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Page added on July 17, 2020

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Kunstler: A Bigger Picture

Kunstler: A Bigger Picture thumbnail

Baluchitherium. Gone but not forgotten.

The Covid-19 virus itself didn’t run the United States into a ditch but it exposed the weakness and rot in the nation’s drive-train, and now all of us passengers on that disabled bus must decide whether to stay helplessly inside the smoldering wreckage arguing over who’s to blame, or begin a long, uncertain march down the road on our own two feet to a place of new arrangements.

In 1918, the country was lashed by a far deadlier pandemic disease at the same time it was fighting a world war, and daily life barely missed a step. The economy then was emphatically one of production, not the mere consumption of things made elsewhere in the world (exchanged for US IOUs), nor of tanning parlors, nail salons, streaming services, and Pilates studios. The economy was a mix of large, medium, and small enterprises, not just floundering giants, especially in the retail commerce of goods. We lived distributed in towns, cities not-yet-overgrown, and a distinctly rural landscape devoted to rural activities — not the vast demolition derby of entropic suburbia that has no future as a human habitat. Banking was only five percent of the economy, not the bloated matrix of rackets now swollen to more than forty percent of so-called GDP. Government at the federal and state levels was miniscule compared to the suffocating, parasitic leviathan it is now.

What happened? Like Hemingway’s old quip about a man going broke slowly and then all-at-once, we allowed everything in American life to creep into hapless giantism too cumbersome to adapt to new conditions, and suddenly conditions have changed. And now it’s all coming apart: the dying chain stores, the giant zombie companies that can only exist by borrowing money to buy back their own stocks, the auto-makers who have run out of lending schemes for non-creditworthy customers, the shale oil fracking companies that could never make a red cent, the agri-biz farmers grown morbidly obese on a diet of credit and government subsidies (just like their end-customers grew obese on engineered snack-foods), the Wall Street lords of financialization hypothecating fortunes by leveraging the stripped assets of everything not nailed down from sea to shining sea, the swelling underclass conditioned to helplessness, addiction, and vice, the inescapable ambient tyranny of media hype, propaganda, and disinformation, and, of course, the catastrophe that government has become.

Get this: none of these things now wobbling and staggering will be resurrected. They’re all going extinct, like the Baluchitherium of the Oligocene. To keep propping them up — as the Federal Reserve sedulously props up financial markets — will only promote the illusion that we don’t have to move on and conduct daily human life differently. A worldwide contraction was already underway before Covid-19 stepped onstage. The contraction was sending a very loud and clear message: gigantism went as far as it could go and now it’s up to the smaller and nimbler to carry on. Beware the promises of the sclerotic authorities asking you to remain in thrall to them — and dependent on them.

Expect these authorities to screw up even the next big exercise in their own franchise: the 2020 election. It will be the climax to a season of political hysteria and will complete the chapter of our history that left us on that smoldering big bus in the ditch. The scramble away from that disaster scene will be frightful and desperate. No matter who ends up in control of the government — or pretends to be — the same forces of contraction and decomplexifying will actually rule and you will have to act accordingly.

Many people will seek to escape the places they live now to find new homes and livelihoods elsewhere. These demographic movements are already underway. New York City is hemorrhaging much of its tax base as the wealthy flee, Chicago too, and the whole state of California. These places will be overwhelmed by functional bankruptcy, even if legal legerdemain allows them to avoid declaring it. Other states, counties and municipalities — including many suburban blobs — will also founder, meaning all the usual support systems and safety nets vanish. Many supply chains will break. Money may either be scarce or worthless, which are two ways of going broke.

Right now, start planning where you might go and what you can do. The turmoil will be filled with opportunity to find ways to be useful to other people, to devise work-arounds for ruptured systems and relationships, in getting food to people, making things they need, distributing them, fixing things that are broken where possible, and moving people and stuff from point A to point B. There will be plenty of work for people who are willing to do it. Keep in mind that it’s entirely up to you to make good choices.

