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Page added on February 27, 2007

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Kunstler critiques urban planning, oil shortage

Humanities Symposium keynote speaker James Howard Kunstler spoke critically about the nation’s energy sources, and the plan for the future to a packed audience in McManus Theater last Tuesday.

This year, the Humanities Symposium theme is “Urban Spaces, Urban Voices,” to connect to the Year of the City initiative. Kunstler’s critiques of urban planning and his opinions about the political and social implications of suburban life made him a key candidate for the address.

In the lecture, Kunstler discussed his most recent book, “The Long Emergency,” which argues against continued industrialization and discusses the global oil predicament our modern nation faces.

“Our problems are not just going to go away,” Kunstler warned. “They’re only going to get worse.”

The Greyhound (Loyola College)

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