mr. Trump seems to have cast himself in. I assume that he wants very earnestly to be considered a good person, though all his efforts to demonstrate that have been startlingly clumsy and mostly ineffective.

The one thing he has truly accomplished is driving his opponents in the overclass out of their gourds with loathing and resentment. (The term, overclass was minted, I believe by the excellent essayist Michael Lind.) It’s a wonderfully inclusive term in that it describes basically everyone who is not in the underclass — that now-dreadful realm of tattooed diabetics moiling in the war memorial auditoriums and minor league ball parks for their hero and leader to descend like Deus ex Machina in the presidential helicopter to remind them how much they’re winning.

Meanwhile, the class of former winners-turned-losers — the Silicon Valley executives, the Hollywood movers and shakers, the Brooklyn Hipsters, the Ivy League faculties, the Deep State guideline writers, the K-Street consultants, the yoga ladies of Fairfield County, Connecticut, the acolytes of Oprah Winfrey and Elizabeth Warren — resort to righteous litigation in their crusade to restore the proper order of rule in this land. When they come to power, the shining city will be at hand….

I kind of doubt it. The truth is, all current winners and losers are living in the shadow of a financial system that doesn’t really work anymore, because it doesn’t represent the reality of wealth that is no longer there. The consolation, perhaps, is that there will be plenty for all those who survive the collapse of that system to do when the time comes. But it will be in a disposition of things and of power that we can’t possibly recognize from where we stand these days.

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9 Comments on "Kunstler: The Winners Will Lose and the Losers Will Win"

  1. onlooker on Mon, 20th Aug 2018 10:52 am 

    A trite mundane ode to irrelevant matters. The economic/environmental collapse will unambiguously show everyone what is REALLY important

  2. Outcast_Searcher on Mon, 20th Aug 2018 4:05 pm 

    Yes, if you want terrible predictions and financial advice, go to the stupid ad, which is the only actual information in this “article”. At least with the wacky and generally very wrong David Stockman, Kunstler will have good company.

    It’s too bad these clowns don’t have to be right a reasonable percentage of the time, to be posted repeatedly.

    Have you recovered from Y2K yet, Mr. Kunstler? As an IBMer it took me many months to prepare, but literally zero time to recover, as aside from a few reports having the wrong date, NO recovery was needed.

    But of course, you made lots of money selling nonsense like “Y2K Buckets”, so congrats on that.

  3. makati1 on Mon, 20th Aug 2018 6:37 pm 

    Guys, be patient. Their predictions will mostly come true and be worse than they predict. TPTB have been pulling rabbits out of the hat since 2008, at least. The supply of rabbits is down to a few, or none. Your king, Trumpet, is destroying what was left of America. That takes time, but it will be more and more obvious as the days pass.

    Some day, you will wake up to an America that you never thought possible. A Western Bangladesh, or worse. A “Nazi” Police State Hitler would be proud of. It’s coming…

  4. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Aug 2018 1:34 am 

    Brexit latest:

    Britain will become a ’21st century exporting superpower’ after Brexit, pledges Trade Secretary Liam Fox

    Official figures released in June showed exports hit record £620billion last year

    Em, dear British, these figures where achieved as a member of the EU, giving you free access to the most lucrative market in the world, where 43% of your export went.

    Although I do not believe in horror stories and Britain can be expected to survive, just like Norway and Switzerland, outside the EU, Britain has no resources like Norway or a potent specialized industry like Switzerland. It’s core strength is finance (kosher dominated country).

    In case of a hard Brexit, Britain will first have to worry where to leave 43% of their export they no longer can dump onto Europe (12% UK GDP). The EU has a similar but smaller problem (3% EU GDP export into the UK). In other words, Europe can and will impose its will on the UK: either be a paying member of the common market or risk being blocked out. “Exporting super power” my foot”.

    If this escalates in a full blown trade war (a very realistic possibility) and becomes a matter of prestige, expect the UK to fall into the hands of the US entirely and become to the US what Cuba was to the USSR, a lonely outpost.