Don’t despair, and if you find yourself veering toward it, get over yourself. It’s just part of becoming stronger than you thought you could be,  and the times will require it of you anyway. The offices that gave out brownie points for avouched victimhood will also be shutting down. Won’t that be a relief? Welcome to the joyful illumination that life is difficult for everybody. Who is ready for this epic journey?


87 Comments on "Kunstler: A Bigger Picture"

  1. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:19 pm 


    “Instant Karma: New BLM Statues Torn Down by White Patriots”

  2. Anonymouse on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 5:36 pm 

    If anyone here is an expert on trolling, it would definitely be jew, I mean YOU, cloggedsphincter.

    Time for you to move on.

  3. Supremist Muzzies jerk on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 6:36 pm 

    Anon, please respect supertard Abraham. He is a Dutch Nazi lover and Nazis hate Muzzies.

  4. Davy on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 7:46 pm 

    Trump is the best thing to ever happen to the world. He’s destroying the empire from within.

    Go Trump!

  5. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 8:04 pm 

    —-but will the governor act to remove these play soldiers and let Donald Trump know that his test run at military occupation cannot stand?

  6. Duncan Idahoc on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 8:06 pm 

    “What is this: Chile under Pinochet? A reenactment of Costa Gavras’ “Z”? Turkey under Erdogan, or Syria under Assad?

    No, it’s Portland, Oregon right now.”

  7. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 8:21 pm 

    “The virus has a big vote this year, and so far, it’s voting against Trump. It’s one of the tragedies of our political system that so many people have to die for one incompetent, corrupt man to lose the presidential election.”

  8. Davy on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 9:04 pm 

    The hole country’s goin to Hell in a hand basket Duncan.

    Go Trump!

  9. William Cannon on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 10:11 pm 

    Thank you for helping me to awake my liberal friend. Have yo woke up yet. I now live on 85 acres in WV with free natural gas and plenty of water. God Bless. Your conservative friend..Bill

  10. supertards please love supremacist muzzies more please watch and learn about life and works of saint tavon on Sat, 18th Jul 2020 10:50 pm 

    practice bagging and face DIAPER-19

    we’re all in this together

  11. Bo on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 2:31 am 


    I’m predicting that the USA will attack China (in the South China Sea) before end of 2020, and that as a consequence of an American war against China, the US will also round up all Chinese Americans living in the States into death camps and probably gas us all to death… If America doesn’t score a decisive victory in the SCS, the next step is the final solution, America will do a surprise pre-emptive nuclear first strike to decapitate the CCP and Chinese C&C, with intent to genocide all 1.4+ billion Chinese people on this planet so that Amerikkka can retain sole unilateral hyper-power status for the next hundred years.

    The tail/hint that gave it away was all the countries that previously vowed not to cave to US pressure on Huawei but then later on retroactively reneged after they already came out and stated they would not ban Huawei.

    What am I talking about? For example, back in Jan/Feb of this year, the UK originally said they would accept Huawei and would not do a ban on Huawei 5G etc… and even when Trump personally called Boris on the phone multiple times threatening and begging him to chance his mind the UK still didn’t relent.

    But now one after another, many European/Western nations that previously stood up against the US in not being pressured to ban Huawei have now all suddenly one after another fallen into line. The UK flipped flopped even after having already publicly made and announced the decision… some say that the whole thing for show and everything was a showmanship thing since UK being part of 5EYES was never gonna accept Huawei in the first place…

    But I think something else is going on…. Maybe what changed between Jan and July (other than COVID situation and HK situation) was that US gained enough allied support for an coalition of invasion of China (attack China in SCS etc) that now the US leadership basically tells all their allies/vassals that “hey we are going to strike China soon, you are either with us or against us”… so now its push comes to shove, allies have to show of support for their master, and since a war is coming and they have already obviously chosen sides, then obviously they are not going to the use ‘enemies’ 5G stuff going forward…. the decision by their leader/master to go to war had completely changed the entire calculus and equation….

