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Page added on March 20, 2018

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Kunstler: Chatting with Tom Whipple of Peak Oil News

General Ideas

Tom Whipple is a former US Intel analyst who has put out the PeakOilNews for more than a decade. His newsletter is now associated with the PostCarbon institute and can be found at Tom is not a tin-foil hat guy, but we get into a discussion in the heart of the interview about exotic alt. energy matters, including new developments in fusion and cold fusion. I disagree with Tom about the role that electric cars might play in the years ahead, but we didn’t have a debate about it per se during this chat, which i believe you’ll find very interesting.

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2 Comments on "Kunstler: Chatting with Tom Whipple of Peak Oil News"

  1. Anonymous on Tue, 20th Mar 2018 10:16 am 

    Tom has been moving further and further into showing his bias (versus attempting objective reporting), given the move to PCI. Takes Art Berman and David Hughes at face value. How can anyone can have followed the scene for the years he has and not be aware how repeatedly wrong these guys have been?

    There are also just some basic ignorant statements–for example that rod pumps are not used on shale wells.

  2. George on Thu, 22nd Mar 2018 8:35 am 

    Whipple predicted peak toilet paper thirty years ago.

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