    Personally I’m inclined to call British bluff and would advise the EU to turn full anti-Anglo in case of a hard Brexit and go Eurasian and together with Russia and China plan for the downfall of Anglo-Zionism, including a military option. We have some WW1 and WW2 scores to settle with our Anglo friends. British should prepare themselves for decades of shabby holidays in Brighton and losing most multinational HQs, including a substantial part of their banking industry, to continental Europe. It is up to you. We did not kick you of Europe, you did it yourself.

    Time to plan for setting the Channel tunnel under water, prohibit flights and ferries originating from Britain and takeover Gibraltar in a surprise action, after preparing with Moscow and Beijing for counter measures if the Americans see the opportunity to make themselves important again. Declare the Mediterranean an Anglo-no go area for military vessels. And the potentially most lethal action: declare Europe (PBM) the protector and shadow-government of European America. “Hands off whitey or else”.

    Peace can be boring, enough already, time for some drama.

  5. MASTERMIND on Tue, 21st Aug 2018 2:02 am 


    Enough with the fake news spamming..Wikipedia doesn’t even allow daily mail because they run so many fake news stories..You read it because you know its biased..They are a tabloid like the national enquirer..You are such a low iq moron..Just like the studies show..

    And according to the Economist the UK will become a third world country due to brexit..

  6. Cloggie on Tue, 21st Aug 2018 2:40 am 

    They will neither become a third world country, nor an exporting super power due to Brexit. In the sixties Britain was shabby Arthur Scargil country. It was in the EU that Cool Britannia became reality. But as de Gaulle already knew, Britain is fundamentally anti-European. And now, in an unguarded moment, the English population used the occasion to take a hike. Me, a Gaullist Europe Firster, in America falsely denounced as a “white eupremacist”, have never accepted being colonized by a former colony, we are simply too good for that, so I want to leave the empire at the first opportune moment and with Brexit this moment could have arrived. All we need to do is lustfully create max anti-Anglo hostility and create a rift between Eurasia and Anglosphere, obviously after securing Russian and Chinese support first and test their resolve by persuading to a joint public declaration containing:
    – Eurasion withdrawal from UN, IMF, WB, dollar, etc, set up Eurasian counterparts and kindly invite our Anglo friends to become member. Seat in Eurasia.
    – Declare European and Asian waters a no go zone for Anglo navies
    – Abandon NATO
    – Have all-Eurasian contingency plans ready just in case our Anglo friends refuse to roll over

  7. MASTERMIND on Tue, 21st Aug 2018 2:41 am 

    Republican Running in Key Florida Race Says She Was Abducted by Aliens

    “I saw three creatures when I was 7 and I’ve seen them like five or six more times when they came back,” Aguilera said in a 2009 interview, which was posted on YouTube. “Telepathically they told me to come out. I went out and saw a round spaceship. I entered and there were some round seats and quartz pieces that they used to steer the ship.”

    Aguilera describes the beings—two women and a man, she says—as tall, human-like, blond and buxom. In another interview, also posted on YouTube, Aguilera went into further details about her experiences with alien beings, who she said reminded her of Jesus Christ.

    When Aguilera launched her campaign last year, the Miami Herald dug up the old interviews and asked the GOP hopeful about them. She told them that she “joins the majority of Americans who believe that there must be intelligent life in the billions of planets and galaxies in the universe,” and referenced other prominent politicians—such as President Ronald Reagan—who had claimed to have seen UFOs.

  8. Dredd on Tue, 21st Aug 2018 8:18 am 

    “By 1960 or so, along came … air-conditioning …” – Kunstler

    Who knew the heat was coming, and bragged about it in Life Magazine (Humble Oil-Qaeda, 2) !

  9. Pharmacy Online on Fri, 14th Sep 2018 10:06 am 

    The winners will lose and the losers will win. Yep, blue wave coming for the 2010 losers. The House has been upside down since the Republicans were the winners in 2010. During the Obama presidency, we saw unprecedented obstruction and disrespect from House Republicans. We have witnessed the methodical and deliberate erosion of our institutions and the decimation of our political norms.

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