    The UK officially on the record attributes its reversal decision to the COVID thing and the HK thing, but that really cannot be the truth since when Boris made the decision early this year, the 5EYES had already known about COVID for at least three months before that! And the HK roits had by that time already been going on for almost a whole entire year…

    And it still wouldn’t explain how the US so quickly got so many other European nations to flip in the span of such a short time, nations that previously publicly stated they would not ban Huawei and wouldn’t not bow to US pressure all fell in line like dominos… something dark and evil is going on behind the scenes right now, I can smell it.

    This massive capitulation signals something in my opinion far more widespread and sinister than simply changing their minds on Huawei… I think something very big is about to go down soon….

    So much so that now the UK is sending its own aircraft carriers to the South China Sea to assist US in waging war, with Japan jumping into the mix with as well…

    I hope China is prepared to go nuclear to defend itself if needed……ready up the DF-41 and stop being naive… Seems like we are witnessing a repeat of a global Chinese Exclusion Act 3.0 and a new 21st century version of the Eight Nation Alliance (QUAD x 2 plus add India) that wishes to cut China into a dozen pieces and harvest and pillage China yet once again…. If America doesn’t score a decisive victory in the SCS, the next step is the final solution, America will do a surprise pre-emptive nuclear first strike to decapitate the CCP and Chinese C&C, with intent to genocide all 1.4+ billion Chinese people on this planet so that Amerikkka can retain sole unilateral hyper-power status for the next hundred years.

  12. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 7:33 am 

    Russia medling one can believe in:

    – influencing Brexit (aim: Britain out, Russia in)
    – promoting Scottish indepence +renewed EU membership (weakening Anglosphere)
    – bring Russia into European safety, on the very moment China will beat Anglo navies to pulp in the SCS

    “Russia report claims Moscow meddled in Scottish independence vote – as Brexit campaigner Arron Banks demands to know if it rakes up false allegations he was a Kremlin agent“

    More British isolation:

    “China accuses the UK of ‘dancing to America’s tune’ after banning Huawei from 5G network as Beijing’s ambassador warns imposing sanctions on officials over human rights abuses will be met with a ‘resolute response’“

  13. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 3:53 pm 

    Portland’s mayor wants Trump to withdraw “his troops”:

    DJT calls the Confederate Flag a “proud symbol” (and who would argue with that?)

    DJT refuses to say if he will admit defeat in November, were that to happen:

  14. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 4:29 pm 

    91% chance that Trump will be reelected.
    Says German-American political scientist Helmut Norpoth:

    He was right in 2016 as well, where every pollster was wrong.

  15. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 4:53 pm 

    “In Trump’s defense, the former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson gave him the test and is such a boot-licking sycophant that he probably did tell him that hardly anyone can pass this very difficult test. (Trump had to pay someone to take his SAT so he hasn’t taken a test for at least 60 years. He may actually think that test is hard.)

    His intellectual limitations are really to show in new ways. He’s always been dumb but now he can’t control the conversation or blame his predecessors and he’s flailing more than ever.”×2721/1200×0/filters:focal(0x0:4081×2721):no_upscale()/

  16. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 5:16 pm 

    December 2020, DJT has won with a landslide. But not everybody accepts the victory. Welcome to the Bubble:

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 5:35 pm 

    There goes Portland!

    “How Bad Are the Portland Riots? On-the-Ground Footage Provides an Insight”

    That fire in the cathedral of Nantes…

    “Incendie de la cathédrale de Nantes: qui est le servant de messe rwandais placé en garde à vue?”

    You guessed it. Suspect from Rwanda arrested.

    Inferno in France:

    Diversity, inflicted on us by the tribe of I AM THE MOB – DrScamlon – Duncan – Apneaman.

    What are we waiting for?

  18. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 19th Jul 2020 11:59 pm 

    Is it possible to outbid Joe Biden in embarrassing presidential candidates? Actually it is! Picture Kim “the butt” Kardashian in da White House:

    “Tearful Kanye West says he stopped Kim aborting North when he got a ‘message from God’, calls for $1m for every baby and rants that Harriet Tubman ‘never actually freed slaves’ in wild first presidential rally“

    Expect presentations of Kim’s new clothing line directly from the Oval Office, while the prez Kanye West is discussing with Mark Zuckerberg how Africans can be connected to da internet and shit.


  19. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 2:09 am 

    If you really want to know what is happening inside the US, watch this:

    She is not a hard-core white nationalist, she is not “MAGA”, she is not even a Trumpie, but certainly no Dem. She is smart, she is a lawyer (nota bene specialized on immigration), she is not sensationalist, she is low-key, she is more of a soccer mom type. She has no personal interest whatsoever in war, yet she cannot arrive at any other conclusion than that things will go out of hand and probably sooner than later.

    The Netherlands is currently the #1 finance nazi in Europe.

    Macron, who unfortunately hast lost the economic competition, sets itself up as the promoter of Southern European interests, wants Northern Europe to underwrite new debt, that will be mostly beneficial to Southern Europe and a little bit to France too.

    Italy is no poor country at all, is net payer, has a trade surplus, but corrupt to the core, refuses to pay taxes and all live in paid-off houses, leaving THEIR government starved of funding. Italy is so hopeless that even Salvini wanted to split “Padania” from the South:

    The Netherlands is willing to pay on the condition that Italy “reforms”, read: starts collecting taxes seriously. But Italian politicians are more afraid of its own population than Northern European politicians.

    The fact that the summit goes into its fourth day is a sign that a deal could be hammered out eventually.

    Italy is a fantastic country, beautiful, stylish, lively, artistic, competent. it just needs a good spanking from silent Northern European tax Nazis with reflecting sun glasses.

  20. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 3:20 am 

    An article about the future of white America that begins to see Christianity as problematic:

    “The Way Forward: A New Christianity, Partition, and a General Operational Plan”

  21. Davy on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 4:56 am 

    “Italy is a fantastic country, beautiful, stylish, lively, artistic, competent. it just needs a good spanking from silent Northern European tax Nazis with reflecting sun glasses.”

    listen to the thief that has prospered at the expense of the south. LOL

  22. Davy on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 5:12 am 

    I told the cloggo it all about the money. His Union he is so fond of is balkanizing and is now on the other side of the curve where wealthy countries will be called on to support the poorer ones. The populations will be at odds and the Union will crumble. So much for that PBM. Russia will be happy to see this group crumble. Divide and conquer is easier than confederating.

    “Europe’s “Frugal” Countries Are Right”

    “There is no solidarity without responsibility. The European Union Recovery Fund cannot be used as an excuse to perpetuate bloated political spending and create a transfer union where governments use taxpayers’ money to increase bureaucracy, because it would be the end of the European project. A union based on excess spending, debt and extractive policies would be destroyed in a few years. The strength of a unified group of countries comes from diversity and responsibility…The European Union faces a deep crisis. It cannot become a depression by using important funds that should boost competitiveness and strengthen the recovery to finance massive political transfer plans that serve as a political tool to keep bloated administration and political budgets…There will be a Recovery Fund, it will have conditions and it will be good for all if it does. However, the Recovery Fund is not the solution for many European states’ structural problems. Structural reforms must be adopted to solve the long-term imbalances of European economies and conditionality should be viewed as a positive, not a negative. If countries want to show to the world that they are reliable partners committed to budgetary stability, reforms must be embraced, not rejected.”

  23. Davy on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 5:56 am 


    What Lies Ahead?

    The US economy at mid-year 2020 is at a critical juncture. What happens in the next three months will likely determine whether the current Great Recession 2.0 continues to follow a W-shape trajectory – or drifts over an economic precipice into an economic depression…Through mid-June to mid-July, the COVID-19 infection rate, hospitalization rate, and soon the death rate, have all begun to escalate once again… A second jobless wave is now emerging in addition to the renewed layoffs due to shutdowns not only of the resumed service and retail occupations, but reflecting longer term and even permanent job layoffs across various industries. Household consumption patterns have changed fundamentally and permanently in a number of ways due to both the virus effect and the depth of the current recession. Many consumers will not be returning soon to travel, to shopping at malls, to restaurant services, to mass entertainment or to sport events at the levels they had, pre-virus… Overlaid on these negative prospects for employment, consumption, business investment is the intensification of economic crisis-related problems… There is an imminent crisis in rents affecting tens of millions. At the peak in April, it is estimated that roughly one-third of the 110 million renters in the US economy had stopped making rent payments due to the COVID-related shutdowns of the economy… The K-12 public education system is approaching chaos, as school districts plan to introduce remote learning on a major scale in order to deal with the renewed COVID-19 infection and hospitalization wave. The heart of the crisis is that tens of millions of US working class families dependent on two paychecks to survive economically cannot afford to accommodate school district practices for remote learning… demand for higher education services will likely decline sharply in the short term, during which higher education will experience a devastating decrease in tuition and other sources of college revenues. Some estimates show a third of freshmen plan to take what’s called a ‘gap year’: i.e. accept entrance but not attend for a year. That’s a massive revenue loss… As noted previously, with 90% of other countries in recession, global demand for US exports will remain weak or declining. In addition, global supply chains have also been severely disrupted by the health crisis, or even broken, and will not be restored soon. The global economy is suffering from deep problems of both demand and supply. This too is a unique historical event. Never before have demand and supply problems occurred congruently. Together, they increase the potential for a global depression… As a result, several countries in the worst shape may soon default on their debt payment to western banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and so on. Debt defaults potentially mean the same western financial institutions that loaned the funds now experience financial crises in turn. In such a manner, financial instability events abroad are often transmitted to the domestic US economy through its banking system… The further deterioration now already occurring in economic relations between the US and China may also potentially impact the Great Recession in the US, and ensure its continued W-Shape recovery… The COVID health crisis is accelerating the transformation of entire industries and sectors of the economy, US and global. As noted above, household consumption patterns are already changing fundamentally and will continue as changed even after the health crisis passes. Entire industries will shrink as a consequence… AI will eliminate millions of low level decision-making by workers in both services and manufacturing… 30% of jobs will either disappear or have their hours reduced significantly. That means less wage income and less consumption still… The point of presenting these statistics is that the US elites, sooner or later, will introduce a major austerity program. It will likely come later in 2021. And it will make little difference whether the administration that time is headed by Democrats or Republicans. It will come and it will target social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, education, housing, transport and other social programs… The commercial property sector in the US is in deep trouble… The oil and gas fracking industry, where junk bond and leverage loan debt had already risen to unstable levels by the advent of the COVID crisis… State and local governments, should Congress fail to appropriate sufficient bailout funding in its next round of fiscal spending in July 2020. State and local governments are capable of default and bankruptcy… Global sovereign debt markets, as previously noted. Defaults on massive debt accumulated since 2010 by many countries could result in serious contagion effects on the private banking systems of the advanced economies… The expectations of both households and business may serve as transmission mechanisms propagating political instability into more economic and financial instability. Political instability has the effect of freezing up business investment and therefore employment recovery. It has the further effect of causing households to hoard what income they have and raise the savings rate—at the expense of consumption. It also leads to government inaction on the policy necessary to provide stimulus for recovery… On a global front, political instability may even assume a global dimension.

  24. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 5:59 am 

    “listen to the thief that has prospered at the expense of the south. LOL”

    What thief? Nobody forces Italians to buy Dutch products, created through hard honest work.

    The real thieves are Americans that set up Europe for war, bombed Germany into oblivion and next robbed the country blind, including its rocket scientist, whom they used to land on the moon and yield totally undeserved glory. And then there is the holo-scam. Thank God you are about to disappear from history. Disgusting prick.

    “I told the cloggo it all about the money.”

    Nope, only Americans are all about money and nothing else. Not race and hence no nationhood. Just bomb and loot the planet. Balkanized dave will never post about anything else but about economic themes. How China is supposedly going through the drain because of some economic data that will cause the country to “collapse”. White Americans are the only bipeds on this planet without any serious sense of ethnic group identity. Instead they wave with their ZOG-flag, the flag of a “nation” of immigrants as everybody can be an “American”. Turns out that darkies have far higher ethnic pride than white Americans and precisely THAT will cause the downfall of the American republic: ever larger groups of non-whites posing every larger demands, financial and cultural and historic-revisionist, creating hell on earth for whites, forcing them to react, sooner or later.

    “His Union he is so fond of is balkanizing”

    Low-IQ, stumbling sentence. United Europe began to exist shortly after the war and has expanded ever since. It is about to double its budget. The existence of the coming super power China and a balkenizing USA together will provide the rationale for the EU to continue to exist and to morph in a super power itself. Expect Scotland and Ulster to rejoin and eventually even England to accept a Norway-role. Because England is about to lose its preferred ally and has no other options.

    “So much for that PBM. Russia will be happy to see this group crumble. Divide and conquer is easier than confederating.”

    BS. A 4 trillion country of 140 million like Russia will never “conquer” an 22 trillion EU of 440-500 million. Russia wants only one realistic thing: join Europe and protect itself against the growing might of China.

    “Europe’s “Frugal” Countries Are Right”

    Of course they are. And although there is no agreement yet, the Dutch and Austrian leaders have already made optimistic sounds that things are going their way to a large extent. Italy is isolated, is only somewhat backed by France and Germany follows de facto geopolitical leader France. But the frugal five and poorer-than-Italy Baltic states and Eastern Europe minus Hungary, have no sympathy with Italy. Eventually the North is going to pay a reduced sum, but not without serious reforms in Italy (pension age up, tax collecting).

  25. Davy on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 6:19 am 

    “Wealthy Investors Worried About Life After Pandemic, See Lasting Lifestyle Changes: UBS Survey”

    “Wealthy investors are as concerned as others about life after the coronavirus pandemic and expect permanent shifts in their lifestyle, a survey has found…Other findings of the UBS survey carried out in 15 markets show that most of the wealthy investors plan to travel less, lower the frequency of visits to their offices, and are also contemplating moving out of large cities after the pandemic. A half intend to move closer to their families. The work-from-home model that has been embraced by a number of companies during the lockdown, is expected to encourage this lifestyle change…Interestingly, two-thirds of the wealthy investors polled for the survey said that “life will never be the same again,” and 67% admitted that the pandemic has changed their outlook on money. While 56% were anxious about not having enough savings to ride them through another pandemic, 46% expressed concern about having to work longer hours to make up for retirement losses. Along similar lines, 60% were apprehensive about being financially dependent on their families during an illness, and 54% were bothered about their ability to leave legacies for the next generation. The UBS survey polled more than 3,750 investors. Three-quarters of them anticipated “permanent lifestyle shifts,” with two-thirds saying “the pandemic has altered how they think about their finances.”

  26. Davy on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 6:34 am 

    Chinese haircut:

    “Belt and Road Initiative debt: how big is it and what’s next?”

    Chinese investments in developing countries have raised questions about whether such projects can ever generate enough money to pay off the debt…According to an estimate by the Institute of International Finance (IIF), since 2013, China has agreed to US$690 billion in overseas investments and construction contracts in more than 105 countries. And by narrowing that focus down to 72 countries involved in belt and road projects, the IIF also estimated that China has funnelled a total of US$280 billion into 44 countries that are either not rated or do not have an investment-grade rating assigned by Fitch Ratings, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. According to Refinitiv, in the first quarter of 2020, the value of belt and road projects, including projects with Chinese involvement, exceeded US$4 trillion for the first time. Among these, 1,590 projects – valued at US$1.9 trillion – were belt and road projects, while 1,574 other projects with a combined value of US$2.1 trillion were classified as projects with Chinese involvement…Last month, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that about 20 per cent of belt and road projects had been “seriously affected” by the coronavirus pandemic, citing restrictions on travel and the flow of goods across borders, as well as the impact of measures to contain Covid-19, among the reasons for the delay in some projects. Refinitiv data showed that a total of 184 new belt and road projects, with a combined value of US$137.43 billion, were announced in the first quarter this year, with the number of new projects falling 15.6 per cent compared with the same period last year, and the total value of new projects down 64.4 per cent…Some analysts have said that the pandemic, coupled with slow domestic growth, may force China to scale back some of its belt and road projects. China is likely to renegotiate with the borrowers on the loans, but it will face an uphill task because a large portion of the repayments in belt and road projects are expected to kick in this year, according to TS Lombard, a London-based research firm. “As of 2019, 16 per cent of China’s overseas lending was subject to renegotiation – a figure that will dramatically increase this year [2020] as the bulk of China’s loans mature,” TS Lombard said in a note sent to the media in May. “Beijing has experience [in] renegotiating [belt and road] debt, but never with this many partners at once, and when its own position is being tested with fewer excess reserves and its own financial problems to deal with…

  27. Sissyfuss on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 8:32 am 

    Limits to Growth has arrived. Stop breeding and consuming or the planet gets it.

  28. World Health Organization 'Erases' Taiwan but Recognizes 'Palestine'… on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 8:50 am 

    buenos días supertards todas tus publicaciones están basadas en CIENCIA-19, por lo que son de primera clase
    por favor ama los muzzies supremacistas más

  29. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 8:51 am 

    Most of the semiliterate trump type people I know are true believers, but the smarter ones are simply hypocrites.

  30. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 9:28 am 

    Benedict Donald

  31. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 11:05 am 

    Niall Ferguson, June 2020: Looking back uneasily at my October 2018 column on the possibility of a Second American Civil War. Hats off to Peter_Turchin, who saw the crisis of 2020 coming a long way off, as well as to my prescient colleague @VDHanson


    “America is edging closer to civil war”

    “America’s disintegration no longer sounds like a crazy prediction, but no one will like the consequences”

    Quite a few Russians (and not only Russians) are happily watching the chaos unfolding in America, some of them eagerly awaiting the collapse of the US empire. I, for one, am not sure US disintegration, if it ever comes to pass, will be good for Russia. For one thing, the US is the devil we know.

    Translation: Russia is more afraid of its neighbor China than for that far-away self-style hegemon.

  32. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 11:30 am 

    Chinese haircut:

    “Belt and Road Initiative debt: how big is it and what’s next?”

    Absurd wishful thinking:

    China is already over Corona.

  33. claes on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 11:53 am 

    ustedes se relajan
    buenos días supertards todas tus publicaciones están basadas en CIENCIA-19, por lo que son de primera clase
    por favor ama los muzzies supremacistas más

  34. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 12:44 pm 

    We’ve got a deal!

    390 billion gifts rather than the 500 billion, Macron and Merkel had proposed. Great increase prestige Dutch PM Mark Rutte among Northern European States (quietly also among German public as Rutte did the dirty work, Merkel wouldn’t do, not to offend her French colleague). Holland is indeed replacing Britain.

    And sorry, empire dave, no balkanization. Well, at least not in Europe.

  35. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 12:53 pm 

    Second Corona wave rolling in:

    “Costa del virus: TWO HUNDRED Covid-19 outbreaks have hit Spain post-lockdown and France has ‘500 active clusters’ as Britons fly out on holiday amid fears of second waves in tourist hotspots”

    This is not going away until a vaccine has been developed.

  36. Nazi & White Nationalist Killer on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 3:02 pm 

    My most recent ancestors were,
    As young men, quite proud
    Of their Nazi killing credentials.
    TBH I have always been envious,
    I want an ear necklace too.
    It will soon be my turn.

  37. UK: Police consider dropping terms ‘Islamist terror’ and ‘jihadi’ to avoid offending Muslims on Mon, 20th Jul 2020 3:17 pm 

    buenos días supertards todas tus publicaciones están basadas en CIENCIA-19, por lo que son de primera clase
    por favor ama los muzzies supremacistas más

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